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  • Sorry about not being available to trade yesterday. I can probably trade tomorrow. Probably. or you could try to friend somebody in the PKMN thread who has a Quilladin in their friend safari. I seem to remember there being a couple people.
    Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it, I'm a bug type and my third is apparantly still unknown) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better, right? :)
    I'm not looking for any specific Pokemon, so everything's a go. Could you go online now?
    I've got one Dusk Stone. What Pokemon do you want the carrier to be?
    Yea definitely! I'd could always do with some assistance! I don't wanna get too invested in this however unless people are legitimately interested though, ya know?
    You only asked like 2 questions bro its no that serious. I'm just sayin that reading things can give you an open feel for what many of the characters are about. Even some of the reasons people have joined Kissui Tensai have been posted. You might like them.
    They're a retrospective group based on guiding the people to better themselves and not fearing opposition and oppression. Like I said, reading a bit of the rp would help you out a lot.
    Of course its alright. I have three characters, and Tav(Superbia) has four XD. so yeah, perfectly fine to have more than one character. :)
    Hey man, how are ya? I've noticed that you joined Naruto rps in the past. I'm sure you'll love this one. Slow start is slow, but with more members, we can get the pace back up. Here it is, maybe you can give it a look.


    -King Sora X
    Ha yeah KH3D for sure....I was really hoping that something came out before E3 started about it....but I can wait for nintendo....or square enix. But I'm not sure if I want anything on DA3. I want to see some more of Street fighter X Tekken....and something from Tekken X Street fighter.......and Soul Calibur V. Def. wanna see some of XIII-2 and Versus
    Ready for E3..READY FOR E3!!!!! Of course...although I am in summer school and can't watch it on TV because comcast hates G4. Ha yeah I am ready. Ready to see this new nintendo console above all else. Oh, and the NGP. Anything you want to be shown that has been rumored?
    Yeah that would be nice! Tell what Hawke did after he caused a war and all that stuff. It is strange how the main characters seem to just disappear at the end of the games. Maybe they will both show up in the third game.
    Haha yeah I think I'm going to do a run through again soon as a rogue....IDK yet maybe if they release something new for it.
    I was a mage haha....and it seemed that I wasn't connecting with Merril and since I couldn't hook up with Aveline, i ended up with him. Me and Isabela hooked up but that was it. I hated it the whole time because he was always whining...AND THEN HE WAS THE ONE WHO REALLY MESSED US ALL UP
    Ha! Avaline never left my side, Fenris got mad and left, Sebastian went back home to get the army, Fenris came back. And somehow Anders was my lover......so I couldn't bring myself to get rid of him.
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