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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Funk

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Sep 25, 2010
Oh man, that was just too funny when the boys mistook Kairi's chest for a treasure chest. x'D Poor Lan knocking into his own cane and getting hurt by "little" Jim was hilarious. I have the feeling Lee-Roy is gonna get hit in the head soon in his next act of the play as the king. Fuzz getting thrown next was just awesomesauce but, I'm curious why L wasn't happy about it. You did a marvelous job writing this chapter, partner. I look forward to part two! :D

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 21.2: Robin Hood: Men in Tights….The Hawkeye and Cid version. (part 2.)
Backstage everyone was moving around. Mina, Ten-Ten and Fuzz cornered Cap.
"Cap, for the next act please don't do something like that." Mina said.
"Yeah kupo!" Fuzz said still feeling sore.
" Yeah, but it was funny." Cap said.
Mina summoned her Keyblade, chasing the nearly endlessly energetic boy around the backstage.
"Yeah, hope I didn't hurt ya kid." The blonde Selkie said to Lan.
"It's okay I've had worse." Lan said chuckling.

Lee-Roy was arguing with Mina.
"Remind me why I'm doing this?" The Lilty asked.
"Because if you don't, I'll burn your stash of naked woman drawings!" Mina thwarted.
"How did you know about that!?" He hissed blushing.
She just winked and giggled.
"I was just kidding, but now you just gave me black mail." She said while dunking his crown on Lee-Roy's head.
The boy then pulled it off and started to whack his head somewhere.
Sora and Kairi got a cup of water.
"Sora why are you blushing?" She asked.
"….Well you look really nice in that dress." He said.
She in turn blushed.
"Aw thank you Sora, your such a sweet heart." Kissing him.
The two started to kiss when they saw someone staring at them.
A young very dark skinned lilty girl with glasses over her brown eyes. She wore a maid outfit, but had a blue ribbon in her blonde hair. She was shaking like a leaf. Granted she looked adorable, in every sense of the world.
"Can we help you? They asked.

"Um…Um…Um…Well…" She strutted.
"yes?" They both said.
"Are…you really the Sora, and Kairi? Ten-Ten told the younger maids her uncle's stories about you whoever we needed a pick me up. So thank you. Also I was wondering, could I have your ..autograph." She said.
The two were quite touched.

"Oh well your welcome, and sure" Sora said.
"Break a leg everyone!" Ten-Ten said.
The people ran to their places the background was in place and the curtain went up. Mina and Ten-Ten stood their.
"Hello everyone near and far welcome back to our play." Ten-Ten cheered.
"Be warned anyone trying to leave will be shot on sight." Mina said.
"Mina they didn't need to know that!" The Lilty protested.
"Sadly my dear seated members, we must show the the villain of the story for he has horrible plans for our hero.
"Ladies and Gents, meet the jerk! That no good, greedy, selfish, stinky, meanie face King John.
The lights showed a thrown room Lee-Roy was wearing a crown and fancy robe. He was with many sexy lilty girls wearing maid outfits, and loving every minute of it. He was with two knights He then looked at Ten-Ten and Mina.
"How dare those women say that about me! Guards, grab them and toss them in the dungeon!" He ordered dodging a lot a few tomatoes.

"Cheese it!" Ten-Ten yelled while they ran away. As the knight ran after them.

"Ah it's good to be the King!" Lee-Roy said.
The Sherif slowly limped into his throne room.
"Ah Sherif, you look hurt. Where is Lady Mari, but more importantly where is my tax money!" He whinnied.
"Sire I'm sad to say that Robin Hood and his band of outlaws had stolen your tax gold and the fair lady. He's probably giving the poor food and clothes as we speak." He said.
" So he wants to buy them food and clothes.. IS THE MAN MAD!?" He ranted.

No one said anything.
"I mean when you feed a bunch of poor people food, they got fat and lazy! Oh and don't even get me started on their fashion tastes!" Lee-Roy ranted."
"What about their fashion tastes Your Majesty?" A Lilty girl asked before having her her mouth covered by the other girls.
Lee-Roy glared at her.
"I said don't get me started! Knights take her away!" He ordered.
"AH!" The girl yelled as she was taken away by a knight.

That got a few snickers from people.
"Well I can't have this Robin Hood stealing from me, or feeding the poorly, porky, poor people! We are going to have to find a way to bring him out in the open!" Lee-Roy said.

"Well we could lure him out with a tournament, and the reward for winning could be a cash prize. He wouldn't be able to resist." The Sherif suggested.
"That…doesn't seem to be a bad idea." Lee-Roy admitted.

"Yes, but what is he good at?" The Sherif asked.

Suddenly an arrow flew by, hitting the Sherif in the back.
"Message for you sir." He said while dropping on the floor. Causing more to laugh
They looked at him, as Lee-Roy snapped his fingers. The girl Mazy grabbed the arrow that had a message tied to it, and two other girls took the Sherif to get healed up. Lee-Roy read the letter that said.
"Dear King John, this is a picture of an ass. Please kiss it! Also we were gonna burn the money but we are just giving it away From Robin Hood. PS..Your short! Ha ha!" The letter said mocking the tiny king.
Lee-Roy looked at the crude picture which made many more laugh.

"AHGRRTHHG Just for that I'm raising the taxes even higher! I'll imprison anyone who doesn't pay, and I"LL CHOP THAT ROBIN HOOD'S HEAD OFF!" Lee-Roy roared terrifying his maids.
The curtain went down as the scene ended.
It went up after a few minutes. Lucy however looked at Tabby who was shaking.
"Tabs, you okay?" Lucy asked.
"Yeah…just when he's mad. Young Master Lee-Roy sounds like his father when he's mad." Tabby said shuttering.
Lucy, L, and Zero got the same look.They were about to leave when, Shi-Ki and Eva forced them back down.
"Oh no you don't! Your not going to do what I think your going to do!" Eva said firmly.
"Sit down please, and enjoy the show. No need to worry tonight guys." Shi-Ki said in a much gentler tone.
"What were they going to do?" Donna asked.
"Something God and Lee-Roy's family would frown apron." Shi-Ki said.
The curtain rose up again. Showing Sora, Raiden, Holly, Kairi and Lan in a forest. Lan was behind a wooden desk with a sign that said free stuff. There was a long line of people. Fuzz left the line with some kupo nuts.
"Come again, soon!" Lan said.

"I'm getting back in line!" Fuzz said.

Holly sat next to Lan.
"Well I'm glad we can do some good. Would you like help Mr. Bob?" Holly asked.
"Oh of course, Ms. Toks. Um what do we need to do now?" Lan asked blushing feeling the summoner's hand held his.
"Get the food ready!" Raiden said dropping a large pot of soup on the both of them. The hungry villagers jumped the two clavats.
He smirked at this. He looked to find Riku in an old monk outfit.
"Hey guys know where I can find Robin Hood?" He asked.
Raiden pulled out his sword at Riku.
"Whoa, I'm a man of peace. Call me Rabbi Tuck!" Riku said while giving his voice a jewish accent.
"Why does he sound like it?" Zero asked.
"Mel Brooks movies." L stated.
"What?" Everyone asked.
"Shh!" Someone said.
"Holy guy huh? He's in the back across the forest with that lady.
"Thanks, also mind looking after my sacred wine? It's for blessing." Riku asked.

