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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Funk

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Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 13

The Mushroom Forest and a dance with the Black Knight.

It was midnight in Tipa, and as quit as a grave. Nothing dared it move during the night, with the crystal low on power. Yet deep below in the center of the so-called "church." Someone was moving. High Minister Ibluis now in a black iron armor, due to an assassin attempt. He, with a torch, walked across a long, narrow, hallway lit in a crimson, blood light. The walls of the hallway were really nothing more then cells, each having someone in a horrific red crystalized form. He turned to one specific cell before meeting his new captive.

"Well, Well, if it isn't my favorite piece of Selkie trash Lady Shi-ki. Didn't you tell me that you would not allow me to harm anyone? Well, you are a living battery. Tipa is The Master's, and soon the rest of the village will soon share your fate. As for L's children….. The small one will hang, the Selkie brat will die with the rest of your worthless race. As for the boy, death will seem like a pleasure to him after I am finished with him." He ranted to the crystal.

He walked away continuing his path. The elderly Yuke made his way to the final cell at the end of the hallway. He then unlocked the door. The High Minister looked at a small, red headed lilty girl, who was chained to the wall, and looked like she hadn't eaten in a few days. She looked at him with defying eyes.

"So child, will you tell me what I want to know, or will I have to punish you?" He asked.

The girl yelled.

"Bite me! You lying, family stealing, murdering, monster!" Ten-Ten yelled as she started to struggle from her bonds.

Soon she stopped. Her look of defiance turned into a look of horror, as she watched Ibluis's body become wrapped around in black aura. His red eyes glowed as he started to force black lightning into her body. She started to move and jerk from the pain. To her it felt like every cell in her body was being lit on fire.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" She cried as the energy was shot into her body, giving the High Minister a large smirk behind his helmet.

Ten-Ten twisted around, trying to move away from the lightning, but she couldn't escape. Her body was now jerking and twitching in agony, barely giving her time to breate. She now felt weak.

"What is Big Boss planning!" He growled.

Ten-Ten could barley speak a word. All she could do was berate.

"Talk!" He ordered as she blasted her with lightning again. To Ten-ten it felt like her whole body was on fire.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" She screamed in pain.

Ibluis waited waited until the sparks left her body. She laid there panting.

"Now my dear, will you talk?" The Yuke whispered.

"I…don't…know..anything." She mumbled.

Ibluis then dealt a hard smack to her face.

"You only hurt yourself by lying to me. You attacked me in the middle of my sermon. Your mother and father are a part of Big Boss's group. Finally you have come across a certain, white, cat. How the hell do you not know anything?!" He yelled as he shocked her again.

Ten-Ten couldn't take it anymore. To her it felt like her whole body was going to burst into flames. Luckily for her, someone had opened the door to her cell and calmly said.

"I have been waiting for over an hour. If you wish for my services then do not keep me waiting." He ordered.

Ibluis turned around to find a Lilty dressed from head to toe in stained, blood, black armor. His helmet had large, red horns. His chest plate had three large spikes in a triangle form, and his gloves and iron shoes where stained with blood. This demon was the infamous Black Knight.

"Ah, your here. I am terribly to keep you waiting. I was just taking care of something, but that can wait." Ibluis muttered while looking at Ten-Ten who had past out.

The Red Eye Moon Cult minister locked the door to her cell and walked with the Black Knight.

She waited until she was sure they were gone. She started moaning and crying. The tears were like waterfalls coming out of her eyes and dropping on the floor.

"Momma I'm so sorry. I should have listened to you. Dad would tell me to cheer up, but I don't think I can. I want out. I want to go home! I want my Momma, Dad, Mina, and Lany!" The Lilty girl thought before she past out for real.


Near a green field to the west of Marr's Pass. A dying landscape of mushrooms the size of skyscrapers, each mushroom caring monsters and plants of horrible imagination. Very few caravaners have come out alive from this wood of death, and the ones who have never act the same again. Soon on the cracked, rock like soil the Tipa Caravan had teleported on to the ground.

Lee-Roy dropped to the floor and vomited. Lanydx, Mina, and Holly, were spinning around dizzy. Zero and Eva were the only ones looking fine. Fuzz on the other hand was dancing on top of the chalice.

"Fuzz how are still fine?" Lanydx asked.

"Cause it's like one of my parties. All the lights spinning, the music, the snow. Yeah baby!" The moogle cheered.

"When we get back to Tipa, mind throwing one of those parties?" Lanydx asked.

Zero dropped his sword on the rock hard ground to gain their attention.

"Welcome kiddies to the Mushroom forest, where everything is trying to eat you, and the reward is Myrrh and survival." He explained.

Lee-Roy got up after vomiting.

"What makes it any different from the other crap hole you brought us to last time?" He asked.

Zero looked at all of his young charges and then at Eva, who had no idea what was going on in her friend's head.

He finally spoke.

"Because you won't have Eva, or myself to help you this time. Also you have a new burden to put up with." He answered while giving Holly the evil eye.

"What?!" They all yelled.

Eva gave him an odd look.

"John what do you mean.." Before she could finish her sentence. Zero grabbed her by the arm, snapped his fingers and muttered.

"Later haters, see ya with the Myrrh." He muttered as the two Yukes vanished into thin air.

All of them just stood there. No one said a word, until Lee-Roy threw his lance on the ground in a fit of rage.

"That ass****! I believe he just left us!" Lee-Roy yelled.

"This has to be some kind of test. He said he'd see us with the Myrrh." Mina said trying to calm him down.

"Yeah right I bet him and his new girlfriend are waiting for use to fail, and their selling tickets!" Lee-Roy shot back.

"Actually I think this could be a fun game." Lanydx said while looking at the mushrooms.

Everyone looked at him.

"A game?" Mina asked.

"Kupo, you feeling alright?" Fuzz asked.

"Really Dumbass? You want to make this dying crap hole, full of monsters that will kill us, and make that a game?" Lee-Roy spat.

"Yeah, let's see who gets the most monsters before we get to the Myrrh tree." Lanydx explained.

They all thought about this for a minute.

"Wow that is a..pretty good idea." Mina admitted.

"Yeah, why get worked up? Let's have some fun! Fuzz yelled while dancing.

"Well, I still think it's a stupid idea, but I never turn down a chance to show Lilties are better then the rest. Okay dumbass, you talked me into it, just don't expect me to go easy." He asked proudly.

"What would I get to do?" Holly asked shying, still thinking about what Zero called her.

Fuzz picked up the chalice and dropped it near her feet.

"You can have my old job, until we teach you how to fight okay?" Fuzz asked.

The girl gave the moogle a pat on the head, and picked up her new charge.

"Okay let the game begin." Holly said.

The five started to run, but Holly tripped on a rock causing her to let go of the chalice. All of them seeing this, Lanydx quickly grabbed it in mid-ar, and lowering it to Mina. Holly on the other hand feel to the ground. She looked and asked.

"Does this look infected to you?" Holly asked while looking at her scrapped knee.

" No, but if your not careful next time I'll give you something that will be!!" Lee-Roy yelled while being held down by Fuzz and Lanydx.

Soon Eva and Zero were teleported to a small hill near the mushroom forest. The two yukes rolled on to the ground until Eva created her own barrier, and jumped off of Zero. He quickly got on his feet, only to have his helmet spin around by a slap from a very ticked off Eva.

"What in the world has gotten into you john?!" Eva yelled.

Zero turned his helmet to where his face was.

"Eva, look I know your mad." Zero said while trying to calm her down.

"You left our little ones to fend for themselves in The Mushroom Forest!! We lost Tail to that wood of evil! What were you thinking?!!" She yelled while punching him in the gut.

"Training. I didn't want them getting used to having us around." Zero explained.

"Training? I understand the job is hard, but that doesn't mean we put them out to sink or swim!" Eva protested.

"Eva, you have messed a lot these past ten years. Now we can see how the kids are doing after you sit down and let me explain" Zero stated.

"Fine then talk John!" She ordered as she sat down.

Meanwhile back the Mushroom Forest.

Holly with the chalice, was running from five yellow, bat winged, eye ball monsters. She screamed.

"Ah, a little help would be nice guys!" She whinned.

Soon all for of the monsters were forced on to the ground, by purple energy barriers. Holly quickly ran of the way, as the trapped monster were blasted by a fire ball that turned them into ash. The girl turned around to find Lanydx bouncing off a large mushroom, who landed on his feet.

"What do you think Holly? I finally got the trick Fuzz showed me right." He said while trawling his Caster Gun in a cowboy fashion.

Holly quickly grabbed a hold of Lanydx like a lost child would to a parent.

"Lanydx, this place is so scary! Everything is trying to eat us, how do guys make killing these nightmares into a game?" She asked while dropping a few tears on his jacket.

The Crystal Bearer gave her hug.

"Sorry your not having fun Holly. You just need something to fight with. Stay right there I'll find you something." Lanydx ran with an idea.

