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  • That's great, I can understand why you'd say that. I know we were together in an rp at least once before, several years ago.
    Yo, bro. Your tag just isn't working. The stock images just don't jive together.
    Okay, probably the only question I'll have to ask you concerning the roleplay:

    Do we follow them into the temple, like Daniel did? JUst making sure so when I type my post people won't be like:
    "WTF Bone, what are you doing?"
    Question! In your kh rp can we have two characters? I wanted to be a keyblader and I also wanted to be a hunter
    Hell yes that needs to be remade. Tell ya what, I'll letcha know when I got a chance to be a litte more active, we'll collab the thing.
    Looks like you have it all planned out; it doesn't really sound like I need to do much of anything. With that idea set up, most of the work is on the battlers in tow.
    All these battles I've seen involve tactics. it doesn't sound like its Narutoish to me. ANBU is just espionage and silence and shyt like that. So if you are referring to a ninja like battle with strategy than cool.

    Lets further it and get this going.
    I always have ideas mang.

    So the answer depends on what you might possibly have in mind. I remember a time when we battled for fun and to test ourselves a bit but all these battles are too strained and the set ups are completely ridiculous.

    How about DBZ style battle?? I'd love to see that one.
    Are you saying I cant join your rp? I have heard it has'nt started yet So I can join... Can I?
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