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  • There are npcs in every rp regardless if its not in a template and mentioned its an npc anyway. I get your point though.
    xD is there a reason why you ,mention NPC students in your posts?? You do realize that this is an rp right, and the people in teh rp are real. Our characters aren't inside some Kingdom Hearts game...
    HA!!! I see you found the similarity in Keyblade Academy and Harry Potter:) And BTW Gekko is Japanese for "Moonlight"
    Just to let you know: My character has started a conversation with yours in Xickin's RP.
    It's actually been due to my dad deploying. I've been on and off the compy so it's easier to just do posts where I can stop no problem compared to a chat where I have to leave at random times. But, he left just yesterday so I'll be able to come on more. I'm sorry. >:
    I'm sorry to say so--because, despite our slight rough patch, I enjoyed your time in Crystal Eternity--I'm afraid that I'm going to have to remove you from the RP. It's just out of the fact that while your posts are entertaining, they aren't at all united with the goings-on in the rest of the roleplay. I hope you understand, and I hope to see you in future projects. Thank You for your interest.
    Even if it does, we're pretty far from that. I sometimes wish I'd be in a 'perfect world', but none of the Utopian societies I've heard mankind picture are very appealing to me.
    Although I'm fine with most things that can be reasonably explained, I'm a little concerned by the fact that you didn't brief me or ask my permission about any of this "Tali Sha" business in the FF RP. Frankly, it's a bit presumptuous of you, especially considering I've yet to see any connection to the rest of the roleplay. (Among the least of things, there is no royal family of Napol.)

    So, care to explain? I'm not angry at the fact that you want to add to the setting, but the fact that you did so without ever giving me so much as a glimpse of it has me somewhat offended. Regardless, I'm willing to listen and judge your idea fairly.
    Ah, it's just me having relatives over. ^w^ If I can, I'll see if I can come in and say hello tonight. Hope things are going well.
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