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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Funk

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Jun 14, 2009
Nice work Landyx. You have a few misspelled words here and there (like Guild instead of guide) but it was sweet and MX... is the summoner referring to Yuna?

Anyway... something felt off in the middle with Lucy (I'm not sure what though) but good work throughout.
Nope, my new character that is in the works. Ya the letter flash back I was not real happy, but I did what I could.


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Feb 14, 2008
Phantom Manor
No, writing wise. Something was off in the writing of that flashback chapter... I think it was Lucy was accepted so soon and we don't know how Ten Ten found Lucy...

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
I may have to look it up, anyway I'm working on something with Kingdom Key so updates for this fic may be slow.


Sep 25, 2010
It was a great chapter XD but I too want to know how tenten found Lucy. And is tenten still alive or is to late for Mina to save her? :) I'm surprised to see Lanydx showing some power now like a true cyrstal bearer. Should be interesting to see what happens when they return to fight Ibluis.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 11: Holly.

Marr’s Pass is a small, Lilty and Clavat Village. It only had a living and trade district. The homes and shops were all centered near a medium sized Crystal. The homes and shops were mostly wooden and brick like. At the village’s Crystal near a water fountain Lanydx, Mina, Fuzz, and Lee-Roy were waiting for Zero. Lee-Roy was tapping his foot.

“God, where the hell is he, the Yuke said he’d be here.” Lee-Roy yelled impatiently.

Mina rolled her eyes at the half pint.

“Can’t you ever not complain about something, Why not be like Lan and rest a little?” She asked while pointing at Lanydx, and Fuzz who was sleeping near the fountain.

“Hey, the Yuke said he’d be back in a few minutes. It’s past that what’s keeping him?” Lee-Roy asked.

Suddenly out of thin air a large burlap sack, filled with Gill, and a note landed on the Crystal Bearer.

“No, my cookie!” He yelled as he woke from his sleep.

Lan pushed the sack off his body, and gave the note to Mina.

Mina read the note.

Kids got you some spending money. Divide the gill fairly, and for me I’m at a bar.
P.S. Lee-Roy cause I know you will do this. Never mess with a blind person. They are wizards and will make you pay for it! Trust me, I know!

Lee-Roy ran to the sack of money, but Mina quickly grabbed it and kept it out of his reach.

“Hold it! I’ll make sure we each get a fair share.” She stated.

“Yeah right Selkie I bet you’ll only give me, and the Crystal Bearer chump change while you keep the rest!” Lee-Roy protested.

“Do I look like my sister? Don’t worry your big head over it, I’ll give you guys a fair share.” Mina said.

A few minutes later, each of them got their fair share of the Gil. Lan asked.
“Um, Mina can we eat this?”

Lee-Roy fell to the floor dumbstruck, got back up, and slapped Lanydx upside the head.

“No you dumbass!” He yelled as he smacked Lanydx again.

Mina pushed Lee-Roy.

“Don’t hit him, it’s not his fault Lan doesn’t know about money.” Mina yelled.

“Hey don’t undermine my parenting in front of the child Woman!” Lee-Roy snapped at her.
Suddenly Fuzz, who was soaking wet, jumped in the air and kicked Lee-Roy ten blocks away from the fountain. That caused a crowed to run and scream in terror.

“That’s for stealing my muffin Grandpa!” The Moogle yelled sheepishly.

The Selkie girl and Crystal Bearer didn’t know whether to laugh or panic at their moogle’s antics. Mina gave Lan a look.
“Um, well that was unexpected.” Mina stated, while grabbing a hold on the moogle.

“Yeah, should we check and see if he’s okay?” Lanydx asked.

The two ran to find Lee-Roy discarding his now broken armor reviling he was wearing a black commoner shirt, and tight black pants. He was still wearing the armored shoes and was starting to walk away in a huff.

“You better put that Moogle on a leash Crystal Bearer!” Lee-Roy yelled.

“I’m sorry Lee-Roy, Fuzz won’t do that again.” Lanydx shouted.

“Damn right it won’t!” He whispered.

Lee-Roy then turned around, walked to Lanydx and Mina. He then punched the confused Lanydx in the gut, and took his gill as the boy landed on the floor. Mina then picked the Lilty up by his head.

“Give him back his Gill Lee-Roy!” Mina ordered.

“No way, he needs to pay for my armor!” Lee-Roy protested.
Mina flexed her free arm, summoning her Keyblade
“Your share is more than enough to buy a decent suit of armor. Trust me I know my best friend’s dad is a blacksmith.” Mina stated.

Lee-Roy started to squirm, and tried to break free from Mina’s grip. While Lanydx slowly got up, rubbed his head, and used Fuzz for support.

