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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Funk

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Sep 25, 2010
It's been so looong~ since I've readed this! I feel like I've been reunited with an old friend lol. Still hate Iblius with all my guts, wants to kick him in the shins among a few other places that would hurt. See some new faces in here too. lol Zero had a few drinking buddies, didn't know that. So seven whole years he's been planning this day, reminds me a bit of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood sort of when they gathered together in the end. Wonder what it was that doctor happened to see with Fuzz? And I'm equally as surprised as Zero with Holly being a summoner. Lastly that was unexpected, Lanydx asking Holly to stay with him. Kids got some guts hope it works out for him xD I look forward to seeing more updates now!


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Aug 23, 2011
It's good to see you update this again Lan! Good job.

Okay, gonna be nitpicky editor right now. There were a couple of times you used the word down when I think you ment done. Saw that a couple of times in the begining.
This line: He suffered attacks like this before but never had the cat talked! He violently shook Lucy off, sending her to a wall.

I'd have to re-read to see if there's anymore. But still, great job and good to see you back at it Lan.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 16: Setting moon, Raising Sun. (Part 2.)

Mina Hawking had a knot in her stomach. As she walked with her Keyblade in hand, while walking with the rest of the Renegades of Funk, felt a fix of worry and eagerness.

The older Selkie Woman Taumiu could see this in her eyes.

"Hey don't worry, everything is gonna be fine. We'll get your friend and, give the bad guy a nice, long overdue whooping!" Taumiu said with some bloodlust in her eyes.

Mina still had some worry in her.

"Would it make you feel better that this isn't the first dictator we had to overthrow?" Taumiu asked.

"Kinda, I'm also wondering how Lan's doing in the box?" Mina said thinking about it.

The two woman noticed a large box being carried by a few lilties and Fuzz hovering over it.

"How are you holding up Kupo?" Fuzz asked Lan.

"This is actually, pretty nice. It's like I was meant to be in this box." Lan stated enjoying the box.

"I can tell I'm gonna like this kid." Taumiu thought.

Zero and Eva were at the head of the group. Eva was carrying the Chalice full of Mrryth.

"Okay Eva, I know you wanted to do this but do you really think Holly's gonna be able to decryastalize all the people in the Church's basement? I mean can Summoners even do that?" Zero asked.

"I've seen it done before John. While I was time jumping in Subspace, I met a young girl named Yuna who could summon and decrystalize most um,human people trapped." Eva stated.

"You also said you met the Red headed Princess in L's story. Zero said still disbelieving.

"Her name was Kairi, and yes I did. Sora, and Riku too. Don't worry this will work." Eva stated.

"Okay then, get ready to go." Zero ordered while giving Eva a kiss on her helmet.

Lee-Roy, tapped Mina on her leg.

"Hey, Mina…I'm sorry about what I said before. You're not a Selkie." Lee-Roy said.

"Yes I am. I am a Selkie!" Mina stated.

"No, no don't be so hard on yourself." Lee-Roy said with smirk.

Mina scowled at him.

"Oh just get out of here, and go save your mom you crybaby." Mina yelled now smirking.

Lee-Roy's color went pale, he then got angry and started to attack Lan's box.

"You told her! I'll kill you Crystal Bearer! Then I'll bring to life, and kill you again!" The rich boy screamed in a rage while being pulled away by Holly and Fuzz.

"Sorry bud, I'm easily bought by cake." Lan muttered smirking while safe in his box.

"He's learning Kupo." Fuzz thought.

"Fine Lan, but when you fight Ibluis, you had better be alive so I can kick you're ass myself! That goes for you too Mina!" Lee-Roy screamed at both of them. Walking to Eva.

Holly gave Mina a quick hug, and whispered into Lan's box.

"Good luck." Holly said kissing the box where Lan's voice had been.

Mina could hear Lan fainting as Fuzz flew to Holly and Lee-Roy.

"Everyone in Eva's troop, get to her. Everyone else stay with me." Zero ordered.

Half of the group had vanished into Subspace while the other half were getting closer to the Village of Tipa. The Village's gates were being watched by two Yuke guards. They saw the large gang of misfits, and went for their hammers. Zero snapped his fingers and ten arrows were shot into their bodies.
Zero then slashed the gate open with his sword, then turning to his army.

"Okay someone give me Lan, and Mina you're coming with me. The rest of you, when you see the signal…..Well you know what to do." Zero said hearing a few giggles and fist crackings.

Mina got close to Zero and held on to Lan's box. Zero then snapped his fingers and sent the rest of the troops into the four parts of the village by Subsapce.

Taumiu was the first to jump out. She along with Dr. Fazzar. She could see tons brainwashed Clavats and Yukes minions grading the Crystal in the Yuke distract. She could spot Cap and Fi with the Chalice a few blocks from her. She quickly whispered her plan the the doctor.

"Are you sure that's wise?" He asked.

Taumiu gave him cat-like grin.

"Doc did you forget we have Bow-snipers on your people's towers? Oh course this will work." She said.

"Fine, and they aren't my people." Dr. Fazzar muttered.

He threw a rock to get their attention.

"Oh boys…look what I found." The Yuke stated while having an arm on Taumiu.

"Where yo money at?" She asked.

The troops that had seen the two ran to arrest them both, when no short of fifty arrows went into their backs. The first wave dropped dead. The second wave wasn't sure what was going on, could see the Red headed Selkie shooting fire out of her hands. Burning quite a few of them. The ones that got away were running screaming their heads off. That was quickly ended buy a dozen arrows in the back of the head.

Cap and Fi seeing that had an opening, ran with the chalice to crystal. What got in their way was a few heartless popping up from the ground. Fi was taken aback by this but Cap pulled out his long green sword and dashed into battle. Cap's fighting style was random and quick. He made some random blows and after a many quick strikes, he finally landed a hit on the Shadow sending more to take it's place. Cap passed the chalice over to Fi.

"Go on Fi, I got this. Big Boss and everyone else is counting on you." Cap said in an even faster has he was saving his breath keeping the Heartless at bay.

The Mute Selkie nodded understanding this, running even faster to the crystal. Her own crystal on her chest started to form a myrrh bubble as the miasma was starting to close in on the village. A shadow was about to lunge at the girl when it was consumed by Taumiu's flames. She gave Fi a thumb's up while trying hard not to breathe in the poisonous air.

Fi then finally made it to the village's crystal. It's blue color was starting to fade. The Crystal Bearer took the chalice and poured the water of life onto the Crystal. It shimmered then, glowed, then shot out a beam of light, creating a wave that pushed the miasma and weak heartless away from the village.

Cap had picked himself up off the floor, giving Fi his normal grin. Fi sighed in relief, only to see a large, tall, heartless with a hole in it's chest on the northern side of town. Everyone saw it, and was praying it wasn't looking at them.

"What is that?" The Doctor asked.

"Whatever it is I want to burn it!" Taumiu yelled.

Everyone give her an odd look.

"Okay you're right it's way too big." She muttered.

The Darkside was making it's way to them when it was shot back by a blot of lightning. One of the Bow-snipers could make out what was attacking the beast.

"Ma'am it's Crystal Bearer Raiden!" One yelled at Taumiu.

She gave him the thumbs up.

"Good work Phil." The red head yelled.

"I was wondering when that boy would show up." The Yuke witch doctor thought.

In the Selkie district, The large Darkside had been struck down by another blot of lightning. It's shadow minions were be cut in two by Tararck, Deuna, and a few more clavats. Deuna poisoned them with her iron thread wire, while Tararck slashed the rest with his blade.

On top of a palm tree was a tall, Selkie with blonde long hair that was mostly covered with a yellow night cap. His neck was covered by a yellow scarf, and as for the rest of his getup was a tunic, pants and boots, which were like his cap yellow. He was holding in his hand a large hammer that had a blade at the end of the handle.

"Yo yellow eyes, over here!" Raiden yelled while shooting another lightning blot at the monster.

He dashed on to the heartless's arm, while swinging his hammer, pounding and slashing the large Heartless's arm. It was about to swipe him off it's arm, with it's other arm. Raiden jumped out of the way and jabbed one of the monster's eye with the end of his hammer and blasted it with Thundarja until it exploded. That however didn't go according to plan as he was thrown off. Deuna and Tarark grabbed him before the fall could do any damage to him. The young clavat slashed at the nearby shadows, keeping them away from his wife and friend.

The Heartless was getting annoyed with being poisoned by Deuna's threads. The dredlocked monster was about to punch her to death, but Raiden shot out another Thundarja from his hammer, blasting it into the lake as the heartless was shocked to death. The darkness was washed away showing a large heart floating in the air.

"Well that was fun. Who's next?" Raiden said with laughter in his voice.

"Dear could you check Raiden and make sure he's alright?" Deuna asked.

"Oh course my love." Tararck muttered.

Meanwhile inside the church.

Lee-Roy had stabbed another Lilty guard in the neck. Normally he would have tons of objections to this but he hadn't have the time. His mother, and possibly his father and sister were turned into red crystals. That horrid fate was shared with many others that got in Ibluis's way.

Eva had wrapped her metal fists into the other guard's faces, knocking them out, rather then killing them. For no matter how many times she was faced with war, she could not bring herself to kill another person. The metal yuke had then snapped her fingers causing many other guards to slip into the floor, and vanish. She could see past the dimly lit room to find what she was looking for in this once homely place of worship, turned massively, unbearable prison.

"The people. Now for part two." Eva thought.

Holly and Fuzz were behind Lee-Roy.

Eva pointed at a wooden door. The Moogle then broke it down kicking by, spinning like a top. Lee-Roy was the first to jump into the room, finding what they wanted and yet hating himself for seeing it. It was a long, almost pitch black, hallway of prison cells. The hallway smelt and oozed decay and suffering. The only light was a dim, yet eerie, and unsettling red light coming from the cells. Holly's staff light the the room more so they could see where they were going. The summoner could see in the distance that one of the cells had been open, and started to step towards it. Lee-Roy on the other hand, froze up, afraid of what he might have to see.

Eva pecked into one of the prison cells to see the look of pure horror and suffering on the crystal statue-like prisoner. If she had a real body she would feel it's blood go cold, and her feathers would stand on end.

"Lee-Roy please come, and help me open the cell door." Eva asked.

Lee-Roy had slowly made his way to Eva and helped her pull out the cell bars off his lance. He started to shake and shiver on the next few ones, and soon he found one cell that caused him to do the one thing he didn't do much, cry.

"Mother, Father, Len-Da! Not you too!" Lee-Roy sobbed at his family's terrible state. He could barely stand, using his lance as a crutch.

Fuzz flew to the empty cell, he could tell what this cell had been used for. This was the cell Ten-Ten had been kept in for the past week, and his kupo had half of his life taken away from him. The moogle could see the blood stains on the walls, all the slash marks, and tools of torture. Fuzz couldn't stand to look at it. He kicked the chains off the wall. Made hole everywhere in the cell. In his anger he had also ripped open all the other cell doors in this twisted hallway.

Eva had seen what Fuzz did but right now needed to take care of Lee-Roy. He held him tight, hugging the boy.

"Lee-Roy I know this looks bad, but don't fear. Holly can-no will save your family, and everyone else here." Eva comforted him.

"I will?" Holly asked a little unsure of herself, and seeing Lee-Roy looking at her.

"Yes you will." Said a voice in her head. She also felt the hand of Eva on her shoulder and another hand on her shoulder showing support. Fuzz even rubbed his face on her face.

Holly then took a deep breath.

"Okay everyone, please give me some room." Holly ordered.

She felt the music from the mines play in her head once more. Holly felt the pulse of the village's crystal and the crystal brought over here by the RoF. They were like giant heart beats. She danced in sync with the heart beats that sounded like singing of the angels in Heaven. A warm glow bursted out from her.

The glow became a strong light. She danced in circles around the light as if she was walking on water. Eva could feel her Crystal bathing in this light and making it's own. Holly at first thought of flames, thinking of the bird, but then heard waves….sound waves. As the light grew more powerful The red crystals started to pill off, and shatter. One by one, everyone cursed into the horrible state of being a red crystal had become clean of it, and reborn anew. Pasted out but reborn anew.

Holly had stopped dancing as she had been given her new summon in her arms. Lee-Roy and Fuzz didn't know who he was but he was a summon Eva knew all too well.

"Welcome back to the land of the living my old friend." She said the black, small, and furry summon.

"I'm glad to see you too Eva, I wish I could have picked my body but I did kinda cheat at the game. So it will do….I guess." The summon spoke.

The Yuke woman picked her old friend up.

"Well I must say, you match your wife. You cute kitty." Eva snickered while petting him.

"Careful I bite." He muttered playfully.

Soon the cat was given a cold chill down his spine.

"Eva, get Summoner Mel-I mean Holly outside! You guys need to handle the people down here!" He ordered.

"Why what's going on?"Eva asked.

Suddenly shadows started to appear in the hallway.

"Those things from the Miasma stream?!" Lee-Roy asked picking up his lance.

The cat screamed out a horrid moaning that sent the heartless flying into the wall.

"Eva, we can stop this but you need to get us out here now!" The cat ordered.

Eva snapped her fingers and sent Holly and the new summon out of the church.

"Um, who was that kupo?" Fuzz asked.

Eva seeing the Heartless starting to get up, from the attack.

"Talk later, fight now!" Eva said.

The three got ready for the wave, not willing to have the people harmed.

"After this, Father better think of me as a man!" Lee-Roy thought.

Meanwhile in Subspace.

"Okay, everyone ready?" Zero asked.

"I'm ready!" Mina said, holding on to her Keyblade tight.

"Lan?" Mina asked feeling the box start to move.

"As soon as I open the box Lan, let it all out!" Zero ordered.

The two saw the end of the end of the subspace tunnel, and reformed behind the Church's door. Where everyone in the village was being held as a captive viewers for Ibluis's sick ritual.
Ibluis was about to end Ten-Ten's life, when Mina's Keyblade cut the rope around the young Lilty girl's neck. The young trainee caught her backed out friend.

Ibluis was too stunned say anything, then he looked at Zero in horror.

"Hey everyone, guess who's back?" Zero asked.

Mina saw the all the men, woman, and children from all the tribes looking at her shocked. She saw Tim, and Tabby Cid chained together. They had tears of sorrow and now, joy. Mina then looked at a small white cat who looked relived despite having two of her paws broken.

Zero on the other hand was only looking at the horrified look in Ibluis's eyes, and man was he enjoying it.

"How are you still alive?" Ibluis gasped.

Zero could see a few of the old man's lackeys about to attack, he swiftly pulled out his blade, twirled it in a circle cutting their necks killing them. He then pointed the sword at Ibluis neck.

"Cause God ordered me to give you a long, overdo, painful beating, for all the bulls**t you pulled.
You lied to my endlessly forgiving friend, hired a hit man to kill him, and my other good friend, his wife. Turned said friend into a small cat. Took money from the poor and the church to fund your hit man's takeover of another kingdom. Killed my friend, and framed his six year old son for it, also locked him up and did unspeakable things to the poor kid for seven years! Turned anyone that was against you into a red crystal, including another good friend of mine Hell you've caused so much pain for so many people, this rant doesn't begin to cover it! " Zero ranted.

"You have no proof I-" Ibluis was about to say when Mina threw her Keyblade at him.

"SHUT YOUR LYING MOUTH!" Mina screamed.

"You oppressed my people, had everyone turn on each other, hurt my best friend, and now you were going to kill everyone in the village for your evil god! You sick, evil, monster!" Mina yelled.

Ibluis couldn't help but chuckle right now, even in the face of his own death.

"So what if I did? I have power you couldn't possibly hope to beat. Do you really think you can stop me?" Ibluis asked.

He looked at the sky with the moon facing him blood red.
His body was starting to smoke out darkness. His eyes were now glowing bright red, then yellow.

"The world was made by Miasma, and so it should end by miasma. What right to any of you worthless beings have to question it? Who are any of you to question God?" He said in an eery tone.

The people backed away, since most of the adults remembering what the Yuke was about to do. Mina started to back away, but Zero kept her in place. The black, purple smoke was closing in on the town, red crystals were starting to form. Everything became red. The villager's were starting to lose air, some dropped to the ground gasping for it. Everyone started to panic, as painful red crystals started to form on their skin, and cover their bodies. Even Mina and Zero were starting to have them. Mina franticly ripped off the reforming red crystals that felt like a thousand leeches going into her and Ten-Ten's body.