"…Can I get blessed?" Raiden asked the villagers nodding their heads asking.
Riku looked around.
"Well…we could bless some trees, and then some rocks, and those birds over there….oh what the heck. Well get blessed till we get fashinkered!" Riku yelled while holding a wine jug.
"YEAH!" The cast and even the people in the people watching the play, much to Eva, Shi-Ki and L head smack themselves.
Riku shook his head amused, looking for his two friends. However he nearly lost his manhood. as he dodged a stray arrow.
'Oh no, I missed." Kairi said.
"Yes, but you were pretty close!" Riku said.
"Oh hey Rabbi Tuck, sorry about that. I was teaching Lady Mari to shoot." Sora said.
"Nice to meet you." Kairi said.
Riku's eye brow arched.
"Wait a minute, Lady Mari…as in niece of King John." Riku asked.
"Yes, good Rabbi, but I want nothing to do with him." Kairi said.
She then looked at Sora's arm bleeding, she wanted to help but didn't want to break character.
"Oh Robin, you are hurt!' She said.
The two looked to find Sora bleeding, causing him to jump.
"Yikes, looks Little jim, got me again." Sora said.
"I heard that!" Raiden yelled while they heard Lan yell out.
"Where did you find him again?" Kairi said, as Sora shook his head.
"You might wanna fix that arm, or you might die from blood loss." Riku said.
Kairi in the blink of an eye covered up Sora's bleeding.
"There no harm done, now I think I better mend Bob's wounds and give Jim a talking too." Kairi said while leaving.

The two men were left to themselves.
"Well…she's something." Riku said.
"I um…yeah." Sora said still not getting over Kairi in that dress.
"Focus Robin, I got something for you." Riku said as he punched him in the arm.
Riku opened his robe to show him a glowing bow.
"Blessed it this morning." Riku said.Sora took it.
"Wow thanks Tuck." Sora said.
"You can use this and it will hit anything." Riku said.
"Well I'm gonna use this to beat king John and save the kingdom!" Sora said haply.
"Then what?" Riku asked.
"….I don't know, never thought that far ahead." Sora admitted.
That got a small laugh from people.
"Ya know I see how you were looking at that Lady Mari." Riku stated.
"We just met!" Sora protested.
"You could ask her out, no harm right?" Riku asked.
Sora thought it,
"Maybe, we'll see when this is over." Sora said.
"So can I ask her out?" Riku smirked.
"OVER MY DEAD BODY!" Sora yelled causing everyone to laugh.
The two came back looking at the rest. However Lan had an arrow in his head with a message attached to it.
"Measage for you Boss." Lan said as he dropped to the floor.
"Oh no Bob!" Sora said.
Riku pulled out the arrow. While Holly and Kairi tended to his wound.
Sora opened the note.
"It's from King John….that jerk is…hosting a bow and arrow contest and the winner gets tons of money. Don't worry Bob I'll make sure you won't have died in vain!" Sora yelled.
"Actually sir, I'm coming around." Lan said.
Sora then looked at his blind servant.
"Oh…then I'll make sure you won't have been mortally wounded in vain!" Sora said as he ran off.
Kairi looked and Riku as they followed Sora, but Kairi looked at Holly. Raiden also followed them.
"Watch him, please Toks." Kairi said.
"Yes ma,am." Holly said.
The four then went off.
Holly looked at Lan.
'Um, Miss Toks." Lan siad.

"Er…yes Bob?" Holly asked.
Lan did what no one saw coming. He jumped to her and kissed her on the lips. Both didn't understand what happened but kept going. Ten-Ten and Mina grinned while squealing. Fuzz smiled. Lan's parents stood there with their mouths open. Zero gave Eva some gill. Tabby hugged Tim, while Donna chuckled knowing this was part of her daughter's plan.The fans cheered, and some even cried. The curtain went down, for the final act.

Backstage people were running around getting ready. The two clavat kids were still kissing.
"Ya know you two can stop for air." Sora said looking at them.
The two stopped and fainted. Each with a a smile of joy.

"Yay! It worked!" Ten-Ten said.
"Places everyone!" Mina said, putting the two somewhere safe next to one another.
"Sorry about what I gotta do Lee-Roy." Sora said.
Lee-Roy gave him smirk.
"Whatever!" He said.
The background was now Lee-Roy's castle. Sora came out along with Riku, Kairi, and Raiden. Lee-Roy sat now his throne.

"Well here he is Robin Hood of the poorly, porky, poor people. Also his band of losers….and Lady Mari!?" Lee-Roy said.
"Hello Uncle." Kairi said flatly.
"Why are you with him?!" Lee-Roy growled.
"Because he respects me, and he cares for others, unlike you, now you will pay for what you you've done to the people, and …I've fallen for Robin Hood." Kairi stated.
"Huh?" Sora said, seeing Kairi smile.
Lee-Roy then slapped her across the face with one of his gloves with knights around him.
"There will be no more of that." The Lilty hissed.
Sora then grabbed a glove from the knights and smacked him like a pimp causing the lilty boy to bounce around.
Lee-Roy yelled.
"That's it GET THEM!" He yelled.
A fight broke between the two groups that lasted for a good ten minutes until Fuzz came out with tons of other moogles that had swords and shields, beating Lee-Roy's forces.
"Who the hell are you?" Lee-Roy asked.
"The Moogle inquisition!" He stated.
"I wasn't expecting the Moogle Inquisition." Sora said.
" NOBODY EXPECTS THE MOOGLE INQUISITION!" Fuzz yelled while pointing up his sword.
The moogles then took the king's crown and placed it on Sora's head and took Lee-Roy away.
"You win." Fuzz said as the moogles went away.
Kairi then kissed Sora as the curtain dropped.

The people cheered, Mina and Ten-Ten couldn't have been happier. The extra's took off their helmets to find they were all L grinning as they vanished. The cast took their bows. Hawkeye and Cid got the money prize and bright future as producers.
End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
I loved part two, Lan. The letter to King John was really funny. lmao Moogle inquisition. x'D That was my favorite part of this whole play. I just find it hysterical that Sora was hesitant about asking Lady Mari aka Kairi out until Riku speaks up. So much kissing going on in this play. Mina and Ten-Ten were very clever to set that up for Lan to kiss Holly like that. Oh oh! The best part in this whole play was when Sora pimp slapped Lee-Roy with an armor glove. (I'm surprised Eva and Zero betted on those two kissing btw.)

I look forward to seeing what's next as always, partner.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 22: In the Caravan once again.
"Miss Eva, could you please hurry?" Lan asked trying to stand still.
Eva was pulling more treads on the Crystal Bearer's clothes.
"Now, now, hush Lan, you can't rush art." Eva muttered.
"You could have at least given me my red color." He said bored.
"Red is nice, but you need to try other colors. Yellow looks so dashing on you. How could a boy be so fidgety?" Eva asked.
"Sora, Kairi, Mom, Holly, Dad, Ten-Ten, Cap, Lee-Roy, and I are going to play Blitz Ball." He said jumping up and down.
Eva quickly finished on her tailoring. If she had a mouth she would be smiling.
"I see, it'll be your first time. Well just don't play too rough ok?" Eva asked.
He looked at a mirror in Eva's shop. The Crystal Bearer/Clavat/Selkie found he liked his new yellow outfit.
The cloth on his headband had been replaced from the old blue to yellow. on the front was short cut shirt with a hardened beetle shell on the front of the chest. On top of the shirt was a long yellow coat with the ROF star on the left side shoulder, and on the back was a long black cross. The pants were fitted to him, with a few fitted pouches and pockets on them. He clicked his shoes and enjoyed the feel of them.
He quickly hugged Eva.
"Thank you, I really like them." Lan stated.
"Anytime, love." Eva said.
The boy gave her a bit of Gil and left, actually he more like dashed out of there, causing Eva to lose her head. Her hands trying to find it.
"Oh dear, lost my head again….That shouldn't sound normal." Eva thought to herself.