“Oh come on, just let me have it! The Crystal Bearer doesn’t even know what money is.” He pleaded.
A few Lilties were about to aid their fellow tribesman, yet a few stopped them when they noticed Lanydx’s crystal.

“Lee-Roy, drop the Gill now!” Mina ordered while putting more of a strain on Lee-Roy’s head.

He dropped the Gill and Mina dropped him on the floor. He stormed off fuming mad.

“We’ll meet back here in an hour.” The Selkie stated.

“Blow me!” Lee-Roy roared as he lost himself in a small crowd. He pushed away any of the Lilties that tried to ask him anything.

Mina shook her head, as she picked up the gold coins. She unsumoned her Keyblade, then handed it to the confused Lanydx.

“Um, Mina why did you have to hurt Lee-Roy and what is Gill?” He asked, while still rubbing his head.
Fuzz piped up.
“Well Lan, Gill is something people use to buy and sell stuff. Kupo.”

“As for Lee-Roy, he was taking advantage of something what wasn’t your fault. As for you Fuzz, you need to stop kicking stuff or we just might put you on a leash.” Mina threatened.

“I’ll be a good kupo!” Fuzz stated while hiding behind Lanydx.

“Let’s hope so buddy.” Lanydx said while rubbing Fuzz’s head.

“Um, sorry about that folks didn’t mean to ruin your day.” Mina apologized to the remaining Lilties staring at them.

Lanydx went closer to her. The more they stared the more unconformable he felt.

“Mina, can we go now?” He asked.

She looked at him, understanding what he was really asking.

“Okay Kiddo, why don’t I show you how Gill works.” Mina said with smile thinking Lan reminded her of her little brother Miles.

Lan grinned as they started to walk from the crowd of people.

“Lan also needs his gun fixed.” Fuzz said popping out again.”

“Oh yeah I forgot about that.” The Crystal Bearer said sheepishly while rubbing his head.
Mina looked at the two confused.

“Wait you broke your Gun, when did this happen?” Mina asked.

“Um, I forgot. I just now it doesn’t work.” Lan said while pulling out his Caster.

“Well we’ll stop at a Black Smith, but we ought to get some new clothes.” Mina stated.

“We do?” Lanydx asked.

“Yeah, I’m sick of wearing the same outfit. Also I’m sure you want to get out of those rags right?” She said nudging her arm in his elbow.

“Um, I guess.” Lanydx said before Mina started dragging him at full speed.
Meanwhile on the other side of town, there was a small bar, and business was good. The Marr’s Pass Cavern had collected the

Crystal’s Myrrh for the year and many were still partying. The dimly lit bar had many round tables, filled with young Clavats,
and Lilties drinking and laughing their heads. A band had been playing in the back. Yet one person was sitting alone, and hadn’t a drop of booze since he entered the building. A young, purple haired Selkie waitress, who looked no older then Mina, was wearing a black skimpy dress, looked at a lone Yuke.

“Hey there sweetie, looks like you had a hard day. Want me to make you feel better?” She asked in the most seductive way she

Zero looked like he had been struck by lightning. His helmet and feathers were as black as coal. Oddly the only thing that wasn’t burned was his clothes. He looked at the girl.

“Hard day doesn’t begin to describe my day miss. Here’s what you can do for me. Show a Lilty wearing azure colored dragoon style armor to my table. If that’s not too much trouble you miss.” Zero asked while handing her a large sum of gill under the table.

The waitress’s eyes were as big as dinner plates. She quickly grabbed the gill and stuffed it in her dress. She bowed to the man.
“Thank you so much sir, is there anything else I can get you?” She asked.

“Yes, some water please.” Zero asked.

The girl quickly left. Normally Zero would be one of the many drinking but right now didn’t seem like a good time, yet without his rum, Zero felt like easy prey to his own mind. The memories that he had been hiding from, would come at full blast, like the night when Tipa was almost destroyed. For a monument all Zero could see was miasma, people everywhere being turned to into red crystals. Their painful cries of torment, ringing in his ears while looking at that cursed full red moon. Zero then jumped on top of a nearby roof trying to catch his breath, yet all he caught was death. He was blacking out only to hear L scream all the way from the Yuke District.


The Yuke was back at the bar, the waitress tapped him. He looked up to see her with a Lilty wearing a blue colored armor, made out of dragon scales. The gantlets resembled dragon claws. The helmet even looked like a dragon with its long, pointy ears, yellow eyes, and the long mouth part.
This was just the man Zero was waiting for. The girl left the two while leaving a small glass of water on the table. The man sat down while looking at him.

“Zero.” He muttered.

“You’re late Sol.” Zero said.

“I’m terribly sorry about that, I had a hard time finding this place. Also you’re lucky I’m even talking to a traitor like you. To think a man would try and take over his village by force.” Sol said.

Zero quickly drank his glass of water.