"Wait..Lanydx that's not what I meant!" She yelled while tripping on a vine.

Holly picked herself and the Chalice to find Mina.

"Hey Holly, doing okay?" She asked.

"Mina behind you!" The new girl shouted.

The writer turned around to find a green mushroom, with razor sharp teeth and tentacles. Mina quickly summoned her keyblade, pushed Holly out of the way, and knocked it away from the two by a few feet. Mina was about to shoot a fireball at it, when a lance came into it's head. It dropped to the floor dead, with a grinning Lee-Roy behind them.

"More points for me Selkie." Lee-Roy bragged.

Mina was fuming.

"That was my kill you jerk! I had it on the ropes!" Mina said pouting.

"Ha, yeah right. I'm sure you just wanted to show off to the new girl, who hasn't done anything other then trip on her own two feet. The moogle was better at carrying the chalice, not that means much." Lee-Roy stated.

"Hey lay off Lee-Roy! It's her first day, and ya know she doesn't remember anything! So cut her some slack or I'll cut you!" Mina warned.

"Mina-Chan." Holly thought.

Lee-Roy put his lance down.

"Fine, so where's The Crystal Bearer, and his little sidekick?" He asked.

"Right above you!" Both Lanydx and Fuzz shouted as the dropped on Lee-Roy out of nowhere.

The two were covered in a yellow goo, and Lanydx was holding a metal staff with a with a crystal Star on it. He bowed his head to Holly, and gave her the staff.

"Just for me?" Holly asked.

"Yes, now you can have fun with the rest of us. Also I think it works like the chalice." The Crystal Bearer stated.

"Thank you Lanydx, I will treasure this forever." Holly said beaming.

Lanydx just blushed.

"I'm glad you like it." He said.

"Aw that's real touching, but would you two dopes get off me before your goo gets all over my armor?!" Lee-Roy screamed as he started thrashing around.

Fuzz flew to Mina while Lanydx got off of Lee-Roy and, the two shook the unknown goo off of themselves.

"So what's up with that goo?" Mina asked.

"Oh, we both fought a really tough monster, and even better we found the Myrrh Tree!" The Moogle pipetted up.

They all stared at Fuzz and Lanydx.

"How did you two manage to do that?" Lee-Roy asked.

The two friends looked at each other with a pair of devilish grins, that no one thought they could pull off.

"Just follow Fuzz." The Crystal Bearer ordered as Fuzz flew north.

Mina ran to catch up with the moogle, who was holding the chalice. Lee-Roy ran after the two.

"So, Um, Holly. Have you started to remember anything?" The Crystal Bearer asked.

Holly was taken aback, by her friend's sudden concern.

"Er no, nothing yet." She lied while sounding sad.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Well Fuzz says things like this take time, and I'll do anything to help." He proclaimed.

The young Princess smiled.

"Um, what we are gonna do may tire you out. So hop on my back and I'll carry you." He said while lowering himself.

"Oh no I couldn't. I mean you have done so much for me already." Holly polity said.

"I don't mind, I can make you light a feather with my powers." He stated.

"Are saying I have weight?" Holly asked with a playful tone.

"No, I meant, I er." Lan began to panic afraid he upset her.

Holly started to giggle as she got on Lan's back.

"It's quite alright Lanydx. Now AH!!" She yelled as Lanydx blasted off like a red rocket.

Back with Zero and Eva.

"So now your all caught up Eva." Zero said while finishing his debriefing.

Eva was holding her head and shock all over.

"That's horrible, I can't believe Ibulis was this monster. Whenever I talked to him, he always seemed so charming. Oh Lady Mio L and Shi-Ki are gone. Lucy is trapped in the body of a cat, and poor Lanydx and Ten-Ten! How could he do all that to children?" She cried.

"Yeah that's why I'm training them. We are taking our home back Eva. We are going to make this right and make him pay!" Zero reassured her.

"After that will you promise me to stop drinking John?" The hollow Yuke asked.

Zero looked at her and then at the jug, but soon a blue do of light came on his had.

"Well…Crap, Eva, warp us to the Myrrh Tree! Ibluis sent a hit-man on us. It's The Back Knight!" He said while picking up his sword.

"The little ones!" Eva muttered as the two Yukes vanished.

End of Chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
XD totally worth the wait! Great chapter Lan! Can't wait to see the Black Knight! That's pretty awesome that Lanydx can move really fast.. (is it his powers or something else?) and I'm really curious on how they found the tree so fast. I wonder what Holly's role in this. I mean if she remembers is it possible she will be a good guy in the end? And Lanydx seems to really like her too. Hmm guess I'll have to wait.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
She's a good guy Key, she's just sacred of someone finding her. Lanydx found out he can make himself faster with his powers. Also you will find out next chapter.


New member
Aug 12, 2011
united kingdom
the in depth description of the races, i would never have been able to describe like that, to be honest, i dont think i could be bothered to do anything like that ^_^

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 13-2

The Black Knight, the coming of The Day of Ruin!

As our Caravaners walked past the last few bushes, Lanydx, and Fuzz showed Mina, Lee-Roy, and Holly one large, giant, orange mushroom. It actually bounced around a bit.

Lan, and Fuzz had big grins on their faces, while the rest just had blank stares.

"Dumbass, what does this have thing have to do with the Myrrh?" Lee-Roy asked.

"Yeah guys, this is odd." Mina said.

The two looked at each other. Fuzz quickly dashed on to the mushroom, bouncing far away with a delightful laugh.

"Yahoo!" The Moogle yelled.

Lee-Roy, and Mina felt the urge to run, but Lanydx quickly lifted the two up with his power.

"Dumbass, stop this right now!" Lee-Roy ordered.

"Lan please put us down." Mina begged.

Holly had no idea what to say so she kept quiet.

"Ah guys don't worry it's fun. Trust me." The Crystal Bearer said.

Lanydx dropped them both on to the mushroom. Causing the two to hold each other as they were blasted screaming. Lanydx himself jumped with Holly also screaming. He bounced up in the in the air. The two looked at the whole forest. Looking down, they landed on another mushroom that bounced them into a large dead oak tree. Lanydx used his powers to make him land on his feet.

"Wow what a rush. Pretty fun huh Holly?" He asked her.

"Lanydx will you put me down? I don't feel so good." She asked.

The Crystal Bearer let her down, as she wobbled into the ground.

He turned around to find two very ticked off Mina, and Lee-Roy holding Fuzz by his red pom, and the Chalice.

"Um hey guys..so do you enjoy the-" Was all he could say before getting a face full of keyblade.

"What the heck do you think Lan? That was nightmarish!" Mina yelled while still hitting him.

"Never do that to us again!" Lee-Roy screamed.

"Aw come on guys we didn't mean it." Fuzz whinnied.

"Shut up Moogle." Lee-Roy muttered as he enjoyed watch the Crystal Bearer's pain.

As Holly finally stopped being dizzy she looked a figure coming at them in the distance.

"Um, guys?" Holly whispered.

"What!?" They all asked.

"Look." Holly told them.

The two stopped beating Lanydx, they turned around to find someone. A Lilty dressed from head to toe in spiky black armor. His helmet having v- shaped red colored eyes, and giant horns. His chest plate having a giant spike on it. His gantlets were soaked with blood. The same could be said for his boots.

Needless to say they were scared shitless.

Holly whispered to them all.

"I think that's The…Black Knight." She whimpered.

Mina would have asked how she knew this, but right now wasn't the time.

"Are you the Tipa Caravan? He asked while pulling out a large iron axe, stained in blood.

No one said a word. Not even Lanydx or Fuzz made a sound.
In fact Lanydx was having a small panic attack. His body twitted with fear, while the rest had looks of horror on their faces.

Mina gathered what little courage she had and spoke up.

"What if we are?" She asked trying to show some sort of false bravo.

The Black Knight twirled his axe around in amusement, watching them filch at the sight.

"Then you will die for your crimes Selkie scum. Lord Ibluis is paying me quite a lot to end your treason." He explained.

"What if we aren't?" Mina asked now with less fake bravo.

"Well then, you all will die anyway. Starting with you." He said calmly while pointing his axe at Holly.

Holly's fear went to dread. In the blink of an eye The Black Knight was about to kill her with a quick swing. Then Lanydx got in the way. Pushing the axe away from her with his body. He felt the blade cut into an old scar, causing blood to flow from it again. His crystal glowed and with his powers, he threw the Black Knight into one of the oak tree.

Mina started to bark orders.

"Guys get into a cross! Holly, hold on to the Chalice, and get in the middle! He can't break us if we stand together." She said.

Lanydx was already in the front. Lee-Roy got the left, pointing his lance outwards. Mina got the right with her Keyblade in hand. Fuzz was in the back ready to kick him to death.

Lanydx thought he saw The Black Knight vanish. He pulled out his caster and fired at the oak tree causing it break and to be sit on fire.

