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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Funk

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Sep 25, 2010
I like the report, but because I'm curious who wrote the report? I mean I know L read the report but who wrote the stuff on the report? Was it Ansem? or someone else? Just wondering :)

Other wise it's a good report, also it's not confusing at all, since it is fanfic so I don't see why anyone would think it would have to do with the actually series of kh but oh well.


Sep 25, 2010
Okay, in one way L reminds me of Naruto :) just the way the report was written is all. Other then that it's a great report.

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Jun 14, 2009
Hello everyone. i'm sorry I haven't been updating I do have chapter 9 aand 10 done but my net bill has not been paid so I can't really do anything I'll work on this when I can.


Sep 25, 2010
Oh okay ^_^ so that's why it's been awhile since you updated but that's okay. No pressure.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009

Chapter 9: River Bell’s Path.
A few hours of running the five finally reached a giant rusty iron gate near some old palm trees. Mina looked at Lanydx and the caged Moogle and asked.
“So what should we call him?”

Lee-Roy muttered while trying to catch his breath.
“Why don’t we can it moron because that’s what I think you both are for making my run!” The Lilty ranted.

As Lanydx ripped open the moogle’s cage, the small puff ball flew out, and started to zip around the others.

He looked at Lanydx and said.
“Call me Fuzz, kupo.”

Mina grinned.
“Okay Fuzz welcome to the team.” Mina shouted
“ I’m Lanydx…. or Lan for short.” The Crystal Bearer spoke up.

While the two were talking Zero looked at the gate and muttered to himself.
“Odd this gate was never her before.”

Mina quickly hugged Fuzz like a teddy bear.

Lee-Roy barked as he pointed his lance and Mina and Fuzz.

“You better be useful Moogle or I’ll make you into a hat!”

“Hey don’t you yell at, or threaten him!! He has feelings too ya know. Mina argued.”

Lee-Roy snorted
“Look kid I care about a few things like everyone in Tipa not dyeing, as for this moogle who you and the Crystal Bearer brought with not so much.”
Lanydx mumbled.
“You…You still could be a… little nicer to Fuzz.”

“Was anyone talking to you Crystal Bearer?” Lee-Roy snapped

“N no. Sorry” He admitted.

“Then shut the hell up. God if there is one thing I can’t stand inferior people talking back when they are being talked to.” Lee-Roy stated.
Mina slowly gave Fuzz to Lanydx. Lan held his new friend in his arms as Mina pulled out her wooden racket.

“So Lee-Roy who are these inferior people?” She asked while grinding her teeth.

“Oh you know Clavats, Yukes, Selkies, Crystal Bearer heck they don’t even have the right to life, women and poor people like that maid girl you were talking to before I put her in her place. Its common sense for crying out loud, I learned it at the age of five.” He explained like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Mina was stunned at how anyone could think this way.
“So anyone who isn’t a rich male Lilty is lower than you?!!” She asked.

“Well duh.” Lee-Roy bluntly said.

She wacked the small boy with her racket a few feet away while screaming.
“You make me sick!!!”

Lee-Roy landed on his ass in the dirt.
“What was that for?” He asked.

“Two reasons. One: You’re a creep, heck the Crystal Bearer is nicer then you..even if he is a monster. Two: Thanks to your putting my friend in her so-called place I could only get a little bit of a person’s name and now I’m not sure if I could even find him.”

“Well that’s not my problem!" He yelled.
Lanydx tried to say.
“Guys…l.lets..not..fight. Guys?”

Fuzz on the other hand cheered in Lan’s arms.
“Kick his ass kupo.”

The two starred at each other, the eldest of the five was annoyed with the meaningless fight. Zero had taken out his long blade and cut the Iron Gate into two. The rest looked in awe and a little bit of fear.

“That was without a single drop of rum.” He remarked.
Zero made quick hand signs and muttered.
“I cast Gravity.”
His hands glowed purple, and a force lifted the gate, he wave his hands to the left and the gate landed on top of small green goblin.

The other five Goblins noticed the gate open and the five Tipa Caravaners. One of them yelled in their own language.
“Holy crap they killed Frank!”

One Goblin picked up a small sword.

“I say we run guns blazing and kill them!” He yelled

The group saw as they came in five small green, big eared, blood thirsty goblins.
Lee-Roy was the first to run and yell.
“Lee-Roy Jenkins!!!”
He ran with his lance ready to attack, yet one of the goblins bitch slapped him into a rock.
Mina was shacking to death while Zero shook his head with disproval.
“ Idiot.”

One of the goblins tried to stab Lee-Roy but Zero kicked it away. He grabbed the Lilty and dropped him on the ground. He looked at Lanydx, Mina, Lee-Roy and Fuzz.
“Mina you divide the goblins up. Kid you use that Caster Gun and fire at a few. Moogle hold the Chalice steady and follow us. Finally Lee-Roy for the love of God act useful I’m not helping you again.” He ordered.
Zero pulled out his sword to block a charging goblin, two more came to attack the Yuke but Lee-Roy threw his lance at the Goblin stabbing one in the eye. Lanydx shakily fired off his Caster Gun at the two in the head. The second to last Goblin went behind Mina, grabbed her by her hair, but was given a swift smack in the face by her racket until He let go then Zero stabbed it in the chest. The last Goblin ran for it seeing his friends being murdered by the five. Lee-Roy jumped in the air and yelled.

“Oh yeah, who’s the man? Me ha ha!” The small lancer boasted while bouncing up and down.

Zero gave him a smack upside the head.

“Don’t get cocky kid that was just the first wave of bad guys.”
He looked at Mina and Lan and ordered.

“Also Mina you’re a Selkie, use your speed in battle your body is made for hit and run tactics. Crystal Bearer use your powers God gave you them for a reason.”

He walked ahead of them Lee-Roy stabbed his lance in the air to show off. Mina was trying to muster the right words to tell off Zero but her thought process was cut short by Lanydx tapping her shoulder. She turned around and much to her annoyance The Crystal Bearer muttered.

“Um Madam Mina I think we better be going and It’s a good thing we are alive huh.” He said with a small smile

Mina pushed him away.

“Look Crystal Bearer no one but my friend calls me Madam Mina and last I checked I wasn’t friends with a murderer. So buzz off.” She yelled at Lan

She walked away from him.

Lanydx slowly walked behind her thinking.

“She didn’t have a problem with me calling her Madam before.”

Ten minutes later Lee-Roy, Mina, Fuzz, and Lan looked that the path. Mina felt the sand and dirt on her sandals. The place was covered with palm trees, green grass in small patches and sand, finally to the right was the Bell River. It was calm and moved slowly. In the middle of a sand dune was a large black treasure chest.

Lee-Roy tired to run to it but was pushed away by Zero.
“Wait a minute.” He whispered.
The ground shook around the chest, reviling three large brown muscular looking, large jawed, dim witted Orcs. They grabbed hidden clubs from the sand.
They charged at the five. Zero quickly snapped his fingers and suddenly flames flashed out of nowhere and engulfed the brutes before their eyes.

He chuckled.
“Sorry but none of you were ready to fight them yet. You are all pretty weak.”

Lee-Roy ignored him and went for the chest. He found what he was looking for and placed it in his pocket.

Mina looked around to find Lanydx looking at some birds, she turned around and looked at Zero walking to him. She turned her head to find Fuzz building a sand castle and Lee-Roy dancing around.

“Hey Lee-Roy what ya find?” She asked.

Lee-Roy stuck his tongue out at her.
“Why so you can steal it? Not telling Selkie girl.” He boasted.

As the two argued Zero put his hand on Lanydx’s shoulder which made him jump.

“Ahh. M Mister Ze..Zero sir. Um whatever I d did I’m s.sorry.