“Don’t give me any crap Sol. Ibluis is a monster that is going to do in Tipa, and everyone in it.” Zero said.

“You tried to raise an army on an old man.” Sol yelled.

“Yeah, an army your murderer of a king destroyed. We weren’t even after your kingdom. Also Ibluis is not just any old man. He’s been putting innocent people to death, and to top it off he’s going to try and bring back the Red Eye Moon Cult. Zero explained.

Whatever Sol was about to say was cut as soon as he heard the words: bring back the Red Eye Moon Cult.
“Are you sure of that?” Sol asked in a terrified manner.

Zero looked him dead in the eyes.
“You remember what happened to Tida the one village that was consumed? The same thing almost happened to Tipa, and Ibluis is going to do try it again.” Zero whispered to him.

“What do you want from me? I know I own a debt to The Boss but, what can I do?” Sol asked.

“You can make sure if Ibluis tries to call for help from your kingdom that it doesn’t get answered. Or send me some of your troops” Zero said.

Sol was quite for a bit.

“You ask much of me Zero. I cannot bring men that could get my head removed. I will try to block aid from my homeland, but I must ask you for a favor in return.” Sol asked.

“Go on.” Zero said.

Meanwhile in the shopping center Mina, Fuzz, and Lan walked out of a small shop. Mina came out wearing a pair of blue shorts, a blue and white scarf, and a small blue top held together by a blue bow. Her hair was braided with a few small purple jewels. Her wrists were covered with silver bands. As for foot where Mina was wearing an open, but covering toed black sandals.

Lanydx also in new clothes, but was busy tapping his new red shoes. He was in full red. From his long sleeved, hooded sweat shirt, to his loose red pants with a sash keeping them up. His headband was proudly on his forehead.

Fuzz was just busy sucking on a lollypop. Mina was just beaming. She would have gotten more, but she thought better of it. The jewels were her reminder of Ten-Ten. Maybe they could get a chocobo. She looked at Lanydx.
“Hey Lan, you look great in those.” Mina remarked.

“Thanks Mina, I really like them. Maybe when we beat Ibluis, I can show them to Ten-Ten.” The Crystal Bearer said.

Mina had told him about Ten-Ten being alive, yet couldn’t bring herself to tell him, that she would be hung a week. One thing that surprised her was how quickly he believed her. He simply said.
“He’s lied to me about everything, and you’ve never lied to me.” He stated.
Min just rustled his head.
“Yeah, I’m sure she’d love them, but why did you cover up yourself? Show some skin pasty.” Mina said.

Lanydx stepped back a bit, covering his hands in his sleeves.
“Um, well I’m not used to showing anything.” Lanydx said.
Fuzz poked him.
“You wouldn’t even let me help you in the dressing room kupo.” The moogle stated.

“I’m just not comfortable.” Lan stated.

“Okay, Lan. Look I’m going to go look for something, Fuzz mind watching him for me?” She asked.

Lanydx looked at her, while Fuzz nodded his head.
“You’re leaving me?” He asked.

“I need to get something for us, and didn’t you say that gun of yours needed fixing? I’ll meet you at the center of the town in a bit okay?” Mina asked.

“Okay, I’ll see you later.” Lan said as Mina walked away.
The Crystal Bearer and moogle walked around town to find a small blacksmith shop, which they were quickly kicked out of. As Lan grabbed a hold of his friend before he try to break in and smash the place. The two tried other shops only to be kicked out.
A few hours later,Fuzz looked at his friend.
“Um kupo, maybe you should try covering your eye, so people don’t kick us out.” Fuzz suggested.

Lanydx then pulled his head band over his crystal eye.

“If I had any thumbs, I would give you a thumbs up.” Fuzz said.

“Yeah, but to have thumbs you would need hands and arms.” Lan remarked.

“Oh you always got to bring arms in this.” Fuzz said while landing in Lan’s arms.

“Well they are handy.” Lanydx joked.

“Oh, ha ha, that was so funny Lan. You should be a court jester.” Fuzz said with sarcasm.

“Really? It was my first joke.” Lanydx said.

Fuzz let his head down.
“Man, I have so much to teach this kid. Not a bad friend, but could use some work. Hey who is that hot babe, and why are those guys chasing that girl?” Fuzz thought.

Running past a few shops towards them, a girl covered with a white mage style hooded coat, and yellow pants. Her writs were in shackles, and her neck had an iron collar on it. She was being chased by two large looking clavat men. One of them was wrapped in bandages from head to toe. The other had wore all brown, was bald, and had an eye patch. The girl’s blue eyes looked at Lanydx and Fuzz. She quickly ran behind them, and whispered.

“Please, help me.”

