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  • Eh, not everyone has.

    I commend the game for a number of things, the strongest element being the writing IMHO, it just flowed so well for me, there wasn't much to misinterpret which I think played a very strong part in why this franchise is infamous for so many pairings, KH1 and KH2 being the main source for this. But, so be it, people love this series for many different reasons, then again many people might have number of reasons to hate the series beyond just the pairings. It's a franchise, the more people that are buying the games where they're available the better for the series, and no fanbase is perfect.

    Um, YMX's explanation of Sora visiting Traverse Town more than once kinda falls into the multiple Sora's fall from the sky, you go into the theater mode if you still have the game and handheld, if you're not convinced. One thing though, let this not be the Saga's conclusion -.-' > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF7E_o02ibw
    Sorry for the delay, Max. I haven't been on for a while, Skype has been a lot more convenient, and in a sense; addicting. Granted, pictures can't be seen on the page, but there's always a catch/con no biggie though ^_^

    DDD was interesting, kinda smashed my theory of MX being a heartless(Recall what Riku says to Ansem's inability to use the Keyblade without a vessel), and then proceeded to grind it into dust. Granted, in a sense, I wasn't too far off, for a time, considering he was pure darkness that leeched-off Terra's heart and took control like the mushroom on a Parasect's back. And a MX nobody existing hasn't been destroyed either, YMX(Back when we didn't know who he was exactly) just wasn't that entity. Nice to see Kairi might actually put Aqua's 'gift' to great use next game. I'm just glad there's still an end in sight and that to some degree KH1 and KH2 haven't been pointless ... As I've heard X-3 might make X-1, moreso than I've heard X-2 did. If I'm correct Vanitas is likely going to be #8 ... Hopefully that's symbolic, would earn quite a bit of points if he managed to take the Kai-Blade from MX at the last minute, granted I just thought of this idea, so for all I know it could be riddled with holes, but for now I'd kinda like to see it happen, if not just for how much hatred I have for Xehanort and how somewhat independent Vanitas is in comparison to say, Braig(Whose given into the whole thing, though points for surviving 10 years and still not fully 'Norted').

    Hopefully I can get into a few more games on the PS4, otherwise it'll seem like a big waste to just get it for KH3, especially when KH 1.5 is only on PS3, and the PS4 isn't backwards compatible for those games -_- ... But, according to Lanny, it could be purchased on Sony's version of the E-Shop, so there's that :/ ... Really glad it's basically on opening and ending cut-scene-level graphics-wise, not that eye-candy alone is enough to reel me in. I've got no idea how Eraqus' Key found it's way to DI, besides that the possibility Aqua opened a portal and threw the blade in, but why not take it with her is my question? I've heard some speculation that she did escape, but was attacked, and dropped it, and then YS' star reading will help them locate her, but this might be more concept-base than not ... So, maybe the blade shows-up in Aqua's possession the first time we see her ... Guess ol' father time will tell.

    What did you think and/or are thinking about those games?
    Okay so this is really really random, but I was randomly browsing Creative Media and saw you had left a request at one of the graphics shops with a Marluxia render as stock? Idk if you want but we have a much better quality version that you might like better?

    Sorry to bother you!
    ey man, how are ya? I've noticed that you joined Naruto rps in the past. I'm sure you'll love this one. Slow start is slow, but with more members, we can get the pace back up. Here it is, maybe you can give it a look.


    -King Sora X
    And maybe something about that harpie-women, my guess is her appearance has something to do with a mythical zoan fruit :d
    'Bout time we had sea prism sword(I can't recall one until now B), I kept thinking that, that centaur looked like Brownbeard, or was it brownbeard O_O? So he got Somker's heart, that ability is absolutely amazing BD
    "Strawhat ... Even though I saved you two years ... That won't change the fact that I'm going to kill you now" < Or something among the lines could be something Law says later on :d

    Nice point :d But couldn't Law have gotten rid of the guns? ... Hold on ... Didn't he already 0.o?
    Now that I think a little more, Luffy has never really show any form of graditude to the point to stop him from not interfering(Or for that matter to stop his crew members from attacking for that reason). Also, who knows, Luffy may have forgotten Law's face -_-"

    The bit about Law standing his ground seems more like he's confidant that Smoker won't escape. If he doesn't have haki than he won't be able to cut Smoker up. He could use his power to drop Smoker into the sea, where Smoker would drown to death. Or, he could just leave Smoker up in the air indefiantly (Saying his power has no time limit, unlike Foxy), he just said he can't let them leave, not that he had to kill them, right?
    I like the fact that Tashiki has been learning haki, I really like it. But here's the problem with that fight; if Law doesn't know haki or can't get Smoker into the water(Where he'd drown) how is Law gonna win this one? For that matter, does this mean either Law or Smoker is going to be cut-out? Law already stated he can't let Smoker go, and he has the ship up in the air. Unless Luffy or someone inteferes (Which if they're from the strawhats is unlikely) someone is gonna die. The variables are just pointing towards it :/
    ... Ouch ._.

    Sounds great :)

    Yes, the Opt-Opt Fruit, someone said his power had something to do with "When you're in his room, he is the law". Pretty accurate, not to mention badass B)
    Not much, done with work, typing-up more Mishap, and rocking-out to 'CHASER!!' BD

    So, how's it on your end? The game go good, or are you still getting ready ^_^?
    Not bad, been updating Mishap, finished my theories thread (You can check it out in the spoiler section), and just doin' the usual.

    So how's it with you B)?
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