" HA HA HA HA! Yes die, all of you will die! When the Moon is full…" Ibluis started to chant.

Zero and Ibluis both heard three strike of lightning and saw a powerful glow from the church.

"Yeah yeah but the only blood that;s gonna boil is your's." Zero muttered as he kicked the box to Ibluis's feet.

"What is this?" Ibluis asked.

What blasted out of the box was a very angry Lanydx. His eyes only looked that the old man with pure, hate. Ibluis's eyes only now had fear in them. He was slowly being lifted up in the air by Lan's power.

"IBLUIS!" Lan screamed.

"You're doom!" Zero muttered as he toasted to Ibluis's defeat with rum.

Lan threw Ibluis up in the air and then shot himself like a rocket. He pulled out his Caster gun and shot out a large Firrega at the Yuke, nearly burning him alive. Lan then threw Ibluis into the roof of the church. The boy then grabbed a hold of The Moon minister's head and threw him like a bowling ball, ripping apart the tile, and Ibluis's mask. Lan then high kicked The old man in the face, shooting him into the air again. He thrusted himself off the roof and landed six powerful punches by adjusting the gravity of his hands to land on Ibluis. That last attack sent old man down to the ground, but he was quickly picked up Lan.

The Crystal Bearer grabbed a hold of the Yuke's neck, lifted the Church's bell tower from the rest of the building which caused much gasping. He'd held it like a baseball bat, threw Ibluis into the air and, swung the old Yuke, smashing a few of his ribs, breaking his arm, and sending him flying to the end of the village. The Crystal Bearer wanting to finish the job flew after him in a blood rage. The one-sided beat down, was terrifying and awe inspiring.

Zero and Mina were busy enjoying what Lan was doing, but. n the conner of Zero's eye, he could see a shadowy creature starting to form.

"Mina, Keyblade now!" Zero yelled slashing his sword at the shadow.

Soon more, and more shadows started to form all over the town. The villagers without weapons ran as fast as they could to get away from the fighting. Mina grabbed Ten-Ten, and the cat, quickly started to slash away at the Heartless. Zero ran to the Cids and cut their chains. He tossed Tabby a pair of gloves. She quickly put them on.

"Time for the Cheery Alchemist to work her magic!" Tabby yelled with a devilish grin.

The mother looked at the Heartless and to Mina, and Tim's surprise she clapped her hands, causing the ground to shake and what replaced it was a large, cartoonish, cannon. The Heartless and her loved ones were close to wetting themselves, as she fired blasting the heartless and smashing the hanging platform, and the church's door.

Tabby then hugged both Mina, and Ten-Ten who was wide awake.

"My girls! I'll never let you out my arms again!" Tabby said.

"Glad to see you too Tabby." Mina said.

"Momma, Mina, Auntie!" Ten-Ten whispered.

Tim and Tabby hugged their daughter, happy to be back together.

Zero, while holding on to Lucy, petting her. The two could see tons of people coming out the the church, some RoF members that Eva got to help out the people. Other members from the village grabbed hold of their family members and neighbors. Mina managed to find tons of Selkies but found the ones she had been looking for.

She found a blonde, older, rounder Selkie woman wearing a plain brown fur dress. A blue haired little boy at the age of six wearing a plain tunic. Finally a blonde teenage selkie girl wearing a fur top and short miniskirt.

"Mom, Miles, Madison!" Mina cheered as she hugged her family.

"Mina, thank you so much! I'm so proud of you!" Her mother spoke with tears in her eyes.

Zero could almost cry, he even saw Lee-Roy reuniting with his parents and sister.

"John!" Eva yelled as she came out of the church, hugging him.

Fuzz was being held on to a young Purpled haired Selkie woman, her green eyes looked baggy and tired. She was dressed in monk robes.

"Right this way Miss Shi-Ki, oh I guess she's napping. Hey Mr. Zero, where's Kupo at?" Fuzz asked as the Persist fell into sleep.

Big Boss then remembered what was still happening and broke away from Eva's warm metal body.

Oh crap the kid!" Zero yelled as grabbed his sword, vanishing into Subspace, as Lucy followed him.

Meanwhile at the edge of the village.

Ibluis was a bloody mess. Most of his ribs were broken, he was bleeding from the inside out, his right arm was broken, and both of his feet were crushed. It would be safe to say the yuke would be dead if not for all the years of robbing children of their souls and eating them to gain their life force. He could see Lan slowly floating down to him, aiming his caster gun at him. The old man still had one trick up his sleeve. With his working arm he pulled out a very familiar looking flute, only to have Lanydx yank it from his hand, and smashed it between two large rocks.

"Please don't kill me boy!" The old man begged.

"You hurt me, all my life! Hurt my family! Made me think I killed Ten-Ten! Hurt Ten-Ten and were going to kill everyone! You should die before you hurt anyone else!" Lan yelled.

"No, don't kill me!" The old man screamed.

Holly and her new summon reappeared a few minutes away from Lanydx and Ibluis. Holly could hear Lan's gun charging.

"Lanydx No!" Holly screamed afraid of what he might become after this.

Lanydx fired the gun, but didn't kill Ibluis.

"Still, God said not to kill." Lan muttered.

"Oh thank God." Was what Holly was thinking.

"Oh bless you boy! You are your father and mother's child!" Ibluis said bowing

Just get out of here! Don't ever come back and repent for what you have done!" He ordered as Holly gave the old man an ugly scowl. Her summon was even growing at him.

The former High minster slowly picked himself up.

"Very well Crystal Bearer. I shall leave." Ibluis stated as he slowly started to walk away giving Lanydx and Holly the chance to do the same.

"As soon as I rip out your heart, like I should have done years ago!" He yelled as he yanked out a whip from out of nowhere, choking the poor boy.

Holly was about to aid her friend when the old yuke shot out a beam of darkness that was pulling her in. She looked at her summon pleading for help. The summon changed into a man. A man wearing an orange and black ninja robe. He wore the same headband as Lan. In fact you would think this man was an older Lanydx. He pulled out a blade from his wrist, and stabbed the terminator in the neck.

"My son gave you life, and now I'm taking it from you. Enjoy Hell." He said.

Zero and Lucy reappeared to find Ibluis dead, Holly asleep hugging a past out Lan, and…

"L?" Lucy asked.

"Lucy…my God I'm so glad to see you!" The man said as he changed back into a cat.

"L!" Lucy yelled.

The two cats ran toward eachother, rubbing and licking one another.

"What took you so long you big cry baby!" Lucy yelled with tears in her eyes.

"I got held up, and your crying too!" L said trying to hold the tears in his own eye.

The two kept licking eachother, while Zero grabbed ahold of the two clavat kids. He could see the sun was coming up.

"Finally…a day without war. A day where loved ones can love each other, and where we can build our future a new. God bless with crystal in hand." Was what Zero thought was he brought the Cid family together, and enjoy the warm sun. He could hear the chants and praise for his army. He had saved his home….Yeah well worth the wait.

End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
This was FANTASTIC! I'm so happy right now! Everyone is saved and Ibluis was put in his place by L! (was glad Lan didn't give him the final blow but was thrilled to see Ibluis beated to a pulp). Was surprised that it was Lan coming out of the box interrupting Ibluis too. Glad L was reunited with Lucy after all this time. Was amazing Lan. Will there be one more? Like an epilogue? Or do they still have to deal with Braig?

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Well the story is not over yet. Braig and MX are still on the loose and Sora, Riku, and Kairi have yet to show up.
Sep 19, 2011
In the great wide somewhere~
*sigh* Finally all caught up on this!

I loved your characters, La, they were pretty well rounded. And Lee-roy and Lan especially had some good character development. Your descriptions were good as well, and I love the plot itself. There were some grammatical errors and typos, but overall this was a great story. I was so glad when Iblius finally got what was coming to him. And that was a great quote to end the story with. And yay for kitty love~<3

Well the story is not over yet. Braig and MX are still on the loose and Sora, Riku, and Kairi have yet to show up.

*Uncontrollable Fangirling* *U*

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
I'm glad you liked it Mega. Yep the story is only half over. Also I was going to have only Sora show up, but I had a few other ideas...Each master gets someone to teach.....

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 17: Home Sweet Home.

Young Holly had finally woken up from her sleep. Her eyes could see two cats one black and the other white, sleeping on top of her. L and Lucy together at long last. She moved to the left to see her friend. Lanydx Cid sleeping peaceful while hugging her. Also on top his head was the Crystal Bearer's best friend Fuzz Moogle. To her right she could see her other friend Mina Hawking sleeping with her best friend and Lan's cousin Ten-Ten Cid. She was right what happened yesterday really did happen. She, the run away princess of Alfitaria was now in the house of common folk, and she never felt more at home.

The Young Summoner, dressed in a white night gown, slowly got herself out of bed, without waking everyone else. She could smell something cooking. Holly quietly opened the door. Leaving the plain brown room into another room but painted bright orange, and purple. She could see a fireplace with the Lilty crest on top of it, a few more doors, a wooden table with many chairs, and finally a book shelf near a fur rug. The smell came from the kitchen, she took a small peak to see Tabby Cid, wearing a light blue dress, with a white apron who was finished cooking breakfast. The Lilty woman was humming a tune when she saw Holly.

"Oh your up! Well sit down cutie and I'll get breakfast for you. Oh wait I got everyone else up too, silly Tabby." Tabby said with her voice chipper as ever.

" Um, thank you…. Thank you every much Mrs. Cid!. Your so kind to let me stay with you." Holly whispered while bowing.

"Just call me Tabby, pretty please? Mrs. Cid makes me sound like an old lady." The Cheery Alchemist stated.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, please forgive me!" Holly whimpered expecting a beating like the ones she would get from her father.

The lilty woman could see the young girl's stress. Tabby gave her a hug.

"You have nothing to be sorry about. Your okay and safe, no one here will hurt you. Now sit at the table while I get everyone, okay?" She asked looking up to the young summoner.

"Very well, I am just not used to such kindness." Holly admitted while sitting down on a chair.

Tabby looked at the girl smiling.

"Well you better get used to it Holly, cause I don't do mean!" Tabby stated while walking out the kitchen and into the one of the bedrooms.

Holly slowly sat down, only to jump up again when she saw two black and white blurs go from the living room to the table. With Ten-Ten dressed in pink pajama bottoms, Lan wearing his normal red jacket, and Fuzz right behind them. The Black cat was jumping for joy.

"I'm alive! I'm alive! I'm alive I'm alive! Oh thank the lord! Lucy Lan, Tabby, Ten-Ten, Mina, and new people I look forward to knowing I'm alive!" L yelled.

"L! AH!" Lucy screamed.

The black cat grabbed a hold of his wife and danced with her.

"I'm happy too L, but lets get something to eat first." Lucy suggested.

Lan smiled as he sat down. Ten-Ten kept hugging him, while sitting down. Mina took her spot, when she saw Tim Cid slowly come out of Tabby and his room.

"Oh Hi honey! I was just about to get you." Tabby said.

"No need Tabs I was……" Tim stated while stopping in mid sentence, looking at Lanydx, L and Lucy.

"…Oh good morning Lucy, L, boy." Tim said uncomfortably.

"Good morning Uncle." The Crystal Bearer said smiling.

His mother started growling at the blacksmith, but L was able to grab a hold of her.

"Now, now Lu, lets drop the hissy fit and enjoy the tasty meal your sister cooked for us." L said trying to calm his wife down.

Lan, Holly, and Ten-Ten looked at the two cats. Lucy looked at Lan and Ten-Ten, and slowly let go.

"Glad to see you slept well Tim.." Lucy muttered while she started eating.

Everyone was glad their was no big fight.

Mina eat her food, while quickly petting her teacher.

"So L can I ask you a favor?" Tim asked.

"Oh yeah sure, what?" L asked.

" Lord Jenkins, needs me, and Tabby to work today…so could you let after Mina, Ten-Ten, and the boy today?" Tim asked.

"What? Dad, Momma, Why?! Everyone should be having fun!" Ten-Ten protested.

"We are sorry honey, I did want to protest but you know…." Tabby said sadly.

The red headed girl looked a little sad, but quickly gave a smile.

"Okay I understand, plus I'll get to hang out with Mina, Lany, Holly, and Mr. Fuzzy Bottom!" Ten-Ten cheered.

"Mr.Fuzzy Bottom?" Everyone and Fuzz thought.

A few minutes later everyone was out of the Cid home. Tim and Tabby locked the door, and put the key under their mat. Lan and Holly were enjoying the sunshine while Ten-Ten, and Mina were cuddling Fuzz. Lucy and L were talking to the two lilties.

"Now, hopefully we may get off work early. Just make sure Ten-Ten doesn't do anything too crazy, cause you know Zero's RoF are on high alert right now." Tabby said.

"Don't worry, I know how to take care of kids Tabby." L muttered.

"Oh and Big Sister, please don't go and try and kill the Noble families….again." She begged.

"Hmph! They get what's coming to them, but my baby, and niece need me more…..since SOMEONE forced my baby sister into debit!" Lucy yelled at Tim.

" Yeah, away we go!" L said as he grabbed his wife and they walked away hitting the town.

"Hey Mina, why are you so quiet?" Ten-Ten asked.

"Well…this is kinda like a dream, I mean, look at what happened in one day. I'm not sure if this is real." Mina said, while picking up L.

"If this is a dream Mina, then I don't want to wake up." Lan stated.

Lucy jumped into her son's arms.

" I feel the same, but it's real. So don't worry you two." Lucy said.

"So where can we go kupo?" Fuzz asked hovering.

"Well, we could go swimming, or check out the shops or, we could see the others?" Mina suggested.

Lan jumped up and down raising his hand in the air.

"Lan, honey, stop please." Lucy said feeling sick.

He put the cat down.

"I'm sorry Mom, but Mina, I got this….thing. Um what do you call it? A headache with pictures.." Lan said trying to express himself.

"An idea?" Mina said trying to help the Crystal Bearer.

"Yeah that's it. We should go to the pointy things and use a circle thing, that I saw back at the camp and ride it!" Lan said excited.

"Huh?" Mina said.

"Kupo?" Fuzz asked.

"I don't think anyone understands your idea Lanydx." Holly stated.

"Oh I think I know. You want to slide down a tail yuke building, using a shield as a sled." Ten-Ten said.

The Crystal Bearer nodded.

"No." The two cats said.

"Why not?" Lan and Ten-Ten asked.

"It sounds dangerous, you might get hurt." Lucy stated.

"I said no cause your mother said no, and I'm quite scared of what Tabby would do to me if you two got hurt." L added on.

"Aren't you a powerful Clavat? I don't mean to sound rude, but what could Miss Tabby do to you?" Holly asked.

"Let's just say I like my ears attached." L said remembering all the times she yanked his ears.

"Well let's just go to the Selkie District, and go swimming." Mina suggested.

"Alright then, lead the way Mina." L said.

They all started walking. Lan was the slowest to walk, a little sad his idea was shot down. Fuzz hovered with him. The Crystal Bearer's black cat father slowed down, and whispered to his son.

"We'll do it when your Mother's not looking. He said slyly, winking at the two boys.

Fuzz caught on, and winked back. It took Lan a minute, but he caught on as well and copied them. The three quickly caught up to the girls. They walked past all the huts and Lilty men, women, and children. Normally Mina and Ten-Ten would be met with glares, and ugly looks. This was to Mina being a Selkie, their lot thinking she would rob them blind. Today however the two were met with joyous smiles.

It was young Lanydx who was gazed at with taught hate, ignorance. Lucy would hiss at them all, so they would back off. Ten-Ten took notice at her cousin's worry, and held his hand. He in return gave her a big smile. Seven years hadn't changed the fact, that she would protect him, and he would make her smile. They unknowingly picked up where they left off as children.

They left the Lilty District to the center of the town, tons of Zero's Renegades were around what was left off the Church building, grading it. Many Clavats, Lilties, Yukes and Selkies, were running around, setting up carts, shops, and games, and flag poles. A band was playing music, for Gill near the Clavat Distract. They could see children playing with balls,fake swords, and running around.

"Um, what is going on here?" Holly asked.

"Oh, It's about time for the Crystal Festival!"Mina said happily.