"You all need to work on your formation." Their attacker muttered to them behind their backs.

As Zero and Eva were being pushed into Subspace.

"Oh good god, The Black Knight! Damn they won't last a minute! Can't we go faster?" Zero asked.

Eva turned to him.

John, you know very will I can travel faster with a calm mind. With you shouting about…him, well it's not helping! Wait we are coming out, get ready to land." Eva muttered.

Zero got out his sword out, as the two jumped out of Subspace and into the real world. They reappeared right as the Black Knight was about to finish off a bloody, cut-up, and beaten Mina laying on the floor. Her The male Yuke used his blade to block the attack. Zero pushed him back as quick as the wind. The Knight looked shocked to find both Yukes coming out of nowhere.

"Just like your brats, you are an odd one Big Boss." The Black Knight muttered.

Zero charged at him, slashing at his armor with rage. Eva grabbed a hold of Mina, and casted a small cure on her to stop the bleeding, and put the girl over her shoulder.

She ran to where the Myrrth Tree to find Lee-Roy and Fuzz holding on to the chalice with his teeth. Lee-Roy's armor was now mostly scrap metal, and his head was all black and blue, and blood was coming out his mouth. As for Fuzz, his feet were broken, and so were his wings. He was even missing some fur.

"Kupo?" he could barley say.

"Don't worry, I'll heal you." Eva whispered gently. As she cured both of them. She quickly put Lee-Roy and Fuzz on her other shoulder.

Zero and The Black Knight kept on clashing with their blades, nether one giving an inch of ground. Zero's helmet looked like it was getting hotter and his horns were shooting out steam. Zero muttered.

"Dragon fire!" As he blew out a fire ball out at the Knight. Zero thought he had burned him to a crisp, but that was not so. He looked up to find The Black Knight had jumped in the air, and was about to strike him. Feeling light headed from his exposure to the Miasma, he stepped aside to the Crystal staff. He felt the shock wave the axe created. He looked at the Iron death now trying to pull his axe out of the ground.

Eva had gotten to the Mrryth tree, to get a hold of a near dying Lanydx with the help of Holly, who didn't have a scratch on her. She vanished with them all, leaving the chalice for Zero.

Zero summoned most of his magic into his blade, chanted some words causing sparks to come out of it.

"This is for f**king with my kids. Lightning Blade!" He yelled as he threw his sword at the Knight.

The Horned killer barely got out of the way. It missed his chest, but the electric sword was jabbed into his arm. Zero pulled out the staff, ran up to the Knight, and was about to jab him in the face. The Knight pulled out The Yuke's blade out of his arm while cutting it off to block Zero's jab.

"Oh come on! I cut off your F**king arm off!" Zero yelled.

The Black Knight chuckled at this. You think someone like would be fuming with rage, but he put down the weapon.

"You are the only kill I have come to respect. Ibluis can keep his gill. Stay alive, so I can kill you Big Boss." The Black Knight muttered.

The Black Knight vanished in a small whirlwind.

"Wait a minute…That's Kaze's move! No he's been dead for years. We all saw him, go down looking for that Moogle at the dessert ruins. " Zero thought to himself.

Walking ahead Zero, carried the staff, put his sword away, picked up the Chalice. Finally he gathered the Mrryh drop. They were two-thirds the way there. He knew where the last spot around the area was, and it would be the perfect training ground for them.

Zero looked on the ground to find a small black magi, and picked it up. He focused on where Eva had made camp, quickly warping himself there.

Zero had warped to a large tent. Over the years Eva had been able subspace near anything. So Zero never asked when random things appeared. He walked in the entrance watching Eva, and Holly bandaging up Mina. She was sound asleep, and still breathing.

"Hey, how's it going ladies?" He asked.

Eva, and Holly turned around.

"John, are you hurt?" Eva asked.

"Nah, I'm good. So how is everyone?" He asked while looking at the row of beds.

"Lee-Roy was very damaged but luckily. He will be up and running in a few hours. Mina lost a lot of blood, but her Keyblade helped her heal faster. Poor Fuzz….was the worst of them all. Poor thing will wait to wait a few day until he's back to normal. Lan poor child." Eva said.

Mina lifted her head up.

"Hey Eva, don't talk about us like we aren't here." Mina muttered.

Eva, Holly, and Zero turned to her.

"Hey now, don't talk." Zero ordered.

He went over to her bed,and messed with her hair a bit.

"You did okay for what you could do. Rest up." Zero whispered to her, and gave her a small peak in on the cheek.

Mina nodded and slowly closed her eyes. He checked on Lee-Roy, who was sawing logs.

"Kuponuts." He heard Fuzz sleep talk.

Zero patted his head.

"Don't you worry Fuzz-face. I'll get you some later." Zero muttered watching the moogle's ear twitch.

The man took one small look at Lanydx. He was asleep like most of them. He notched Holly was by his side. She on the other hand was fine. She didn't have any cuts, bruises, or scars. Zero looking at her with an annoyed scowl. He grabbed her by her wrists.

" Eva, I'm going to have a talk with this one. Mind making dinner for us while we chat." Zero asked hoping to keep her busy.

Eva looked him.

"Alright, but your doing dishes." Eva ordered as she walked away.

Zero walked out of the tent, dragging Holly out with him to the farthest part of the barrier.

"Mister Zero why did you have to drag me outside." She asked only to be given a slap to the face.

"Shut your lying mouth! Yeah I know who you are Princess!" Zero growled.

Holly looked at him.

"So he does know who I am." She thought.

"Not that I care about that. What bugs me is that you did nothing, and yeah you did nothing, all of that healing was Eva." He growl

"It was not my fault, The Black Knight..I could not move. Lanydx, would not let him harm me. I begged him to stop, but he would not." Holly mumbled.

Zero walked back into the tent.

A few hours Zero, and Eva had went to bed. Holly on the other hand, was looking at everyone. She remembered all the slashing, pounding and beatings they all took. She looked at Lanydx, looking at the none bandaged part of his arm. It was pale and deeply scared. She felt tears roll down her cheeks. She might have lost the only people who cared about her, yet she did nothing.

"I am so sorry everyone." Holly cried.

She saw Lanydx's eyes open. He forced his arm to work, and it held on to her hand.

"Come stop your crying, it will be alight. Just take my hand, hold it tight. I will protect you. I will be here don't you cry. You'll be in my heart, no matter what they say. You'll be in my heart always." He sang with a smile.

Holly smiled back at him, and rested her head near him.

End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
You out did yourself Lan ^^ this was definitely worth the wait!

I laughed at the mere thought of Lee-Roy and Mina holding onto each other through midair from Lanydx putting them on that mushroom. Zero using lightning blade on the Black knight and fighting him was awesome. However I was intrigued by what Zero said after about the Kaze's move being used by the Black knight. Also Zero ability to use Lightning blade, how much does he know? I mean since L was the only one to remember the past that everyone forgotten, how or when did Zero learn that ninja move and the Kaze?

I felt sad for what Lanydx, Lee-Roy, Mina, and especially Fuzz had went through when the Black knight beat them up really badly.

I was just as shocked as Zero when he found out Holly had not been injured or didn't do a thing. Yet is her explanation to Zero the truth or a well said lie?

Lanydx is such a sweet guy btw :3

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Thanks KK. L, knows some ninja arts, which he taught to Zero, and others. As for what Holly said...for once it's the truth. Also don't worry They'll all be fixed up and ready to go next chapter.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 14: Power in numbers, the iron caves, and a prayer answered.

Everyone had been asleep, well Zero and Eva were taking to turns on guard duty. Zero sat outside of the tent, keeping his sword ready just in case. He checked to his left, then to his right. Very carefully the Yuke's free hand reached for his trademark rum jug, when it was snatched from him by a floating, metal hand. Zero watched as the hand flew to it's owner.

"Shouldn't you be in bed Eva?" Zero asked.

Eva put her hand back on her arm and tossed the jug into a mini subspace portal.

"Shouldn't you not be drinking while on guard duty, John?" She asked back at him with some form of a grin.

Eva sat next to him. Zero lowered his head.

"How long are you going to keep doing this to me?" Zero muttered.

Eva gave him a big hug, lowered her helmet to his and kissed him.

"Until you quit." She whispered.

He broke free from her hug.

"That may be harder to do then you think Eva. I've been on the stuff for eight years. I..I did somethings under it, that you should never know about, ." Zero muttered thinking back ashamed.

Eva hugged him again.

"Then it will be worth getting you off. My word John, it feels so good to cuddle with you again." Eva said.

"You sure you want to cuddle with me? I might bite you." Zero asked.

"Oh hush, your just a big moogle doll!" Eva said as she started to squeeze on Zero.

Zero starting to feel some pain in his side.

"Eva your gonna make my feathers come off!" Zero warned.

Eva quickly let go.

"Sorry John. It's just been such a long time since I've touched someone, or something." Eva said standing up.