The boy, using the power of his crystal jumped and zoomed around half the Yuke District. He dashed around like a ninja around the skyscraper buildings. The metal bird people would run out of the way, while the RoF's that could actually see him were given high fives.
In the beach like place of the Selkie District Riku and Mina were hard at work training. Their Keyblades clashed, sparks and spells flew. After the play Riku said he would train her to the ground, and boy did he mean it! Riku blocked most of her attacks but she shot out a quick thunder. She then threw some sand in his eyes as he landed from dashing away from the thunder attack. However the selkie girl's felt a sharp pain in her arm as she was grabbed by Riku pinning her down to the ground.
"Darn it!" She yelled dropping her Keyblade.
"Give up?" Riku asked.
" Never!" Mina protested getting her Keyblade in hand again.

Riku however grabbed harder, causing the girl to shirk again/
"Still don't wanna give up?" Riku asked.
"I have an older sister that does worse to me everyday! This is nothing!" Mina protested.
She then used her Keyblade to whack him in the family jewels but soon both were smacked into the sand by a very tired and dizzy Lanydx.
"I'm here for Blitz Ball guys." The boy stated his eyes still spinning around.
"Hey Lan." Mina said while Riku spat out sand.
The boy then looked around.
"Whoops, I guess I went the wrong way again." He said while rubbing his head.

"You really got to watch where you go before you jump around." Riku said.
The boy just smiled.

I'll make sure to, well I'm off again bye." The Crystal Bearer said. He leaped again, however he rammed his head into a palm tree. Riku and Mina laughed a bit.

The two quickly pulled the boy's head out of the tree.
"Anything broken?" Mina asked.
"Look Mina, stars!" He pointed seeing stars float around his head.

Fuzz was floating around a new magic shop. He had just got a new spell magi.
"Okay, now let's see if this spell works." Fuzz said.
He touched the magi and it vanished in mid air.
Fuzz then turned around to find the magic shop vanished as well.
"Son of a kupo, conned again! I wonder if that magi did anything?" Fuzz thought.
"Oh no I'm late for the game." Fuzz yelled as he flew away. Sora walked around an empty green clearing in the Clavat District. He looked at a large floating ball of water with two rings to the right and left. Kairi and Holly walked up to him, Holly was however not all that happy.
"This is gonna be a little weird." Kairi said.
"Why the game and rules are like how it is on home, what's the problem?" Sora asked.
"We should have done it on the lake beach, the settings all wrong." Kairi stated.
"We needed to see more the town, we didn't get a good look around when we first showed up." Sora said.
"You just didn't want to walk all that way, huh lazy bum?" Kairi asked guessing Sora's real reason.
Holly however looked at a soaked Lucy, and L. The cat/selkie Hybrid wasn't amused, her ears twiching. Holly fake laughed but stepped away to Sora for protection.

Cap, Lee-Roy, Ten-Ten, Sora, and Kairi were about to jump in, when they were stopped by L holding a blue ball.
"Alright, I want a nice clean game. No knocking people outside the ball, no hitting bellow the belt, and my God have mercy on your soul if I spot any of you cheating!" L said making his voice sound like Zero.
"Okay, pick your teams members Captains Sora and Kairi.

Sora and Kairi stood up, while Cap, Ten-Ten, Holly and Lee-Roy got in line.
"Why aren't I Captain? A woman can't one!" Lee-Roy protested.
He was hit with a small rock, thrown at = by Lucy.
The Princess of Heart looked at the jumping clavat boy.
"Cap, you ready to go?" She asked.
"YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!" He said jumping up and down.
"Great, you my wing man." Kairi said.
Sora and Ten-Ten looked at one another, knowing they were gonna be team mates. He then looked at Holly.
"Holly you wanna be my goalie?" He asked.
"….I assume that I will have to be around the goals?" She asked.
"Bingo."Sora said smiling.
The girl joined him
Kairi then eyed the Lilty boy.
"Lee, your my goalie." She stated.
He huffed but went to her.
However Fuzz flew by them all, with a lot of red lipstick marks on his face and fur.
"Hey kupos." Fuzz said.
"Hey Fuzz, wanna play Blitz ball?" Sora asked.
"Sure, why where is Kupo?" Fuzz asked.
"AAAAAHHHHH!" The crystal bearer yelled as he was flew right into Holly.

Everyone looked at the two. Sora grabbed him off her.
"Don't take me out couch!" Lan asked.
Holly was the first to what was one everyone's mind invoking the boy.

"Lanydx, why is your hair dark blue?" She said.
"What?" He asked.
"You look like a Selkie Dumbass!" Lee-Roy yelled.
Kairi pulled out a small pink round object, opened it showing a small mirror, and showed it to the young boy. Lanydx looked at himself, looking at his once brown hair, which now was a shade of dark blue.
"Oh so that's what that did!" Fuzz thought to himself.

"Um cool, so……..Can we play Blitz ball now?" He asked not understanding what the problem was.
Everyone just looked at him.
"Ok, Lan, your on my team." Sora said.
"Fuzz, come here!" Kairi said lovingly.
As the moogle went to the girl he rubbed his head on her leg.
"Hey don't get any idea Fuzz!" Sora playfully warned.
The moogle nodded his head.

Now the lot were ready to party. Lucy threw the ball into the floating ball of water, and the eight jumped into it. Lan, and Holly watched how the others played to get a feel for the sport. Cap and Fuzz went all out ready to take the ball from Lan and Ten-Ten. Holly kept her eyes open as Kairi got the ball and was kicked the ball. Holly however ran out of breath and quickly jumped out of the ball's causing Kairi's team to score first. She gasped for air, now out of the ball. However she quickly jumped right back in.

Lan and Cap kept fighting over the ball, however Lan like Holly need air. He swam up for more air, However Sora used a move that Wakka and Tidus would use to score a goal. Lee-Roy had no chance on it.
Ten-Ten, Kairi, and Fuzz went all at for the ball. Lee-Roy left his goal to steal the ball and take the shot. That sadly would lead Kairi's team to failure. Sora in all the fighting took the ball and made the shot. Lee-Roy watched it happen as Lan kept him at bay. The large ball of water melted leaving everyone jumping around like fish.
"Okay, two to one. Sora's team wins." Lucy said.
Kairi was beating the living heck out of Lee-Roy.
"Why did you do this to us!? GGGRRRR!" She yelled whacking the boy's head onto the ground.
"Is she always like that kupo?" Fuzz asked.
"Only when she loses, and you don't wanna see her with video games." Sora said.

Lan and Holly coughed glad that it was over.
"It's a fun game, but I'm gonna have to learn how to swim better." Lan said.
"I agree." Holly getting her breath back.

Lucy and L pulled out a few towels drying everyone off.

"So Zero, how long have you been standing there?" Lucy asked.
Everyone turned to find Zero looking at him. The Yuke looked at Lucy.
"How did-?" Zero asked.
"Cat ears." She stated pointing at her twitching ears.
Zero just looked at them all.
"All of you with me, right now! Time to go to work. " He ordered.
"Huh?" Sora said.
Cap kept jumping up and down.
" Oh oh oh oh BB, BB, We get to kick butt?" Cap asked.
"Yes Cap, we got a few villages to help out, and we are forming new teams. Caravan move out, you too useless!" Zero growled while looking at Holly.

The gang followed Zero along with L and Lucy. The cat woman sank her new found claws into Zero's side.
"Useless?" She asked, he also
"I'll inform you later." Zero muttered while he felt the pain in his side.
After a bit of walking, they reached a newly made building nearly covered with marble statues of many of the RoF in the Clavat distract. It was a large two story wooden building, the sign on top of the front door said Renegades of Funk: Caravan for Hire HQ which was a first for them. The Tipa Caravan along with the two Keyblade welders and two former Caravan members walked into the HQ.
They all looked to find other members, walking around, looking at a board with papers on it.
Zero turned to them all.
Since the Keyblade Master and his two students, don't what we do. The Rof were originally a caravan for hire. We bring the water of life to villages whose Caravans are MIA, dead or not able to act for a fee. Our first crystal is fine but our second is going to need it's power restored soon. Also we have incoming pleas of help from The Fields of Fum, the main Clavat village, and Shiva, The main Yuke village. Therefore I'll be sending out three teams of four. One crystal bearer for each team, and one Keyblade wielder, if you will honor me with your help." Zero stated.
"Oh course we'll help." Kairi said.
"Yeah plus we get to look around this world more." soar said grinning with his hand behind his back.
They couldn't tell but Zero was smiling, glad to hear this.