"Oh, yay! Lany, Holly, Mr. Fuzzybottom, you guys are gonna have so much fun! There are balloons, dancing, games. We haven't had one in two years!" Ten-Ten yelled with so much energy, jumping for joy.

"After that in a week the town even gets a play! Oh course that jerk Ibluis would always forbid it, but we would always have one in hiding." Mina said

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that." L said.

" I remember, how time flies." Lucy said looking around.

She spotted a grasshopper. While everyone wasn't looking she quickly nabbed it, and jumped on to her Son. To everyone's surprise, and Mina's and Ten-Ten's horror The Crystal Bearer opened his month and Lucy dropped it in his mouth. He enjoyed his small snack. Lucy purred and quickly jumped off back to L.

"Did..Did you just eat, a grasshopper?!" Mina asked disgusted.

"Yes? Did you want one?" Lan asked.

"No!" Mina screamed.

"Auntie, why would you feed Lany that?" The Red head Lilty asked.

"Force of habit?" Lucy asked not really thinking about it.

L thought fast to defuse the awkwardness.

"Oh look Holly, Fuzz, their selling Moogle spray paint! Let's get some so the girls can paint you for the festival." Said the black cat.

The cat dashed, hiding his own being weirded out by that odd and touching mother-son scene.

"Um, coming sir." Holly whispered following.

"Right behind you Kupo." The moogle said.

"L, you don't have any Gill! Oh great, I'll have to make sure he doesn't scare anyone, but he'll do it anyway.." Lucy muttered while dashing to her husband.

"So what do we do?" Lan asked.

"Wait for them to come back, right now enjoy the music. Lany." Ten-Ten suggested.

"Um Lan could you do us a favor?" Mina asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Sure anything, as long as it doesn't hurt." Lan said.

"Never eat a grasshopper in front of us again! It's really gross." Mina requested.

"Um okay, but why? It's food." The Crystal Bearer protested.

"No that's not food Lany, that's icky!" Ten-Ten stated.

"Just eat normal food okay? Oh look my Mom's got a fish cart, let's go say hi!" Mina said as she dashed to her mother.

"Great idea Mina, come on Lany!" Ten-Ten repeated while grabbing a hold of the Crystal Bearer.

"What about Mom, Dad, Holly, and Fuzz?" He asked.

"Don't worry, we won't be far." Ten-Ten said like it was no big deal.

The Crystal Bearer followed Ten-Ten, and Mina, while looking at where his parents were.

"Um L sir, how does one buy this Spray paint?" The summoner asked while walked to the small shop.

"Um, just ask for it and pay for it with Munny-I mean Gill." L corrected himself.

"Which none of you have." Lucy muttered.

"Oh yeah." L said.

"Well, then I guess well just go back kupo." Fuzz muttered.

Then the moogle got an idea.

"Wait you could ask if we could barrow some of the paint." He said to L and Lucy.

Lucy gave him an odd look.

" Fuzz, You do know that might scare the living heck out of him right?" She asked.

"Pretty much kupo." Fuzz admitted.

"I like it, lets do it." L said happly.

Lucy slowly followed her husband, with a half hearted smile.

Fuzz and Holly stepped away.

"Um, are they buying the paint Fuzz?" Holly asked not really listening.

"….Sorta Kupo." Fuzz said getting ready for the prank.

A bored old Clavat man with a long pointy bread was busy picking his nose, on a count of little moogle activity in Tipa. The two cats jumped on to his table. He looked at them.

"Hey mac, got some Moogle spray paint?" The Black cat asked asked.

"Also, got any fireworks?" The White cat asked.

"Oh yeah Fireworks, wait are you gonna do that thing, you did on that one New Years?" He asked.

She looks at him.

"Well it is gonna be a party, so why not?" She asked.

"AH TALKING CATS!" The man yelled as he jumped out of his booth. He quickly ran away, while crashing into a cabbage cart.

"MY CABBAGES!" Someone yelled.

"Sorry!" L yelled.

The white cat chucked a little. She quickly grabbed a spray can, and ran back to the moogle and Summoner. L followed her.
The Moogle was laughing his head off watching the old man run off, and smash into other carts. Holly looked at him.

"That's wasn't very funny Fuzz!" Holly said with distaste.

"Was funny to me kupo!" Fuzz said giggling.

They could see L and Lucy coming back with the spray can.

"So what color did you you two get?" Holly asked.

"Ya know I forgot to look." Lucy muttered.

"Let's see pooka dot." L said reading the label.

"Oh no!" Fuzz said

Holly took the can and saw the color, then looked at Fuzz's distasteful look.

"Well it serves you right, for getting them to scare that poor old man." Holly remarked.

" I don't blame him, that color is nasty." Lucy muttered with distase.

"Guys, you smell roasted fish?" L asked while smelling the air,

"YES!" Lucy said.

They could see Mina, Ten-Ten who was on Lan'd shoulders carrying many smoking, roasted fish on sticks.

The white cat dashed to them. They all met up with each other.
Lucy was drooling over the fish. Lan put the fish in his mother's mouth. Then he did the same with his father, and Fuzz. The finally give his own stick to Holly. She looked a little surprised.

"Is that for me?" She asked.

"Yeah, Mina's mom gave one to me. Try it, it's good!" Lan insisted.

She slowly took it, and tasted it. The Summoner had never tasted fish this good.

"Mina, your mom makes some really good fish." Lan said.

"We got lucky! Mom doesn't nearly do this well." Mina admitted.

"Excuse me you lot, but do you know where Lady Lucy and The Boss are?" Someone asked.

They all turned around to find a Yuke. His Helmet was sliver, and pointed like a bird's beck, with goggles for his eyes. The young Yuke's wings were yellow. He dawned on a red coat with a blue star. He was one of them. An RoF. He had matching red pants, and shoes with gears on them. He Saluted Lan, Mina, Holly and Fuzz.

"Didn't mean to bother you all, Private 1st Class Dael Rebih. Blacksmith in training." He stated panting out of breath.

"Um, at ease." Mina said.

"You okay mister?" Ten-Ten asked, finishing her fish.

He gave her a thumbs up.

"I'm fine, just been running all over this town…looking for you..Cause Big Boss….says he needs Lady Lucy and The Boss." The odd Yuke stated.

L looked at him.

"Well here we are, what does Zero need?" L asked.

The Yuke did a double take seeing a cat talk.

"That's my Dad, the white pretty one is my Mom." Lan explained.

The Yuke still did a double take.

"Um, yeah Big Boss needs you both for a big meeting in the Clavat District. Which is um, great now I forgot where that is!" He muttered.

"Um, I saw you people Subspace here. Can't you just take us to where Zero is?" Lucy asked.

An idea went into the blacksmith's idea.

"Oh yeah, right. You too follow me." The Yuke asked.

"Wait, why do you have to go!?" Can't people stop leaving us!?" Ten-Ten pouted.

"We won't be long TT, Lan, Fuzz be good for Mina okay?" L said.

"Yes Dad." Lan said.

"Love you Lan, Ten-Ten. If you go swimming, stay on the shallow side. " Lucy said.

"Don't worry I'll take care of him." Mina stated.

"Bright girl, I get why L likes you so much. I don't get why he never got you two to met sooner." Lucy said looking at her husband.

"I'll tell you later." L muttered.

The three vanished.

Ten-Ten was pouting. Mina rubbed her short friend's head.

"Oh stop that." She said.

She looked up at the Selkie.

"It's not fair, we finally get the family together and now everyone is splitting up!" Ten-Ten whined.

"TT, it's not forever, well just have fun by ourselves for right now." Mina said.

"Dad said they would be back….So why don't we do this swimming thing? It sounds like fun!" The Crystal Bearer said.

"I agree with Lanydx, and Mins. There is no use worrying, so we should have fun like everyone else. I want to swim as well because I never have." Holly added.

The young Lilty girl thought about this for a bit, then gave them all a cheerful smile.

"…OKAY SWIMMING IT IS!" Ten-Ten said as she shoved everyone north.

"You never been swimming before kupo?" Fuzz asked.

Lan and Holly looked at him before he remembered.

"Oh Sorry Kupo." He muttered forgetting that one had lost her memory, and the other no contact with the outside world until this past week.

Yet none of that matter right now, for they enjoyed the time the two had now.


John "Zero." Auron aka Big Boss was drinking water like it was his last. No one dare ask why, in fear of his large sword going into their bodies painfully. Ever since his beloved life partner Eva had come back into his life, she had been slowly weeding him off his eight year addiction to rum. It would make him much more irritated then normal, but with Eva near him, he would calm down.The metal Crystal Bearer held his hand, and he felt at peace. Normally the nobles would be disgusted at having a Crystal Bearer near them, but if she kept his wrath at bay they would hold their peace. The Black Mage and Subspace woman felt someone coming to them. Eva pulled whoever it was in the building. They all saw two cats, who were lacking balance and the young blacksmith in training. The Yuke saluted to Zero.

"Private 1st class Dael Rebih, reporting with The Boss and Lady Lucy sir!" He gasped.

"At ease Private, nice work." Zero growled while drinking his water.

"Next time call me for some blacksmithing, not to be the damn messenger!" The man ranted before dropping on the ground.

"Oh no, is he going to be alright?" Eva asked.

"Don't worry, side effect for most of us who aren't you. Tararck, Deuna can you guys come here please?" He yelled to the nearby door.

The Clavat Woman Deuna came out the door into the meeting room. She quickly looked at the man.

"Big Boss, sir. I know my husband and I said you could use our new home for this meeting but if it's not too much trouble, could you please keep the noise down? You almost woke up little Ruby!" She asked.

"Oh right, sorry about that Deuna…just could you take Dael out of here?" He asked.

"Oh you named the baby! Ruby is a very nice name!" Eva said happy for her friend.

"Thank you so much, Eva. We named her after my grandmother." Deuna said.

" Oh, you'll have to let me see her." The Crystal Bearer requested.

Two the nobles coughed getting impatient.

"Oh I'm very sorry." She whispered.

The Clavat woman grabbed the young yuke and left the room.

"Right now before we get down to business, Boss…could you please cast one of your sound canceling spells on this room?" Zero asked.

The Cat muttered a few words much to the noble's shock causing the room to be sound proof, no one being able to hear them from the outside. Causing the Noble's to jump.

The two cats jumped on to the table.

L and Lucy recognized two of them. The Clavat Noble was the Mayor of Tipa Ronald West. The elderly man with a large nose, and an even larger mustache. He wore a white tunic, and a gold necklace.
Lucy on the other had hissed at a noble she actively hated. The short, blonde haired, cold looking blue eyed Lilty dressed in a fine black silk robe was Lord Azul Jenkins.

There was a Gold headed Yuke who had a large horn on her helmet. She wore sliver armor.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this meeting of The non backstabbing leaders of Tipa, The Boss, his lovely bride, and finally the Renegades of Funk!" Eva stated.

The three nobles looked at Lucy and L. The Yuke woman raised her hand.

You mean to tell us, the man and woman who ended The Red Eye Moon Cult. Two heroes we all thought among the dead…are standing before us as…beasts?" She asked.

"You catch on quick, Miss Golden Rod!" L piped up.

"So why have you dragged us into your little meeting Zero? Cause if it's not good, I'll claw your helmet off for taking us away from Lan and the others." Lucy warned.

Zero gulped thinking of how to explain this.

"It seems death hasn't changed your surly mouth Woman." The Lilty noble muttered under his breath.

"OH DON'T EVEN START WITH ME YOU!" Lucy growled spitting fire.

L grabbed a hold of his wife before she could do any damage.

"Lu, look at me, you promised Tabby remember?" He asked.

She still didn't want to give in.

"Um Lucy the people here, need you and L on the matters of the Church since Shi-Ki is still under Dr. Fazzar's care." Eva stated.

The white cat slowly went with the black cat to Eva.

"Right now lets get started…Okay first item on the list…I've got a large crystal that could double the barrier and the size of the town, but it's gonna cost you all." Zero stated.

The three nobles and two cats looked at Zero and Eva.

Azul raised his hand.

"What you asking for it?" He asked.

The Yuke chuckled.

"I got most of them by the balls, this time. With this ace in the hole, this meeting should get the RoF everything it needs." Zero thought while smirking.

Back with Mina and the others.

Fuzz was happy sitting on beach's sand. The sun giving him a nice tan.

"Fuzz how come you don't want to come in the water?" Holly asked.

He looked up to find The clavat girl wearing an old white two piece swimsuit. She looked very cute in it, blushing, for never wearing this kind of thing before. Her pale white skin was slowly starting to change color.

"No thanks Kupo, tons of water on my head. won't be good for anyone. I'll just stay here and watch. " The moogle said.

"Even if we got you this round tube, for you to play on?" Mina asked.

Fuzz looked at Mina to find her in a blue bathing suit. It was like her normal outfit, only not made of fur but cloth. It showed off her womanly body, however meekly it seemed to her.

"Mina, you look great kupo!" Fuzz said.

"Aw thanks Fuzz, it's a hand me down from my sister. So are you gonna go in the water?" She asked.

The Moogle zipped around, looking at Mina, then at the tube.

"Okay, Mina…but will you make sure my head stays dry?" He asked in the cutest way possible.

"Deal." The selkie said while hugging a grinning moogle.

"Where are Ten-Ten and Lanydx?" Holly asked, getting used to the sand between her feet.

"Ten-Ten's getting the towels for us to dry off with and Lan's….where is he anyway?" The Keyblade trainee asked.

"Right here Mina!" The small Lilty girl yelled.

The three turned their heads to find Ten-Ten, who was wearing nothing but her underwear. her flat chest was exposed showing a few cuts and small scars. She was dragging a few towels that Lanydx had wrapped himself up in, while humming a tune.

One no had the words to ask what she was doing. Holly covered her eyes blushing at her friend's lack of covering. Mina shook her head, getting a familiar headache. The moogle was young but, he knew that females of the other tribes wouldn't do what she did. Not even the Selkie tribe. Fuzz finally spoke up.

"Ten-Ten kupo, why?" He asked.

"To make Lany more comfortable, so he'll get out of our towels, and play." Ten-Ten said beaming.

"I'm not coming out Ten-Ten!" The Crystal Bearer protested.

The Selkie walked to the roll of towels, looking at her friend.

"Lan, what are you doing in there?" She asked.

"Hiding.." He stated.

"Well stop hiding, so we can get in the water." She ordered.

"No…Everyone will see, run away screaming." He muttered.

The blue haired girl tired to rip the towels off of him, but his crystal power made them stick to the shy boy. She summoned her Keyblade and tired to pry him open like someone trying to get a nut out of the shell.

"Lan stop this! You said you wanted to have fun, right?!" She asked.

"Yes…but what about the people? Won't they stare." Lan asked.

"Forget about the people Lany, just have fun. I'm out with my wound showing but you don't see me hiding do you?" Ten-Ten asked.

"Please come out Lan." Holly asked.

Nothing was said from the roll.

"….You won't stare at me?" He asked.

They all nodded. Fuzz however was a little uneasy, after seeing Lan's wounds he wondered if he could see his buddy like that. Mina could feel her friend's grip let go. Mina pulled the towels off of him, to find why he always kept himself covered up.

He had painful looking gashes and scars all over his body. They were like the one Ten-Ten had on her chest but far worse His pale skin only highlighted his red cuts. Their were reddish black burnt marks on his sides. On his back where, many lashing marks. Where you could guess his muscles were at had small jabs, and holes in them. His legs had long whip lashes, all the way to his feet, and his feet had black, burnt marks on them. It wasn't pretty. In fact it looked like they hurt all over. Mina tried very hard not to stare, but couldn't.

"Lan, I'm so sorry." She whispered.

Holly had seen one part of it, but never the whole thing.

"The cat's out of the bag, now huh?" Lan said trying to hide his fear with humor.

Holly could see him shacking. The Clavat girl wrapped her arms around him, returning him a favor.

"He won't ever do that to you again, or anyone else for that matter. So do not…..worry about…what anyone else…..says…..I like your scars." Holly said blushing.

Ten-Ten, Mina, and Fuzz's jaws dropped.

"You do?" Lan asked blushing.

"Yes, so don't hide them, or yourself anymore please?" Holly asked.

It took Lan awhile to register what just happened. He hugged her back. His face was now matching his friend's. He slowly let go of her.