"Don't worry about it, where are you going?"Zero asked looking at Eva.

"I need to check on the little ones, their injuries were more severe then I thought." Eva explained as she entered the tent.

Eva and Zero quietly walked into their tent. Eva looked at everyone. Mina was snoring. Fuzz, was muttering in his sleep. Lee-Roy was tossing and turning in his bed. Lanydx, and Holly were keeping each other warm. Eva looked at them all and sighed.

"They all look like little angels." Eva whispered as she tip-toed to them.

Zero looked them, and then back to her.

"Three out of five are alright." Zero snorted.

"Aw what's the matter with them?" Eva asked while casting Cure on Fuzz's wings.

Zero pointed at Lee-Roy.

"This one is a racist, prideful, and obnoxious loud mouth who is a pain in my ass." He muttered.

Eva made her way to cure Mina.

"Oh I wouldn't be talking John. I remember a certain sword carrying, loud mouth Yuke, who would always get in trouble with The Boss for picking on poor Tabby for being Lilty."

Zero just looked at her as she rubbed salt in his old wounds.

"That was a long time ago, times were different back then." Zero mumbled trying to excuse his youth.

As she finished curing Mina, and started on Lee-Roy. She couldn't help but to look at them all. Zero also had started to look at them all. He looked at Fuzz, with warmth like the family pet. He gave Mina a look of father like pride. As much as he hated to admit it, he saw a bit of himself in Lee-Roy. Not that he would ever tell him that. His gaze finally reached Lanydx and Holly. With Lan he gave the kid a small nod of respect, abut her the girl, he wished he left her at Marr's Pass. He quickly smacked the girl's face.

Eva gave him a dirty look. Zero looked around.

"I thought she had a bug on her." Zero muttered.

She just looked at him again and went back to healing. Zero went back outside, He looked at the stars.

"Two more days, and then show time! I'll end it for them, for Eva, and for myself. " Zero thought.

The yuke felt warm metal on his body.

"Most of them are healed John, but Fuzz's wings are still going to need some more cures." Eva said while snuggling him.

"That's good to hear." Zero said as he felt her arms on his feathers.

"Are you tired John? I can take the watch now." Eva asked.

He stayed quiet for a bit.

"I don't mind cause being with you, makes me more awake then I've been for a while baby." Zero said.

Eva kissed his helmet as the two fell asleep.

The next morning Mina opened her eyes. She felt her body, now full of energy. She looked to find everyone still asleep. She tip-toed out of her bed to find Zero coming into the tent with Eva. The two yukes looked at the Selkie girl.

"Good morning guys." Mina said.

"How do you feel?" Eva asked.

Mina summoned her Keyblade with a grin on her face.

"Never better! I feel like I can take on anything!" Mina said.

Zero looked at her.

"Glad to hear it kid, wake everyone but Fuzz." Zero muttered while throwing her a stripped Apple.

Mina caught it and eat the sweet fruit. She thought of who to wake up first.

The girl moved to Holly and Lan's bed. she looked at the two smiling at each other asleep.

"Aw they look so cute together.I have to match them up later!" Mina thought to herself.

She poked at Holly.

"Up and at em sleepy head." Mina whispered in Holly's ear.

The Princess in hiding slowly opened her eyes.

"Dear sister is that you?" Holly asked.

Mina picked her up from the bed.

"Not quite Holly." Mina said.

The girl now looked at Mina in surprise.

Oh, um good morning Mina." Holly mumbled.

The trainee picked up the young Clavat girl from the bed.

"Zero wants us outside. Get your stuff and see what he wants." Mina said.

Holly got herself dressed and picked up her staff.

"I am sure he only wants to yell at me some more." Holly thought as she left the tent.

She now looked at the sleeping Crystal Bearer.

"Now if he's anything like Ten-Ten…" Mina thought.

"Oh boy I hope Lan doesn't wake up cause if he does I get to have all this yummy food to myself." Mina said out loud.

Lanydx quickly opened his eyes, jumped out of the bed and looked for the food.

"Where, how, why, what, when?" Lanydx asked.

"Glad to see the Cid gene for food wasn't beaten out of you Lany." Mina beamed.

"He looked at Mina, with a happy grin then a small frown.

"No food Mina?" He asked.

She pointed to the tent's door and he ran out their holding on to his caster.

"Oh yeah, he's just like Ten-Ten when it comes to food." Mina thought thinking of her best friend.

She then turned her to Lee-Roy. With a wicked grin on her face she summoned her keyblade. She started to swing it around and waked Lee-Roy's thick skull.

"Owch!" Lee-Roy yelled.

"Up and at em Lee-Roy, Zero wants us up front and center!" Mina yelled.

"What the hell is wrong with you you bitch!?" Lee-Roy yelled.

She whacked him on the head again for that last insult.

"Just go outside." Mina ordered.

Lee-Roy slowing and angrily got out of bed, put his armor on, grabbed his lance, and went out.

Mina looked at their mascot and friend Fuzz. He was still asleep, but his ears were twitting.

The Selkie gave the cute moogle a small kiss on his red pom pom, and left.

She found everyone standing in single file line. She got in line next to Holly. Eva handed her a small sack. The Selkie looked in it to find a small lunch. Mina bowed her head the the elder Yuke as a show of thanks. Zero stabbed the ground with his sword on the ground to get everyone's attention.

"Okay everyone,cause I can't have my liquor, you are gonna shut up, and let me talk. If that doesn't happen, I'll put you back in those beds in worse shape then before" He growled.

No dared to say a word. Zero held on to his helmet

"Oh god here comes the headaches. Anyway I'm going to subspace you to the last Mrryth spot, The Iron Mines. Normally I would come with you, but I need to get the other Renegades of Funk. Eva is gonna stay here looking after Fuzz. When you get the Mrryth, I'll come and get you." Zero explained.

They all nodded their heads to show they understood him. Eva rolled her eyes at him.

"Okay little ones be good, and don't worry I'll take good care of Fuzz." She said as she vanished back into the tent.

Zero subspaced them from the tent to a brown and dusty canyon. They could see a two holes carpeted by a rusted trail. Once everyone got their footing again. Zero swiped Holly's staff from her and vanished into Subspace. Holly noticed her weapon was no longer by her side.

"My staff! Zero must have taken it." Holly gasped.

"I think I liked it better when he was a drunk." Lee-Roy muttered as he picked himself up.

Mina looked around the area. There was nothing but canyon for miles. She turned to the group.

"Okay everyone there are two way into this place. We should split up. Holly has the chalice so she's coming with me. Since Lan's crystal makes mrryth shield, he can go with you Le-Roy." Mina stated.

Lee-Roy huffed, while looking at Lan. Holly nodded.

"Wait I don't have anything to help you fight." Holy muttered.

Lanydx hearing this, gave her his Caster Gun with a smile.

"Lanydx, I can not take this." She muttered.

He just grinned.

"Take it you need it more then I do." He said.

Lee-Roy gave the two clavats an annoyed look.

"You two can have your love moment on your own time let's go." Lee-Roy ordered.

Holly walked to the first opening with Mina. Lan and Lee-Roy went into the second. As they walked in the damp, and dark mine, full of broken mine carts, busted tracks, oddly lit torches, and tons of monsters. Some were fat, and some were thin. Other monsters didn't even have skin.

Lee-Roy pulled out his lance. He was about to charge in swinging, but Lanydx grabbed on to his little friend and covered his mouth. He made the two hide in the shadows.
As Lee-Roy protested with biting, and yelling he could see Lan's eyes turn cold and hard. With a flick of the wrist . He threw a few boulders in the opposite direction The slimly goo monsters ran for the boulder. Another wave from his the crystal bearer's hand threw a a mine cart at the larger big jawed orcs. He landed on one of the six. One orc looked at another and started to rip open at the others. As the monster fought with themselves. Lanydx and a confused Lee-Roy moved on hiding in moving mine cart. Lee-Roy finally got out of Lanydx's grip.

"What the hell was that?" Lee-Roy yelled.

Lanydx didn't respond. Lee-Roy waved at his hand in front of his eyes. He hit him with his lance. He still didn't respond.

"Hey Dumbass!! I'm taking to you, say something!" He ordered.

Still nothing came from him.

Lee-Roy gave him an odd look.

"Did I just see his headband have SS on it?" Lee-Roy thought.

Lee-Roy's eyes widen as mine cart crashed into a large orc. The Lilty could even see his tusks. He got out his lance and started slashing.

"I almost hope that Selkie girl is doing better then me right now." He thought.

Mina was blasted into a rock. She slowly got out of the rubble.

"Future note. The red ball with wicked smile faces blow up." Mina thought to herself.

Holly was firing Lan's caster at a red ooze looking monster. It shot fire but it did nothing to the blob thing. Mina dashed, slashing at it with her Keyblade. That is until it got stuck in the thing's eye. It whipped at her forcing the girl to let go.