Zero looked at him.
“Look kid, drop the shy crap. I’m not Ibluis so I’m not gonna hurt you. For God’s sake you’re the Boss’s son, show some pride.”

“Pride, but I’m a Crystal-“

“A human being who bleeds blood like the rest of us, as long as you’re with me, you better forget every little lie Ibluis forced you to tell yourself. Got it?”

“Got it.” Lanydx mumbled.

“Sorry couldn’t hear you.” Zero said as he took The Crystal Bearer’s Caster Gun.

“I got it!!” He yelled louder.

“Good now this is how to use a gun.” Zero said.

He aimed the gun at a tree and pulled the trigger; it fired a lightning bolt and blasted the palm tree. He gave it back to them.

“Wow. That w.was pretty c.cool” Lanydx said.
If they could see the Yuke’s face they would see a large grin.
Mina ran to them she looked at the tree.
“Did you do that?” She asked Zero.

Zero just nodded and patted her head.
“Yep now come on we need to keep going.” The Yuke sage stated.

Lanydx waved at the Moogle.

“Fuzz we need to go come on.” He shouted
Fuzz put the finishing touches on his crude sand castle, zipped around and grabbed the Chalice again.

As they walked farther into the path the noticed that all the palm trees they saw were on fire. Every time Lee-Roy was near the giant trounces he grabbed a small stick lit it and chased Lanydx with it hoping it would burn him. Zero would always put of the fire with a water spell. Yet he still would do it. This was the fifth time.

“Come on Crystal Bearer I just wanna burn you!” Lee-Roy yelled as he chased Lanydx again.

“No stay away from me. Fuzz help me!” Lan cried as he ran away from Lee-Roy yet again.

The Moogle playfully bonked Lee-Roy on the head causing him to drop his stick.
Mina was watching this while putting her feet in the nearby river. She was wondering.
“Okay why doesn’t he use his power? The monster could just kill Lee-Roy already. It wouldn’t be hard for him.”
She looked around and saw Zero drinking his rum near a burning tree.

“Why aren’t there any monsters around? I mean it’s not a bad thing but it seems well odd. Teacher always told me this was full of danger, heck Mom didn’t wait me want to go because of monster attacks.”
Lee-Roy yelled after becoming bored with chasing Lanydx and Fuzz.
Suddenly the sound of giant footsteps was heard. The earth started to shake. The water in the river began to move. Zero muttered in a drunken slur.

“Oh great (hic.) For whatever reason is making the world shake I blame Lanydx for this.”

“What?” Lanydx complained

“Look Kupo.” Fuzz pointed up, the rest all saw the only one not freaking out was Zero. It was a colossal four armed white and blacked burned Crab.
It swung one of its large claws at the river, Giving Mina a huge shock as she barely dodged the crab’s claw.
The Crab looked at Mina, it opened its mouth and energy began to form. She ran to a safer distance as its energy beam boiled the river.

Lee-Roy’s jaw dropped as he dropped his lance and shook in pure terror. Zero on the other hand was laughing his head off.

“Oh come on Lee-Roy man-up. Did you think we were gonna be fighting a moogle. Be more like Lanydx….Wait Lanydx??!!” The drunk yelled.
The Crystal Bearer was running at full speed, He charged at the large sea creature only to be swept aside by one of the crab’s claws into a large boulder. No one said a word. Mina thought.
“He’s dead.”
The Selkie’s eyes noticed the one of the crab’s claws coming at her again. She tried to block it with her racket but the crab’s bone broke the wooden weapon and grabbed her to finish the job.

“AAHAAHH!” She screamed.

Zero jumped into the air and used his blade to chop off one of the crab’s arms sadly it wasn’t right arm.

“Why did you cut off the left one when I’m on the right?” She compiled

“I’m drunk. My vision is all messed up.” The Yuke explained.

“Wow you’re useful.” Lee-Roy muttered sarcastically.

“Look who is talking Lee-Roy!” Zero yelled.

Mina Screamed as the crab squeezed more on her. Until one it felt one of its claws were being pushed back. They all looked at it to find Lanydx alive, and pushing his enemy’s claw was a purple barrier. He actually ripped it off and threw it to the ground. The Crystal Bearer then jumped in the air, fired his Caster Gun in the crab’s face while screaming.

“Get your hands or whatever off of Mina!!!”

His blast blinded the beast as it dropped Mina who landed on the Crystal Bearer. The crab tried to lash at them again but Zero had blocked it with his large blade as well as Lee-Roy with his lance. Zero shouted.
“Fair well. Fuzz Now!!”

The Moogle flew into the river. He blasted out dealing a thousand deadly kicks to the monster until its body gave out and died. Fuzz landed on the corpse, pound of himself.

Mina, Lanydx, and Lee-Roy both looked at the small fuzzy creature and all asked at the same time.
“Fuzz what the hell?” The hell came from Lee-Roy.

Fuzz just smiled sheepishly.
“Well that’s what happens to me when I get wet, hit with a lot of sunlight, or fed past midnight. It runs in my whole family.” He explained.

“Aw man that’s so cool but, I thought that would make evil copies of you.” Mina asked.

“Well my Grandpa Mog does that. I just kick whatever I see for a bit.” Fuzz said.

While Lanydx and Mina were raising Fuzz high like a hero, Lee-Roy asked.’

“Wait how did you know that would happen?”

Zero patted him on the head like a dog muttered.

“I didn’t. Good thing it worked right?”

Lee-Roy’s jaw had dropped he yelled.

“Hey Mina, Dumbass he didn’t know if this little plan would work or not!! What a jerk! How could someone think of something like that? If he’s doing that the whole trip we might as well bury ourselves and be done with it!” He ranted and raved to himself for no one was listening as they moved on.

Zero said.

“The Myrrh Tree is near the waterfall it’s close by. Let’s move people!”

As the group restarted to walk Mina looked at Lanydx who was carrying a sleeping Fuzz. Zero let him off Chalice duty for a bit. She spoke to the boy.

“Um, err, Crystal Bearer-I mean Lan. Um thank you for...oh man this is gonna sound so cliché, but well thank you for saving me back there. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but why? You don’t owe me any favors.

Lanydx looked at Mina.
“My Dad told me that you don’t need a reason to help someone, also you’re very pretty and nice. He said while blushing.

Mina blushed.

“Um wow you’re the first person to call me pretty, other than TT.” Mina admitted.

“Who’s TT?” He asked.

“My best friend, it’s my little nickname for her. She an amazing person I mean she’s funny, imaginative, caring, fun loving, Trust me she pulls a lot of stuff I always get in trouble but man it is worth it. She asked me to find a family member who hasn’t been in Tipa for a while. His name starts with a La but that’s all I could hear from her thanks to Lee-Roy.” She explained.

Lanydx smiled at her
“Um do you hear water?” He asked not hearing what she said.

Zero yelled.
“We are here.”

They all looked at a breath taking twenty foot waterfall. The water it dropped created a double rainbow and in the middle of it was a crystal green tree, The Myrrh Tree. Zero while holding the Chalice walked to the fall. He held it in place as the tree cried tear of Myrrh, which landed in the Chalice as one third full.

“One down two more to go and it gets even harder!” Zero announced.

Lee-Roy fainted near the water after hearing what Zero said.

Mina looked up at the sky and saw a red Moogle holding a bag by his teeth.
He landed and yelled.
“Mail Kupo, letters for all, letters for all.
He handed Zero a letter, he placed a letter near still unconscious Lee-Roy, gave a letters to Mina which earned him a pat on the head from her. Finally Lanydx oddly got a letter. He flew away knowing his work was done.

Zero scanned the letter. He knew who it was. A member of his little resistance group back home: Elder Ronald: Leader of Tipa a.k.a. Connell. He could tell by The Elder’s handwriting.