"Um, thank you for that Holly. I won't freak out anymore." Lan said awkwardly.

"Oh, your welcome. I am just repaying you for the kindness you showed me on the caravan." Holly stated.

"Yay Lany's over his fears, now we go swimming!" Ten-Ten cheered.

"Oh right, race you Ten-Ten!" The Crystal Bearer said.

He grabbed Holly by mistake and ran with Ten-Ten to the water.


"Oh boy, those two are fast kupo." Fuzz observed.

Mina and Fuzz ran after them, making sure nothing happened to them.

Lan was about to lung into the water with Holly but, Mina managed to grab a hold of her impulsive friend.

"Hold it, flipper!" The Selkie girl ordered while getting Holly into the shallow side.

Ten-Ten made a small splash.

"What's the hold up?" Ten-Ten asked

"TT, Lan and Holly don't know to swim! We can't have them drowning." She yelled.

"Sorry Mina." Both Clavat kids whispered.

She let Lan down to the shallow side of the lake.

"It's fine, but let's start with the basics first okay?" She asked.

Fuzz jumped in the water with his tube around him but he landed on Mina's head.

"Let's make this rule one. Look before you leap!" Mina stated.

" Heh heh Sorry Kupo." Fuzz muttered.

A few hours later with Zero and Eva.

"You're out of you're mind! Your demands are out of the question! How could you do think of doing this to your own kin!" Roared the Golden Rod Yuke Noble at Zero.

"Now Lady Owulva, I think what Zero meant to say was…" Eva said trying to calm her down.

"I agree with her for once! In exchange for another crystal, he wants us to keep away from the land, wants all of us to pay his army, have statues made for Crystal Bearers of all things and finally to pay tribute to the Selkie Distract!" The Lilty Noble said in outrage.

"I don't see the big deal in that, he saved the whole town from Miasma exposure! You should pay the man! Also if you had listened to what Zero was saying, you'd know that the new land is gonna be for new people, which means you gill sucking fleas might have new people to screw over. Finally….YOU OWE THE SELKIE TRIBE FOR ALL THE BULL S***T YOU LET HAPPEN UNDER IBLUS!" Lucy ranted.

L grabbed a hold of his wife before she could swipe at the other two nobles.

"What Lucy is trying to say is that, every person who has a job should be paid on how well they did their job. I don't know about you guys, but no civilians died right? I think that shows Zero's guys did a good job, and therefore should get paid right?" The cat asked.

The Nobles thought about this.

"Plus they are gonna be staying so, ya know….I keep them on the payroll. " L suggested.

"Also I did somethings to some nobles would thought they could skip out on the bill, with my sword. Now you don't want me doing that to you right?" Zero asked.

The Nobles, L, and Eva were a little shocked, while Lucy was purring, as Zero stroked her like a Bond Villain.

"……Very well, we shall pay your fee, but we will not give in to the rest of your demands." Lady Owulva.

"I mostly agree with Zero's demands but the statues seem a bit much." Ronald said.

"We can lose the statues." Eva reassured while Zero have an annoyed scowl.

"You will also lose the idea of us aiding those thieves in the Selkie District." Azul spat.

"We do own them much for what happened to them… I will aid them." Ronald said.

"Good man, Ron!" Zero said.

The Yuke Noble looked at L and Lucy, shaking her head in regret.

"…..Out of Respect for Eva's compromise, and The Fourth and Current Boss, I will make a small charity for the Selkie Distract…in hopes that they will no longer steal." Owulva stated.

Lucy, L, Zero, Ronald, and Eva smiled.

"Bah, waste your Gill if you want." Azul muttered.

"Yeah know Azul…The Lord says to help those in need." L said.

"Speaking of Lords High Minister, you don't plan on keeping Ibluis's reforms and teachings?" Lady Owulva asked.

The Cats looked at each other.

"No, in fact High Minister Shi-Ki will be the head of the church, and will make sure all of Ibluis's laws, rules, teachings, whatever will be taken down." L stated.

"Your not going to return as head of the Church?" Eva asked.

The cat shook his head.

"No Eva,my time has past. The Lord commanded Shi-Ki must be the new High Minister of Tipa, as for myself. I will be her right hand, the way she was for me." L said.

The Nobles were more at ease, but felt uneasy at the thought of a Selkie woman being the head of the Church. Yet they said nothing out of respect for the Cat who spoke with God.

"Well then, I think were done here." Zero stated.

The Nobles went out of their seats, and left the room.

Eva, and Zero looked at their friends.

"Thank you for your help, you two. We know you wanted to spent the day with Lan, but we did need you."Eva said.

"Eva, it's fine, right L." Lucy assured her.

She looked at her husband who's ears were twitching like crazy. His eye was going back and forth.

"….No way, they can't be here……. not now…yet they are!" L yelled.

He dashed out the door, leaving everyone in a small dust cloud.

Lucy, Eva and Zero gave chase, leaving the two Clavat's home.

Back with Lan.

Fuzz and Lan were enjoying being buried in the sand by Ten-Ten. The Crystal Bearer was asleep, and Ten-Ten left with Mina to go get something to eat. The Moogle felt the sun being blocked by three shadows.

"Your blocking my light kupo." He stated.

"Oh, sorry but my friends and I are looking for someone." A male voice said.

The moogle opened his eyes to find a boy with Spiky brown hair, an older sliver haired boy, and a red headed girl.

"Hi, I'm Sora, do you know someone called L?" The spiky haired boy asked.

The Moogle was dumbstruck.

"Holy kupo!" Was all he could say.

End of chapter.
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Oh Em Gee, is that redhead who I think it is? :DDDDDDDDDDD

Ahem, this was a very nice chapter, everyone's excitement at the festivities was so cute, and Holly comforting Lan about his scars was to sweet. <3 Poor cabbage merchant, though, I guess they're doomed to unhappy cabbage merchant...ing. :p The meeting was interesting as well, everyone's personality was strong and consistent. Aw, a mother-son moment, so sweet~

Lanydx reborn

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Chapter 18: Sora, Riku, and Kairi: Legends made real. part 1.
Another blow was made on a hot iron blade. The Lilty in question who now was wiping the sweat off of his goatee was Tim Cid, and right now he couldn't keep his mind on his work. He got up looking at the finished blade and many other weapons he worked on. Most of his profits were thanks to one of his oldest associates Zero Auron and his small army. In fact a lot of his thanks came to that Yuke and his army, and that was what was eating at him. It was a good thing, and another problem.
"In one day that Bastard Ibluis is dead, and Tipa…is well better off. We could have all died, so thank God for that." He thought.
Then this thought came back to two cats, his wife, his daughter, and a young Clavat child.
"Also in one day half of my family came back out of nowhere. First Lucy, then Lanydx and then finally L." He added.

Normally whenever the Lilty thought of his brother and his sister in law it gave him a large headache. Worse however was the God awful feeling of guilt when he thought about his Crystal Bearer nephew.
"What do I say to them? Sorry I held you both accountable for my little brother's death and took it out you both, for years, neglected my wife and daughter to pay for a debt that was my fault , and oh to top it off. I threw your son out for something that wasn't his fault, and caused him untold agony." The lilty ranted in his own head.
He removed his gloves and apron, taking a break. He walked out of his dark room, hung full of weapons, armor, belts, Yuke helmets, iron gloves, and other goods to sell. He blinked as the sunlight entered his eyes. Tim's sight was also greeted by a form of utter cuteness. His wife Tabby, who was wearing a sexy maid outfit
"Tabby, what are you doing here?" He asked.
The Cheerful Lilty woman kissed him on the cheek.
"Hi Tim Tim. I brought you lunch cause. I know you'll forget to eat." She said sweetly while giving him a boxed lunch.
He took the lunch and kissed her back.
"Thank you Tabs." He said not really looking at the lunch.
The Lilty woman looked at her husband, feeling something was off.
"Timmy, something the matter?" She asked.
Tim gulped. She could always read him like a book. She went up to him.
"Why don't you eat your lunch, and you tell me what's on your mind Tim?" She asked getting closer and closer to him.
"I don't think you have time for both. Don't you have to get back?" He asked.
"The Mistress gave me the rest of the day off…So before I went off to find the kiddies, I wanted to see my man." Tabby whispered batting her eyelashes.
This set Tim off. Even after all this time she still knew how to drive him wild. In spite of their long, demanding work hours Tabby still managed to make time for well each other. Tim would try his best knowing she loved all the talking and feelings, which made Tabby happy in spite of not fairing well when it came to expressing himself.
"Really….well since you did go to all the trouble. Just, well you know." Tim requested.
"I know, just take your time dear, okay? now lets go in so you can eat." Tabby suggested.
The Two Lilties went into his shop. Tim sat down and eat, showing Tabby he enjoyed the meal, making her smile. The two Lilties the kissed one another, in deep passion. The two worked to show each other their love. The two were about take it to the next level, only to hear a lot banging and crashing and banging.
"Oh foo, what could it be!" Tabby thought.
They opened the door and peaked outside looking outside to find L, Lucy, Eva and Zero."Where the heck are you taking us you idiot!" Lucy yelled getting annoyed.
"THERE HERE! I don't know how, but THEY ARE HERE!" L yelled with so much energy.
"Who's here L?" Eva asked.
"Um, hey guys, what's going on?" Tabby asked.
"TABBY THERE HERE!" L yelled jumping for joy.
"Who's here L?" Tabby asked.
"Tabby remember when you were little and, I told you a story about a boy with a key who saved the world?" L asked grinning from ear to ear.
Soon everyone but more so Eva got what he was talking about.
"Wait you mean He's real? I mean we know Mina has the Keyblade, but this Sora kid is real?" Zero asked.
"And he's here in Tipa Village?" Eva asked just as curious.
" Not just Sora, but his two friends as well." L added.
"So why didn't you just say so and find them!" Lucy yelled while swiping her paw at him, annoyed.
"I wanted to find Tabby and Tim so we could all meet them, also Kairi's got a healing spell for Shi-Ki." L explained.
"Oh." Lucy muttered.
"Plus, I wanted to gloat in Tim's face for calling me crazy all those years." He slyly added in.
"You what?" The Lilty yelled as everyone was being transported by L's own subspace. Much to their surprise.
However they weren't the only ones getting a surprise.
The Moogle couldn't help but stare at the three teenagers.
"Hey there little guy you okay?" The girl asked.
"Kupo! Kupo! Wake up!" Fuzz pipped up, trying to wake his Crystal Bearer buddy.
Lan opened his eyes.
"Are the girls back with the food?" He asked not really paying attention.
The three teenagers looked at the boy. The girl having her hands over her mouth. The sliver haired boy eye brow raised up higher then the other. The Spiky haired boy just smiled. It took Lanydx a few minutes for his mind to register what his eyes were showing him. He jumped out the sand, showing them all his scar ridden body much to his embarrassment and their horror. The Crystal Bearer looked at the ground in shame. Fuzz was floating around him. The girl was the first to speak up.
"Are you Lanydx?" She asked getting closer and closer to him.
"Yes, but I don't know you. How do you know me? Who are you?" He asked getting nervous again.
Fuzz was just as confused at his friend was. How did legends know who Lan and his dad were? Granted His knew who they were from stories his mom told him when he was a little moogle, but this was another thing. The girl was the first make a move on them.
The older girl grabbed a hold of the boy and hugged him, showing him she would do him no harm.
"Your dad said someone hurt you really bad. I know how that feels, and I'm sorry we couldn't get to you sooner." The Princess of heart muttered with a few tears coming out of her eyes.
"Please don't cry miss." The Crystal Bearer said feeling the tears drop to his back.
"Kairi, call me Kairi." She stated smiling.
Then it hit Lan like a ton of bricks.
" KAIRI! Does, Does that mean that you three are….Sora…Riku and Kairi?" The boy asked. shacking pointing his fingers at all of them.

"Yeah that's right, how did you know our name?" Sora asked.
"You guys are kupoing legends!" Fuzz said earning a cuddle from Kairi who couldn't stand not hugging something so cute,
"I thought L told stories about us, but legends? The seems a bit much." Riku muttered with a smirk.

"Well I think that's cool. I always wanted to be a legend." Sora said.
"We did save the Universe a few months ago, So I'd say that fits." Kairi said smiling.
"Do you have The Keyblade like Mina kupo?" Fuzz asked.

The three looked at one another, and in a flash their keys of light appeared in their hands. The two boy's became as big as dinner plates.
" OH MY GOSH!" The five heard.
Lan and Fuzz looked to find Mina, Ten-Ten, and Holly dumb struck. Ten-Ten and Mina ran to the three keyblade wielders. The two girls looked at the blades, then at the people.
"Mina it's them! Oh my gosh it's them!" Ten-Ten said squealing
" Ten-Ten, Pinch me I'm dreaming. I always knew Sora and Riku were handsome but wow.
"Yeah and Princess Kairi looks so pretty." Ten-Ten added.
"It seems like we have some fans." Riku said.
Lan looked at them.
"Um Sora, Riku, Kairi…These are my friends Mina, and Holly. Oh and my cousin Ten-Ten." Lanydx introduced.
"Nice to meet you gals." They all said
"Oh my gosh, they're' talking to us." Ten-Ten squeaked.
"I know right." Mina said giggling.
Holly on the other hand was slowly walking backwards. Her body felt numb, and her mind was in a state of panic.
"Oh no, not them! Anyone but them! There going to chop me into dog meat, and that's if there being nice! Okay Mel calm down….maybe Father was wrong. Maybe they will be nice like Lan. maybe if I just don't say anything they won't hurt me." The Summoner thought.
Mina then looked at Sora. Then she remembered something.
"Wait a minute, you were in my dream!" She stated.
"Huh?" Sora said just as confused as the rest of them.
"On the night I got my Keyblade. I almost went into this dark hole, but you're voice saved me. So thanks." The Selkie girl said.
No one understood what she said, but Sora just grinned. He sorta understood.
"You're welcome..so you got a Keyblade huh? Mind if we see it?" Sora asked.
The Selkie girl was sweating, but she slowly calmed herself. She closed her eyes and in a flash, her Keyblade came to her hand. The three looked at the new Keyblade Wielder. Mina felt like she was going to faint. They all gave her a smile.
"So how is it?" She asked.
"It looks pretty neat actually." Kairi said.
" Really?" Mina asked with her eyes shinning.
Riku and Sora grinned.
"It kinda looks like King Mickey's old Keyblade." Sora observed.
That comment caused Mina to faint, but Riku grabbed a hold of her.

"Oh boy, she'a a bit over dramatic." Riku muttered.
The moogle looked at her, bopped her on the head trying to get her to wake up.
"Is she all right?" Ten-Ten asked.
" I think she fainted." Sora stated.
"Oh no." Lan said.
"That's nothing, you should have seen her when she got Matt Smith autograph. She will wake in about five minutes." Ten-Ten said.
After hearing this Lan put down a towel and Riku was about to put her down when, the two where smacked to the ground from the back. Everyone looked to find a familiar lilty with a large ball. Ten-Ten quickly bowed her head down in the sand.
"I was wonder where you idiots were." He muttered.
Sora and Kairi picked up their friend, with the help of a now woken up and angry Mina. She summoned her Keyblade and ran at him. Her eyes shot out fire at their smirking teammate.

"LEE-ROY!" She roared.