Lanydx looked at the girl, not really sure what was going on, but could understand the fear in her voice. He was able to look at her face more closely. Her skin was as white as snow, her hair or what hair he could see, was mouse brown. Her lips were lush, and her noise was small. Her blue eyes sparked.
“Wow this girl is, cuter the Mina! Wait I hope I didn’t say that out loud.” Lanydx thought to himself.

“Hey kid, mind handing over the girl?” Asked one of the men.

Lan looked at the girl who kept shaking her head. Then he looked at the two men.
“What are you going to do to her if I give her over to you?” The Crystal Bearer asked.

“None of your damn business kid, just hand her over.” The other one yelled.

The girl begged him.
“Don’t let them get me.”

Lanydx then pulled out his caster gun.
“Sorry, but it doesn’t seem like she wants go with you.” He saud with a grin.

Fuzz was confused, the Moogle whispered in his friend’s ear.
“Lan, are you nuts? You’re going to pick a fight with them, when your gun doesn’t work?!”

Lanydx then felt sweat dripping, then pulled the gun away.
“Oh, yeah I forgot about that.” Lanydx said to Fuzz and the others dismay.

“You little brat, we’ll whip you till your back is nothing but a big scar!” One of the men yelled, as they started to charge after him.
He focused his energy on his hands until two small, purple, orbs formed on them. Lanydx then waved his hands, lifting the two in the air in two larger force felids. He waved his left arm to himself, forcing the mummy looking man to quickly come to him. The Crystal Bearer then swiftly punched him in the face with his right, causing the slave trader to be pushed back again. Lan relied the trader again but, jumped in the air and kicked the man in the face causing him to fly into the town gate.

Lanydx running out of breath dropped the one eyed man. The trader took advantage of his and, pulled out three daggers.
“Say your prayers Crystal Bearer.” He yelled as he threw the blades at Lan.
Lanydx seeing the blades forced them on to the ground. He then looked at the man, recreated his force orbs, and threw the man into a wall.

Fuzz looked at him.
“You did better then in training, kupo.”
He nodded.
“I need to thank Lee-Roy for showing me that first trick. Um, miss it’s okay the bad guys are gone.” Lanydx stated.

The girl uncovered her eyes. He smiled at her. She blushed.
“Um, thank you for helping me.” She said while hugging him.
Lanydx started to blush.
“So little lady, what’s your name? I’m Fuzz, and my buddy who put the smack down on those two jerks is Lanydx.” Fuzz asked while butting in.
“My friends call me Lan.” He injected.
“Oh, um, yes my name…..well.” She started to say.

The two waited for her.

“I don’t remember it.” She said starting to sob.

Lanydx looked confused, on the other hand Fuzz understood.

“Oh, you have amnesia, do you remember anything kupo?” He asked, while unknowingly answering Lan’s question.

‘No, I woke up in Marr’s Pass, and nothing. I tried to ask anyone if they knew me but, no one did. Then those two goons chained me up. I was barely able to get away.” She explained.

“Poor kid, at least you got away.” Fuzz mumbled.
Lanydx held her hand.
“I’m sorry you don’t remember your name. Wait, oh I know. Until you do get your old name back, I’ll give you a new name okay?” He asked.
She smiled.
“Thank you, you both are very kind, but I must ask. Why are helping someone you just met? ” The girl asked.
“We can’t leave a pretty girl like you all alone, plus we know what it’s like to be locked up right Fuzz?” Lanydx said.
The Moogle nodded his head.
“Do you really think I’m pretty?” She asked.

The Crystal Bearer now realizing he said his thoughts out loud, he covered his head with his hood. That earned him a giggle from Fuzz and his new friend. The Moogle then had an idea
“I know, how about Holly? I like that name kupo.” He asked.

The girl thought about it for a while.
“Yes I think I’ll use that as my new name for a while.” The newly named Holly stated.
“Great, Um, wait why don’t we go see my friend Mina? I think her Keyblade could get you out of your, um bindings.” Lanydx suggested.
“Keyblade, what on in the world is that?” Holly asked.
“I’ll show you, come on.” Lanydx explained while running, with Fuzz. The girl started to run, but soon tripped landing on the ground face first.
“Ow.” She yelled.
The two ran back to her and Lanydx picked her up.
“Are you aright?” He asked.
“Why does this happen to me?” She thought to herself.

Meanwhile Mina and Lee-Roy were busy eating lunch at a small bench near the town’s Crystal. Mina couldn’t stop looking at Lee-Roy’s armor. It was a small, black, and, gold colored. Plus it had a samurai style to it, with two a gold V on top of the helmet.

Mina took a bite out of her sandwich, then asked.

“So yeah a Yuke lady told my fortune and well it doesn’t make any sense. To lose is to find, and to find is to lose. What do you make out of it Lee?”