Big Boss

How goes the trip? Any progress on Solid Snake’s training? The Church is really starting to crack down on the Selkie Tribe here, heck all the people are suffering. The Yuke’s magic orbs are being taken for something and rebels to this are taken to the Church. I told you in past letters that anyone other than Priests go in the Church, never comes out alive. Clavat Children have been going missing. The Lilty Distract has been attacked by Ibluis’s hired goons. I’d do something but…that Darkness power he has. I would end up like Priestess Shi-Ki, a shadowy monster that would be put down in a second. Please hurry. I’m sorry if this old man can’t do much but my power is growing less and less thanks to Ibluis’s Church. It’s The Red Moon Eye Cult all over again.

Zero ripped the letters to bits. He knew he needed to work on Lanydx’s training hell the whole group needed training, and to finish this trip. Ibluis had a lot nerve pulling this kind of crap. He wouldn’t be getting away with murder any longer when they got back.

“Man oh man the Red Moon Eye Cult. They are the last people I’d want to fight again. Just you wait you old jerk. You’re a dead man when I’m done with you.” He muttered as he drank his rum.

Mina looked at her letter. It was from Ten-Ten.

Dear Mina

Mina I can’t believe your gone. I mean it’s only been one day and I miss you so much. I’m so used to you just coming over and us hanging out. I hope you and Master Lee-Roy and getting along. I know him hitting me wasn’t the nicest in the world but he means well…sorta. Anyway work so boring, being a maid really bites. I mean all I do is clean and, and serve stuff. Mistress Len-Da is so mean and the way she was looking at me was quite creepy. I really don’t want to do this but got to help pay off that debt with the nobles. I wish Momma could open up her Alchemy Shop again, at least that was fun. I can’t wait for you to come home, safe and sound. Also Momma and Dad say Hi.

Love your BFF
Ten-Ten Cid

Mina noticed a few tear drops on the P.S and read it.

My cousin’s name…the person I asked you to look for is well its Lanydx, and He’s the Crystal Bearer. Yeah I just found out what that is today from Dad but…You’ve had it all wrong Mina. Lany’s not a killer. I’m sorry if it feels like I’ve been keeping a secret from but it’s only because I didn’t want you to feel sad so I kept it to myself for the all these years, but I can’t do it anymore Mina. I miss Lany a lot. He was, well before you the only person who wanted to play with me and after what happened to Uncle L…..If you see him or find him will you tell him? “Ten-Ten’s all better now. Momma and Dad don’t blame you for what happened and you can come home.”
Thanks….Oh a kitty Cat!! Bye Mina…again.

Mina read the letter again and again till it finally hit her.

“I can’t I don’t believe this! The Crystal Bearer is Teacher’s killer and son? Wait Ten said he’s no killer but, it has to be him, or is that what everyone else has been saying? Oh of course not. “Wait- Tell him that I’m okay and he can come home?” Did something happen with them? Did he run away? Maybe that monster hurt her or something? God this is annoying. I’ll just ask him about this right now. I think it’s time to put my persecution skills at work.” The young Selkie girl thought.

Mina started to walk to Lanydx as she noticed Fuzz was trying to wake Lee-Roy up. He smacked the small boy until he came to with his feet lack hands. She saw the Crystal Bearer on the floor vomiting. She ran to him notching his letter.

“Hey kid, I wanna talk to you about…why are you throwing up? What’s wrong?!” She yelled with concern as she pulled him from the sand.
He was shacking with fear. His face had the look of disrepair and hopelessness. He slowly whispered.

“ M Master fou found out I I left.”
“What?” Mina asked as she looked at his letter.

I know you left with Zero Auron Crystal Bearer. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice you little s**t? Well as soon as you return or if you return at all you, my monster will die a slow, painful, agonizing, death along with all the heathen Selkies. In the meantime however your suffering will begin at night fall.

High Minster Ibluis

She dropped the letter on the sand out of shock, and looked at Lanydx seeing black and purple smoke coming out his chest as he held his head in pain.
“Die with the rest of the Selkies? He’s planning on killing us?”
What this? Z Zero!!! Come here quick!” She screamed.

The Yuke looked at the near the girl’s direction.

“Well I’m half sober, better go she what she wants. It better be important like someone dying or something” He muttered.

See You later Crystal Bearer.

LR Notes:
Okay thank you all for waiting. I somewhat have Chapter 10 done. I'm glad sorta of how this came out. Mina will have some time to beat some heads in next chapter. Also we may go into Zero's drinking problem and Lan's gonna get a real reason to fight soon. This reason may save his life. Anyway enjoy.


Sep 25, 2010
The long wait was definitely worth it!! This was such an awesome chapter!! Want more to read!!! So make chapter ten soon XD please!


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Feb 14, 2008
Phantom Manor
It's still a little clunky (especially with language, need to work on some flow in regards to people talking and fighting) but it's improved and alot more emotional then before. Good work. (the red eye cult was a little random though, I hope it will come into play later)

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Jun 14, 2009
Thank you both. Yeah I'm trying to imporve and as for the Red Moon Eye Cult...well it plays a big part in L, Lucy, Tabby and Zero's past. I''m going to have to make Chapter 10 into two parts.

Thank you for your time.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter X: Nightfall and The Keyblade’s Chosen One.
Listen to my story. It may be our only chance”-Tidus

It was now night fall at Tipa Cavern’s campsite a ten miles from River Bell’s Path. Mina, Zero, Lee-Roy, and Fuzz, were sitting by a campfire eating some salmon Mina, Lanydx, and Fuzz caught a few hours ago. Lanydx was sitting alone away from everyone, which was demanded by Lee-Roy.

Zero raised his jug of rum.
“Okay everyone tonight we take shifts on standing guard for the camp site.” He stated.

Mina had raised her hand and asked.

“Um why do we need to stand guard?”

He looked at her in disbelief.

“In case of Monster attack, I mean just because we took out the ones at River Bell’s Path doesn’t mean we weren’t followed.” He muttered

“Well if that’s the case I want, no I demand the last watch.” Lee-Roy said as he bit into his fish.

Zero chuckled
“I’ll draw straws so until that time rest up. I need to do some thinking, so be good while I’m gone.” The Yuke ordered as he vanished in thin air.

Lee-Roy gave him a raspberry.

“Good reddens to that pest. Where ever he may be.” Lee-Roy muttered with a yawn and fell asleep.

Mina looked around to find Fuzz also asleep. Mina looked up at the sky covered with bright multi colored stars. She remembered once L told her that stars were actually other worlds. She thought

“I wonder if in another world there is some space girl who’s looking down at the sky and wondering if the same thing I am?”
She heard Lee-Roy mumble in his sleep.

“I’m the greatest Blitzball player ever! Ha take that sis, now who’s the short one!?”

Mina rolled her eyes and walked away from him.

“Jeez he’s loud even when asleep. Oh well at least he’s not dreaming about killing all Selkies.” Mina thought.

Mina found Lanydx sitting on a log hugging his knees. She got behind him and tapped him on the shoulders which made him jump.

“Hey Crystal Bearer, calm down I just thought you could use some company. Being alone isn’t very fun huh?” She asked.

Lanydx looked at her.
“No it’s not..f.fun. T Thank you for not hitting me Mina.” She said with a smile.

She gave him an angry look and put her hands on her hips.
“Why do you assume I would come here just to hit you?” Mina asked.

“You hate me. It’s okay, everyone hates me.” He muttered looking at the ground.

“Well I don’t hate you and, hey look at me when I’m talking to you! It’s rude to look at your feet when someone is talking to you” Mina ordered.

Lanydx quickly looked at her.

“I’m sorry! Wait you….you don’t hate me?” He quietly asked not sure if he heard that right.