"Oh no!" Lan said.
"Here we go again Kupo." Fuzz muttered.
In vortex in time, The former Tipa Caravan stood still, yet everything around them moved. Zero, Eva, and Tabby were looking and poking the fast forwarding people and objects. Tim however closed his eyes, feeling sick. The black cat looked at his brother in law was small smile.
"I warned you that might happen." L said.
The white cat looked at her husband a little annoyed.
"So when the heck could you do this? I mean you have sound powers and those ninja moves, and you've been dead for a while so how? " She asked.
He turned to Lucy and shook his head.
"Well when I did….die. My soul wouldn't go to Heaven due to being really ticked off. So the Holy Sprit sent me back into Sora's timeline to fix and make sure things happened. This spell works kinda weird. When you're dead, you move. When you're alive everything moves but you. " L started.
"Ah huh." The white cat muttered, not getting it, nor caring. No it's not she didn't care, it's just magic was always Tabby or Eva's thing.
"Oh and let me tell you, time travel when your dead hurts. A lot. I mean more so for me, because before my soul left, I put a link on you and Lan. It gave energy I had to keep you both alive." L kept going.
This however caught her attention.
"How did you even?" She asked.
"Ya know it's better you not ask. I don't even know." He muttered just as confused as she was.
"So how did you come back?" She asked.
"Now that was the tricky part I finally managed to come back to life by-" L was about to say.
"I can see Ten-Ten and the others." Tabby pointed out.
The spell stopped them all, as they came into the view of the Selkie district. They came to find Mina strangling Lee-Roy, while Lan, Holly, Fuzz, Sora, Riku, and Kairi watched, too scared to say anything.
"I'll teach you to disrespect the masters!" She yelled.
"GAH!" Lee-Roy yelled.
The white cat dashed at the young girl.
"Mina stop!" She ordered.
The blue haired girl dropped the noble boy feeling ashamed.
"Your hands are too weak!" She added as her paws started to strangle Lee-Roy with her claws much to everyone's dismay.
"Lucy no!" L, Tabby, Tim, Eva, and Lan yelled.
Zero couldn't help but chuckle at this.
"Oh I'm kidding, you must be that Lee-Roy kid right?" She asked while getting rid of her claws.
Lee-Roy nodded starting to freak out.
" Yeah Lan told me about you, and I'm only gonna punch you cause I hate your dad. So take that." She muttered while hitting the boy with her paws. Causing the boy to faint
Everyone just looked at the cat. She looked at the Keyblade wielders. They in turn looked at her, and then at the rest of them.
"Did that cat just talk?" Riku asked.
"Did that cat just punch that kid in the face?" Kairi asked.
"Lan who is that?" Sora asked.
"That's my mom." Lan stated.
Riku just looked at the boy, then at the white cat, then at the black one. Sora, and Kairi did the same thing. They were both freaked out at this.
"That's your mom, so the black one is…let me guess your…Jeez . I got to be kidding me, L? You got nine lives and then some. " Riku muttered now figuring it out.
Sora and Kairi finally got what they were looking at. L enjoyed watching the two figure it out, yet this brought Kairi to hug both of the cats. Both of them weren't able to handle her crushing love, so with Fuzz's help, the two managed to slip out.They jumped to their boy. However L spoke up looking at his friends and in laws.
"Oh right, everyone. These are my old friends, Sora, Riku, and Kairi." he said to everyone.
He then turned to his teenage friends.
"Sora, Riku, Kairi, you already nearly hugged my wife Lucy to death." He started.
The two gulped as Kairi looked at the white cat, who playfully glared at her.
"Now you three, meet my in laws Tabby and Tim Cid. I think you guys know my good buddy Eva, and the walking hang over is my best bud Zero.
" Nice to meet you all. Oh buy the way L that's Master Riku." The sliver haired Keyblade master stated.
The black cat did a double take. Riku enjoyed his look of confusion, due to all the cloak and dagger stuff he used to do on them.
"Wait what? What, you made Keyblade Master!? Dude that's awesome! Okay you got to tell me, how later." The cat yelled.
Nice two meet you three, and congrats Riku." Tabby said.
Can I hug you?" Sora asked.
Oh course!" Tabby said cheerfully.
The two overly cheerful people hugged one another, causing a small double rainbow like aura.

Th Princess of Heart looked at the metallic Yuke Crystal Bearer, while bending down to look at her crystal. Zero looked at the girl making sure she wasn't going to do something bad.

"Eva?" Kairi asked.
She shook the girl's hand.
"I'm glad you remember me your highness." Eva giggled.
"So that's what you look like in your body." She laughed.
Now that he Zero looked a bit relaxed. Still confused he looked at her with a look of. "Now how do you know them?"
She in turn gave him a look that to him read. "I'll feel you in later beloved.
Tim couldn't even start to get what was happening, so he didn't say anything.
Ten-Ten and Mina were still fan girling now right now.
Lan, Holly and Fuzz were happy, or at least Holly was doing a really good job acting happy.
Lucy then nudged at her husband.
"Hey remember about Shi-Ki?" She asked.
"Oh right, thanks for that honey." He whispered.
She shook her head, a little annoyed while he jumped on to Kairi.
He whispered something in her ear. Kairi lowered herself and whispered something back. After a few minutes of this, Kairi nodded her head. He then turned to Zero, Eva, and Sora.
"Hey guys do mind helping Tabby out watching the kids, while Kai and I go take care of something?" He asked.
Lucy whispered something to Lan."Your Dad and I need to take Kairi to help an old friend of ours, we won't be long Lan okay?" She asked.
"Okay mom." Lan said.
"I'll see you in a bit. Kairi added on.
"Why, Kairi's not sick." Sora said.
"I know but he asked me to help someone out. " Kairi replied.
Sora nodded his head.
"Okay I get it." Sora said.
The Yuke snapped his fingers, causing a Subspace pocket to appear.
"Go on and give Shi a kiss for us." Zero muttered as he pushed both the cats and the girl into the subspace pocket.
He then turned to Eva, then to Tabby and Tim who where watching Sora, Fuzz, Lan, Ten-Ten and Mina who were playing in the water. The yuke nodded to Eva, in their own sort of cod. He gazed at this Master Riku. He then walked to him.
"Something I can help you with?" Riku asked.
"Yeah,there is something you can help me out with. Why not tell me how your friends got to our world? You couldn't have done it by Subspace, so how?" He asked.
"The same way L got to our world. Time Travel." Riku admitted.
"We saw a little bit of it from L, but tell us more." Eva requested while her head popped into Zero's hands causing the two males to jump. Earning her a few laughs.
"Does she do that a lot?" Riku asked.
"Oh she's just getting started." Zero muttered.
He watching two her hand wake Lee-Roy up, only to to have him screaming and running into the water with the rest.

Meanwhile in Subspace.
The three were having trouble getting used to floating in mid air.
"What the heck is this?" Kairi gasped.
"Subspace, you'll get used to it.". L said.
"We could have just walked to the hospital! I'm so kicking Zero's ass for this." Lucy grumbled.
"So this is your lovely bride?" Kairi asked the black cat.
"Yeah, isn't she great!" L said love stricken. Before Kairi could say anything the three were transported into a dark waiting room. Their was a door on the left and a yuke woman near sitting near a desk, they couldn't make her out being so dark and all. The two cats jumped up to the desk while Kairi dusted herself off.
"Um, we are here to see Priestess Shi-Ki." Lucy said.
The Yuke woman looked at the two, then did a double take. She was dumbstruck.
"Please don't scream!" L begged.
"AAAHHH TALKING DEMON CATS!" The woman screamed while shooing them away in a mad frenzy.
"Why do people keep doing this?" L asked dodging her blows.
"Gee I wonder!" Lucy snapped.
Kairi grabbed the two and saved them from the freaked out woman.
"Um, I'd like to see the woman they were asking for please." Kairi asked.
She looked at the red head in disbelief.
"Well are you related to her?" The desk clerk asked.
"Well…um." Kairi started, not really sure what to say.
Lucy quickly getting impatient, she jumped out of Kairi's arms and dashed to the other room, opening the door with her head.
The Princess of Heart and Sound master gave chase after her.
"This is not how I was expecting the day to turn out. Everything has gone crazy." L muttered.
"Well I guess that's just happens." Kairi laughed.
End of part 1.
Sep 19, 2011
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Did I send you the edited version? The corrections I made aren't there



Nice work with this chapter, Lan!


Sep 25, 2010
So that's what L and Lucy had in mind for Kairi. Guess I have Shi-Ki to look forward to meeting in the next chapter. Also, I really love Lucy and L. There just so hysterical. Eva popping around was just as hilarious that I love Zeros reactions. Like I said before, I really like this new chapter and I look forward to seeing what's next. I'm also curious how Riku, Sora and Kairi manage time travel :]

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 18: Sora, Riku, and Kairi: Legends made real. part 2.
Lan, Sora Ten-Ten, Mina Fuzz and to some exert Lee-Roy, and Holly were tired from their swimming and fighting. Riku, Zero, and Tim watched them slowly they got out of the water. Mina had kicked Lee-Roy out of the water, while he in return pushed her back into the lake. Ten-Ten kept her head down while carrying Fuzz. Sora however had to drag Lanydx and Holly out of the water, Lan didn't want to leave, while Holly was too tired to swim back herself. Tabby came to them, drying all of them off with some towels Eva had gotten for them. Mina took the towel, while Lee-Roy grabbed it from her. Ten-Ten helped dry off Fuzz, due to the poor guy not having hands or arms. Lan, Holly and Sora got each other while Riku looked at him.

"Did you really have to swim in your clothes?" Riku asked.

"Nah but he seemed more fun." Sora said grinning.
Tabby handed everyone their clothes as they got redressed.
Okay everyone, I think the carts and games are now all ready, so why don't we go into town and check some stuff out? Since we have some tourists and all." Tabby suggested.
"Sounds like fun, thanks Tabs." Sora thanked.
Zero looked at his little friend.
"Don't forget we have to be by the hospital for The Boss, your sis, and Shi-Ki." He reminded her.
"Also Princess Kairi." Eva added on.
"….Oh your right, thank you guys. How could I forget, Silly Tabby." She sad out load rubbing her head.
Lee-Roy was about to say something rude, but a dirty look and a swift bonk to the head from Mina got him to shut up.
Ten-Ten was bouncing up and down.
"Can we get juice Mama, after? Please oh please say yes!" Ten-Ten asked.
"Oh course we can Ten-Ten! In fact lets all get something to eat and drink." Tabby said smiling.
"The ones who have Gil, can pay for themselves." He said while looking at Lee-Roy.
He got the message, and he walked away.

Ten-Ten was bouncing with joy, Fuzz copied her. She, then grabbed a hold of Lan and ran off at almost light speed/
"I did not know she could run that fast." Holly mused.
"After all that swimming Kupo….she's not Lilty!" Fuzz said gasping.
"She's like Roxas and Xion after that time we dared them to drink a ton of coffee!" Sora remembered.
"Don't remind me of that." Riku said while smacking himself on the forehand for what happened back them.

"That's our TT, just ready to go." Mina said while laughing.
We had better go after them." Tim muttered.

They followed the trail of moving sand that was Ten-Ten moving across the district. Zero and Eva looked back at Riku
" It's kinda remarkable, he looks like a younger version of the Boss." Zero whispered, who was referring not to their black cat, but The Boss before him
"I know, Tabby and I were talking about that. I didn't have my body at the time when I met them all, so seeing them all is kinda odd." Eva stated.
"Aren't we all odd Eva?" Zero said.
The two Yukes laughed as they started running. Mina and Lee-Roy followed them.
"Hey Selkie girl, I know that crazy girl's your friend, but who is she? I feel like I met her?" Lee-Roy asked.
Mina gave him an annoyed scowl.
"After all that stuff we did on the Caravan you still won't say my name. Also yeah you should know Ten-Ten, she and the rest of her family work like dogs for your father, and you hit her when you met me for the first time!" Mina yelled hoping it would would sink in.
Normally Lee-Roy would have told her to piss off but he kept quiet.
"I hit her?" He asked again.
"Yes."Mina restated.
They kept on running, catching up with the others. Mina waited for Lee-Roy connect the dots.
"Oh…well s**t" Lee-Roy muttered thinking what horrors Lan would do to him if he found
"I guess I should what's the word?" Lee-Roy stuttered, not sure what to think.
"Apologize?" Minna hinted.
Lee-Roy then stopped walking. He slowly looked at Mina.
"Yes…do that." He slowly said while stilling trying to get his brain around the idea.
Mina rolled her eyes and kept walking.

In the middle of town Ten-Ten was panting, dead tired from all that running. Lan however was a bit dizzy.
"Ten-Ten, when could run so fast?" Lan asked.
The Lilty huffed while looking at her cousin.
"Oh, well I get myself and Mina into tons of trouble. So I got to run around really fast." Ten-Ten explained.
Oh, cool. Hey where are we going again?" He asked.
"Juice! Their is a juice cart, and we got to get some! Pineapple juice is so good, you got to try it! I mean, you've been eating grasshoppers for who knows how long, so I hate to find out what you've been drinking. Come on!" Ten-Ten said while grabbing on to Lan, about ready run again.
"Yeah, but why did we leave without Aunte or uncle and everyone else? We don't have any gill." Lan stated, causing Ten-Ten to stop dead in her tracks.

"….Whoops, my bad Lany, I guess well just wait for everyone." Ten-Ten said smiling feeling sweat drop from the back of her head.
The two, sat on a wooden bench, and they waited. To pass time the two were watching the villagers running around. Some children pointed at Lan, and their mothers would push them along after Ten-Ten stuck her tongue at them. Lan chuckled at this.
"So Ten-Ten, what have you been up to for the past seven years?" Lan asked.
That caught the Lilty off guard. She looked at Lan, then smiled.
"Oh well, ya know. Getting in trouble, hanging out with Mina, writing plays and acting with Mina. Um, cleaning your friend Mas-I mean er Lee-Roy house, which is boring but it helps out with gill." Ten-Ten started.
"Um, whats a play? I mean You and Mina talked about them but what are they?" Lan asked.
Ten-Ten blinked.
"Oh well you know when we were little and we played pretend?" Ten-Ten asked.
"Yeah." Lan said.
"Well it's like that, but it's on a big stage, everyone dresses up in costume, and we play out a story for everyone to see." Ten-Ten answered.
The boy couldn't help but laugh.
"That sounds like fun, but wait don't you get nervous? With all those people around I mean." Lan said.
"Well yeah, some people can't do it, but it's really fun. Hey maybe you and, everyone else can help Mina, and me with our play." Ten-Ten yelled.
Lan smiled. Ten-Ten got closer.
"I'd like that." Lan said grinning.
"I know what else your gonna like, when it's night, we shoot out these big fireworks! You still like candles right, well think of one but shooting out everywhere and full of color." Ten-Ten stated.
Wow, that sounds great. I can't wait to see it!" Lan said amazed.
"Knew you would like it." Ten-Ten winked.