Holly fired again, but now she could feel cold, and see blue. The blob froze and shattered from the gun's blizzard spell. Mina grabbed her Keyblade under all the clutter. Holly just smiled and grabbed the chalice from a small rock. The two woman kept walking. Mina took the moment of passing.

"So you have a sister?" Mina asked.

Holly then forze.

"Oh no did I give myself away again? Be calm Melfina, stay calm. Just say something." She thought.

"Holly, are you okay? Your sweating." Mina asked.

The girl looked at her.

"Oh I'm sorry. Yes I seemed to have remembered I have a sister in my sleep." Holly muttered.

Mina beamed at her.

"Oh Holly's that's great news!" The Selkie said while giving her a hug.

Holly felt her friend's warmth, but still she frowned.

"Yes, but the memory of her was not a happy one. She sold me to those slave traders in Marr's Pass." She said.

"What?!" Mina yelled.

Holly looked at Mina with tears about ready to come out of her eyes.

"She said she never-never wanted- to see me again." The girl muttered as she sobbed.

Mina was shocked and angered by this.

"How the hell could someone do that to anyone? What the hell was wrong with her" She thought.

Holly muttered.

" I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making you worry about me. I'm sorry for being useless. I'm so sorry." Holly cried.

Mina looked down and started to wipe the girl's tears.

"Holly you have nothing to be sorry for. I'm your friend so of course I'm going to worry about you." Mina said.

"But I did nothing when the Black Knight came." Holly muttered.

Mina looked at her.

"Hey that guy scared all of us, and that was your first time. Don't worry about it. We all have something special to the group, I'm sure you'll find what your's is soon." She said.

The two were interrupted by large orc with a bloody axe.

"I didn't think I'd learn this soon." Holly shrieked as she ran from the orc.

Lee-Roy could here screaming from the other side of the wall.

He cut open another small orc. He watched Lanydx threw a few of the now exploding bombs at the larger orc. It blasted the thing into the roof. He lifted one of the sharp pointed rocks from the roof, and jabbed it into the eye of another orc. It screamed in pain as Lan broke it's neck. Now Lee-Roy really saw the sparks fly from his headband.

"Okay Dumbass is starting to scare me! He's never fought this savagely. Most of the time it's shoot, lift, throw, or be someone's punching bag." He thought to himself.

As Lan started to smear one blue blob monster on one of the tracks. Lee-Roy threw a rock at Lan. He turned around to find Lee-Roy, he got dragged to Lan. When Lan got him closer to examine him, Lee-Roy head butted him. Lan then grabbed ahold of the headband and ripped it off of his head. The sparks started to fly off Lan's head. His eyes went back to their normal look. He grabbed on to his head in pain.

"GRRAAHHH!" He roared. He lifted everything in the air, dropped it and got curled into ball.

Lee-Roy looked at him.

"Oh come on, what now Dumbass?" He yelled throwing the headband to the ground.

"Don't…make..me..go back. Don't…wanna…go…back. All my…friends…are outside…. Need to help Ten-Ten, Fuzz is hurt….Don't make me go back in there please." He begged.

Lee-Roy had no idea what was going on inside his head.

"Dumbass, your creeping me out! Dumbass, snap out of it." He yelled as he shook him.

"Lanydx, pull yourself together!" He yelled while slapping him across the face many times.

The Crystal bearer kept muttering to himself.

"Don't want to go back. Don't want to alone again. Nothing but pain. Only a monster….nothing but a monster." He muttered.

Lee-Roy slapped him again.

"Oh don't start going emo on me, your dumb and goofy for that! Listen to me. You are not alone, not anymore." Lee-Roy said.

Lanydx almost looked like he was getting out of it.

"I…I….I. He started to muttered. Lifting a few boulders in place then

Lee-Roy slapped him again trying to get him to come to back to the land of the sane.

"Listen to me! You are not alone! You got Mina, Fuzz, Holly, the Yukes, and well……" Lee-Roy started.

Lee-Roy noticed Lanydx's body was starting to turn to crystal.
Out of panic Lee-Roy grabbed his lance and started to crack at the unwanted crystals.

"You got me idiot! Your like the only thing I got as a friend. I'm gonna prove it too" He yelled as he chipped away all the the unwanted crystals. He then looked at the crystal Bearer again.

"So come on, get up! I need you….Please." Lee-Roy muttered.

The Crystal Bearer slowly got up. He dusted himself off. He looked at Lee-Roy.

"Did you really just call me your friend?" He asked.

Lee-Roy then knew he was back. He punched him in arm.

"Don't make me do that again!" He warned him.

"Lanydx put an arm on his friend.

"Whatever you say buddy, hey look I see a light. That might be the tree." He said.

He started to run, but tripped on one of the smaller crystals. Lee-roy shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"Just my luck, my first friend just had to be this dumbass. Oh well." He thought to himself.

Mina was sick of the orcs that were following her and Holly. Wanting to save her energy for the real fight. She found one rushed it, and used her keyblade to put it in the choke hold Zero showed her. She looked at it dead in the eyes.

"Look you, I'm really not in the mood! Now your gonna take us to the Mrryth tree, and not give us any trouble! GOT IT!?" She yelled tightening her grip.

The orc nodded, as she let go. It looked like it was going to shit bricks. It ran but made gestures so they knew to follow it.

Holly was pretty shocked that Mina actually scared one of them.

The two kept walking until they saw a smoking tunnel. The orc nodded it's head.

"Your sure that's where it is?" Mina asked annoyed.

It kept nodding it's head.

Mina looked at it summoned her Keyblade.

"Good, now get out of here!" She ordered as she swung her weapon.

The Orc ran from her as fast as it could. The two headed for the smoking tunnel. As the two girls walked into the smoke, covering their eyes. They both heard clashing and banging. They got past the smoke to see a large red light and small green light. They entered the room and they saw the rusted room, the only light being four large pits of lava and the Mrryth Tree, but also Lanydx and Lee-roy fighting a large, tall, Orc with an iron crown over it's head.

"Guys, what is that?" Mina asked.

Lanydx looked up at Mina while dodging The Orc's fist.

"Oh Hi Mina. Hi Holly That's the Orc King." He waved at them.

Lee-Roy took his opening and threw his lance at the Orc King's back.

"You two took your sweet time get here! What did you do, paint your nails and change your shoes?" Lee-Roy taunted.

Mina huffed.

"Lee-Roy this is not the time! Also I only have one pair of shoes!" Mina complained.

She looked at Holly.

"Holly, go take the chalice to the Mrryth Tree. We'll cover you." She ordered.

Holly nodded as she started to run to the tree. Mina summoned her Keyblade and joined the fight with Lan and Lee-Roy. Lan saw the Orc King try and punch Holly, he forced the fist to hit it's owner. He got a playful smile and forced the Orc King to hit himself a few more times.

"Why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself?" He asked as he forced the king to hit himself.

Lee-Roy was able to pull his lance out of the monster.

Mina slashed at the king's feet, watching Holly get to the tree.

Holly put the chalice down, placed it at the bottom of the Mrryth Tree. She watched the drop go into the chalice, causing it to be full. She was about to turn around when she heard.

"Oh God, Lee-Roy I think we just made him mad!" Lanydx remarked.

"Gee, ya think Dumbass!?" Lee-Roy yelled.

"Oh god it's calling more!" Mina yelled.

Holly turned around to find her friends fighting not just the Orc King but a two dozen other orcs. Holly pulled out Lan's Caster and tried to fire it but, no magic came out of it. Right now all she could do was keep the Chalice away from the beasts. Mina, Lee-Roy and Lanydx fought hard. They cut the numbers down but, barely had the sprit in them to fight off the Orc King Lan pulled Lee-Roy and Mina out of the way as Lan was punched into a wall. Lee-Roy was kicked around by the King's large foot. He tired to reach for his lance but was kicked into another wall. Mina was on her last leg, just dodging the thing. The girl couldn't stand doing nothing, but had no idea how to help. Holly turned to the tree.

"I have to help, but how? No this can end like the Black Knight." She thought.

"Pray with me, and I shall set you free." Whispered a voice that was coming from the tree.

Holly looked at the tree. Unknowing to her, the body moved to it on it's own. She got on her knees and and prayed.

"Please whoever you are, please save my friends. I beg of you!" She pleaded.

The Mrryth Tree was suddenly caught ablaze!

"I AM, I AM, and you my summoner….Shall do my wonders!" The Tree Spoke.

The Tree's Crystal form was set ablaze once more, but far more powerful. It brightened the whole room, to where The Orc King also looked.

Mina, Lee-Roy,and Lanydx couldn't believe what they saw.
A flaming Phoenix ten times larger then the Orc King. It got bigger and bigger as Holly danced who was now bathed in a bright light. Lanydx's crystal also glowed in the same light. The Orc King shook in terror at the being. The Bird's eyes narrowed, it flew right at the monster, exploding while burning the king alive. Their was nothing from it now. Not even ash.