“How could I hate someone I know so little about? How about we change that?”Mina asked.

“Um h how do we do that?” He asked.

The Selkie got up grabbed his hand, pulled him up and started to walk to the fire.
“Well for starters you could tell me about yourself.” Mina.

Lanydx gave her a confused look. Mina sighed.

“Ya know. Tell me your name, what you like, don’t like, where you live, what your hopes and dreams are. Anything you can think of really.” Mina said.

Lanydx thought for a while, sighed for a bit and finally said.

“Um Okay, I’m Lanydx. I like um cats, Moogles, outside, stars, stories like the ones my Dad told me, watching sunsets and um water.” He stated.

Mina was actually surprised.
“So he’s an animal lover, shame he didn’t say dogs. Sunsets and stars, aw that’s so cute. I’d have to disagree on the outside, give me a good library than this any day. I wonder if Teacher told him the same stories he told me.” Mina thought to herself.

“I don’t like, well I don’t being locked up, I’m so glad I’m free. I also don’t like mean people like my master. As for my hopes and dreams, I don’t really have them. I just want to stay alive.” Lan said.
Mina gave him an odd look.

“Locked up? You were some kind of prisoner?” She asked

The Crystal Bearer nodded.

“So um I think it’s your turn Mina.” Lanydx said while looking at the fire and warming his hands near it trying to get away from the topic.

Mina chewed her lip hoping to get more out of him.

“Okay fine I’m Mina Hawking. I like books, music, plays, swimming, art, dogs, my Teddy Bear, nice dresses, and stripped applies. I don’t like Lee-Roy, jerks, Ibluis or anyone from his Church, bugs and Selkie haters. My dreams are to become the World’s most famous Play Composer.

Lee-Roy got up and raised his hand.

“Questions: Why are you such and nerd, and what’s the Crystal Bearer doing here, and not buried six feet deep?” Lee-Roy mumbled sheepishly.

Mina gave Lee-Roy a scowling look.

“Lanydx hit him for me.” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am” Lanydx said.
The Crystal Bearer lifted a small rock and threw it at Lee-Roy’s head.

“Ouch, that hurts you dumbass!” Lee-Roy whined as he rubbed his forehead.

“I’m Sorry.” Lanydx apologized
“Well now that you’re up sleeping beauty, way not tell us your story Rich Boy?” The Selkie writer asked content with Lee-Roy’s injury.

He turned away from the two.

“Oh so two strangers: One and stealing whore, and the other a murderous dumbass hit me and then ask me to tell my life story. Well you both can piss off. I have nothing in common with such trash.” He yelled.

Mina was now fuming mad.
“Well excuse me your highness. I was just trying to make this trip a little bit better for all of us, and the only reason I had Lan throw that rock at you is because you’re a total jerk. Where do you get off anyway? Calling me a thief and a whore, I’ll have you know I’ve never stolen a thing in my life, and I’m not a whore. Also quit picking on Fuzz and Lanydx. They haven’t done a thing to you, heck most of the time they have been fighting monsters and holding on to the Chalice, while you’re lazy butt has done nothing to help. I at least caught dinner and cooked it. You think you’re so great because you have money? Well I learned from a great man that money to God isn’t worth jack, and that the real riches are good people, kindness, love, friends and family.

Lee-Roy huffed.
“Oh please that’s just what poor people tell their dirty brats so they can keep going in their worthless lives. Also yeah you were real helpful with the crab today. Oh wait no you just got kidnapped and had to have the Crystal Bearer save you’re useless hide. Face it Selkie, it’s Gill that makes the world go round and the rich rule it. You’re just mad because you can’t take it that you’re place in life is to serve us. The best anyone of you’re kind could be is a slave, and anyone who told you any different must be dumber than Dumbass here or as crazy as that L guy. Lee-Roy said with a smug grin.

Mina got up and made a fist out her hands, her blood was boiling, and she was about ready to kill this kid. Lanydx now the other hand had a doleful expression on his face.

“How dare you insult Teacher like that? Take this you little troll. Mina screamed as she punched Lee-Roy in the face, wanting to be nothing more than the bane of Lee-Roy’s face.

The rich Lilty was about to punch her back, when they both saw Zero pop out of nowhere and punch them away from each other.

“Alright that’s enough! I don’t give a damn about who started it but now I’m, ending it.” Zero yelled

“Where the heck did you come from!!?” The three asked their leader while forgetting the fight they were about to have.

The Yuke folded his arms
“A place I’d like to call Sub-Space. It’s a spell my friend Eve made a few years ago. It’s sort of like another plain of existence. ” Zero explained.

Mina looked like she was drooling over the thought of such a thing, while Lee-Roy had a bored look on his face, and Lanydx was trying figure out what existence meant.

“Okay now I want everyone but Lanydx asleep. We got a busy day tomorrow. Kid you take the first watch.” Zero ordered while repeatingly padding Lan on the back.

Lee-Roy just stormed off from the rest, which was fine by all of them. Zero put his hand on Mina shoulder.

“I think you better go to bed Mina, wouldn’t want you tired tomorrow.” Zero advised

Mina bowed and muttered.
“Oh um okay, I mean I was gonna write a bit but, I am a little sleepy.”

She turned her head at Lanydx.
“Well goodnight you guys.” She said with a yawn and slept next to Fuzz.

Zero was about to walk to a nearby palm tree to finally rest, Lanydx tugged on his jacket.

“Wait Mister Zero what happens if I see any monsters?”He asked.

“Blow them away with your Caster or throw them around with your powers. This is your story. Write it however you want to. Whatever you wish make it happen. Long live C.Y.A.N.” Zero mumbled as he vanished into thin air. Zero was grinning, if anyone could see his face.

“I hope my little mark will work on him. Hopefully he’ll have the same marksmen skills from The Boss.” He said to himself.

Lanydx now sat there, alone while looking at the stars. After a few hours he walked almost to the barrier’s edge in case of a monster attack, and he didn’t want to wake the others. The boy started to feel his eyes get heavy, and quickly felt his chest hurt again. That was never a good sign for him.

“No, I must stay up. I can’t let that monster get in.” He mumbled, but his body not used to the fighting and exercise gave up on him. He had fallen asleep.

In Lanydx’s mind, the boy could see nothing but angry looking eyes. Shadows looking at him with disgust, fear, rage. A few even pointed at him. He closed his eyes and hugged his knees.
After that day people always had something mean to say and every time he would fall asleep he would hear their voices mocking him or yelling something harsh.

“He’s a monster. Don’t even look at it.” A girl muttered to her friend.

“The Cids are keeping it? They must have a death wish. If it were me I’d kill it in a heartbeat.” A man said.

“Freak, why don’t you just die?” Yelled a random kid he had once tried to make friends with.

“Thanks to you the Selkie Tribe’s future here is dead! Why didn’t you die instead of the High Minster?” A Selkie woman yelled

“Give it to us! The Crystal Bearer has spilled Yuke blood!!” A male Yuke roared with rage.

“First Lady Lucy dead by giving birth to the thing, than the High Minster and all those Yukes, I bet The Cid’s kid is next.” Whispered a farmer to his wife he remembered passing by.

“Get away from us Crystal Bearer.” Said another child with a group of other kids he once tired to befriend.

“You will pay for your sins you wicked child!! Take your punishment slave!” His Master Ibluis screamed as Lanydx felt even more pain.

“Dumbass.” Lee-Roy said.

Three Voices hit him the hardest. It was the night when things got even worse. He was having a sound flashback.

“Lany come on forget what they say. Come on my friend will be waiting. She’ll love you, and you need to get out of the house. It’s been a week! Lany do hear music? Wait why are your eyes Red? Lany what are you do- AAHHAAHH!” Screamed his six year old cousin Ten-Ten, when he had forced her to crash into a wall using his powers.