The two waited, tapping their feet, and looking around.
"What's taking them so long?" Ten-Ten mumbled.
"You did run really fast, so it might be a while." Lan noted.
She looked at Lan, then at a broom.
"Hey…do you know any tricks with your crystal?" She asked with a playful kitty smile.
Lan didn't follow, when he looked at Ten-Ten who was waving her finger at a woman with a broom back and forth. The crystal bearer then got TT's idea. He focused his gravity power on the broom, he then pulled the broom out of the woman's hands to her surprise. Lan and Ten-Ten giggled as Lan waved his hand making the broom go back and forth to the woman as she tried to grab on to it. He even made the broom whack the woman on her rear. After five minutes of teasing, Lan gave her back the broom. The woman, picked up her broom and ran somewhere else. The two couldn't stop giggling.
"I see you two are having fun." Said a familiar voice.
They looked to find Tabby, Tim, Mina, Holly, Fuzz Lee-Roy, Sora, and Riku.
"Mama, um…sorry about running too fast." Ten-Ten said.
"It's aright, you just got hyped up." Tabby said.
"If only you would use that energy for important things." Tim muttered.
"Can we get the juice now?" Ten-Ten asked.
Mina came and started rubbing her head, and handed her best friend a juice cup.
"We managed to get to him, don't worry I got you covered. Your's is Pineapple, I got rainbow grapes, so did Master Sora, Master Riku got pink lemon, Master Kairi is getting apple, Fuzz already drank his cherry, and Holly's." Mina said annoyed with the moogle.
"Who loves Cherry drink, Fuzz loves Cherry drink! Is it true, is its true? I do, I do I do Kupo!" The moogle said while flying around in circles, getting a few laughs from Sora and Riku. Also a scowl from Lee-Roy.
"I didn't really want it anyway." Holly lied.
"We got you strawberry Lan. " Mina said while giving Lanydx a cup.
"YAY! Thank you Mina!" Ten-Ten squealed.
"Thanks."Lan said.
"What did you get Auntie, and Uncle?" Lan asked before drinking.
" Well I got Apple Cider, and Tim-Tim, got Coconut." Tabby stated.
Lan slowly drank his juice and enjoyed it, however he only drank half of it. He gave the rest of his to Holly.
"Oh no Lanydx, that's your's I couldn't possibly." The summoner fretted and waved.
"No please, your thirsty, plus Fuzz drank your's which was not cool by the way!" Lan said as he grabbed his friend and gave him an angry stare.
"Sorry, couldn't help myself kupo." Fuzz said.
Holly smiled and accepted his drinks. She enjoyed the taste.
"Too bad you guy don't have Root beer, that stuff is good." Sora stated.
"You drink alcohol?" Tabby said a bit shocked.
"No, no no, it's a-" Sora started to say when Lee-Roy interrupted him.
"The Yuke is bad as is, but now we a drunk Keyblade Master?" Lee-Roy muttered.
He was hit over the head with Mina's Keyblade.
"OW!" He yelled.
"How dare you talk that way about Master Sora! Apologize at once!" Mina ordered.
"Make me!" Lee-Roy growled.
The two were about to fight again, when Riku pushed then away from one another.
"Alright calm it down, you two. We don't need a repeat of last time. Lee-Roy let Sora finish talking, Mina, stop hitting Lee-Roy..even if he deserves it." Riku ordered.
Mina put her Keyblade away ashamed.
" Sorry." She whispered.
"Whatever." Lee-Roy muttered.
"…….Anyway, um yeah Root Beer is a Soda, it's a drink, that tastes all sweet and creamy.. Ten-Ten can you get off my leg please?" Sora asked. Tabby grabbed her off Sora's leg, who was drooling.
"Come Ten, show some restraint." Tim said.
"Sorry..I just really like sweet things." Ten-Ten said blushing.
"It's cool my sister and brother are the same way." Sora said.
"There are more of you?" Mina squealed in delight.
"Oh God." Lee-Roy thought.
Lan, and Ten-Ten then looked around for someone.
"Hey, Mr. Zero and Eva aren't here." Lan realized.
"Yeah, where did they go?" Ten-Ten asked.
The two adults huffed.
Back in the Selkie District, Zero was busy fighting with someone on the sand. This someone was his second in command, this read headed ball of fire, this soon to be captain of a ship, and this lass's name was Taumu.
"Give me my ship you bum!" She yelled while punching Zero in the face.
"I'll give it to you, when I can! Just wait a little longer!" Zero said while rolling her down onto the san, pinning her down/
She kicked him into the water.
"You've been saying that for seven years, I'm tired of waiting!" She said.
Eva grabbed a hold of the two.
"Come now you two, you're acting a like a coupe of children." Eva muttered.
"Okay Eva, I'll stop." Zero said.
That made Eva happy.
"As soon as I kick her ass!" Zero ranted, which made Eva unhappy.
Back with everyone else.
Lee-Roy couldn't help but laugh, at Lan and Ten-Ten's dumbfound looks.
Suddenly they all heard the same thing at the same time
"Hello, you guys hear me?" L asked.
"Dad, where are you?" Lan said looking around.
"I'm near the Church, Kairi and Shi-ki are are resting, meet us there okay?" L asked as his voice vanished.
"When could he do that?" Sora asked.
"Seems like he's still keeping secrets from us." Riku said shacking his head, while Lan, Mina, Ten-Ten, Fuzz, Holly, and even Lee-Roy busy being impressed.
" Ya know,I kinda forgot he could do that." Tabby admitted.
"I was hoping he, would forgot he could do that." Tim muttered remembering all the pranks he would pull on him with that trick.

Speaking of the black cat, he was nuzzling with his wife on the lap of a purple haired selkie woman, her red eyes gleamed with happiness and life. She was wearing plain white hospital dress, and she was sadly bound to a wooden wheelchair. Kairi on the other hand was sitting on a nearby log munching on a stripped apple.
"So ya think they got the message?" L asked.
"I think the whole village got your message." Lucy respond.
"Well I like to make sure." He muttered.
"No, you like to show off, and blow a few ear drums." Lucy snapped.
"Hey I have the right to show off, I'm amazing! Right Shi?" L said sticking his tongue out.
Lucy rolled her eyes. While the woman stuttered, pretended she didn't hear him.
"Oh you bring in poor Shi into our debate, the sign of a losing man, right Shi?" Luxy asked.
"Um, well…" Shi started to say.
"Oh your such a hypocrite." L spat out.
"Hey, you're the church boy not me!" Lucy said laughing.
Kairi couldn't help but laugh at all this.
"What's so funny?" L and Lucy said at the same time.
Kairi stopped giggling, which in turn caused Shi-Ki to giggle.
"You two, you sound like an old married couple." Kairi said laughing.
This caused the two cats to look at each other, then at the Princess of Heart.
"We are an old married couple!" The both said, causing both girls to laugh once more.
"You two, thank you both. i haven't had a laugh that good in years." Shi-Ki said.
"She looked at Kairi.
"I also have to thank you Kairi, if it wasn't for your spell…I might have never woken up." Shi-Ki said.

The red head smiled.
"It's no big deal, I owe your friend a lot." Kairi said,
Her eyebrow raised up.
"L didn't you tell me that they would never remember you?" She asked.
"It's a long story, I'll tell it later." L muttered.
Lucy swat her tail at him.
"Lazy…. hey everyone's here! Shi, get ready for the Tabby hug of your life." Lucy warned.
Shi-Ki smiled understanding what
The two jumped off of their friend, just in time as The Selkie woman was tackled by one Tabby. Lucy, L, and Kairi met up with everyone else.
"Hey Kai, got you something." Riku said while giving her a drink.
She smiled and enjoyed it.
Riku got the two to slowly walk away while everyone was busy chatting.
"Well this turned out better then I thought." Sora said.
Kairi nodded, watching everyone else talk and hang out.
"Seems like the guy L was so worried about was taken care of. So when can go home early." Sora said.
Riku nodded his head.
"I don't think so Sora, this world….is broken. I mean the whole poison cover most of it's surface isn't right." Riku said.
"Oh yeah, if it wasn't for that crystal, we wouldn't be here right now." Sora muttered.
"Also he still have you know who to deal with…" Riku muttered causing Kairi to cough on her drink.
"Do we have to think about him right now? A party's going on. Let's just enjoy that." Kairi suggested.
"Alright, but let's just be on our toes." Riku said.
"Oh come on Riku, you worry too much. We beat him last time, and we'll do it again." Sora stated.
Riku gave his friend a look.
Kairi butted in before he would say anything.

"Riku, we just need to take one day at a time, we'll handle what we need to handle later. So for right now we enjoy the place." Kairi said.
"………Alright, lets party." Riku said.
Unknown to the three that they were all being watched by a pair of yellow demonic eyes.
End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
Zero rolling around in the sand with Taumu was hilarious. Especially when Eva had high hopes of him giving up only to be wrong a moment later. It reminds me a little of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean. x'D Lan and Ten-Ten messing around with the broom was hysterical too. Gosh, so many funny things about this chapter. Absouletely love everything about it. Including the foreshadowing of Chernabog or perhaps Braig. Can't decide which it is.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 19: The world is a stage, so get up and act on it!

The Keyblade Hero was swiftly woken up, by being dragged from his bed. He found his best friend and Master, Riku who pulled the blue fur banquet over him.
"Come on lazy, up and at em. Xehanort's not sleeping in, so you aren't ether, time for training." Riku stated.
Sora blinked, then shook his head.
"Riku what time is it?" Sora asked a half asleep.
"Five am. Now come on lets get you're girlfriend, Mine and go." Riku ordered.

"Your out of your mind." Sora grumbled as he put himself back on the bed and trying to sleep.
Riku's eyes twitched at his lazy best friend/student.
"Fine, I'll just get Kairi, and Mina up then." Riku growled.
Sora grinned getting some more sleep.

Riku walked out of Sora's bedroom to find another. Tabby had used her own Lilty brand of Alchemy to make her new guests their own private rooms, much to her husband's protesting. The house on the inside was much bigger in spite of the Cid's not having much, Riku would like to have seen for but it was dark and he had very little light to work with. He walked to Kairi and Mina's room. In five minutes he was quickly kicked out of their room.
"How the heck did Master Aqua get us to up early to train?" Riku thought to himself.
He looked at another door slowly opening. He saw in the dark a yellow eye and a still sleepy Lanydx.
"Shh." The black cat whispered, as the pair left the house.

The Crystal Bearer rubbed his eyes, as he followed his dad.
"Dad, why do we have to get up, the sun's not even up?" Lan grumbled.
"Cause there's something I want to show you. " L stated.
"We haven't even had breakfast." Lan whined.
"Tell you what, I show you what I want and then we will get something good to eat. Remember those sweet rolls we used to get?" L asked.

He could see his son's eyes light up. Then something in his head made the black cat want to head smack himself.
"Doh it all, I forgot I could just warp us. Lan hold on to my tail. " L said.
The Crystal Bearer did as his father asked which caused him to yelp.
"Not that hard!" He yelled.

"Sorry." He whispered loosening his grip.
The two vanished from the district, and then reappeared on top of a Yuke building near the first crystal. Lanydx looked around seeing where the two where.
"Don't look down." L muttered.
Sadly the boy looked down.
"We-we're so high up!" Lanydx muttered while starting to lose his balance.
"Stay calm, and focus your gravity on your center." L said.
The boy focused his crystal, and made sure his feet was planted on the roof. The cat gave him a grin, and the boy smiled. The two then looked at the sky, as the large sunrise brightened up sky. When it reached the crystal, it light up the whole village in a colorful glow. Sorta like the lights in the arctic but everywhere.
"Wow." Lan said, eyes light like the crystal.
"I know right?" L said.

They watched as the Yukes come out their homes, some under construction. The two watched the many yukes running around and giving the village life. They started to make their own noisy tune of music. Lan and L could even make out red coats, working on other buildings for themselves and others. One of them even spotted The Crystal Bearer and the cat. He waved at them, and the two in turn waved back. The two could hear each other's stomachs growling.
"I guess we should get those sweet rolls huh?" L asked.
Lan nodded then thought about something.
"Wait how are we gonna get down?" Lan asked.
The black cat scanned around on the ground, and found what he was looking for. An abounded round iron shield.
"Hey Lan, I think we are gonna do that thing you wanted to do. Ya see that shield?" L said.
"I see it." Lanydx said after looking for it.
The Crystal Bearer focused his energy on the shield and had it float to to him. He grabbed on to the heavy hunk of metal, but it fell on the floor. The black cat jumped on.
"Ready?" He asked.
Lan got on the shield, ready to go.
"Oh also, let's not tell your mother about this." L said.
The boy nodded while getting on the shelled.
"Alright Onwards and upwards!" L yelled as they went down the Skyscraper.
The Yukes could hear something rom the sky.
"JERONAMO!" They heard the Crystal Bearer scream while the two were flying through the air.

Lucy hated being woken up, but over the years she learned to live with it. She had to live with it, or something terrible would happen to those she dearly loved. She quickly woke up to two thirds of the bed being empty, and one whimpering Holly. Fuzz the moogle was asleep in his own mini bed while She was sweating, tossing, and crying. The mother cat quickly went over to the young summoner. She started to lick at the young girl's face.
"Hey come on now, your okay. Wake up sweet heart. Your okay." She whispered.
Holly then woke up from Lucy's licking. Slowly she looked around gasping, while looking at the white cat.
"Just dreaming Holly. That's all." Lucy stated.
Holly covered up under the sheets.
"Come on out of there. It's a new day and it's ready for you." Lucy said in her sweet voice, something she kept in reserve for Lan, Ten-Ten, Tabby, L on good days and when she was sick.
Holly looked around.
"Where are Lanydx, TT, and Mr.L?" Holly asked popping out of the covers.

Lucy then checked herself seeing that none of them were here. In a small state of panic, she screamed
"WHERE IS MY BABY,AND WHERE IS THAT IDOIT I CALL SWEETHEART!?" She roared, caused the Keyblade Wielders, and Fuzz to shake and quickly run out of their rooms.

Lan and L were on the ground in the front of a bakery in the clavat district. The boy was making a backer's dozen of sweet roles float in the air with one finger, and with another finger had his dad on his new shield. L however got a horrible chill down his spine, which was something that only happened when he knew his wife was going to right out murder him. They walked there way home to find a few villagers giving the boy an angry glare. Before the cat could rip these old guys a new one, a familiar green sword was flung at them, causing them to run away screaming their head's off.
Lanydx and L turned around to find a painting capped clavat. The Crystal Bearer recognized the boy.
"Yeah.(pant) That's right punks, you better (pant.) run, I catch you pulling that crap again.(pant.) Oh forget it." The boy muttered.
Lanydx and his father went to the young clavat boy, who was also accompanied by a familiar selkie child. She smiled at the boy.

"Cap, Fi, how are you guys?" Lan asked while smiling.
The other clavat boy quickly jumped to his feet, surpassing Fi and the cat who watched them both. He took a deep breath, and shook Lan's hand hyperactively .
"Hey Lan, haven't seen you in like, um two days right. How is everything with your folks, is that your cat on that shield? Anyway Taumiu's been letting me and Fi crash at her place for right now and stuff. Oh yeah and those old jerks were giving her the stink eye, so I told them off cause she can't talk and all." Cap said in a fast pasted rant that almost no one would be able to hear.
"What did you say kid?" L asked.

The two kids looked at the cat, then at their friend, then at each other and then back to the cat again.
"AAAAAHHHOHMYGOSHDEMONCAT!" Cap blurted out as he grabbed a hold of the selkie crystal bearer and ran screaming his head off.
The boy had sweat drops forming at the back of his head. While the cat started to feel a vain pop out of his forehead.
"Dang it Joshua, why did you do this to me? I hope one of your flying vending machines lands on your prissy head!" L cursed at the sky, and shaking his paw at it.
"You say something Dad?" Lanydx asked.
"It was nothing, I'm warping us home right now." He muttered.
The two disappeared then reappeared at the Cid home, in front Sora, Riku, Kairi, Holly, Mina, and Fuzz. Lanydx held out the box of sweet rolls.
"Got everyone something." He said smiling.
His mother jumped on top of him. causing the boy to drop his box which Sora grabbed before it fell on the floor.
"My baby, I was so worried. Where have you been? Are you hurt? What retarded thing did your father make you do?" Lucy asked in a mother tone.
"Mom I'm sorry, We were just watching the sun raise. Also got free sweet rolls" Lan explained.

His mother licked his face, and then got off him.
"Okay, just be sure to tell me next time, got it?" Lucy asked her husband and son.
"Got it, they both said Sora took one out of the box, and took a bite.
"Hey guys this tastes great, it's like a doughnut." Sora said with his mouth full.
"Sora don't talk with your month full." Kairi said.
Then then in turn shoved a sweet roll into his girlfriend's cute pie hole. Enjoy slowly enjoyed it, while punching her grinning boyfriend. Fuzz hovered a bit and started to pig out while Sora, and Kairi had a playful fight, which Mina, and Riku kinda broke up. Holly had noticed that one sweet roll floated to her. She looked at Lan, who wore a blushing smile on his face. She in turn took hold of the food, and eat it with gratitude. The boy smiled at this.
"Ya know Mina why don't you go find Ten-Ten and that Jenkins brat? I'm sure Ten-Ten would like one. " Lucy asked.

Mina understood what she was saying, she then grabbed the box from the greedy moogle, who has just eaten most and only one was left.
"Fuzz! What the heck, you eat most of them!" Mina said sternly.
The moogle looked as cute as he could be with food crumbs in his fur.
"Sorry, they were just so good kupo." Fuzz mumbled.
"Looks, like we are gonna have to get our eye on you when it comes to food, huh cutie." Kairi said while rubbing his head.

"After that, we are gonna do some training alright. That goes for Holly and Lan too" Riku stated.
"Alright just don't push them too hard." Lucy stated.
The kids walked out the door, Sora not knowing about the little key under the mat, he summoned his keyblade and looked the door. This caused much fingerling from Mina, who had forgotten she could also do that. L had looked his wife who was grinning at him. She walked over to him as she

"L we are alone, in the house, and it's just the two of-Ah" The Minister's wife whispered before she was pinned down the ground. The black cat put his mouth on her mouth. Then the wild fire got started.