Lee-Roy was busy chewing on a large chicken wing. He ripped a part of the meat off the bone, and started talking with his mouth full. Mina then hit him with her Keyblade.

“Talk when you’re done eating! Man, it’s eating with a five year old!” She complained.
Lee-Roy started to choke on his food, until he spat it out on the floor.
“What are you trying to kill me?!” He screamed.

Well maybe you should have some eating manners! You are a pig!” Mina yelled back.

“Don’t talk to me about edict! You don’t know how many lame lessons I had to learn just to use a spoon! I’ve earned the right to eat however I damn please. You on the other hand, haven’t even earned the right to eat.” He said while grabbing Mina’s sandwich.

The girl then stood up and summoned her Keyblade.

“Why you little!” She yelled.

As soon as Lanydx, Fuzz, and Holly got to the water fountain the three noticed a large dust cloud of Mina and Lee-Roy fighting.

“Are they your friends?” Holly asked the moogle, and Crystal Bearer.

“Um, hey guys I met a new friend.” Lan muttered.
The two stopped their fighting, looked at Lan, and then at Holly. Lee-Roy was grinning, while Mina had a look of shock.

“Lanydx Cid you bought a slave?!” Mina yelled in a mortified shriek of rage.

“Alright, way to go dumbass, I think I can respect you now.” Lee-Roy said with approval.
“You’re a dead man Lan!” The Selkie girl yelled as she threw her Keyblade at Lanydx face.
“Um, are they your friends?” Holly asked Fuzz.
“Yep, the mean one is Lee-Roy, and the hot girl beating Lan up is Mina. Hey Mina Lan didn’t buy her, he saved her.” The Moogle explained while eyeing one of Mina’s sandwiches.

“It’s true miss, Lanydx did rescue me from two slaver traders. He also said you could use a Keyblade to unbind me.” Holly added while showing her shackles.
Mina stopped punching The Crystal Bearer in the face as soon as she heard Fuzz and Holly.
“Oh, um, sorry Lan I didn’t mean to jump off the handle like that.” She apologized.
“No, it’s cool Mina.” Lanydx with tons of lumps, bruises, and on the floor with his eyes were cross-eyed.

Mina then went to the new girl.
“Well Sorry about that. I’m Mina Hawking, Keyblade Master, Selkie play composer, and I’m a part of Tipa’s Crystal Caravan.
“Um, I’m Holly. That’s about all I am I’m afraid.” She stated while having a hard time shaking Mina’s hand due to her shackles.
“Oh, don’t worry I got this.” Mina said.
Mina took out her Keyblade and pointed it at Holly’s collar. A small beam of light came out of the tip, and unlocked it. It dropped on the floor, as did most of the group’s mouths. Mina then undid Holly’s shackles. They dropped to the floor, like the collar. Mina the put it away, twirling it like a caster gun.
They all asked the same thing.
“How did you do that?”

Mina looked at them all.

“Well, while I was busy getting a surprise for us all I met a skinny, tail, Yuke woman. She bumped into me, and noticed my Keyblade. She told me that it could open and lock anything, so I tried it out. I wanted to thank her but she left.” Mina explained.
“That thing gets more and more weird everyday. Hey that’s my chicken!” Lee-Roy yelled at Fuzz, who was flying away with a chicken wing.
Lee-Roy started to chase Fuzz, while Mina let Lan, and Holly have one of her sandwiches. Before Mina could ask the girl anything Holly quickly engulfed her food. Lanydx actually did the same thing.
“Hey you two, slow down a bit. No one’s gonna take your food from ya.” Mina said.

Holly then slowed down.
“I’m sorry Mina I just haven’t eaten in days, or it feels like I haven’t eaten in days.” She explained.

“So tell me about yourself Holly.” Mina requested.

Holly took another bite of her sandwich.
“Um, well there is not much to tell. I don’t remember anything. I don’t know if I have any family.” Holly sadly said.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, well maybe for a while you could join us?” Mina asked.
“Yeah, that would be awesome!” Lanydx and Fuzz yelled in union, while was panting for air.

“Are you three kidding me? (pant) There is no way in hell the yuke is gonna let some random girl join the team.” He ranted while still gasping for air.

“What won’t I do what now Lee-Roy?” Zero asked as he teleported in front of all of them.

End of Chapter
Next chapter
Solid Snake vs. Big Boss: Lanydx and Zero Clash!

(Notes, alright sorry this took so long, ang if it's not the best then again sorry. Anyway, new character outfits are based off of MadamMina. Also this chapter was going to be longer but I thought I'd push it to the next chapter.

Holly is kinda based of a character my old friend made when we would play FFCC, and well more of her character will be shown later in the next few chapters. So if anyone whats to say I took the easy way with the memory loss, that's gonna be something big later on in the story.

Also it's been a year since I started working on this and I'd like to say thanks.)