“Oh my goodness, Ten-Ten!! Ten-Ten please, speak to me Ten-Ten! Lany what did you do?” His Aunt Tabby babbled hysterically a few minutes after she heard the scream.

“Is she breathing? Damn it boy you killed her. You killed Ten-Ten….Get out!! Get out now before I kill you!!” Roared his Uncle Tim as the small boy ran out the door.

He felt a lance being jabbed in his heart. He got up and ran but he felt pain all over his body.

“Give me your heart!!”

Lanydx opened his eyes to find a small, black yellow eyed monster looking at him. The Crystal Bearer tried to run away but his arms and legs were chained to the two large and long black pillars. Soon more shadowy demons appeared. They circled around him attacking from all side with their claws chanting.

“Give us your heart. Submit to the Darkness. Submit!!” The demons roared.

“No.” The only thing he could muster. The first few times this had happened to him. He would try to fight it off but now his heart was getting weaker and weaker. The pain and guilt he carried was killing him. Soon he wouldn’t even have the option.

“WAKE UP KUPO!!!” Fuzz yelled as woke up The Clavat boy up with a head butt to the stomach.

“Fuzz I’m so glad you’re here!! I so glad you saved…Ouch, why did you hit me?” Lanydx asked while holding on to his stomach.

The Moogle floated up and down. “You fell asleep and then black and purple smoke was coming out of your body. You looked like you were in a lot of pain, heck you’re face looked paler than normal. I had to do something Kupo.” Fuzz explained.

The two sat down.

“Aren’t you tired? Why don’t you sleep with Mina?” He asked
“I thought my buddy would be lonely and I was asleep with Mina, until that hot babe started to snore kupo.” Fuzz said.

“Mina snores? No way, I don’t believe it!” The Crystal Bearer chuckled.

“Yep I think I’m gonna hang out with my other buddy at nighttime kupo.” Fuzz said.

“Who’s you’re other buddy?” Lanydx asked while turning his head.

“You silly, it’s just you and Mina.”He explained.

“Really you want me to be your friend?”The Crystal Bearer asked.

“Its Moogle tradition to befriend anyone who helps us, plus I like you.” Fuzz explained.

The Crystal Bearer quickly hugged his new best friend with joy.
“Oh Fuzz I promise I’ll be the best friend you ever had!!” He shouted with glee.

“Thanks Lanydx, now could you scratch the top of my head? I can never reach it and it’s itchy.” The Moogle asked.

“I guess having no arms would make it hard to.” Lanydx joked.

The boy did as his friend wished. The two looked at the stars. After a few more hours the Moogle looked at his new friend dead tired.

“Lanydx why don’t you sleep and get someone else to stand guard, I mean you must be sleepy.” Fuzz said with giving a small yawn.

“I’m fine, it hasn’t been that long.” The Crystal Bearer said.

“Are you kidding me its past midnight! No human could stay up this late.” Fuzz argued.

Lanydx got up.
“How can you tell? You don’t have a clock on you.” He mumbled.

“Actually I do smarty pants.” The stated while summoning a clock out of thin air that showed it was 2:00AM.

The Crystal Bearer rubbed his eyes not believing what he was seeing.

“How did you just do that?” He asked.

Fuzz just stuck out his tongue while showing his cute little fangs.
“Moogle Magic, but that’s not important to you right now. You need sleep kupo.” Fuzz said not dropping the subject.

“I can’t sleep Fuzz! He shouted while waving his arms in the air.

“Sure you can its easy. Just count sheep in your head. That’s what I do.” The moogle said trying to be helpful.

Lanydx paced back and forth.

“No what I mean is that every time I go to sleep you see me in that way you found me.”

Fuzz looked down.
“All smoky and dying like?” He asked.
“Yep, it’s been that way since…Oh never mind.” Lanydx said with a fake smile trying not to make Fuzz worry. He turned around to look at the full red moon.

The Moogle’s ears started to flicker up and down. He heard shaking coming from the bushes across the barrier’s edge. A small black rabbit jumped out of the bushes and into the Chalice’s barrier. He was followed by five green goblins holding wooden clubs. One of the goblins grabbed the poor bunny while the other four were fighting over who got to hit it.

“Kupo Lan, we got Goblin trouble and there gonna kill a poor bunny.” Fuzz yelled at his friend’s back.

Lan quickly turned around, pulled his Caster gun and pulled the trigger blasting a blizzard spell out, freezing the Goblin holding the bunny. Lanydx then blasted a thunder spell that made the goblin release the bunny that ran off.

“Pick on someone your own size.” He yelled to the surprised monsters in an oddly badass manner.
Fuzz looked at Lanydx to find he seemed different.

The four Goblins charged at the boy with his clubs only to be pushed back by the Crystal Bearer’s power. One tried to throw his club at Lanydx but he shot it down with a fire spell. He tried to shoot his gun again, but nothing happened. The boy kept pulling on the trigger and still nothing would happen.

“Wait why isn’t the gun making the bad guys go away?” He asked returning back to his usual self.

“You mean you have had that thing this whole time and you just broke it?” Fuzz yelled.

“Hey I just took it from that one guy.” He said trying to defend himself.

The Goblins charged at the two again.

Okay time for you all to go away!” Lanydx said as he lifted up the Goblins from the ground and threw them miles from their campsite.

“Wow I didn’t even know I could lift all of them. That was cool huh Fuzz?” Lanydx admitted.
The boy notched his Moogle friend was fast asleep. Lan put his red robe on the Moogle as a blanket. He noticed two sliver Ss on the back of his robe.

“Huh never saw that before. I think Lee-Roy should help out. I mean Mina’s asleep, and Mister Zero went to that Sub-way thing.” He said to himself.

The boy walked back to the campsite, tip-toed past a sleeping and snoring Mina.

He heard tussling in the brushes to find a half-asleep Lee-Roy.

He walked to the Lilty notching his eyes looked red and puffy.
“Um hey Lee-Roy, um what’s up?” He asked.

Lee-Roy looked up at the nervous Lanydx looking like he was trying to think of what words to use.

“Oh it’s only you Crystal Bearer. What do you want?”

Lanydx mumbled.
“Well um you need to take your shift, I’m all done.”

The rich Lilty looked at him dead in the eye
“Okay sure, I’ll do it.” He stated.

The Crystal Bearer was surprised. He was expecting a fight or in insult from the small boy.

“Wow um thanks.” Lanydx said not really sure what was gonna happen next. The only time he talked to Lee-Roy was when he was being a jerk.

Lee-Roy then took a gulp of air like he was swallowing something.

“This is gonna kill me, but um Crystal Bearer can...I….ask…you…something?” The young Lilty slowly said trying to force the words out.

Lanydx could tell there was something eating him. To him this was a new side to Lee-Roy he along with a lot of people never saw. Finally he said
“Sure um ask me away.” While sitting down on the ground.

Lee-Roy paced the floor, back and forth.
“Wait a moment, Never mind this is stupid. Why am I coming to you the Crystal Bearer for help? I’ll stand guard just leave me alone Dumbass.” He yelled as he walked away.

Lanydx followed him to the waterfall. He watched the small Lilty swing his lance at a large rock, like he was attacking a monster. Lee-Roy fake swung his lance a few more times until he threw it to the ground out of frustration.

“Dang it, what am I gonna do? At this rate I’ll never get strong enough to save her!” He screamed.

Lanydx almost saw tears come out of Lee-Roy’s face as he punched the sand.

“Why did they have to take Mother away? Stupid Church, she didn’t even do anything wrong.” Lee-Roy said.
Lanydx walked from his hiding spot, grabbed Lee-Roy’s lance, and poked the small boy. Lee-Roy turned around to see Lanydx holding his lance smiling

“Um you dropped this.” Lanydx said.