Holly stopped dancing and the light had faded from her. She dropped to the ground, dead tired.

Lanydx lifted himself from the wall, Mina limped and picked up Lee-Roy.

"What the hell was that?" Lee-Roy asked.

"Holly saved us. It must be like a miracle." Lan said. He rushed to her.

"Well whatever it was, it saved us. So I'm grateful." Mina said as she walked.

Lanydx managed to have the willpower to carry Holly and walk himself out with the others.

"Won't Zero be shocked to find out we all managed to get the last Mrrtyh drop." Mina said as they walked out of the mine.

"You do know tunnels eco right?" Yelled a familiar voice.

They all looked at Zero who had with him a large group of people. They were from all the tribes. Each of them wearing the same style of clothes he was wearing. A red jacket with blue stars. Each carrying swords, shields, lances, Selkie bats, hammers, crossbows, and staffs.

Zero with pride in his voice.

"Well kids, I'd like you to meet the Renegades of Funk."

Later that night in Tipa Village. Not a soul step foot outside their doors. At the top of church in sight of the blood shot red moon. A Cloaked being and A elderly Yuke dressed in crimson red, robes.

"Is everything ready Ibluis?" The cloaked man asked.

"Yes my lord, one more day and this worthless village shall belong to Ream." He muttered.

The figured nodded and vanished.

"Soon, when the moon is full….blood shall boil! L shall finally pay for what he and his village of trailers did to the order all those years ago. They pay with their souls. HAHAHAHAHAHAH" Ibluis yelled as he looked at the moon.

End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
Ooh~ loved how this chapter ended Lan!! I can't wait!

Also what happen to Lanydx? Why did the headband effect him like that? Is it because of Ibluis? Or the moon? Since Ibluis mention it?
Will there be a showdown soon too btw? With Ibluis and the Renegade of Funk?

Sorry for asking so many questions btw, lol. Was just an amazing chapter XD

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Next chapter. Also no his headband had a spell from Zero who wanted to help but forgot the nasty side-effect.


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Feb 14, 2008
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Something was off, but I can't find it now.

Anyway, nice chapter. Good development, and I can't wait to see how some of this goes down (and who the other Renegades are)

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Jun 14, 2009
For me what was off was the ending. I wanted it to be longer, but rushed it. Well I have a few ideas for the rest of the RoF. Also I can't wait for the final fight in the Ibluis Arc. I already have the title for the chapter.

Setting Moon, Raising Sun.

Things I liked about the chapter

Development for Lee-Roy, Holly, and more on Eva, and Zero, Holly's first summon. The big/little sister between Mina, and Holly

Things that I thought that could have done better.

The iron mines, The switching between the two groups could have been better, The fight with the Orc was going to be longer, The meeting with Ibluis and his master. Also I forgot to add a part with Eva and Fuzz.


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Finally getting caught up on my readings. This is a great story Lan. The only things I didn't know anything about going in was the FF stuff, but your explained everything very well. Only thing I can point out is minor spelling problems otherwise everything is great.

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Yay I got another reader! Thank you so much. I'm really sorry about this but for now I won't be able to work on the next chapter for this. My labtop is messed up and I need to wait.


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Finally got done reading this a second time, it was just that good. You did an incredible job writing this Lanydx, you definitely have your own writing style. I like how well it all came together with three different mash ups in the mix. Will there be a prequel or a sequel when this story finally comes to an end? Or do you have something new in mind, that your thinking of writing when you get a new laptop?

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Jun 14, 2009
Holy crap new someone review this! Um well Our Kingdom Hearts fanfic of total randomness is kinda a prequel. I am thinking of having L's Zero's and The 4th Boss's story being told later, and you never know The World of Crystal is a big place. I might make a sequel when this is done, but the Naruto/KH crossover story will never been done cause in L's story we seen why some stories just can't mix without royally screwing things up. Also what can I do to improve and what characters do you like from most to least?

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Now something that should have been up here months ago.

Chapter 15: Setting Moon, Raising Sun.(Part 1.)

Back in Tipa's Church, the young, beaten and battered Ten-Ten showily came too from her last beating. She felt licking on her cheek. The Lilty girl opened her eyes to find a small, white, cat.

"Auntie?" Ten-Ten asked with a big smile on her face.

The cat quickly put a paw on her niece's mouth.

"Hush Ten-Ten, don't worry I'm gonna get you out of here. I'm sorry that it took me almost a week to get here." Lucy whispered.

The cat flicked her tail, and placed it into the lock hole of one Ten-Ten's chains. Cursing herself for not thinking of doing this years ago. The mother cat twitched, and wriggled her tail until she heard a clicking sound. Ten-Ten could feel the chain loosen and slowly with her aunt's help removed it from the girl's wrist.

Lucy smiled and started to repeat the process, when she saw the young Lilty girl's mouth gasp in horror. Lucy looked up to see a dark, tall, and familiar shadow. The selkie woman slowly turned around gazing at the man who had benign causing her loved ones such pain. She growled and hissed at her husband's murderer, her family's tormentor, and her home's damnation.

"Well now, the cat returns." He said coyly.

Iblius was now dressed in long, and sheik crimson blood red robe. His old Yuke helmet was replaced with a lean, sinister black skull, like mask, with long sharp blue fangs sticking outward. His fully red eyes with hints of yellow, stabbed into Ten-Ten's very soul. His broken Yuke wings were replaced with two blood soaked long, devil like wings. On the center on his robe was an upside down cross was a red full moon on top. You couldn't even tell if this man was even from the Yuke tribe.

"YOU MONSTER!"Lucy screamed.

The cat jumped onto Ibluis's body and started biting into one of his robe's sleeves. She had down this many times to ward him off Lanydx before he could kill him. The old Yuke was taken aback from this. He suffered attacks like this before but never hat the cat talked! He violently shook Lucy off, sending her to a wall.

"You spoke?" the old man asked.

"I speak, and now I'm going to to pay you back for all that you have down! For my father who died at the hands of your master! For my body that you stole from me! For my loving husband who you lied to, and had killed! For my children who you made your personal punching bags for years! For my Sister, and friend Shi-Ki. For the Clavats, Yukes, Lilties, and my own people that you have been oppressing for your own sick amusement!" Lucy yelled while clawing into Ibluis's robes and feathered skin.

The elder Red Moon Cult man grabbed a hold of the angered cat, and threw her into a wall again.

"So you have never been a cat at all, You've just been the idiot's dead wife." Ibluis muttered.

"Don't you dare call him that! Only I get to call him that!" Lucy screamed in protest.

"Salience you Selkie whore!" Ibluis roared.

Ibluis sent a painful shock of lightning into her small body while Ten-Ten watched in horror. The yuke threw her on the ground seeing that Lucy was out cold.

"Oh yes this is perfect. I get to kill The Boss's daughters and the rest of his offspring tomorrow. I can't wait to start it all…now what to do with you?" He mused looking at a horrified Ten-Ten.

Back at the Tipa Caravan's tent, Eva suddenly had a cold chill down her crystal spine.

"Oh no Fuzz." Eva thought to herself.

Eva checked on Fuzz again for the seventh time. She found he was still in his bed sleeping away. Most of the day he'd just sleep until she told him lunch was ready. After that he would fly back into bed and sleep. He tossed and turned in his bed. Eva giggled whenever his ears twitched, to her moogles were funnier asleep. As Eva looked out from the tent she could see a large group under a crystal barrier.

Just then the Moogle woke up, jumped out of bed, and flew out of the tent. Eva barley saw him leave. Before she could grab ahold of him. Fuzz was long gone flying to this new group. His pom-pom was like a radar. He buzzed and flew past the many curious faces. He flew and crashed into who he was looking for: His boy, Lanydx.

The Crystal Bearer felt something small and fuzzy hit him. He fell down looking at his buddy Fuzz. The moogle kept licking his face and snugging him.

"Kupo! I missed you kupo!" Fuzz yelled while rubbing his face on Lan's chest.

"Ha ha ha ha! I missed you too Fuzz. Hey cut it out, that tickles!" He yelled while laughing on the floor.

Mina, who had been holding on to Holly bridal style looked at the two with a smile.

"Aw a boy and his moogle." Mina thought.

"Hey don't we get any love Fuzz?" Mina asked.

The Moogle looked at Mina and Holly and did the same with Lan.

Some of the others moved out of the way for Zero. He looked at the moogle showing his affection to the two girls. One of his men pointed at the moogle.

"Big Boss, you know that moogle?" Another Yuke asked.

"Fuzz glad to see your all better." Zero muttered behind the moogle.

Fuzz turned to find Zero, then looked at all the others.

"Relax, they work for me. Now could you be a pal and show us where camp is?" Zero asked.

"Kupo." Fuzz beamed as he flew back to camp.

Zero grinned.

"Okay everyone fallow that moogle." He ordered.