Notorious White Mage Captainess
Feb 14, 2008
Phantom Manor
Well, happy one year anniversary!

Well, there's some grammatical stuff that could be straightened out by a Beta reader. And flow could use some work, but the details are nice (I really like the bar scene) but it's a nice long chapter with lots of set up.

But, er, how did Leeroy and Mina make up so quickly? And whoever taught Mina a bit (Aqua?) Could use a tad more set up. And why didn't Mina trust Landyx right away?

But, good chapter over all.


Sep 25, 2010
Yeah happy one anniversary ^^

Great chapter can't wait for the next one XD

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Well, happy one year anniversary!

Well, there's some grammatical stuff that could be straightened out by a Beta reader. And flow could use some work, but the details are nice (I really like the bar scene) but it's a nice long chapter with lots of set up.

But, er, how did Leeroy and Mina make up so quickly? And whoever taught Mina a bit (Aqua?) Could use a tad more set up. And why didn't Mina trust Landyx right away?

But, good chapter over all.

i'll be sure to get a beta reader next time. leeroy and mina have a like hate bond. like co-wokers who what to kill eachother. as for who taught mina well that's for next chapter. i did the lan getting hit by mina as a joke. she was just shocked i would be if my friend came to me with a girl all chained up.


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Oct 12, 2007
At the ball
Okay, I've only read the first four chapters (including the prologue), but unfortunately I need to log off so I'll have to continue with the rest of it later.

I really like the world that you've set up, the legend involving the crystals, and the different types of characters you've created: Cravats, Selkies, Yukes, etc. It's an interesting world and I'll look forward to reading more about it in the coming chapters. I've got to warn you that I've never seen Naruto, but hopefully that won't be too much of a problem. Xigbar seems to be in-character, especially in light of what we learned about his character in BBS. And I really like Duck. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because he's a doctor, can take out Braig easily, and has a Scottish accent. As far as I'm concerned, that's an awesome combination.

What you definitely need to work on is grammar and spelling. It looks like a lot of your chapters will be short, so when you finish them, be sure to go back and re-read them to see if you forgot to add words or misspelled them. Or, try putting it through Microsoft Word; spell-check should be able to pick up most of the errors. The missing words/typos happen to everybody, myself included, so that's why it's just good to go back and check for these things.

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 12

A few hours ago at the pub in Marr’s Pass, Zero was listening to a request from his contact Sol.
“Go on.” Zero commanded.
“Well, this is really my duty but, I fear a certain member of my Crystal Caravan has been running my mind into the ground. Sol started to say."

“I know how that feels.” Zero said thinking of Lee-Roy.

“Well, a few weeks ago, two of our King’s daughters had vanished.” The knight explained.

“That bastard Braig had kids?” Zero asked.
“Watch your tongue when you speak of my King!” Sol snapped.
“Sorry if I have no respect for a person who killed my friends, attacked my army for no freaking reason, and also took over Alfitaria by force!” Zero yelled.

“Your first and second accusations are false! The Boss was murdered by his own Crystal Bearer child, and Lady Lucy died giving birth to the monster. As for your Army without boarders, He only did what he thought was best for the kingdom, and the old king had been willing to give up the throne by the people’s demand.” Sol explained.

“Anyway what happened to the kids?” The Yuke asked, trying his hardest not to stab the Lilty, while holding on to his sword arm with his other arm.

“Well, on the day of Our Crystal’s rebirth, Our King Braig informed me and the other knights that Princess Fiona had stolen an important artifact and, took her younger sister Princess Melfina as a hostage.” She was the old King’s child, so we assumed she was doing this out of fear of being second in line to King Briag’s first born. We have not seen the Queen since we heard the news.” Sol explained.
Zero took a drink of his water, and then thought about it for a little bit.
“ Sol the whole story seems a little fishy to me. Sisters like that seem to stay close.” The Yuke stated
“You dare call my King a lair?” Sol yelled.

“No, I'm just saying. Anyway, mind telling me what they look like?” Zero asked.

"Princess Melfina, has blue eyes, and jet black hair, small in size, and a royal braid in her hair. As for Princess Fiona, she has green hair, taller, and has a small tattoo of the clavat symbol on her right shoulder.” Sol explained.

Zero then left on the table, he waved to the Lilty muttering.

“I'll see what I can do, just make sure at Tipa's rebirth there are no other shoulders but my own."

He walked out of the pub to find a clavat man whose face was covered in bandages, mumbling on the floor with a jug of rum.

“Crystal Bearer, who knew they could be that powerful." The bandaged man asked.

Zero then grabbed the jug from the rambling man. He walked from the pub and found an alchemy shop. It was small and covered with rugs, and in the middle was a Lilty cover from head to toe in black. He even wore a black turban.
"Yo shop keep, I'm looking for some magi. I'll take thirty of everything you got." Zero ordered.