Lee-Roy punched Lanydx in the face sending the Crystal Bearer flying three feet, while taking his lance back.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone Crystal Bearer? Yeah I think I did. How much did you hear? What you want?” an enraged Lee-Roy yelled.

It took Lanydx a minute to pull his head out of the sand. Finally he answered.

“I want to know what’s bothering you, and if you don’t tell me I’ll tell Zero, Mina, and Fuzz that you cried the first thing in the morning.” Lanydx threatened
“You wouldn’t dare!” Lee-Roy said.

“Try me. Mina, Fuzz, and Zero trust me way more than you so I win. Start talking.” The Crystal Bearer proud he did something clever for once.

Lee-Roy chewed his lip. The Dumbass had a point. The Selkie girl trusted him more and Zero would never let Lee-Roy live it down.

He finally said.
“Outwitted by a dumbass, fine I’ll you what’s wrong. I got a letter today. My Father, Lord Azian Jenkins wrote to me that a few of Ibluis’s hired goons took my Mother away. She was furious how two of our servant’s daughter was taken. It happened after a few hours after we left.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. What are you gonna do?” Lanydx asked.

“I, well I really don’t know. I wanna leave and get her out, but if I do that, I can’t finish the trip and become a real man. Even if I go home, I’m still a weakling. I wouldn’t be able to help if I wanted to and no one is gonna help me. Damn it this sucks!!” Lee-Roy yelled.

Lanydx thought for a few minutes and finally got an idea.
“Lee-Roy your wrong, someone is going to help you. I’m going to help you. Since I don’t sleep I’ll help you train at night and help you get your mom back.” Lanydx said.

Lee-Roy looked at the Crystal Bearer in total shock.
Are you an idiot or something, why the heck would you want to help me? I mean, I call you names, tried to light you on fire, punched you in the face, and made you eat from everybody else, what have I done that made you want to help me?” The rich Lilty asked as he waved his arms in the air.

Lanydx stated.
“You don’t need a reason to help someone.”

Lee-Roy asked
“So how much Gill do you want for the training?”

Lanydx just stared at Lee-Roy blankly.
“What’s Gill?” He asked.

Lee-Roy fell to the ground in the way an anime character would.
“Okay now I know you’re an idiot for not knowing what that it. It’s Gill, money. You can buy things with it.” He explained.

“Oh, well I don’t care about that.” Lanydx said.

“What, then what do you want?!” Lee-Roy asked as he was struggling with the fact that Lanydx couldn’t be bought with money.

“Well I want you to be my friend, and to be nicer to Mina and Fuzz from now on.”He stated.

“Are you sure you don’t want the money because there is no way I’m being nice to that Selkie girl or your pet.” Lee-Roy barked.

“Sorry that’s what I want. I think you say take it or leave it right?” Lanydx asked.

Lee-Roy was fuming.
“Great, this is just great. I’m not gonna lose my pride, but I heard a lot of rumors that the Crystal Bearer had been spotted around the Church. Maybe he knows where they keep the prisoners. Still being nice to that Selkie and that puff-ball, my sister would never let me live it down. Also the dumbass wants me to be his friend? Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen. Still he could be useful.” Lee-Roy thought to himself.

“Could I think about this first?” He asked Lanydx.

Lanydx smiled
“Sure take as much time as you need.” He said.

The Crystal Bearer walked away from Lee-Roy smiling that he did something nice for someone.
Suddenly Lanydx started to get a headache he heard a very familiar voice.

“Lanydx, go to Mina. She needs you son.” The voice commanded.

“Dad is that you?” He asked himself as ran back to the campsite.

He found the campsite and saw Mina, or saw her hand as the rest of her body was being sucked into a black hole of darkness. The boy ran past the purple and black smoke, ignoring the pain his chest was giving him, Lanydx grabbed Mina’s hand and used his gravity powers to pull the girl from the gluttonous abyss.

“Don’t worry Mina I got you. Question is who’s got me?” He asked noticing that he too was being sucked into the darkness.

In Mina’s mind a few hours before this event happened.
The girl awoke from what felt like to her a deep slumber. Her eyes adjusted to the smoky gray sky, then lifted her body from the hard, smooth, glass like floor.

“What the heck? Did I hit my head on something, where am I?” She asked herself out loud.

Mina walked around to find she had been standing on a long, tail, multi-colored glass cylinder.

“Okay what kind of freaky dream am I having? The Selkie asked.

“So much to do and so little time, you have taken your first steps. Now it is time for you to face your destiny, choose your own path, and don’t fear failure.” A calm and familiar voice said.

“What?” She asked, before the Selkie girl noticed a small crack appearing on the center of the glass floor.
Soon the small crack grew larger until the whole floor suddenly shattered, dropping the girl into a dark abyss.

“AAHHH!” Mina screamed as she fell.
All she could see was darkness, until in a flash of light she saw a new glass floor, but it now had a picture of her sleeping, around a blue ring. Mina landed on the new floor on her feet. The girl was now shacking with fear, afraid of what might happen next.

“Come on Mina, wake up girl. Wake up from this crazy dream.” She muttered to herself while slapping her face.

Suddenly near her, four marble pillars appeared. Each of them had on them two weapons. To the south, the first pillar had on it a long steel sword, and an iron shield. To the East the second pillar had on it a golden lance, and blue rod. To the West, the third pillar had on it a silver hammer, and red long staff. Finally to the north, was the final pillar which had on it a crystal racket and an old wooden crossbow.

“Choose one of these items and give something up in return.” The same voice commanded her.
Mina immediately recognized the weapons in front of her. They were the main weapons used by the four tribes. She went to the north which was obviously the Selkie Tribe’s choice. She grabbed the Crystal Racket since she lost her last one. The girl swing it around a few times, satisfied with her pick.

“I think I’ll give up the crossbow.” She said out loud.

The Pillars quickly sank to the floor. Then her racket started became engulfed in a glowing light. After a few minutes the light died down the revel that Mina’s racket had transformed into a Crystal Key. The same Key that came to her when she was a small child.

“What, wait what’s this? Is this the key from before?” Mina asked.

Suddenly from the ground shadows started to appear then change into small, yellow eyed monsters with antennas, small arms with claws, and small legs. They whispered in fear and hate.

They circled around Mina and jumped on top of her and others scratched her legs. Mina blocked a few claws with her new odd weapon, but was having a hard time getting a hold of the handle. With her right hand she swung the Keyblade smacking a few away from her. She repeated this until they all came off of her. Mina quickly got up, used both her hands to hold on to the orange handle treating it like a sword instead of a racket. She remembered what Zero told her.
“Mina you’re a Selkie your body is built for hit and run tactics. Use your speed to keep yourself out of harms reach and the enemy off balance.”

Mina began to run at nearby shadow, swung her key on the teeth side hitting it on the head, yet the monster head was stuck on the jagged teeth.

“Oh that’s just gross, get it off.” She screamed as she tried to shake off the shadow, who was pouring black blood from its head.
She turned around to find a few more shadows were about attack, Mina dodged by turning to the left and hitting them with their dying comrade, who finally vanished into black smoke.

“Maybe I should fight with the dull side from now on.” She thought to herself.
More Shadows came to attack the Selkie. Mina threw her Keyblade like a baton, while also hurting her hand in the process. The spinning key cut the beings of darkness in half.

The rest of the Shadows vanished.

“Ouch that last trick is gonna need some practice, but I can’t believe I won. That ought to show that jerk Lee-Roy, I’m no damsel in distress. I Mina Hawking am invincible!” Mina roared with pride.