"Yes, Big Boss!" Everyone but the caravan yelled.

Eva could now finally make out the whole group, but she still couldn't believe the size.

"This is what John was up too for seven years?! He was even able to gain a crystal!" Eva thought.

Zero and the others walked to the campsite. He snapped his fingers, causing the large crystal to drop on their campsite, forcing the miasma to leave.

"Eva, meet my Renegades of Funk! Guys take a load off." Zero said.

As the many men, woman, and a few children found a place rest, as did the Caravan. Eva looked around at al the people, who were in turn, looking at her.

The Caravaners found there own spot. Mina could see Lan was starting to shake like in Marr's Pass. She put her hand on his hand and held it.

"Lan, it's okay. They are our friends, just stay calm." Mina spoke softly.

"O-Okay." Lan said trying to stop himself from from shaking.

Fuzz was nuzzling with Holly.

Zero looked at them all.

"Okay everyone, settle down and shut your yaps. You all know why your here. In some way, big or small a man named Ibluis has down you wrong. He took from you a friend, a family member, your home, or your life. I came to you all has an outcast, and promised my fellow outcasts that we could take back what he stole from us. After this week, I'm keeping that promise." Zero stated.

The yuke cleared his throat.

"Now before we go over our plans. I want to show you all the new Tipa caravan. They will be showing you what they can do." He said looking at the caravan.

"He wants us to show off? After all that crap in the mines, forget it!" Lee-Roy whispered.

Zero pulled out his sword and cracked the rock he was standing on.

"Get your asses up here! That means you too useless!" Zero yelled.

Everyone got up. They waited for what Zero was going to say next.

"Okay first up. Fuzz." Zero ordered.

The Moogle flew to him. His appearance got him many kisses and adoring fans from the girls.

"Okay Fuzz, show me what you got. " He ordered while getting him wet.

The Moogle shook around and started to kick Zero, which was blocked by the Yuke's blade. After many quick and near deadly attacks, the moogle tired himself out. He did however cause some large dent's on Zero's sword.

"Okay that was good buddy, go on and rest. Lee-Roy your up next." He ordered.

Fuzz flew away. back in Lan's arms. Lee-Roy pushed everyone out his away. He charged at Zero with his lance ready to strike at he neck. Zero blocked it again. Lee-Roy kept at it, with the same pace. He used his lance to jump up in the air, but his lance was stuck in the earth. We was about to fall to the ground, but Zero caught him.

"Not bad, but you need to work on that last part." Zero said.

Lee-Roy kicked Zero's helmet, it spun around making him drop the boy. The Lilty went back with the rest of the group, and pushed Lan near Zero.

"No one say a word!" Lee-Roy hissed looking at Mina and Fuzz , who were giggling.

Lan looked around at everyone, then at Zero. A rainfall of sweat was coming from the Crystal Bearer. He kept shaking.

"Kid, are you okay? Lan, Lan?" Zero asked.

"Oh dear, he must have stage fright." Eva thought. She walked to him.

"Lanydx, don't worry. Just show all the people what you can do, anything will be fine." Eva whispered to him.

He nodded at Eva.

He felt the power of this crystal, flow in him. He lifted a few boxes that a few litlies were sitting on. Zero picked up his sword, thinking he would attack, but Lan did something else.
He started juggling him around. He even took Zero's sword and juggled it with the boxes. This got a lot of laughs out of people, and even some claps from a few. Mina, Holly, and Fuzz were cheering him on. Lee-Roy just shook his head with disbelief.

Eva giggled.

"Well I did say he could do anything." Eva thought to herself.

Zero grabbed his sword and sent Lan off on his way.

"Thank you everyone! I'm here all week." Lan said, picking that up from Mina.

Mina got up. She summoned her Keyblade causing quite a stir among the troops.

" The Keyblade, It's real!?" One person said.

"I thought Master L made that up!" Another person said.

"A child can wield the sword of God?" an Elder Lilty spat out.

"I thought the Keyblade Master was a boy named Sora? A young Selkie girl asked.

Mina put the keyblade away seeing that all of them were impressed.

Zero then looked darkly at Holly, who right now wanted to be as far away from him as possible.

She slowly got up.

She remembered the voice for the mines.

"You my summoner, shall do my wonders." The voice said to her.

She started to dance, and Lan's, Eva's, a few others crystals started to glow. The older people gasped as their crystal shot out a blazing bird. The same bird that saved the caravan in the mines. It shot out it's wings with pride.

"No…No way. This is not happening. It can't be happing. Braig had in his hands a summoner? How the hell did he manage that?" Zero thought.

"How is this possible? The Red Eye Moon Cult wiped out The Summoner Tribe five hundred years ago! Yet, our Holly summoned Itfrit, the bird of Flames!" Eva thought.

The Summon vanished as Holly stopped dancing the Crystals, went back to normal. She took a bow, and walked back with her group, with small smile on her face.

Zero after ten minutes of trying to get the lump out of his throat.

Okay that was good, now we are gonna have a little break before the planning okay? Okay." Zero said.

The Yuke looked at his partner.

"Did you know?" Eva asked.

"I'm just as shocked as the rest of you are!" Zero said.

"Well this is a good thing right? That means her memories are coming back. Eva said joyfully.

Zero looked at the summoner with disgust. Then he looked at Eva.

"Yeah great. Oh right, the Doc's gonna want to see them. " Zero said quickly while snapping his fingers.

Eva had no idea who he was talking about but followed him.

The Yukes walked to the Caravan to find another Yuke with them.

The Yuke's silver helmet was long and pointy, the eye holes has swirls on them. He wore a long top hat. His attire was a black and purple suit, with black shoes. He help in his feathery grip a long black cane with a crystal on it.

"Oh kids, this is Dr. Fazzir our doctor." Zero said.

Lanydx raised his hand.

" A doctor is someone who heals people Lan." Zero said.

The doctor took off his hat and tipped it to them.

" A tip of the hat from Dr. David Fazzir. You all seem like quite capable fighters. Now I'm just here to give you all a check up." He said with a smooth, bass voice.

"Don't you guys use leeches?" Mina asked, having a bad memory with a doctor as a child.

The Yuke was taken aback.

"We haven't done that in years. Yuke doctors use magic, I promise." Dr, Fazzir said.

Lee-Roy found a rare way to mess with Mina.

"Really, I don't know Mina I mean he's a Yuke, and me might be just like Ib-"

"DON'T YOU DISRESPECT ME LITTLE MAN!" The Doctor yelled. Seeing the five kids and Eva panic a bit.

Before Lee-Roy could finish his statement The Doctor, with a flick of his cane shot out a puff of smoke. It made a door that slowly opened.

"Cause I got friends on the other side." The Yuke doctor said as the door suddenly gained magic hands that grabbed the five into his office. The Door then vanished.

Eva just stood there, while Zero shook his head.

"Was that…Subspace John?" Eva asked.

"Yep, it seems the good doctor got creative with the spell." Zero said.

"They are safe right John?" Eva asked.

"Oh course, he's just gonna patch them up. Now, their are a few people I would like you to meet." Zero said while holding her hand.

The metal Yuke looked at the spot where her little ones went, then back to her partner.

"Okay John, I do like meeting new people." She stated.

The two started to walk near group of the RoF.

Inside the doctor's office, which was dimly lit. The caravan were now sitting in some very comfortable chairs.

"What the hell just happened?" Lee-Roy asked.

"You ticked off a magic doctor." Fuzz said.

He looked at the moogle with an odd expression.

"What? I don't have say Kupo all the time." Fuzz said.

"Mina are you okay?" Holly asked.

Mina had started shaking.

"I'm fine, just not a fan of doctors." Mina explained.

"He doesn't seem so bad." Lan thought.

"Don't worry Kupo, we get a lolipop after!" Fuzz said smiling.

They watched a door open, to find a small red headed Selkie girl, she had sad pink eyes, she wore a faded brown dress. She was accompanied by young brown haired clavat boy wearing an all a white cap, with a white shirt, white pants, and brown boots.

"Hey don't worry, I'm sure they will find a spell to fix your voice up sooner or later." The Boy said trying to cheer her up.

The girl just nodded, then she got a look at Fuzz. Her face lit up and she ran at the caravan. Before anyone could say anything the girl lovingly had her arms over the moogle.

"Well Hi." Lan said with a smile.

"Aw that's just so cute!" Holly and Mina said.

"Hugs are nice kupo." Fuzz muttered.

The boy caught up with the red head.

"Fi don't run off like that, oh wait you guys are the Tipa caravan. You all rock so hard!" The yelled.

He quickly shook Lanydx's hand.

"Hi, my name's Cap, well it's more of a nickname cause I wear my cap all the time. I think you guys are rad, that's Fi just so you know. It's really nice to meet all of you." Cap said in a very fast pace.

"What?" Mina asked.

"What?!" Lee-Roy yelled.