Mina was ahead of the group leading the way. Fuzz was being held by Holly, who was walking next to Sora and Kairi. Sora was watching Lan use his gravity powers to swing from from one house to another. This gave Sora an idea.
"Spider Lan, Spider Lan, does whatever a spider can. Can he make a web at high altitude? No he can't, he's a dude, look up for Spider Lan." Sora sang.
Kairi was laughing hysterically while Riku gave a small chuckle. The others really had no idea what he was singing about. They reached the largest looking home in the district. It was three stories hight, with a large steel gate with a lock on it. On top were some rather frightful looking gold dragon statues, which made Mina scowl. Past the gate were some Lilty and Yuke workers tending to the large and lush rose garden.
"So I'm guessing this is where Lee-Roy lives?" Sora asked.
"Yeah and Ten-Ten works..sadly." Mina muttered.
"Why is that Mina?" Holly asked.
"I I've been meaning to ask that to Mina." Lan stated.
Mina huffed.
"Well I don't know the whole story but Your Uncle's grandpa owed Lee-Roy's Grandpa a large sum of gill. They pay it off as best they can but Lee-Roy's jerk father makes it harder to pay off, so Mr.Cid has to keep giving most of his profit to him. Also Tabby and TT have to work as maids." Mina explained.
"That's horrible!" The Princess of Heart yelled in protest.
"I thought that Lee-Roy kid was a jerk, but not that big a jerk." Sora said.
Lanydx looked down giving a sad expression on his face.
Mina shook her head.
"He's a pain, but I assume he's better then his dad." Mina admitted
"Um, still he is rather mean." Holly whispered.
Fuzz nodded his head in agreement with Holly.
"Look it's just go in, give Ten-Ten the sweet roll and get out so we can train." Riku stated.
The Selkie girl sort of pointed her fingers together while looking at her master.
"Um, well it's not like i don't wanna train Master Riku, but ya see there is a play company coming here in a week and I want to work on my entry for it…….So I was wondering if we could kidnap Ten-Ten and you let us work on it. Pretty please?" She asked, more like begged.
Riku looked at the girl then shook his head.
"Can't you work on it after we train?" Riku asked.
Mina shook her head.
"No, I mean I have to do it now. Teacher always said you should write when you got your feeling going on, and TT's like my co-writer. If our play is first place, then we get prize money…and our families could use the money." Mina stated.
Riku gave her a look, then looked at Sora, and Kairi.
"Well…I guess I can allow you some time off, since Zero told me about your caravan trip last week. also I want to check Lan, Holly, and Lee-Roy out." Riku said giving in.
Sora and Kairi beamed at Mina,which in which she gave a hug to him.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you." She squealed.
"Right, now lets get Ten-Ten." Riku said blushing.

"Hey Lan, think you can get us to float over that gate?" Sora asked.
Lan and Fuzz smiled while Holly and Mina's face lost a bit of color remembering what happened at the Mushroom Forest.
The boy focused his energy on everyone around him, with a flick of his hand, the gang was blasted into the air. Before anyone could scream they landed safely on the ground, but not without scaring the gardeners.
"Well that was fun!" Kairi stated.
Sora, Lan, and Fuzz nodded in agreement with her.
They walked to the front door after The Summoner, and the new Keyblade wielder gained their nerve. The looked at the large door, that remind the three Keyblade heroes of an certain Witch's door from the Bathhouse of Sprits. Mina had knocked on the door, and it slowly opened. Showing them all an elderly grey haired lilty man dressed in a black suit. He looked up, and gasped in fear at the smiling Crystal Bearer who hadn't covered his other eye. He looked at the other members of this party and nodded.
"Young Master's "Dumbasses" I presume?" The Butler asked in a dry amused tone.
Before Mina, Sora, Riku, and Kairi could protest at this Holly said.
"Yes that is who we are, can you please retrieve him for us?" Holly asked in a polite and respectful tone.
The butler nodded his head.
"Yes, but I'm sorry to say that the Crystal Bearer and Selkie girl will have to wait outside.
That got Mina hopping mad, and before anyone could stop her she started to rant.
"Um, I'll have you know we are a part of the same caravan, and we saved your "Young master's" sorry spoiled butt many times, including this whole town!" Mina respond in a sassy fashion, not taking this disrespect.
"I'm sorry miss but it is the will of the Master." The old lilty stated.
Lan gave Sora the box and got a hold of Mina, who let the rest go into the mansion. Mina had been kicking dirt still annoyed.Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Holly who was copying them removed their shoes to be polite. Sora gave Mina a wink, before they entered the door and the rich boy's home, which was quite a sight for them all. The ceiling was covered in painted of many Lilty men and women. They looked at a long stair case which had solid gold orbs on top. The floor tiles were clear as crystal. The butler went up the stair case to fetch Lee-Roy. Sora whistled at the door after he checked to see that the cost was clear. The Crystal Bearer and Selkie Keyblade trainee quickly dashed into the house. The moogle looked around to find a few young maids who were busy washing the floor.
"Tabby, Ten-Ten, kupo?" Fuzz asked in the cutest way possible.

"AAAWWW HE'S SO CUTE!" They cheered causing the moogle to cuddled and held, in loving fashion. This gave him a large smile on his face, making him the envy of every man in the room. In fact even Kairi, Holly, and Mina followed in the maids's footsteps cuddling the moogle.

"I wanna be a moogle." Was what Sora, Riku, and Lan thought to themselves.

The Crystal Bearer then, jumped up to the top of the stair case.
"I'm gonna look for Ten-Ten, Lee-Roy's old guy is taking too long." He stated.
"Just don't let anyone see you." Riku warned.
The boy nodded and went into the room.
He had walked into a grand hallway. Looking at the large chandler at the top of the roof. He found who he was looking for, however not in the way he was expecting. He had found Ten-Ten with another blond lilty girl who was wearing an multi-colored frilly dress. Ten-Ten however she was completely naked with her maid uniform was on the side.
"Oh please stop young mistress, I don't like to be touched there." Ten-Ten begged while trying to cover herself.
The rich lilty had smacked Ten-Ten on the head, and her hands.
"Quiet poor girl, you'll do as I say or I'll make sure you don't get paid! Now spread out your legs-and how the hell are you?" The girl half yelled in anger and surprise.

"Lany!" Ten-Ten squeaked in embarrassment, her face now as red as her hair.

"You, Clavat boy! I don't know who you think you are but, your trashy kind are not welcome here. Get out now, and I'll only give you a slight beating." The girl ordered in a slightly more annoying way Lee-Roy would talk.

The Crystal Bearer's hands made a fist, he gave the girl a very rare, but oh so cold glare at her. He then gave her a grin.
"What's with that smile boy! AHHH!" The girl yelled while she was being lifted into the air by a purple orb around her. The boy waved his hands up in the air making the girl stick the chandler.
"You..you you must be that crystal Bearer my brother was talking about. Release me from this right now, you worthless abomination!" The girl ordered while flanging about.

"Naw, I think I'll just let you hang out and stick around a while. " Lan said smiling.
Ten-Ten had quickly grabbed her clothes and got redressed.
"GET ME DOWN NOW!" the girl yelled.
"HEY LEN-DA I'M TRYING TAKE A NAP, SO SHUT IT!" A familiar voice yelled.
A door was kicked open buy an angry Lee-Roy, who looked at Lan, then at Ten-Ten who he looked at again for other reasons, and then at his sister, who was trying to get down.
"Dumbass, did you do that?" Lee-Roy asked.
"Yeah." He admitted kinda worried about what he would say.
"I freaking love you right now Dumbass." Lee-Roy said with a grin.
"Um, thanks." Lan said.
"So what did you want?" He asked.
"Oh Mina wanted Ten-Ten to help make a play thing, and Master Riku wanted to train us." Lan said.
"Mina wanted me to help out with the play? YAY! Oh but I have to stay here and work." Ten-Ten said sadly.
"Oh darn, well I'm sorry Ten-Ten." Lan muttered.
"……Ya know maid girl-I mean Ten-Ten..I could just say I needed you to….carry my lance, and you could still get paid that way." Lee-Roy slowly muttered.
"Really oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!" Ten-Ten said while she was jumping up and down.

"Wow thanks Lee-Roy, that's really nice of you." Lan said a little stunned.
"Well whatever, it gives me a reason to skip harp class. Now let's go before Jeenson finds us." Lee-Roy ordered.

The three ran off to find their friends.
End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
I don't like Lee-Roy's sister. Nobody touches Ten-Ten like that! -hops mad on the ground like Mina- Moving on, I like how L and Lucy got some time to themselves. It made me chuckle at them, for how cute the two of them are, even in cat form. I like Lee-Roy for finding a reason to get Ten-Ten out of work. The part with Sora and Kairi was really cute too. However some of it was misspelled a little but nicely done, partner. Even the part with the moogle was really cute too. Lots of fluff going on in this chapter. I look forward to seeing what happens next, Lanydx. :]

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 20: Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.
In a hour the Tipa Caravan and the Three Keyblade heroes were in the Selkie District once again, this time was for training and brain storming. Selkie fishermen and women could see a small battle being made on the shores of their beach. Some watched from a safe distance of course, other tended to their own lives.
"I'm telling you Mina, we can't go for the super drama yet!" Ten-Ten protested.
"Why not?" Mina asked.
"Cause I can bet you fifty Gil that it's what everyone is gonna do, comedy is the way to go." Ten-Ten stated.

The two girls who were sitting in the shade with a stack of paper and a few bottles of ink, and quills. The two were met with one Lanydx who was sent flying right next to them into the sand head first. The Lilty girl pulled her dizzy cousin out of the sand.
"Lany, you agree with me that we should write a comedy play right?" Ten-Ten asked sweetly.

"Yes?" The Crystal Bearer said still confused.
Mina rolled her eyes, and pushed the boy back out into the training area.
"Oh course Lan's gonna side with you, he doesn't know any better." She muttered.
"Hey it's in the Cid genes to know awesome stuff." Ten-Ten said smiling.

" Well if you say so. Oh wow, Master Riku and Lee-Roy are really going at it." Mina commented.
The two girls watched the human and the Lilty go at it head to head with Keyblade and lance in hand.
"Go Master Riku!" Mina cheered.
" Um, go..go Master Lee-Roy." Ten-Ten cheered.

"Why are you rooting for him?" Mina asked.
"He's my boss, so I have too?" Ten-Ten asked.
"That's like rooting a rich guy who steals from the poor." Mina muttered.
The two girls then got an idea for there play at the same time. They quickly wrote what was on their heads at super speed. Leaving them both unable to watch their friends train.
Sora, Fuzz, and Lanydx watched Riku put Lee-Roy into a head lock. They quickly turned away to face one another.
"Okay you two, show me what ya both can do." Sora said while summoning his Kingdom Key Keyblade.

"Kupo!" Fuzz said while dancing around in the air.
Lan however didn't have the same bravo as his furry buddy. Sora looked at the worried boy's face.
"Something wrong Lan?" He asked.

"Well….you see Master Sora…other then my Dad, and maybe Mister Zero…you are my hero." The Crystal Bearer muttered.
Sora just grinned.
"Oh come on Lan, I'm tougher then I look. I've taken on worse., take your best shot!" Sora egged the boy on.

The boy looked at Fuzz who nodded at him, then he got an idea. He looked at the lake, he charged up his power and lifted some out of the large body of water and spaced it one Fuzz's head. The wet moogle then began to spin around like a top in his typical fashion, the crystal bearer then fired his friend like a cannon ball at a surprised Sora with a push of his hand. Sora had the wind knocked out of him thanks to the first wave of spinning kicks. He quickly dodge rolled out of Fuzz line of kicks. He then used his Keyblade like a baseball bat and whacked the moogle right back at the Crystal Bearer.

"KKKKUUUPPPOOOO!" Fuzz yelled.
Lan jumped and caught his friend. Sora then turned the tide on the two and casted a couple of the thunders to keep the two on their toes. He dashed right in front of them, about ready to attack them with his Keyblade. Out of a panic, Lan unknowably pushed Sora a few feet away from them both. The boy stood there blinking, at his one power. However Sora vanished from their sight, and then the two looked to find a fire spell being shot at them. Lanydx used his power to lift the nearby sand as a shied from the flames, which made a wall of glass.
"Cool." Sora, Fuzz and Lan said.
Riku and Lee-Roy were too busy was trying to pin one another into the ground to notice

Holly and Kairi were watching by the shallow end of the water. The Princess of Heart looked at the summoner.
"So Holly, tell me what what do ya got? I mean this world's magic could be totally different from our type of magic, and it is the future, so seeing what you can do well help me teach you." Kairi said.
The girl pointed her fingers together.

"Um, well I only know how summon, and even then I am unsure about how to do it. Most of the time I feel rather…" Holly muttered not sure how to say it.
"Helpless, useless, a burden?" Kairi asked watching the pale girl nod her head.
"Don't worry I understand how you feel. I'll get you stronger and wiser in no time!" Kairi said in a cheery tone.

"My goodness, she so nice, why did I think she would do me harm?" Holly thought to herself.

"Okay let me teach you some magic!" Kairi cheered while summoning her flowery Keyblade. She dipped the tip to surface of the water, making it flow up and creating a large water bubble, she lifted it up showing it to Holly.

"This is Water, this spell can let you control the water to attack, heal, or defend. Now in order to make magic, you have focus your energy all into a point, like your staff." Kairi stated.
Holly holding on her moon staff, tried to focus, slowly she felt the water reach her.

"Um, Kairi what do I do now?" She asked looking at the water ball.

"Oh right well you, you shoot in the air, for right now anyway." Kairi said.
Holly had indeed done so, however she missed the air and had caused her water attack to hit Lee-Roy and Riku, making the two eat sand.
Holly blushed pink of humiliation, while Kairi was trying hard not to laugh. The princess of Heart pulled herself together and went to help her best friend.
"I'll show you how to use water to heal very soon.

After an hour for a break, Mina had put down her quill, chewing on the end bit of feathers. She looked at her tired best friend.
"Okay, here's what we got so far. Three acts, it's about a guy that steals from a greedy king, and gives it back to them, but how does the king get the money?" Ten-Ten asked.
"I think guys like Ibluis and wicked kings would use some kinda…tax. Yeah that's what it's called!" Mina stated.
Ten-Ten's eye's shifted quickly back and forth, in a sneaky fashion.
"Ya know we should add some romance to this." Ten-Ten added.
Mina gave her a puzzled look.
"What for, we…oh." The Selkie said looking at what Ten-Ten was rolling her eyes that.
They both looked at Holly who was trying to pull Lan, who's hands were stuck on a tree. The two both quickly thought of a plan, but something hit the two of them.
"We haven't thought of a name for our hero!" They both said at the same time.
Mina had smacked her head.
"Can't even think of one right now. I'm done!" Mina said in a dramatic tone getting off her butt and stormed off to the beach.

Ten-Ten just sat there knowing she would come back, and indeed she did return huffing and puffing.
"Ya done?" Ten-Ten asked.
"Yep." Mina muttered.
"Good." Ten-Ten said.
"Hey Master Sora, has a robin in his hood." Mina noticed.
Ten-Ten then got an idea.
"Who about we name our hero that! Robin Hood!" The Lilty girl asked.
"I like it!" Mina admitted.

"I'm hungry." Ten-Ten said.
"….Me too, lets go to your place to eat." Mina said.
"Your place is across the way." Ten-Ten protested.
"Well my Mom's not home, it's tiny, and I forgot my key again.
The Lilty looked at her friend and raised an eyebrow.
"You have a Keyblade silly. Ya know a key, it can open any door." Ten-Ten said patting her friend on the back.
Mina then stood there stunned for two minutes, summoned her keyblade, and then smacked herself on the forehead.
"I am an idiot, a major idiot! I'm a Lee-Roy idiot!" Mina ranted to herself.
"I heard that!" Lee-Roy yelled.
"Good!" The Selkie yelled.