As soon as she finished that sentence her very own shadow grew larger and larger, then it began to change. Its body became what Mina feared most: A giant spider, and soon one by one each of its eight legs started to appear. The shadow started to raise and become real. She noticed each of its four eyes was soulless yellow, the same as the shadows she had fought before. Its fangs were ready to chew her and spit her out. Out of terror the girl ran.

“Okay I’m not invincible. I’m a writer not a fighter. Oh no!” She yelled as soon as she saw that she was about to run off the circle.

Mina turned around to see the spider charging after her. Mina quickly threw her Keyblade like a baton causing the key to spin around until it jabbed the spider in one of its eyes, the blade in a flash of light, came back in her hands. Realizing she had no other choice. She ran at the blinded beast and smashed one of the legs. Mina was smacked by the rest of the legs. The spider then opened its mouth and shot out multiple dark energy blasts. Two hit the Selkie girl, but she dodged a few and even sent the rest back at the demon.
It now fully blind, Mina jumped on its back and started to slash at the spider’s head. It ran around trying to shake Mina off. It finally did causing her to fall to the ground. The spider than turned around to shoot a black web out of its rear, it hit Mina’s Key. The Selkie ran in a few circles as the monster swung at her with its claws. Mina kept running with the Keyblade connected to the spider’s web line until she trapped the spider’s legs with its own web. Mina than ripped her Keyblade off the line, jumped back on the spider’s body and repeated slashing. The Spider Heartless tried to once again shake the young Keyblade Welder off, but she kept slashing until Mina chopped off its head, causing the rest of the body to slowly vanish into black and purple smoke.
In the corner of the Selkie’s eye she noticed a black hooded figure vanishing from the scene. Whoever that was had a good reason. The Smoke from the dead spider had started to create more smoke, which turned into a black hole. It started to suck Mina into the abyss.
“No Miasma, I can’t breathe. Someone anyone help me.” She weakly said as the darkness was covering her, till only her hand was visible. Then she felt a warm hand, lighting the darkness and pulling her out.

“Don’t worry Mina I got you. Question is who’s got me? The Crystal Bearer asked.

“Lanydx?” Mina thought.

“Hey leave them alone!” Yelled a new younger and comforting voice.

“Who are you?” Mina asked.

“I’m Sora.” The voice said as everything started to become bright.

The Selkie had awoken from her dream. She noticed the sun was starting to rise, in her hand was her blue Crystal Keyblade, and on her lap was a peacefully sleeping Lanydx.

“Who is this Sora person and why do I feel like this Keyblade thing may be important later?” She asked herself.



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Alrighty then.

You're doing MUCH better, and your flow is improving, but needs work.

1) CYAN... my Cyan?

2) "Fell to the ground like an anime character would" Just use "Fell down in shock" or something similar. Your phrasing keeps you out of it.

3) While I do congratulate you on the length, it's a tad long for here. It would work fine in a book though.

4) The stuff with Landyx is a little... stiff. Especially when he's interacting with Leeroy. It's like dialogue in a play rather then a conversation.

5) Congratulations.


Sep 25, 2010
Wow that was a great chapter, I enjoy reading it and now I'm even more curious about Lanydx. Good job Lan ^_^

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter X-2: The Miasma Stream

As our five Crystal Caravaners walked the trail. The sun was barely raising, and poor Mina Hawking had to suffer Lee-Roy’s questions on her new weapon the Keyblade.
“So tell me again Selkie girl. Who did you steal from to get that Key thing? The Yuke, the Moogle, or has the Crystal Bearer been holding out on us? Lee-Roy asked for the millionth time to two days straight.

He’s wasn’t only bugging Mina, but Zero now drank twice as much rum then before. Fuzz was busy being his guild Moogle due to Zero’s temporary blindness. Lanydx was holding the Chalice, wondering how long his fun would last.

“Lee-Roy shut up! I’ve told you already. I got it in a dream so stop it.” She yelled.

“Bull you can’t get something in a dream, that’s impossible!” He snapped.

“Oh really, you think that’s impossible? We live in a world were purple mist can kill us, People can shoot fire out of their hands, Giant birds are used as horses, and we have a kid who has a crystal as his right eye, and can lift you to the sun. With all that I think me getting a key-like sword from a dream isn’t too impossible.” Mina said.

Lee-Roy still not buying it, he yelled to Zero.

“Oh please. Yuke, tell me she stole it from you.”

Fuzz, who was tied to Zero’s waist by a red string, turned the buzzed Yuke around. His helmet and head were waving back and forth as he mumbled.

“I’ve told many things, and The Boss,(hic) seen me stories of a boy, no wait maybe it was a girl, or a talking mouse with big ears with a key like that so……” Before the drunk could say anymore he dropped to the ground passed out causing The Moogle to drop with him.

The three looked at him, then at one another seeing this before. While Lan ripped Fuzz’s string, in the blink of an eye the Crystal Bearer head was sent flying into a palm tree by a mail Moogle covered in black spots who seemed to have been shot out of a cannon. The Moogle was held a letter by his tiny fangs. Lee-Roy just laughed at the misfortune, while Mina picked up the Mail Moogle, and Fuzz pulled Lanydx out of the tree.

“Are you okay Mister Moogle? She asked while checking to see if it had any injuries.

The black spotted Moogle quickly awoke, slipped out of the Selkie’s hands and dropped the letter.

“Here’s your mail Miss.” He said with a smile and flew away.

Mina confused, she picked up the letter. She slowly opened it and read.

“It’s from Tim and Tabby Cid.” She said surprised.

She started to read.

Dear Mina
-Um this Tabby and I have quite a lot to tell you, so you may want to sit down.-

The Selkie sat down on the dirt and continued to read.

-You sat down? Good, now how do I start this? Ah yes it started when you left….

Cid home two day ago.

Tabby Cid was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner with the family. The servants of Jenkins Clan were given an early day, due to the Crystal Cavern. The Cheery Alchemist heard the door open. Tim didn’t get of work until nightfall. Mina who over the years became a second daughter to her was in the Cavern, so that could only mean Ten-Ten.

“Momma, I’m home.” The Thirteen year old Lilty yelled.

The Young Lilty still took after her mother and wore purple from head–to-toe, but during work hours she had to wear an all black, short maid outfit. Her dreadlocks had been cut off, but now she had to small pig tails. Childish yes, but Tabby always wanted Ten-Ten to be a kid no matter what.

“I’m in the kitchen honey. I’ll be done in a bit.” Tabby said

“Okay.” She said. Ten-Ten took off her shoes, and sat on their chair. She could feel her new friend squirming around in her dress. She quickly tried to calm it down.

“Hush Auntie we need to surprise Momma.” Ten-Ten muttered in a hushed tone of voice.

Tabby walked into the living room with as she saw a small white cat jump out of her daughter’s dress panting.

“That’s it I can’t take it anymore! I need to breathe!” The Cat yelled to the Cherry Alchemist surprise.

“Aw Momma, Auntie ruined my surprise for you.” Ten-Ten pouted.

Tabby out of panic threw the plates at the cat.
“Get away from my little girl you demon!!” She screamed.

The cat jumped out the way, while yelling.

“Tabby, stop it! I’m not a demon! It’s me Lucy, I know I look different, but can’t you tell your big sister’s voice?”

“Lucy’s been dead for thirteen years. She can’t be alive, since that eye-patch guy killed her with a spell. We all saw it. No way you’re my big sister!” Tabby proclaimed

“I’ll prove it to you! Dad and I found you in the snow in front of out house when you were five. My favorite color is yellow. I tried to kill Tim at your wedding. I nicknamed you the Cherry Alchemist, and beat Zero over the head with a brick every time he made you cry, on the trips. Also that eye patch guy casted a transformation spell on me. ” She stated.