"I'm glad to know L wasn't lying all these years about your heroic nature. Now I'll tell you your teams." Zero stated.
"Zero how are you getting the myrrh to to the other villages?" Lucy asked.
"I have collected Chalices from dead villages. Now the team for our village will be Cap, Sora, Lanydx, and ….Holly. For the Team for Fum will be Kairi, Fuzz, Lee-Roy and Taumu, Granted she's not a crystal bearer, I just want her out of my feathers. For Shiva we have Mina, Raiden, and Dail Rebirth." Zero said.

"What about Riku?" Sora asked.
Zero blinked.
"Oh right. How could I forget. I'll place him on on Shiva team. You all are good to leave, but Lu and L I need to talk to you about something." Zero said.
"Hey why aren't I on any teams?" Ten-Ten asked.
"Because you have no training, and I don't want Tim forcing me to replace my knee caps, now off with you." Zero ordered.

The kids then left however Zero quickly gave the young summoner a cold glare, which made her shiver. Lan took notice to this, and held onto her hand.
"Holly, are you okay?" He asked.

She looked at him.

Um, yes I'm fine. Just a little tired for the game is all." She lied.
The crystal bearer gave an understanding nod, but then grabbed her and held on to her.
Ten-Ten kept grumbling while Sora, Fuzz, and Kairi tired to calm her down. Lee-Roy and Cap were busy trying to one up each other, forming a rivalry of some sorts. Lan and Holly however had no idea what they were doing.

At the Cid home, dead at night Fuzz was floating on top of the roof. He held a lantern that was attached to a large wooden stick. He spun it around turning his head rapidly. Making the light spin faster and faster, making a ring of light around while chanting between his teeth.
"Kupo, kupo, please come home. Po Po, Ku Kupo Ku, please don't make me roam. Kupo, Kupo Make the monster gone. Kupo Kupo come back Mom." Fuzz chanted.
He did this for what felt like hours until someone tapped him on his pom pom. The moogle swiftly kicked his best friend across the face with his foot and whacked him into the roof's chimney.
"Ah, oh no! Kupo are okay?" Fuzz yelled while lifting Lan's head up.

"Hey Fuzz, look at all the birds." The newly dark blue haired by mumbled.

He then shook his head, looking at his Moogle buddy.
"Kupo, you shouldn't have gone and sneaked up on a moogle when he's doing his mega, super, moogle chant." Fuzz huffed.
Lan was rubbing his head, grinning in spite of the pain.

"Sorry about that….so what does that chant do? You've been doing it every night since we came home, why?" Lan asked.
Fuzz blinked.
"You've been watching me?" The moogle boy asked.

"Um, well not really I just heard you every now and then before dinner. So what does it do?" He asked.

Fuzz looked at his friend, with his ears down.
"I….I'm I'm I'm trying to contact my…my..mommy I haven't seen her in a long time. I was looking for her until I met you guys." Fuzz whimpered.
"Huh?You have a mom?" Lan said.
Fuzz looked at the crystal bearer very crossly/
"Of course, I have a mom! What did you think I just popped out of a fluff tree?" Fuzz ranted.
"Um…" Lan said.
"Don't answer that!" Fuzz quipped.
The Crystal Bearer frowned.
"So what happened to your mom?" Lan asked.
Fuzz thought about it.
"Well we traveled around a lot. Never really staying from place to place. We ran from monsters, even other moogles. Mom at night was always worried about something, but I was never sure what. ….Then one night when we slept in a cave she was gone…I thought monsters got her, but I don't really know. I looked everywhere, but I still haven't found her! I just got to find her, she's all I got left!" Fuzz yelled getting upset.
Lan sat down with his friend. held him, and hugged him.

"Why didn't you tell us about your mom?" Lan asked.

Fuzz shook his head.
"I I didn't think anyone would care…normally people don't care about Moogles. They just use us, and then get rid of us. " Fuzz said.
Lan then picked up his friend.
"What! That's horrible! Well guess what buddy, I care! You and me are gonna run into every part of the world, until we find her! Also if any monsters get in our way, we blast them!" Lan said with fire in his eyes!
"Wait really Kupo?! Fuzz asked.
"Oh course, your my best pal! Let's go right now! The chant isn't working so we are gonna have to go on a world tour!" Lan yelled.
"Okay kupo!" Fuzz cheered.
"Dinner's ready!" Tabby yelled.

" Starting tomorrow when we are rested and full." Fuzz said hungry.
"Agreed." Lan said as they jumped down from the roof.

Inside the Cid home Sora, Riku, and Kairi were giving some last minute prep talks to themselves. Ten-Ten was reading while grumbling, still mad at her Dad for not letting her join the caravan. Tim Cid was resting in his chair, Lucy was tapping her fingers annoyed. Her husband and little sister had banned her from the kitchen forever. She heard Lan and Fuzz on the roof, looked to find the three Keyblade wielders…granted they weren't what she imaged but they they were good kids. She then looked around to find one kid missing, Holly. She creeped around, her cat ways setting in.
She found Ten-Ten and Lan's room door closed after finding out the guest rooms empty. She opened the door to find Holly with a candle lit, and on the floor were what looked like dolls. The girl was hard at work finishing one up. Lucy creeped behind her.
"Hey…those are pretty good." The cat woman whispered.
EEEKKK!" Holly whimpered while jumping.
"Aw don't be that way Holly, every girl needs a hobby." Lucy teased.The girl was still shaking.
"It's something I remember doing!" Holly half lied.
"Hey no need to say anything to me about it. In fact I remember making dolls myself when I was your age." The kitty Selkie woman stated.
"Oh really, then can you tell me if I did okay?" Holly asked.
"Sure, let me see them." Lucy asked.
Lucy looked at the dolls, on looked like Mina, another Fuzz, one looked like an unfinished Sora, Riku, and Kairi, the last two were Lan, and Zero, however the Zero had a large pine stabbed in him.
" Well they are actually pretty good. Ha, ha I can tell which one's your unfavorite, but which one do you love most?" Lucy asked.

"La-I mean Fuzz. He's almost as good as the real thing." Holly said catching herself.
The woman played with her tail.
"Oh really..so have you and "Fuzz" been sharing kisses like in the play?" Lucy teased.
"….That was for the sake of the play!" Holly lied.
"Oh I'm sure it was." Lucy said with much sarcasm.
"Um, could you keep my…my doll hobby hidden to everyone for now. I don't want to show them till they are all done." Holly asked.
"Oh course, now come along little one, dinner should be ready. Everyone will want to have you at the table and to wish you luck on the caravan trip." Lucy stated while pushing the clavat child out the door.
"Um, thank you." Holly said the two made way to the table. L and Tabby came back with a large plate of roasted crabs, soup, fresh fruit, some veggies, and a large basket of breadsticks.
"Wow!" everyone said.
"Eat up everyone, please enjoy!" Tabby and L said in union.

The many sat down, got there plates, and enjoyed the meal.
"Thank you Auntie, Thank You Dad!" Lanydx stated while pulling up two chairs for Ten-Ten and Holly, then he quickly started to eat. His mother and friend Fuzz did the same.
"Yeah it smells great!" Ten-Ten stated.
"Nice work honey, same to you numb nuts." Tim said.

Kairi sat down and tasted the soup.
"This..taste a lot like my Mom's soup. L did you steal her recipe?" Kairi asked while eyeing the minister.