Meanwhile in the Clavat District of the village, there was a small brick house near Tipa's gate. It was brand new, and the two who had moved in were none other then The Yuke Crystal Bearer Eva, and her life partner Zero "John" Auron aka Big Boss. The two were sitting on a large but comfy light blue feather bed. The metal Yuke was busy reading an old book, turning a page, while her head was reading from her lap. Zero was busy doing an old pastime of his, next to killing monsters, and drinking which was wood craving. Yes this violent, snarky, and ill-tempered Yuke enjoyed taking his time in making something beautiful. He did this not just with wood, but with stone, and even ice. Still it took him utter silence to work, and any noise could get someone killed by and raving Zero. Taumiu had to find out the hard way one night.
Zero had finally put on the finishing touches of his masterpiece. A tiny wooden figure of Eva. She lifted her head back on to her body and looked at Zero's mini version of her. He held it in both of his feathery hands, for balance.
"Oh John, this is fantastic. I forgot how good your cravings are." Eva said impressed.
Zero blushed, he quickly gave it to her. They both heard a dinging noise coming from their door.
"Eva…what was that?" Zero asked.
The bell rang again. The two yukes slowly went to the door. Zero was about to grab his sword, when Eva put her hand on his stopping him. They opened the door to find one clavat man and one Selkie woman. The tan wavy brown haired man was grinning from ear to ear. The busty sliver haired selkie woman had some extra features, like two sliver cat ears on her head and a cat tail near her rear. The pair of Yukes hadn't a clue what to say.
"Lucy…L?" Eva started.

"…Hey Eva…can we barrow some clothes?" Lucy asked blushing.
"YES! I mean come right in." Eva said while opening the door.

The woman quickly came in and her husband slowly came in the dwelling.
Zero and L gave each other looks. The Yuke knew that grin on his friend's face.

"You got busy didn't you?" He asked.
"Yep, that's what broke the spell." He admitted.
"Nice, but you might wanna wear this." Zero said taking off his jacket and putting it on his Clavat friend, covering most of his nakedness.
"I noticed…both arms are skin." Zero said looking at L's right arm.
"I know right, it's so cool, all soft and warm!" L stated in a childlike manner.

"You mean like Lucy's-" Zero was about to say.
"Don't talk about my wife's you know what!" L interrupted.
The Yuke put his arms in the air, challenging his friend.
"Come at me bro, no tiny knives for you. Me, I got me giant sword!" Zero said.
"You forgot I can scream you into the miasma!" L yelled.
"Oh really? I wonder if ya come back from the dead twice!?" Zero yelled.
"You forgot I'm THE BOSS!" L yelled.
"You forgot that I'm BIG BOSS!" Zero yelled.
The two were about to see who was the top dog when...

"Yes, dear." L said.
The two quickly walked into the next room.
"Whipped." Zero whispered.
"You are too." L remarked.
"…..Shut up." The Yuke muttered knowing it was true.
Later that night at the Cid house.

Ten-Ten was putting on the finishing touches on the third rewrite which was about done. Lanydx, was playing around with Fuzz and his Mom and Dad, which everyone was shocked to see as humans again. Well mostly human for Lucy still had some cat like features on her, like the ears and tail. Which Ten-Ten played with many times. Everyone had pestered them on how it was done, but The minister had told them to: "Not ask how acts of God work, just enjoy them. Tim had been sitting in his chair resting. Tabby was overseeing Sora, Riku and Kairi who were fixing a meal Holly was sitting next to Ten-Ten watching her write.

"DONE! Robin Hood: Men in tights is finished!" The girl said happily.
"So that's what you and Mina have been doing?" Holly asked.
"Yep, it's an awesome comedy story, with some action, and a bit of love. " She stated.
"May I read it?" The summoner requested.
Ten-Ten gave her a shifty look, then grinned.
"Okay, tell what was good, and what needs to change okay?" Ten-Ten asked.
Holly nodded her head while she started to read. She kept giggling and laughing, which gave Ten-Ten a large smile, and beaming eyes. Suddenly the door was pushed open. Lan, Lucy, L, and Fuzz were dripping in mud. Tabby quickly saw this, clapped her hand and a giant water blast shot at all four of them. Thankfully it was warm water, but still it was kinda weird.
"Oh no! You four and not messing up my nice clean floor!" Tabby stated.
"AHHAH!" The four yelled.Unknown to them all Lee-Roy was about to come to the door, when he quickly turned back home.
"Poor people. I'll never understand them." He thought while shacking his head.
End of chapter.


Sep 25, 2010
I love the part where Zero and L are jerking each other around. -snickers- oh my gosh, that was just hilarious. I wasn't expecting Lucy or L to turn back like that. I also like the part where Mina rants to herself about being a Lee-Roy idiot. xD poor girl didn't realize her keyblade could open doors. Oh, but, my favorite part was when Zero was making Eva a wood craving of herself. It was another great chapter, Lan.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 21: Robin Hood: Men in Tights….The Hawkeye and Cid version. (part 1.)
Most of Tipa Village, and visitors from other villages were packed together in the newly built Theater that was made in two weeks for the end of the Crystal Festival. Zero "John" Auron or Big Boss was sitting in the front row of seats, next to his other friends, after sending a few of his RoF's to stand guard the large play house, as for the others they were posted at the four sides of the village and the new developments. Some would call this paranoia but, he wouldn't take any risks if some gang of monsters or an enemy village could attack.
"I'm telling you Z, I've scanned everywhere from here to Goblin's Run. Nothing! As quiet as grave, calm down and enjoy the plays. You missed the first two!" His "best" friend L said.
"Granted you haven't missed much. The last play from Shiva was rather depressing." Lucy muttered.
"It wasn't as bad as the Marr's Pass one. I'm a Lilty and I don't get our culture." Tabby spoke out.
"I kinda miss TV." L thought out loud.
"What the heck is that?" Lucy asked.
"I'll tell you later." L said.
"Lazy ass." Lucy muttered earning L a smirk.
Suddenly Eva appeared out of nowhere on top of L, that woke up a sleeping Tim with two other Selkies. One much older with fading blue hair, wide hips and one heck of a smile on her face. The other Selkie woman being Shi-ki.

"Did we miss much?" Eva asked.
"No." Everyone said.
" I'm sorry to be dropping in on you all. I wish I could have been able to be here sooner, but I had to have Madison watch Miles. Again thank you all for buying me a seat. I really couldn't miss my baby girl's first play." The older Selkie woman apologized.
L showed the three their seats.
"Hey Donna, it's all good. Like I would let you miss my student's first play." L said.
"I can't wait, they've been working so hard on it, and everyone has been helping them out." Tabby said about ready to jump out of her seat.
They saw a man a box going from row to row.
"Throwing stuff! Get your throwing stuff here!" He yelled.
"Where the hell were you during the last two plays!?" Zero yelled, showing the gil to buy something to throw at the actors.
However he was given some every cold and angry stares. Lucy's and oddly Tim's were the worst.
"I'll…just not use this." Zero whimpered.
"Wise idea." Eva said giving him a peck on his metal cheek.
"L, do you remember when we had stuff thrown at us when we would preform?" Shi-Ki asked.
"Oh yeah I remember, the booing the, rotten fruit and veggies and the flaming arrows. Ah good times." The Sound Master recalled.
"Yeah sorry, one of those flaming arrows was me." Lucy admitted.
While the curtain had not been raised, much was going on with Miss Mina Hawkeye, and here band of jolly outlaws.
Sora who was dressed in a green tunic, and white tights with brown boots and feathered hat. There were many others who were dressed this way. Riku was now wearing one of L's old brown robes, from The Crystal Revolution.
"I look like an awesome Robin Hood!" He declared.
"You look more like Link, thank God I'm not wearing tights." He muttered.
"I'm just glad that Cap kid doing the background, He's like if a moogle had a million cups of coffee in one." Lee-Roy muttered now he was wearing a king outfit with robes and a crown.
"Hey where's Lan?" Sora asked.
"OW!" Lan yelled hitting a one of the backgrounds.
The three grabs a hold of him, why was he bumping into things. He was wearing Riku's spare blind fold.
"Lan you don't have to wear the blindfold till the show starts." Sora said.
The Crystal Bearer nodded his head.
"I know, but I'm still scared about it all." He admitted.
Mina and Ten-Ten quickly ran to everyone.
"Okay show time people! Let's go!" Mina said cheerfully.
"Let's put on a good show, and break a leg!" Ten-Ten said.
Lan then looked around being pulled back into his place.as well as Lee-Roy. The cast waited to the sides ready for Mina and Ten-Ten to give their small speech like the others did.

Mina and Ten-Ten saw everyone.,held hands and got ready.
"Welcome one and all to Hawking and Cid's Robin Hood Men in Tights. Action for the guys, love for the ladies, and comedy for anyone who were bored to tears because of the last two plays." Mina said.
That got a quite a few people laughing. Lan had suddenly fell from his post, dropping his prop blind cane, and walked right in front of it. It whacked him on the head causing the poor Crystal Bearer to stumble back into the sidelines. This got a big laugh out of a lot of people, even his dad couldn't help but laugh.
"Well apparently the comedy part wanted to start right away." Ten-Ten laughed.
"Can you blame it? I was asleep for the last one."Mina snarked, causing a howling from the crowd, and a scowling from the Marr's Pass play group.
"Now really folks we have a great show for you all, but allow me to let you in on some backstory before the play starts.
You see a long time ago, were there was no Miasma around. Their was a kingdom at war, and the King was away fighting the war." Mina started.
"So his lame, and greedy brother took over and passed laws that would make you want to throw stuff at him, and I do hope you got something." Ten-Ten said seeing the people grab a hold of their throwing stuff.

"Hey they said that wouldn't happen!" Lee-Roy hissed.
"Pay back is indeed a harsh kupo." Fuzz muttered.
"The King's laws and taxes caused the public to become weak and depressed. Which caused them to turn to a hero, Robin Hood, and his blind servant Bob." Mina said.
"Which was the poor guy you laughed at." Ten-Ten pipped in.
"Anyway!" Enjoy the show, we won't be far behind!" The two girls said.
The curtain went down and everyone got ready for the first sence.It looked like the inside a local pub. Sora and Lan were sitting on two chairs by the table.. The blonde Selkie known to Zero and the other RoF's as Radian, was the bar keep. A few tall armored clavats holding a fake wanted poster.
"Hey it's him! That' the the guy. Robin Hood!" The first said.
"Let's grab him and get the reward money!" The second yelled.
"Oh man I'm getting flashback." Zero whispered.
"SHH!" Everyone whispered.
"Hey, you green guy, you Robin Hood?" The third one asked coming to Sora and Lan.
Sora turned to him with a big grin on his face.
"Yeah, but your not getting, me anytime soon." Sora or Robin Hood said pulling out a fake cross bow.
He pulled the trigger, however no arrows came out. He acting kinda shocked. The three armored man pulled out their swords and started to chase after while he screamed.
"AAAHHHHH!" Sora yelled.
This cause quite a few to laugh, expect this Robin Hood to be some kind of awesome man.
"Um….Bob, arrows! I need arrows!" He yelled while ducking the sword swipes.
Lan remembered his cue, and felt around for the props.
"On it boss!" Lan said as he threw the first prop.

It whacked Sora in the face.
"This is a pig, Bob!" Sora yelled.
"Sorry!" Lan said.
He threw another prop.
"Chicken!" Sora yelled.
Lan grabbed something else, and threw it Sora.
"Goat! Where do you keep getting these?" Sora asked.
" I don't know!" Lan yelled really not having any idea why this was happening.
Little did they both know that there was a small trap door which would be used for later, but Cap, had used it to replace the fake arrows with live stock. He then quickly grabbed Fuzz and threw him up stage, watching Lan throw his his best friend to Sora and laughing.
"Moogle! Oh forget it!" Sora muttered. He fired poor Fuzz from his cross bow.
"Send in the stunt moogle!" Fuzz cried as he hit the three guys.
Many laughed at the joke. L however felt like he got hit with a cannon ball to his gut.
"What's wrong with you?" Lucy asked.
"Nothing." L lied.
Lucy eyed her husband but kept on enjoying the show.
"Bob what am I going to do with you? I'm gonna have to dock your pay!" Sora yelled.
"But you pay me in blueberries…" Lan said.

The bar keep looked at them both.
"So your the famous outlaw Robin Hood? The guy who's been stealing from the rich and giving to the poor?" He asked.
"Yeah, look your not gonna turns us in are you, cause well that would suck, and the story would be over too quick." Sora stated.
"What?" Raiden and Lan said, this not being the script.
"No I'm gonna turn you in, I wanner join you. That bum King John taxed the price of my drinks so high that I've lost all my customers!"
"BOOO!" Zero and Taumiu and many other drinkers of licker yelled in the background.
"Well then, welcome to the Men in Tights group, what's your name?" Robin Hood asked.
" You need to work on that name, and call me Jim." Raiden stated.
"I'm gonna call you Little Jim." Lan said.
"Call me that again and I'll cut you!" Raiden said.
"Meep!" Lan said hiding behind Sora.
"Hey be nice to Bob, he's carries our stuff." Sora said.
They both heard horses from the end of the stage.
"Aright time to steal from some rich slob and stick it to the King!" Sora stated.
The three exited sage left and the curtain dropped.
Ten-Ten, and a very flustered Mina came back on the stage.
"Now Robin Hood, Bob, and little Jim-" Ten-Ten started to say before she was cut off by a slashing noise.
"OW! Boss, Little Jim cut me! Lan yelled.
"Stop calling me that!" Raiden yelled.
"OW!" Lan yelled again.
Sora punched both of them.
"Cut it out you too, and give me the swords!" Sora yelled.
That caused more people to laugh, much to the two girl's embarrassment, from their actors getting off script. However Ten-Ten was quick on her feet.
"Well we don't wanna call Jim that name for Bob's sake." Ten-Ten said giggling.
"Thank you." Lan whispered.
"Anyway, our band of merry men, are about to steal something from a noble person of the King's court, as well as fight the Sheriff of Nautnyham!" Mina said.

"We really needed to think of a better name for that guy." Ten-Ten muttered as they left.

The curtain lifted again, showing a forest looking area with a caravan which was being driven by a long black haired clavat boy with a fake bread. He made the fake looking chocobo run very fast They could hear someone vomiting. The door to the side opened to find one angry Kairi, who threw a rock at the man.
"Sherif! I thought I told you to slow down! Poor Toks is still getting caravan sick! Also you could run something over!" She yelled.
"Bah, Lady Mari you don't understand that the King wants his gold by noon, so to hell with your lowly maid servant. Also no fool would get in our way.
Lan was quickly pushed in the way, being stepped on. Everyone hearing a painful cracking sound.
"Ow, I'm blind and something hit me!" He screamed in pain..
"Oh no!" Kairi yelled while getting out of caravan.
L and Tabby were trying very hard to keep Lucy in her seat.
"He hurt my baby! He will die painfully!" She hissed.
"It's just a play Lu, calm down please!" Shi-ki begged.
"Tabby do the cute face!" L said.
Tabby quickly gave her big sister the cutest face she could muster, which cause the angry cat girl calm down, hugging her baby sister while purring.
"Still got it." Tabby smiled.
"Move out of the w-I mean you poor boy, is there anything I can do for you?" The Sherif asked with fake kindness in his voice.
"Well there is one thing you can do…" Lan said.

The Sherif was quickly knocked out by a rock the head.
"You could stop being such a snore head." Sora said.
"That is a horrible pun-ACK!" He yelled as he was whacked on the head again being knocked out cold.
"Hey thanks." Sora said.
"Not at all, I don't really like him." Kairi muted.
Sora then turned around to find the love of is life in a really pretty blue dress, and small crown. Kairi had never worn that in rehearsal, so the boy was quite taken back at this.
"I know who you are, Your Robin Hood! You steal from the King, and you give it to the poor." Kairi stated.
"I eh, ah ja well Yep…that's me.." Sora said blushing.
"Um, Boss what do we do now?" Jim asked who had grabbed a hold of Holly wearing a larger version of Ten-Ten's maid uniform, who had a large treasure chest. She quickly gave it to Kairi.
"Grab the chest." Sora said.
The two looked at Kairi's chest. as she looked at them blushing.
"The Treasure chest!" Sora yelled.
That got a good laugh at the audience as Raiden took the chest full of fake money.
"Well it's been fun robbing you. Don't worry we will give the money to feed some starving kids….Lady..Um?" Sora muttered.
"Lady Mari, and that would be my maid servant Toks." Now who might your merry men be?" Kairi asked.
"Look we don't have time for this, can we go before some random guards look for us?!" Jim said.

"Okay Bob, Jim, grab the girls we are off." Sora said.
"What?" Kairi and Holly yelled.
The three ran to the end of the stage while the two girl were kicking and screaming.

"Okay people, take a break. Act two is coming soon kupo!" Fuzz said.
End of chapter part 1.
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