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  • [20:55] <MuffinButton> what are some must play snes games besides zelda and chrono trigger?

    It's pretty crowded in SA right bout now. Me and DJ got something big planned for Soul Society after this is over.
    You mean in the current fight? Nah, no barrier needed. Since this is early in the RP, no need to worry about major fights going on.
    That sounds pretty cool, The Brain would have a braingasm with all of these test subjects xD

    But alas, part of me is on the fence >< Jin joining in would help even the odds a bit, but then S. America would start to get cluttered. Having multiple RPers in one spot means more waiting in between posts.

    In the end, I want you to join SA and I don't want it xD I am confusing I know. Might as well come, ignore my ranting~ Jin+Piedra+Shinigami would be a good symbolization to our alliance!!!
    Well, yeah. Just PP him with introductions. And I'll prolly ask Nigga what he perhaps intended, and maybe have him control. That'll suffice for the time being :)

    Oh! I'm sorry. Kinda got carried away didn't I? ^^;;
    Try to avoid power-playing. You power-played my character not being at the table even though I hadn't indicated her moving that's why I kept her there
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