"Well nice to meet you Cap." Lan and Holly said cheerfully.

"The girl that's hugging your moogle is Fi. she doesn't talk but she's really nice. Also which one of you is Mina?" He asked.

Mina could barely understand want the fast talking clavat had said other then her name.

"I'm Mina." The Keyblade trainee stated.

" Oh well then The Doc wants you for your check up thingy. As for me I got go help out Big Boss, see you guys later." Cap said.

The boy ran to a door that came out of nowhere and he vanished from the office, as did another door that read Dr. Fazzar. The Selkie slowly made her way to the door.

"I like him." Lan stated.

Oh course you like him, he's a dumbass like you!" Lee-Roy yelled

"Oh I hope Mina will be okay." Holly muttered.

"I'm sure she's fine." Lee-Roy said.

Holly looked at The child.

"Hello Fi, my name is Holly. That is Lan, he is very nice. The small one is Lee-Roy, he is not so nice." Holly stated.

"Hey!" the rich boy yelled.

"Finally the moogle you are holding is named Fuzz, he is cute and cuddly." Holly said.

"He's also my best friend." Lan stated.

"Oh you guys are too kind Kupo." Fuzz said blushing.

Fi smiled and nodded.

Mina was now laying a table. She was awaiting the cold, and slimly feeling of leaches to touch her bare skin but the good doctor had done no such thing. He however casted many spells that seemed to give the Keyblade trainee a much needed power boost.

"Um is it over?" Mina asked.

"Yes madam, you are quite healthy. You just need to have more protein and milk in your diet." The Doctor stated.

Mina jumped off the table.

"Thank you Dr. Fazzar." She said.

He gave her a thumbs up and she went her on her way.

"Please have Miss Holly come up here on your way out, the door after this one shall take you outside." The Doctor said

She nodded and went out.

Soon the young summoner took her place.

The doctor while healing her had noticed a few large cuts on her back and many tiny cuts on the ankles of her legs. It took him longer but he managed to get rid of him.

"Now Holly, I must ask, how did you manage to cuts such painful cuts?" The Doctor asked.

The girl twilled her thumbs.

Before I was in the caravan, for the few days I remember I was in the slave trade." Holly said sadly.

Dr. Fazzar could tell she was telling him the truth, or half of the truth. The Doctor didn't need to know so he didn't ask. Soon he then sent her on her way, and Lee-Roy took the girl's place.

He was the least damaged out of all the them. A fight bruises from the mines, and and a few broken blood vessels but he had been quickly healed. He did see the boy had high blood pressure, something that wasn't good for someone his age.

"You should learn to be less angry son, but other then that your quite fit. Just lose the temper okay?" Fazzar asked.

"Up your's yuke!" Lee-Roy yelled as he flipped him off as he walk out of this office.

"Rude little runt." The Yuke muttered.

Lan, Fuzz and Fi, came to his door.

Alright, let's look at you young Crystal Bearer. He said.

He started to heal the boy when he felt something wrong with the boy.

"Son, could you please remove your shirt?" He asked.

Lan now started to sweat.

"Why?" He asked.

"I just need to see if their is something wrong, now please take off your shirt." The doctor asked

The Crystal Bearer gulped. He slowly removed his shirt. He shamefully showed the doctor his body.

Fuzz's jaw dropped.

"Oh my lord." Was all the doctor could say.

Zero, and Eva walked to a table to find the three people Zero was looking for. A young Clavat couple that looked to be holding a baby, and a red headed Selkie woman. Eva got a feeling of trust and friendliness from the Clavat couple, as with most Clavats. While the Selkie woman gave her a spark of unpredictability. Not a bad thing but still something set her apart.

" Hey Tararck, Deuna, Taumiu glad to see you three."Zero said as he was greeted with a big hug from the Selkie woman, giving Eva a better look at his friends.

The brown, and slightly blonde Clavat man was Tararck. He dressed in green tunic, and brown stitched pants. His green eyes gave Eva a trusting vibe.

She now looked at the other Clavat, the woman Deuna. A smart girl with brown eyes, and more of a dyed red hair.She was cladded in a worn but clean blue dress, with a pint apron tied on her, Eva could feel love from her and not because she was tending to her child.

The Selkie woman Taumiu, was quite a sight. She had bright green eyes, her cheeks was swirls painted on them. Her grin was almost cat-like and playful. Her chest was quite large. She was dressed in silky red dress from neck to her legs. Her arms had amber wrist bands with fire stones in them She also had matching sandals.

"Oh man it's good to have you back, my drinking buddy." Taumiu sighed.

"Oh no, this girl is going to be trouble." Eva thought.

"You too red but, cause you were late I'm gonna have to dock your pay." Zero teased.

She smacked him upside the head.

"Hey no fair, I'm not waiting anymore to get my ship cause Mr. and Mrs. over polite needed some extra help with their baby, who is so cute by the way." Taumiu ranted while pointing at the young married couple.

The wild woman then looked at Eva.

"So Zero, this is the Eva you cried over all those drunken nights. You bad boy aren't you going to introduce us to your girlfriend?" Taumiu asked.

Zero and Eva blushed.

"Um Eva, these are my spies from the Tipa river, Tararck, and Deuna. After I helped out Tararck he wanted to join up as a spy. Soon after his wife got in the game too, but isn't a full member, due to their baby and all." Zero said.

Eva shook both their hands.

"It's nice to meet both of you." Eva stated.

Tararck looked like he wanted to say something but, couldn't find the words. So Deuna spoke.

" Likewise Lady Eva. All of us have heard nothing but praise from Big Boss on you."

"Aw John." Eva whispered blushing.

At-hem!" Tauimu couched.

"Oh and that's Taumiu, she's just Taumiu." Zero muttered.

Taumiu put her arms around Eva's metal body.

"I like you Eva, so why don't you and I trade stories about Zero and, embarrass him while he goes over the battle plan?" She asked.

"Well…why not?" Eva grinned in her own way.

"So not getting that ship Red!" Zero yelled annoyed.

Taumiu then shot a fire ball out of her wrists, landing on one of Zero's horns causing him to stop, drop, and roll.

"So worth it." Tauimu said with a grin on her face. Causing Eva to sweat.

Later in the day, Holly was walking around the camp ground. Zero was going over the battle plan for tomorrow, yet she felt rather bored and went off to find Lanydx, who she hadn't seen since her check up with the doctor. She grabbed her staff to find Fuzz.

"Fuzz what are you doing here?" Holly asked.

"I need to find kupo Holly….I did something not real nice." The moogle mumbled.

Holly paused.

"His skin…I didn't know…I freaked out Kupo. Now I think I made him mad at me." Fuzz mumbled.

Holly picked up the moogle.

"I don't think Lan's the type to hate, but I'm sure saying your sorry won't hurt." Holly said sweetly.

The two found Lan throwing large rocks outside of the tent.

"Um Kupo, can we talk?" The moogle asked.

The Crystal Bearer heard his friend and his powers dropped the two rocks.

"Fuzz, Holly, Er….Hi." Lan weakly said.

"Fuzz tells me something happened between you two. Is that why you've been avoiding everyone?" Holly asked.

"No that's not it at all Holly! I've just been thinking about something." Lanydx said looking down.

"Im sorry Kupo!" Fuzz yelled. While flying to his buddy.

He landed in Lan's arms. He boy smiled at him.

I'm not mad Fuzz, just please don't tell anyone about you know. Please?" Lanydx asked.

Fuzz thought about it for a bit.

"Okay kupo." Fuzz said.

The moogle looked at Holly, who was smiling.

"So now that you guys are okay, what have you been thinking about?" Holly asked.

Lan blushed then rubbed his head.

"Well I was thinking of um asking you to live with me, when the whole fight is over. I'm sure my Aunt would love you." Lanydx admitted.

Holly now blushed.

"You..You want me to come live with you?" Holly asked not sure if she heard him right.

Lan started to move about while Fuzz followed his movements.

"Well yeah, you don't have any other place to go, and I said I would protect you." Lan said smiling.

Fuzz got what was going on and flew away to give them some alone time.

"Way to go kupo." The moogle thought.

Holly ran to him and hugged the boy. Her heart was so touched.

"Thank you so much Lanydx. You are the first person to ever do me such a kindness." She whispered.

Lan enjoyed her warmth and hugged her back.

"Well that's not right, you're so nice, and smart, and pretty." Lan complimented her.

The two were both blushing.

"He is so sweet, and did he just call me pretty?" Holly thought.

"Why am I so happy when I'm around her?" Lan asked.

Mina was looking at the two with Lee-Roy, and Fuzz.

"Aw they make such a cute couple. I must match them later on" Mina thought.

"Hey Dumbass, quit making out with your girlfriend, The Yuke wants us all for a big meeting!" Lee-Roy yelled ruining the mood.

Mina then bonked Lee-Roy on the head.

The two Clavats saw their friends, and un-hugged, following them for the battle a head.
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