The Lilty handed him a large bag of muti-colored orbs, and Zero handed him a large sum of Gill.
Zero walk out of the store, placed the bag in one of his pockets and vanished into Sub-Space. Zero took a sip of rum as he started to float in a long tunnel full of many flashing colors and vanishing rainbow snow. He thought about what the odd man had said and muttered while dusting off some of the snow of his jacket.

“Oh boy what has that boy done. I thought I could count on him being the good one and not get into trouble, but it seems he's got his mother's blood in him."

Suddenly a cold chill went down his spine. Zero then had a vision a tall, slim, bronze, skeleton like armored, being that had a green crystal as it's waist. On it's head was a worn and familiar looking heart shaped helmet, two warm green eyes poked out of the right and left parts of the heart. He then heard a gentle, and wise voice of a woman come from it.

“Come meet me at the gate in Marr's Pass after you you gain a new little one……John." The being said.

“Eva?" He asked not sure if this is was real or the booze messing with his mind like normal.

“Do you know anyone, but me who calls you by your real name John?" The Crystal Bearer Yuke asked.

“It can't be! The Boss and I looked everywhere for you!" You pushed me into the portal while you…." Zero started to mutter.

“Got attacked by the that Darkside Heartless. I know John, I was there." She stated.

“Then how are we talking right now?" He asked.

“I'll explain everything later, your about to come back into the world again." Eva explained as she vanished from Zero's sight.

“WAIT EVA!!!" Zero yelled as he started to reappear in the world. He heard Lee-Roy yelling.

“There's no way in hell the Yuke will go for it!" He yelled while panting for breath.

“What won't I go for Lee-Roy?" He asked as he reappeared in front of Mina, Fuzz, Lanydx, Lee-Roy, were in new outfits and armor. The one he didn't recognize was the young girl sitting next to Lan.

Lanydx was the first to speak.

“Um hey Zero, this is Holly, and I was wondering if she could come with us on the trip?" The Crystal Bearer asked.

Zero was busy pushing what he saw in Sub-Space, and focused on what was happening now.

“Why?" He asked in an irritated growl from his self-made headache.

“Because it's the right thing to do!" Lanydx stated. Zero just stood there.

“It's the right thing to do." He repeated.

Lanydx nodded, while Holly looked at him. The Zero did something no one was expecting. He started to laugh.

“HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA! You know your father would say the exact same thing, and no matter what it always caused trouble for everyone in the caravan." He said.

“So does that mean she can join?" The Crystal Bearer asked.

To the others, this did not good. Fuzz floated to Zero.

“Come on Kupo, she has no where to go." The Moogle pleaded.

Mina then stood up.

"It would be nice to have another girl on the team and we may find someone who knows here." Mina suggested.

"Alright everyone shut it!" Zero yelled, causing Lan to jump back and Holly to hide even more in her hood.

Zero looked at the girl. He was thinking about what Eva said and what might happen if he brought her along.

"New girl, why don't you show me your face." Zero ordered.

Holly slowly stood up from the bench. She removed the hood from her head. The sun was starting to give color to her pale face. Zero looked into her sky blue eye to see fear, hope, and guilt. What really set him off was her long brown hair. On her left side was a gold braid with a falcon imprinted on it, a royal artifact from Alfitaria.

"Now kid you say you don't remember anything?" The Yuke asked.

"It is true. I cannot remember who I am, or where I come from." She stated, but to Zero her eyes said something else.

"This kid is lying through her teeth." Zero thought as he turned away from them all.

"Sorry Lan, she stays here. She'd only be a burden to us." He stated.

"She wouldn't be a burden to me because I'd protect her with my life! Come on Zero, let her come with please." Lanydx asked as he got on his knees.

"This boy is so kind, as well as his friends. Maybe Father was wrong. Not all people are cruel monsters. Also as sister might say he is kind of cute." Holly thought.

Zero looked back as he saw his young charge begging on his hands and knees. Then he got an idea.

"Maybe this royal lair can be my anti-flute for Lan. I've heard rumors that love can break a mind control spell. I'll have to test later." Zero thought.

Zero then pulled Lanydx up. After which he slipped the bag of magi one of his pockets.

"Alright kid, since you care about your new friend so much We'll keep her, but if anything happens to her it's on your head got it?" He asked.

Lee-Roy couldn't believe what he heard.

"Okay Yuke, how drunk are you? Your gonna let some random girl join our caravan? She can't even fight!" He protested.

"Well Lee-Roy, let's just say this girl as some hidden potential. Anyway gang our next Mrryth spot is The Mushroom Forest, which is a day away so we better get going." He stated as he started to walk to the gate.