Tabby then quickly hugged her big sister.
“Glad to have you back Lucy. The Lilty woman said.

“I’m glad to be back little sis.” The cat said

“So, how can you talk?” Tabby asked.

“Yeah, I wondered about that too.” Ten-Ten pitched in.

“Well today I met a man named Hanekoma, he told me the spell I’m under was undoing itself, he did something and now I can talk. He was the one who let Lany out.” She explained.

“Lany is alive? He’s okay? Where has he been all this time?” Ten-Ten asked.

“You two had better sit down for this one.” The cat ordered.

After what felt like two hours, the cat woman finally ended here tale.

“I don’t believe this.” Tabby said.

“Believe it Tabs, I had to watch that, that monster Ibluis torment him every day with, whips, and fire, and nearly drowning him. At night, I had to keep him awake, so he wouldn’t turn into a heartless. I’m glad he’s free now but the damage done to him…….”

Ten-Ten was shaking. Her hands were in fists, she started to punch the floor.

“I’m going to kill him!” She screamed.

She started to run out the door. But her mother grabbed her.

“Ten-Ten stop, right now.”

“No, Mom this guy needs to pay. For Lany, for making our village into his whipping boy, for Mina, and the whole Selkie tribe. She yelled as pushed her mother away, grabbed one of her father’s spare lances and ran out the door.

Back to the present

-When Ten-Ten ran out I tried to get a hold of her but, she dodged me at every turn. Ten-Ten did try and stab Ibluis during his sermon, and now she…..will be hung in a week. Tim and I tried to get her out, but that got us to be under house arrest, and Ten-Ten, a shorter delay. It was in a month, but. Mina, I don’t know if you’re going to get this letter but if you do, please stay safe, and get help.
Your friend,

Tabby Cid.

After what seemed like hours, Mina put down the letter, as tear drops made the ink start to run off. The girl summoned her Keyblade and started hitting the ground as she cried.

“No way, it can’t be true. Ten-Ten can’t be gone! Not my little TT!” She yelled.

She hit the ground harder, and faster imagining it was Ibluis’s face, until she finally grew tired. She dug her Keyblade into the ground, used it as crutch, and continued to sob. She felt helpless.

“I’m so sorry TT. I can’t do anything to help you. What good is this key thing if I can’t even save my best friend? Without her…” The Selkie felt someone hugging her from behind.

She turned around to find Lee-Roy hugging her.

“Hey Selkie girl, Um look I’m sorry for everything.” He quietly said.

“Lee-Roy, why are you?” She started to ask.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe all Selkies aren’t bad. What I mean is I, I understand what you feel right now.” He said.

At that moment Lanydx walked by, watching the two.

“Hey guys, Um Mina, are you okay?” The Crystal Bearer asked.

Lee-Roy quickly jumped off of Mina, as she got up.

“Yeah Lan, I’m fine. Did you need anything?” She asked.

“Um, well Mister Zero is all better, and he wanted us to come and start training.”

Mina and Lee-Roy followed Lanydx. The three walked to older Yuke. Fuzz was busy sleeping.

“So Zero when do we get training?” Mina said ready to fight.

“Glad to see you so willing Mina, but before we get started I’ve got to tell you guy something.” The Yuke began to explain.

“You’re coming out of the closet?” Lee-Roy asked which earned him a smack upside the head by Zero.

“No, this is no ordinary Myrrh trip. After well we come home, I also with my rebellion group The Renegades of Funk will take our home back. I need to know now if you guys are on my side.” He said.

Mina quickly summoned her Keyblade.

“Oh course I’m going to fight that monster. For too long Ibluis has pushed my people around, and now I have the power to push him back. For Teacher, TT and anyone else that jerk hurt. Count me in Zero!”

Lee-Roy quickly followed up by twirling his lance.
“You better believe I’m ready to end this guy, and his dumb church.

If they could see Zero’s face, they would see he was grinning. To him, Mina had the will of The Boss, and Lady Lucy. As for Lee-Roy, the Yuke saw a smaller version of himself when he was younger.

Lanydx just stayed quiet.

“Well Lan, what about you?” Zero asked.

Lanydx just stood there and froze. The Yuke’s eyes went wide. They all could hear music. The Crystal Bearer fell to the ground.

“No, not that music again, not like last time!” He yelled.

The Crystal Bearer used his powers to push everyone away from him. He then closed his eyes and just ran. None of them could believe what they saw: Lanydx ran passed the Chalice’s barrier and his crystal eye made a smaller one for him. He kept running, even into a small pocket of bleak, purple, miasma. It took the three a few minutes to movie again.

“Okay, when could the Crystal Bearer do that?” Lee-Roy asked.

“ It’s a Crystal Bearer power, we need to go get him. He went into the Miasma Stream, and trust me it’s not a good place to be when your head and heart are broken.” Zero ordered as he grabbed the Chalice.

Mina picked up Fuzz and started to walk with Zero and Lee-Roy.
The four walked up to what seemed a swirling portal of pure Miasma. They all had an uneasy feeling. Zero was the first to step in, then Lee-Roy, Before Mina stepped in she felt someone was watching her. She turned around to find an older man in black coat. She could only see yellow eyes, and a sliver goatee.

“Hello my dear, what might a fine lady such as yourself be doing near such a dangerous place?” He asked in a polite, soothing tone.

“Who are you? Also did you see a boy go in the Stream?” She asked getting an uneasy feeling from this person.
The mad stroked his silver haired goatee.
“You may call me Ansem the Wise, and why yes I did Madam. As I exited the Miasma, I met a dying Crystal Bearer child. The Darkness in his heart had taken form. I tried to save him, but he pushed me away. He called himself a monster, that he would only harm others if he used his powers. He may be damned forever unless you can calm his darkness.” The man said as he walked away.

The Selkie quickly ran into the stream with the others, while the man just smiled.

“I will look into who this plays at a later date. For now I will continue my search for the Summoner girl, Braig let slip away.”

In the Steam, all anyone could see was pitch-black darkness. Zero then quickly shot out a magic flare. It lent up the whole stream. They were walking into a forest of dead oak trees. The three kept walking until they saw a small barrier. All they could see was a hand struggling in a pool of darkness.

Mina ran to the small barrier and pulled on the hand, only to tackle by a black, yellow eyed dog. It barked a gravity blast that pushed the girl away. She slashed the demon dog in the face.

“Zero, Lee-Roy where are you guys?” She asked while trying to grab on to Lan.

“Over here!” Lee-Roy yelled as he was swinging his lance at a few new dog heartless. Zero was busy blasting a few of them with some Thunder magic.

Mina was soon cornered by the dogs. She still tried to pull Lanydx out of the dark portal.

“Lany, please listen to me. I know you sacred, but you have powers to help people. I know you think you’re all alone, and no one cares about you. Well that’s not true. I care about you.”
They lunged at her only to be pushed back by a gravity force field.
Mina watched as Lanydx pulled himself out the dark portal, and blasted the Dog Heartless away from Lee-Roy and Zero. Mina then killed the dogs releasing their captive hearts while Zero took care of the rest. The four met up with each other.

“Mina, thank you. Tell Mister Zero, that I’m done being Ibluis’s whipping boy.” He yawned as he went to sleep, for the first time in seven years.
Mina tired to carry him, but Zero quickly picked him up. He patted Mina on the head.

“Ya did good Mina, L would be proud.” Zero said.

As the five finally walked out of the Stream Fuzz poked his head out of Zero’s jacket. Looking at everyone he then went back to sleep.



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Nice work Landyx. You have a few misspelled words here and there (like Guild instead of guide) but it was sweet and MX... is the summoner referring to Yuna?

Anyway... something felt off in the middle with Lucy (I'm not sure what though) but good work throughout.
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