"….Well She did let me look at it so, not really?" L said.

"Hey it tastes great, so who cares." Sora said.

"We all wanna wish you luck on the Caravan trips, so be sure to stay safe." L said.
"Thanks, but i think after beating Xehanort, we can anything." Riku said.

L rubbed his head.
"Still a father can't help but be worried about his kids right?" He asked.
"What do you mean by that Mister L?" Holly asked.

"Well…I've come to think of all the kids at this table, and Mina to be my kids." He admitted.
Holly didn't know what to say to that, so she just eat with a smile on her face.

They each enjoyed each others company for new goals were made and new trails were about to start.
End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
Another excellent chapter, Lan.

I feel a little bit bad for Holly but, still it was nice to see her interact with Lucy. Now...I feel really bad for my favorite moogle. Fuzz...I just want to hug him so much! You poor thing! Zero and Eva are still my favorite characters in this fic but, you'd think Zero would cut Holly a break. The blitz ball game was fun to watch. :D

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
I'm glad you like it.

Fuzz: Thank you kupo!

Ypu'd think that but sadly not yet. Don't worry Holly will get her time to shine next chapter.

I'm glad you like Zero and Eva.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 23: Goblin's Wall.

At the Cid home, the Tipa Caravan and the Keyblade Wielders stood outside the door bidding the older members and Ten-Ten.
Tabby and Lucy were hugging both Lan, Fuzz, Holly and Mina. L gave a few hugs to Kairi, Riku, and Sora. Lee-Roy was trying not to look Ten-Ten in the eyes.
"So…poor girl-I mean Ten-Ten-are you quiting?" He asked.
"Well, no, or at least not yet. Hopefully Dad can pay off more of the debt so Momma and I can open our own Alchemy shop, and rack in more gill.
"Right well, good luck and….I'm sorry for my sister." He said seeing Lanydx giving the Lilty boy a scowl.
Oh it's fine, however I really wanna go with you! Lany, Mina, Fuzzy, Lee-Roy take me with you!" Ten-Ten whined while she shook Lee-Roy, Mina, and Lan like rag dolls. Holly, and Fuzz barley escaped thanks to Riku, Sora, and Kairi. Lucy quickly picked up Ten-Ten while giving one final kiss to her son.
"Come on Ten-Ten. Lan, be good I love you, make sure not to talk to any stingers. Also Sora, you take care of Holly and Lan or I'll claw your eyes out. Mina be sure to hit the rich idiot if he give your trouble." Lucy said while going inside.
"No, Auntie, put me down, put me down!"Ten-Ten yelled while being put into the house.
Tabby then looked at them all smiling in spite of the sweat dropping.
"Well I best be off to work…She hugged everyone including Lee-Roy.
"I love you all." Tabby said while leaving.
L looked at them all.
"Okay, you lot. I'm sure you want to hit the road, before Zero comes in a throws you out, so i'm gonna make this quick. Your gonna be split up, your gonna meet new people, your gonna be in places you have never been to before, and a lot of things are going to try and eat you! However if you can have fun and learn something while doing it, then you'll have come better then before." L said.
"Still other then collecting the water of life, your number one goal is to keep each other alive at all cost. God bless. I've made sure you have the armor of God with you." He said while vanishing into a puff of smoke.
"Amor of God what does that mean, we don't have any special armor on us?" Lee-Roy asked.
"I think Teacher meant it was armor for our souls." Mina said.
"Well that's useful." Lee-Roy muttered.
"Lee-Roy it's the thought that counts, so lets just go." Kairi said while Fuzz went onto Sora's head still trying to get some sleep.
As they walked. Mina and Lan looked backward.
"So Mina how did your family take it?" Lan asked.
"Oh well my Mom, was…worried as well as my little brother. Granted my sister did wish me luck, but I bet she just said that so she could get our bed all to herself." Mina said thinking about it.
"What about your dad?" Kairi asked innocently.
That caused the Selkie girl to give the Princess of Heart a death like glare that nearly froze Kairi where she stood.
"Uh oh, someone has some daddy issues!" Lee-Roy instigated.
"Nothing could be my father from the the truth." Mina mumbled.
"Oh, you said my father!" Lee-Roy said. Everyone else not sure where this was going.
"No I Dadn't!" Mina yelled.
"Heyoo!" Lee-Roy said.
"Lee-Roy stop it." Riku warned.
Mina kept walking.
"No Master, it's fine. I can walk away from his childish games, and for me it's dad issue." She said.
"Ah!" Lee-Roy laughed.
"Dead issue!" Mina corrected herself, but quickly she started to break down as Lee-Roy grinned.
"Dad dippy dad….Daddy didn't love me!" Mina cried as she hung to Kairi as she hugged her.
"It's okay Mina, we love you. Also Sora doesn't have a dad, and Riku's parents are spilt up, and I'm adopted so it''s all good." Kairi said.
"Lee-Roy that wasn't cool man.' Sora said eyeing the Lilty, Lan was also doing the same thing.
"Like I give a crap. I just wanted to mess with her one last tie before I leave." Lee-Roy said sneering.
Sora then quickly grabbed Lan and Mina.
"Sora where are you going?" Kairi and Riku said.
"Oh we need to go to the bathroom, will be right back." Sora said.
"Master Sora, we went before we left." Lan said.
"I know, but I'm just gonna teach you guys how to get a little payback in for Ten-Ten." Sora stated.
"I like what I'm hearing so far." Mina admitted.

Lan just smiled.
At the Jenkins manor, the Lilty noble child Len-Da was about to get up, a large tree had crashed into her window. Causing her to fall down the third floor of stairs. Her head was covered in bruises and bumps. She then landed outside after crashing out of a window and into the mud.
"….And lesson learned." Sora said grinning.
"Wow, I forget how strong you are Lany." Mina admitted.
"That'll teach her not to touch Ten-Ten like that." Lan shaking off the dust from his hands.
They quickly returned to the rest of the group.
"Sora what did you guys do?" Riku asked knowing his best friend did something.
"Nothing Riku, nothing at all." Sora said.
The caravan walked all the way to the Village's gate in the Clavat district. They all looked to find Zero, Eva, Cap, Fi, Raiden, Taumiu, an unfamiliar looking yuke. His helmet looked like a gear was turning beside it,and goggles as eyes. He worn the normal RoF red coat. They then looked at an old clavat man with long white bread dressed in a gray tunic.
Now behind them all were three caravan carts, however they were being pulling by a large blue furred, big mouth six legged animal with two thin, ivory looking tusks.
Zero looked at them all.
"Keyblade Master and students, I'm sue your not familiar with our way of transportation so meet the Mobuas…I think they are to you what what L calls horses." He said.
Cap quickly grabbed Sora, Lan, and Holly. Riku, Mina, walked over to Raiden and Deil Rebirth.
"Pleasure to be working with you again Madam." Raiden said while kissing Mina's hand causing the girl to blush and Lee-Roy to growl.
Hey Dumbass, Selkie girl. Don't die! …That would suck." Lee-Roy said to Lan and Mina.
While he went with Kairi and Fuzz to Taumiu, but not before Sora and Kairi gave each other a kiss while Fuzz, Holly and Lan hugged.
"Same to you Lee-Roy." She said with a small smile.
Fuzz and Lan nodded their heads understanding what they were going to do. The old man held out three chalices, and gave them to Sora, Riku and Kairi. While the others went into the caravan.
"Young caravaners, and other worldly guests. You do a great thing. You must sake the water of life, not just for our village, but for the other villages as well." The old man said.
"Please be safe." Eva said.
Zero then pulled out his sword. and raised it into the air.
"Now go!" He ordered.
"WAIT!" A voice yelled.
Everyone turned to find Tim Cid running to them all, with a round bag He huffed, and panted, to catch his breath. He then looked at the caravan with Sora, Lan Holly and Cap in it.
"Boy this..for you." He said tossing an iron shield at him.
"Wow thanks Uncle." Lan said smiling.
"Just..take care okay boy?" He said.
He then tossed Mina a sliver belt, and a book.
"Be sure to write, okay Mina?" Tim asked.
Mina just nodded smiling seeing his smile.
He then gave Fuzz a bronze charm. Finally for Lee-Roy he threw him a pair of gullets and a quick punch to the face.
"You had a bug on you." He lied.
He then slowly started to walk away.

