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  • That's just how it is. Supernatural has a good set of strong female characters but they're either treated like a joke or killed off too quickly. At least Barbara's (Gotham) bisexuality is commented on in the show instead of saying, like, "Oh, it was a phase."
    Mhm. I forgot about the whole dream thing but jeez, I don't like Ino now. Naruto girls aren't exactly strong.
    I'm sowwyy. I actually planned to get on and reply to you and post in Arcadia but basketball dude came over and I couldn't say no :I I actually did eventually... after a while. I'll get on super early tomorrow, I've set an alarm and everything!
    Well I'd imagine he'd want to put those days behind him since S.T.A.R.S wasn't even legitimate.

    But yeah I didn't know about the Barry thing, that's a good reason not to get involved. I think another reason for Rebecca not getting involved would be the evolution of zombies. They aren't the same as they were before so fighting them would require more than the experience she already had. At least that's what I think...all we can do is theorize...*sigh*
    I don't see anything when I do that, strange.

    But yeah Rebecca and Barry could have at least joined the B.S.A.A and helped in some way since S.T.A.R.S was all a big cover up anyways.

    Yeah I guess I can see Chris not wanting her fighting after what happened with jill (and especially after his ending in Re6).

    Billy should make a comeback. He hasn't had any spotlight since 0, not even in mercenaries mode.

    I got home last night (from the hospital) to find the streets essentially flooded! State of Emergency has been called for my state and, obviously, I don't have school! I swear, if I were religious, I'd suspect that God had something against me. Then again, assuming that a super hurricane is only coming to the East Coast solely to mess with me is a bit arrogant huh?

    But, my stomach is killing me, so I'm going to go slip into a coma now. I'll be on Skype, hopefully, this afternoon if the power isn't out ^^

    Love you~ <3
    Yeah but that's what I feel would make her a good side kick. She started off with no experience but by the end of re2 she knew a thing or two about fighting B.O.Ws. All she would need to do now is join an anti bioterrism organization like the bsaa and get some of the initial training she lacked. She'd almost be like sherry in this case except she has more combat experience against B.O.Ws
    Yeah same way I feel about Sheva. But I think Sheva already accomplished her goal of avenging her parents death through the defeat of Wesker. She should have any other reason to actively fight Bioterrorism. Most likely the same thing with Claire too know that she probably knows Chris's whereabouts 24/7. Although I would like to see her play a more active role as a side kick to Chris instead just being content about knowing he's safe ya know.
    Yeah Claire too. But Rebecca and Barry haven't been seen since the first game. Sheva's fulfilled her life's purpose so she'll probably never show up again.

    If anything I think Claire and Jill should have replaced Helena and Peirs for RE6. That way it would have truly been an All Star cast.
    That's another thing I didn't like. There's only one scene with like a 2 second flash back of her and that's it. And they don't follow up on her after that cutscene. She's undoubtly my favorite rcharacter so her lack of presence kinda of pissed me off. But chris's ending sort of made up for it because it made me focus more on peirs character but I was still mad.
    My only complaint really would be that Chris's campaign, being heavily focused in gun fights, doesn't have enough ammo. From the start I almost always had no tatical way to approach situations because I never had a good supply of ammo. It got so bad at one point that I didn't even have enough ammo to get past one part in a boss fight and had to start the level over again and conserve enough just for that one part.

    Other than that I haven't found anything that I don't like about the game yet. They really put a lot of effort into this and for me it's the best RE game to date. I don't understand where all the hate is coming from.
    You've definitely heard wrong. This game is well worth investment.

    The gameplay mechanics have some serious depth to it. You can think of it as a combination of Operation Raccoon City and RE5. The enemy designs are the best in the series. Boss battles are amazing as well. I've beat both Chris and Leon's campaigns (which are pretty long btw) and the final battles left me in awe. And even though I've beaten pretty much 2/3 of the game in terms of story I still have so much to do as far as upgrading and unlockables go.

    I'm definitely sure you'll love this game.
    I got sick again, because I've never fully recovered from my previous cold (I always felt a little ill this week) and it got a lot worse, threw up on Tuesday. I think it might be a flu, and today I've got an appointment to see the doctor. I'll try to get on later today if not definitely tomorrow if the medicine is making me feel better. Sorry ^^'
    Hiya, ThePromise! Long time no see!

    I'll look into it, but I'll need to ask, how often will I need to post if I join? School has been keeping me very busy. But if that won't be an issue, I'd be happy to join! :D
    Ah, we've actually started working on our own rp that we're hoping to start, and I'd hate to commit myself to more than I have time for, if that rp does end up happening, but thanks for the offer mate! =)
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