Lee-Roy just looked at Holly and Lan who were hugging each other and Fuzz and Mina who were high fiving with Fuzz's red ball. He sighed and thought why fight it.

"Hey new girl welcome to the team, just don't get in everyone's way alright?" Lee-Roy asked.

Holly bowed, as Mina raised an eyebrow.

"Wow Lee-Roy your actually being nice for a change. This is so out of character for you.You didn't hit your head did you?" Selkie Keyblade wielder snickered.

"Well maybe you saps rubbed off on me, let's just go already!" Lee-Roy yelled.

As they started to walk Holly thought to herself.

"That man knows something! He couldn't have found out, or did he? It was my braid, that must have been it. Sister was right, it was a dead give away! Calm down Mel, the others haven't noticed. I feel really bad for lying to them, but I can't tell them! If I did they might turn me into to Sol, but would they really do that?"

The pondering girl felt she was about to trip, but was quickly caught by Lan. He smiled at her. Mina nudged at the Crystal Bearers arm.

"Aw you two make such a cute couple!" Mina muttered causing Lan to blush.

"I don't know what your talking about Mina!" He stuttered.

"Oh don't lie to me. I can it in both of you." Mina teased.

"Um, but we just met." Holly objected.

"Ever here of love at first sight?" Mina asked.

"She's just a friends!" Lan protested.

"Okay whatever you say kudos. Have fun mating." The moogle added.

"Not you too Fuzz!" Lanydx yelled as he shooed his friend away.

"What's mating?" Holly asked Mina.

"Um I'll tell you later." Mina stated.

Soon they reached the large, wooden, gate. To Mina and Zero's surprise they found someone they both recognized.

"What the hell is that thing?" Lee-Roy asked in disgust.

Zero then hit him over the head with the dull part of his blade.

"Watch your mouth Lee-Roy! That thing happens to be a dear old friend of mine. One who I thought I'd never get to see again." Zero yelled, but ended quietly.

The full metal Yuke came to their leader and gave him a large hug.

"It's good to see you too John!" Eva said.

"You better not be some dream cause that would ruin my day."Zero commented.

"Zero you do know your hugging a Crystal Bear-" Lee-Roy was stopped in mid-sentence by a swift whack by Mina's Keyblade.

"Oh Madam Eva, I didn't know you were looking for Zero. It's nice to see you again. Thanks for telling me about that trick again. It really helped my new friend." The Selkie greeted.

The metal Yuke looked at Mina.

"Your quite welcome Mina. I know very little of the Keyblade, but I will pass on what I can. Why don't introduce me to your new little ones John? Eva asked.

"John?" Fuzz asked.

"Oh well I guess you know Mina. As for the others, the moogle is Fuzz. The shrimp is Lee-Roy, if he says anything retarded you can hit him." Zero started to say.

Lee-Roy stuck his tongue out at Zero,while Lanydx was busy looking at Eva's crystal.

Zero went on again.

"As for the two clavat children, the girl is Holly, she suffers from memory loss so I'm guessing she's gonna ask tons of stupid questions, and get real whinny about it." Zero muttered while Holly was pouting.

"It is a pleasure to meet all of you." Eva said.

She then looked at Lanydx who was still pointing at Eva's crystal.

"Well who are you my crystal brother." Eva asked.

He uncovered his right eye, and showed her his blue crystal.

"I'm Lanydx, but you call me Lan. Wow I thought I was the only one." He said with a smile.

Eva began to look at his headband. She noticed the familiar leaf symbol on it.

"Well it seems I've been gone long for L's child to grow some. Great now I feel a little old, if I still had my body."She thought.

Mina walked up to her.

"So Madam Eva, I guess your joining our caravan then?" Mina asked.

"Well since John is completely hopeless without me, and you little ones need a magic teacher. I guess I'll do what I can to help save our him." Eva explained.

"So what can you do Crystal Bearer- I'm mean Eva?" Lee-Roy asked while dodging another whack from Zero's blade.

Lanydx started to make one of his orbs.

"I can make things move around, what's your crystal power?" Lan asked.

Holly and Fuzz looked at her, wanting to find out too. Eva looked at Zero and giggled.

"Well John you have quite the curious bunch of little ones. Very well since we are pressed for time, I will show you my power. Mushroom Forest here we go. "

Eva's crystal started to glow bright green. Everyone also started to glow green, and finally vanish into thin air.

End of chapter.


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Good chapter but I'm curious about Holly. Is Holly one of Braig kids? And if Zero pointed out that she remember then why is Holly pretending not too? Can't wait to find out what happens next..

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Well that's good to hear. Did you like Eva? Also would you want people to know that your dad is Braig? I don't think so.

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Hello evryone. I'm sorry for not having the new chapter done yet. I had some issues,but I'm better and will most likely have it done soon.
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