"….Well that was nice for him to do that." Eva remarked.
"Now go!" Zero said as everyone started to ride the caravans. Lan, and Holly felt a pillow move next them. What popped out was none other then Ten-Ten she waved a blew a kiss.
"Bye Dad! Tell Momma I love her." She said.
"TEN-TEN!?" Tim yelled.
"Ten-Ten?" Everyone in Sora's caravan asked while Cap made the caravan go faster causing them to get farther away from the village. The red headed Lilty girl was giggling like crazy.
Tim on the other hand stood there boiling with rage. The two yukes quickly subspaced as far away from him as possible. The old man quickly huffed away.
The crimson blacksmith yelled out a roar that could be heard from Sora's Caravan. Ten-Ten was just giggling while Sora, Holly and Lan looked at her.
"Ten-Ten….what are you doing here?" Lan asked worried.
"What not happy to see me Lany?" Ten-Ten asked.
"Well no I'm actually glad to see you, but why are you in the caravan!? It's too dangerous!" Lan said.
"Lanydx is right we should return you home. Your father didn't want you here, and it won't be safe." Holly said agreeing with Lan.
"But, but, but I wanted to help too, and you and Mina would be gone! And and and I'd be all alone and bored!" The Lilty girl whined while make fake tears.
The Crystal Bearer panicked.
"Ah no don't cry Ten-Ten! It's just that..well you don't know anything that can protect you. I don't want you to get hurt." Lan said while hugging her.
"To be fair, we are as Mr.Zero calls it "green", but still we are worried about your safety.
"Don't make me go back guys, I tired of being a maid. It sucks and….I just don't wanna do anymore…It's not fun." Ten-Ten.
"……Well." Holly muttered not sure what say.
Sora just grinned.
"Hey guys don't worry about it. We'll just teach TT some new stuff and she'll be ready to beat baddies in no time. Also TT don't worry about Lee-Roy's sister bugging you anymore..Lan took care of her." Sora said.
The lilty looked at her cousin with stars in her eyes.
"Really?" She asked.
Lan just rubbed his head embarrassed.
"Well..I maybe." Lan mumbled.
"What did you do?" Holly asked.
"Er…well, ya know that big tree?" The crystal Bearer asked.
However all four the them were quickly thrown out of the Caravan by Cap forcing the beast to stop. He grinned at them all.
"Here we are Goblin Wall! Home of Goblins and other nasty things! We got a Myrrh Tree to collect ,and I think I left my old pair of boots somewhere in there. Not that matters cause they wouldn't fit me." Cap said to everyone.
"Huh?" Sora and Ten-Ten said.
"Cap I believe you should slow down when you speak." Holly suggested.
"No time! Onward!" Cap yelled while pulling out his sword, and charged into the dark cave, however he was being pulled in place by one of Lanydx's gravity orbs.
"Let's get ready first." soar said as the other started to form sweat drops behind their heads..
Holly quickly got her staff. Lan pulled out his Caster gun and put on his new shield. Cap already had his sword. While Sora summoned his Keyblade. Ten-Ten nearly jumped up and down.
"What do I get?" Ten-Ten asked.
Lan gave her the Chalice, which caused her to frown.
"Hey you get the most important job of all. You protect Master Sora, Holly and Cap cause he can die from the Miasma." Lan said.
"That's a blunt way of saying it." soar thought a little freaked out.
"Really you gave me the most important job of all?" Ten-Ten asked.
He nodded.
She then hugged him even tighter causing him to smile even more.
"Sora, Sora can you hear me?" L's voice said in Sora's head.
"L?" Sora thought.
"Yeah I was wondering is Ten-Ten with you." He asked.
"….Um, would you be mad if I said yes?" Sora asked.
"Well I wouldn't but Tim is currently bashing my head in dirt so if you could bring her back home that would be great." L said.
Sora then got a Roxas and Xion idea.
"Ok L I'll totally-click llaalalalllaaaaallaaaaaaaa." Sora said imitating a phone hanging up.

"He-he hung up on me! I didn't even know you could do that!" L thought in Sora's head leaving, while Sora was laughing his head off.
"Something funny Master Sora." The summoner asked.
"I'll tell you later, right now lets go." Sora said.
"FINALLY!" Cap yelled while running at high speed.
The four followed him in a dark, damp, cave littered with bones, and filled to the brink with club, sword and lance carrying goblins with one thing one their minds. To kill!
End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
Cap is just so freakin awesome and hilarious. Such a nice kid. That phone call with L was just as hilarious. xD Sora intimating a phone hang up was awesomesauce. Ten-Ten sure is persistent. Lee-Roy...I have the feeling he kinda likes Mina. I don't know why but I do. It'd be hysterical if they end up together someday. Soda freaking out over the misasma is kinda interesting so to speak. I wonder how well Ten-Ten will do with the chalice. Zero does not like to be kept waiting and surprisingly pushy. It was good seeing Lee-Roy's sister being dealt with too. Another fantastic chapter Lan. I look forward to their time at the Goblin Wall.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 24: Crowning the Goblin King.

"RUUNNNN!" Cap screamed. The new Tipa Caravan who had only been in Goblin's Wall for about five minutes, and already they were in trouble. Bomb trouble that is. The young Lilty girl looked behind her, to find nine glowing flaming orbs with demonic eyes and a sharp toothed grin. They all could hear beeping, which to Cap and Sora was why they were running in the dim cave.
Sora then got an idea.

"Lan, use your powers to push them away from us." He ordered.

The boy nodded his head, and focused his gravity energy on the exploding monsters. Now forcing them to be far from them all, as they blew up. Sadly Lan didn't know about the distance and group still got a blast into a wall, however Lan used his shield to protect Ten-Ten, and his own body to shield Holly. Sora put on his armor, and grabbed Cap for the same kind protection. soar blinked, feeling himself embedded between a few rocks, with a rusted lamp on his head. He quickly with Cap got himself out he then pulled out Holy, who was healing herself. The Cids were next, first came out Ten-Ten, then Lanydx…who looked rather dizzy.

"Lany, are you okay? Speak to me Lany!" Ten-Ten cried while shaking her cousin like a rag doll.
"Pancakes? Sure, I'd love some!" The Crystal Bearer mumbled as Ten-Ten shook him some more.
Sora then scanned the dim cave to find, a many pairs of glowing red eyes.
"Kill, kill, kill!" The Goblin's screamed with glee.

The Keyblade Wielder summoned his weapon of choice and yelled out.
"Flare!" He cried as a ball of light breasted out of the tip of his Keyblade, being shot out into the air, expanding illuminating the area, and blinding the small horde of goblins. Many were a green and red skinned, with fangs soaked red. They were carrying swords, wooden clubs, and lances. Cap pulled out his sword, while Holly held on to her staff. In a panic the girl quickly yelled out a spell she learned from Kairi.

"Fire!" She yelled. A small fireball was shot out of her staff, it fired at the goblins, however her spell missed and hit a wall. The goblins looked at the summoner girl and laughed, but then quickly charged.
"Blizardaga!" Sora yelled freezing a few Goblins while beating the heck out of a few more.
Cap was dodging and cutting a few in two. Ten-Ten was doing her best not to get killed. Holly kept trying to cast water, but sadly she is a terrible shot. She even hit Lan across the face, which did hurt him, however it got him out his daze. He quickly scooped Ten-Ten up and up put her on over his shoulders, and fired magic with his caster gun. A few goblins had manage to get behind the boy, try to hit him over the head. Ten-Ten stopped that attack by hitting them over the head with the chalice. A first for everyone. Cap, in spite of many cuts and wounds had ended the goblins that Sora, and Lan didn't get.
After Holly and Sora healing everyone. Ten-Ten looked more tired then the rest

"Yikes….that was kinda scary." She said.

Sora took off his helmet and smiled.

"Lan, go with Cap and check out the area for more bad guys okay? Just don't get caught." Sora said.

"Recon, righty Sora boss. Be back soon!" Cap said.

Lan just nodded making the barrier for the two of them however he was having a hard time catching up with the hyper clavat boy.

"Okay girls…I'm gonna teach Ten-Ten some alchemy, and Holly I'm gonna teach you how to aim." Sora said.

Holly blushed while Ten-Ten was jumping up and down.

"Wait you know alchemy Master Sora?" Ten-Ten asked.

"Yeah I had a good teacher. Now this will be a quick lesson." He said thinking of Mr.Elric.

Cap and Lan were busy dashing around. However the lack of light was making things hard for the two.

"Hey, hey hey Lan, why don't you use your crystal to brighten the place up?" Cap asked.

The boy looked at him confused.

"Huh?"Lan said.

Cap then stopped moving, however he was jumping up and down lightly.

"Oh Yeah Big Boss and Taumiu were too hammered and Raiden was on a recon mission to tell you, but Crystal Bearers can be like fireflies and glow in the dark." Cap stated.

"Really, how?" Lan asked

"You just got to think about it. That's how Raiden and Fi found out." He said.

Lan focused on what Cap had just said. The Crystal Bearer shook his head, seeing a pair of red eyes. Lan quickly pulled out his gun and shot out a thunder spell, shocking the monster. Cap then grinned.

"Hey, hey, hey you got it man!" Cap said pointing at the mid bit of blue light.

"Oh really cool." Lan said smiling.

The two kept going for what seemed like hours. Seeing small fire places, bones, rusted cages, and chains…which was giving Lan a horrible, and familiar sense of flashback. They looked to find more Goblins and bigger looking ones with large whips. Lan on a panic quickly pulled on his shield and threw it at them, like a disk. it hit the smaller goblin, while he used his powers to return it to him. Cap was taking care of a few others with his sword. Lan fired a few thunders at the larger ones. Then the boy got trigger happy, sadly he had then fired green shots..

"Ah Lan, no your healing them!" Cap yelled.

"Ah oh no!" Lan yelled seeing the goblins getting up now fully healed.

"Um…run away?" Lan asked, seeing they were outnumbered.

Cap quickly grabbed The crystal Bearer and ran back to Sora, not remembering that they were being chased.

Ten-Ten was panting with sweat, however like Sora she was all smiles.

"I think you got it…or at least better then Holly." Sora said.

"I'm sorry!" Holly cried while bowing her head in shame.

"Hey it's cool…wait what's that sound?" Sora asked.

The three heard Cap and Lan's screaming as a horde of goblins were chasing them.

"Master Sora…is that what Cap's recon…looks like?" Holly asked

"No..not really." Sora stated.

Ten-Ten then got an idea.

"Lany jump, and stick to the ceiling!" She yelled.

Lanydx quick did as she said. The Lilty girl quickly drew three circles. She clapped her hands together as sparks bursted from the circles on the ground turning the hard oddly metal ground into three giant cannons. With a smile on Ten-Ten's face, and the goblins looking confused as they stopped running toward her, she fired the new cannons. Blowing the monsters up and shocking Cap and Lan as well.

"Whoopies I think I may have overdone it!" Ten--Ten said.

"wow, that was like, super awesome! Ten-Ten you are like awesome! Just wow, wow wow!" Cap said making her blush.

"Your amazing Ten-Ten." Lan said.

"Aw thanks Capy, Lany. I guess we should keep going now?" Ten-Ten said.

"Um, yes, but maybe we could get to the Mrryth tree faster?" Holly mumbled.

Sora then got an idea. He then summoned his Keyrider. Ten-Ten, Sora, and Cap looked at it with awe, while Holly looked at confused.

"what, what is that Master Sora?" the summoner asked.

"Our short cut!" Sora said.

In the deepest part of Goblin Wall On a throne of skulls there sat The Goblin King. He was looking at a pair of glowing yellow eyes.

"Five Caravaners have entered you domain. You may kill three of them, but the one who bears a key, and the clavat girl are mine…you understand?" Xehanort asked.

The king nodded planning something.

Sora Cap, Lan, and Ten-Ten were having a great time on Sora's Keyrider. Holly sadly felt like she was about to lose her lunch. Ten-Ten in the dark saw something shinny. She kept poking Sora.

"Master Sora, Master Sora Stop! We are gonna miss all the goodies and treasure chests!" Ten-Ten said.
"Huh?"Sora said.

"Please stop, just make it stop." Holly thought.

The Lilty forced Sora to stop, then pointed upward. They all looked up to see a few metal ledges full of treasure chests. Ten-Ten's eyes grew big. She then turned to Lanydx.

"Lany, can you please go up there and get those? They might have stuff we can use, or help pay the debt." Ten-Ten asked.

Lan just grinned.

"Okay let's both go!" Lan said while using his powers to make both of them go up to the ledges.

Wee!" They both said going up.

"Oh could they do that?" Holly asked after she was done throwing up.

"Ah, Holly you okay?" Sora asked.

"I'm well, just please promise you'll go slower please?" She asked while throwing up again.

Meanwhile on top of the ledges Ten-Ten and Lan were fighting off a few bombs.

"AH Shoot them! Shoot Lany!" Ten-Ten yelled.

Lanydx shot out a few thunder shots, however he heard the empty clicking from his gun. He then threw his shield at the bombs making them explode, Ten-Ten quickly made a shield to protect the two.

"You okay Ten-Ten?" Lan asked.

"Uh huh." She said.

"Okay now let's get the loot." He said seeing her grin.

The two quickly opened up the chests. Lan found a bag full of multicolored magi, which he used to to reload his gun. Ten-Ten found a a bag of gill, and a sliver lance. After that, Ten-Ten pulled out one last thing. A bronze metal heart, that had moogle on top of it. Lan then found something he wasn't expecting to see. He found a crystal sword. It was long and heavy, but he used his powers to lift it. He then found one last thing in the chest. I was a bright blue dress. Ten-Ten was all smiles.

"Oh wow, Lany, nice find. We could sell the sword. Oh wow that dress…looks really nice." Ten-Ten said.
"Um, yeah. i wanna give it to Holly as a gift." He muttered.

The Lilty rubbed her head on his side.

"Aw, Lany loves Holly, Holly loves Lany!"She chanted.

"AH Ten-Ten….I what? Ten-Ten…it's not like that." He asked blushing.

"Oh really, then why did you kiss her at the play…when the script didn't tell you to." Ten-Ten slyly.
Lan's face was now as red as Ten-Ten's hair.

"Ten-Ten…please don't say anything! I I just don't know... I how do you..does she…Ummmm-" Not really sure what to say.

"Don't worry I wont' say anything, but we better get going before Master Sora leaves without us." She said.

Nodding the two jumped down, landing next to everyone.

"Hey, hey hey, hey! I guys get good loot?" Cap asked.

"Nice sword." Sora said.

"Yep,and Hoooollly!" Ten-Ten said in a sing song like voice.

"Yes?" The summoner girl said.

"Lany's got something for you." She said giving a light shove to the Crystal Bearer.

Sora caused a fire spell, making the place light up a bit. Showing Lan giving Holly a long, deep blue silk dress with a black pattern over the sleeves. It looked like it would fit her.

"F-For me?" She asked.

He smiled nodding his head. She looked at the dress.

"This reminds me of the kind of dresses..that I used to wear. Mina says they are what royalty wear so why would….did Zero tell him!? Did his Father tell him?!" The summoner thought panicking.

"Why, Why would you give me this?" She asked.

He just smiled again.

"I thought you would like it, and that it would make you happy." He said blushing.

Both blushed while looking at one another. Cap had no idea what was going on, but Ten-Ten and Sora had a clue.

"Well..'it's very pretty. Thank you. First my staff, now this dress…No one's ever really given me gifts before…It's really touching." Holly stated.

"Kiss you dopes!" Ten-Ten thought to herself.

"Okay guys we still have a tree to find. So hope back on." Sora said.

Cap, and Ten-Ten while holding on to the Chalice, got back on the Keyrider, while Lan floated himself and Holly on to it. She just smiled looking at Holly's groaning face.

"Alright let's go!" Sora yelled as the Keyrider went back to speed.

Sora looked ahead to find a large blockade of Goblins, and bombs…..and Heartless. Red eyed shadow heartless.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me Xehanort! Lan, your your gravity powers to throw those rocks at the top of the of roof at those goblins! Ten-Ten, I'm gonna lower you a bit so can use some Alchemy. Holly your a summoner right?" Sora asked.

"Yes." Holly whimpered.

"Give me something flashy I see a room up ahead…might be the boss taking watching over the tree." Sora ordered remembering Zero and L telling him about the larger monsters that would rule over areas like this.

Holly nodded her head, and twirled her staff around trying to imitate the summoner dance on the Keyrider. While Lan ripped out the stalagmites off the ceiling and, threw them like missiles at the bombs, causing a few to explode. Ten-Ten the formed a large, quick row of ground spikes getting rid of a few goblins and the rest of the bombs. However Cap looked to find the heartless were starting to jump for an attack. Holly's staff glowed shooting out the large, flaming bird Valivor. The summon burned every heartless alive in the a blink of an eye.

Sora then pulled out his Keyblade and opened the looked door, in front of them. Sora then grabbed everyone and jumped off the keyrider, after pressing a button making the Keyrider blast a high speed. The boy could feel the miasma, trying to get into his body and kill him. Not used to something likes this, however he felt it pass, thanks to Lanydx's crystal, the Chalice, Holly's staff, and the new crystal sword, which Cap was grabbing on to for dear life. Holly then moved her staff to the door, and the bird followed her command and went it however it spoke to Holly.

"My sister's tree is, in the door's left. side." He said.

The Goblin King looked to see his door being blasted open by the Keyrider. Then the large bird showed up, burning the king's guards, sadly for our heroes the bird vanished. The Goblin King casted a spell.

"Miasma wave!" It spoke.

Sora saw the wave then pulled out Kingdom Key and shot out a spell.

"Protect!" Sora said as a large barrier protecting them from the spell.

Holly said. "I know where the Myrrh Tree is. Master Sora can you, and Cap keep that monster distracted?" She asked.
Sora and Cap nodded.

"Then….Lan-Lanydx, and Ten-Ten….You are with me." Holly said trying her best to sound like she was taking charge.

With both spells gone Sora, and Cap lunged at the Goblin King. Sora had made the shadow clones, confusing both Cap and the King. The monster quickly blocked Sora, and Cap's attacks. Lan, Ten-Ten, and Holly quickly ran. Holly and Ten-Ten watched the chalice glow, acting like a compass to the tree in the dark. However they didn't know a pair of yellow eyes were watching them in the darkness.

Sora and Cap quickly dodged this goblin's fire spells. Whenever Sora tired to shoot blizzards, fire and thunder, it would just teleport away a fire another spell that the two had to dodge. Unfortunately Sora's left leg was caught in his own blizzard spell, thanks to The Goblin King's reflect. He quickly used fire to free himself and casting protect again for the two.

"Okay I got…a Braig and Malificent type of fighter. If only I could get a good shot it, but the thing keeps moving around! I can't use anymore clones cause it'll drain my magic. Think Sora ,think! Come on you Xehanort for crying out…I got it!" He thought.

"Cap I need you to keep hitting it whenever it shows up okay?" He asked.

Cap kept nodding his head. One the king returned Cap ran as a very strange high speed. The Goblin King had seen many lose energy at this time, making them easier to deal with. More killable. However he noticed a red and blue star on this clavat's jacket. This one was apart of the mix pack, the roaming craven under the command of a demon..or at least that's what the rumors among monsters were these days. The boy kept trying to hit the king, yet he vanished. Still Cap was like a dog and overtime the monster showed up, he was right there to attack.
Sora was studying the king's teleporting pattern, while building up his magic for one heck of a spell. After The King unknowably put him self in the same teleporting spot. Sora yelled.

"Cap get down!"

Cap followed the order, and as The King reappeared, about to cast another poison attack only to be blasted to hell and back by Sora's who's keyblade tip shot out a massive, white and blue disk, and the Goblin King was in the middle of it. It was cutting him into ribbons with painful light swords and wind.
"AARRRRHHHGGGG!" The King cried as he vanished into nothing.
Sora then dropped to the ground, as Cap looked at him in awe.

"Wow! Master Sora…THAT WAS AWESOME! WHAT WAS THAT!?" He cried.
Sora rubbed the back of his head, with his hand.

"Well I don't know I haven't really given it a name. It's a mix of a super spell my friend Ven made." Sora admitted thinking of his friend/former bodymate.

"Cool cool cool cool cool!" Cap said jumping up and down.

"Man this guy's like Roxas and Xion on a sugar high…"Sora thought.

He then pulled out his cell phone, and quickly called a number.

"What did you you two do?" He asked.

"Don't give me that! You guys did something didn't you!?" Sora yelled.

"….Oh Wait, you dyed Master Aqua's hair..pink in her sleep?! Wow….hhahahaha oh she's gonna kill you. Later Roxas, bye Xion, say hi to Mom for me if you live." Sora said as he heard Master Aqua yelling and screaming from the phone.

Cap just looked at him confused.

"Had to check on my siblings." He said.

"AAAAHHHH!" They heard Lan, Ten-Ten, and Holly scream.

Cap and Sora ran to where the others went to, only for them to be almost ran over, by Lan, Holly and Ten-Ten, with one third of the chalice full, and were on a long, sleek, black motorbike.

"WWAAAHHH Slow down!" Holly cried.

"No, faster!" Lan and Ten-Ten yelled.

The bike stopped giving a low horse whiney. Sora then got happy memories of a hooded woman wearing a yellow cat mask.

"New summon?" Sora asked.

"Yes…." Holly mumbled while jumping off the bike.

"Good to see you again girl." Sora said while patting the bike.
Everyone looked at him oddly.

"It's good, to see as well tailed beast!" Another voice said.

Lan, Holly, Sora, and Cap looked at the voice wide eyed.

"Oh and Tipa Caravan….last time Big Boss got in my way…this time…your mine." The voice said from the shadows. Showing the Black Knight.

End of chapter.
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Sep 25, 2010
Oh my, the Black Knight has returned once again! It was really nice getting to see Holly try to take charge and wow, did ten-ten pull off some awesome moves with alchemy. So, Master Xehanort makes a cameo finally in this. That's cool. Hmm, feels like there's a hint of foreshadowing in this. How old is Cap btw?

How did Sora know Roxas and Xion did something they weren't suppose to? Was it like a vibe or some sort of intuition?

Good chapter, Lan. :D

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Yep he's back hopefully the team can take him. Well yeah I'm glad too and Ten-Ten has been studying alchemy for a long while. Well he did make a small cameo in chapter 10 I think. Cap is 13 same age as Lan and Ten-Ten. As for sora he just had a feeling.

Thank you I aim to please.
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