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  • Only a few more... ^^

    You're so sweet. I can't wait. :)

    I'll head out for a bit, and then we can chat, ok?
    Wanna chat again? I love that site you showed me. I don't have to clear my inbox. ^^

    I guess since there are other people on this site who are my age, it's not so bad. Still, I don't know as much entertainment trivia as you or anyone else does, and I don't have an awesome career like most people my age do. I live on disability and work for commission. But as you get older in fandom, things and people annoy you more.
    Well, older than you, certainly, but I see a lot of people younger than me, getting a lot more opportunities than I've had. I don't even have a decent career, even though I tried for it.
    It's been almost a year since your first letter. Thank you. :)

    I just hope I'm not too old to be here...or have fun anymore. I never had freedom, friends, or an interesting life. I still feel small.
    Well, there's no one else here, but I'll be fine.

    So, my birthday is Sunday... I'm not too excited about that.
    I'm sorry for not being online yesterday, honey. I wasn't ignoring you. I feel like such a failure...
    I'm still here, I was just cleaning and watching a video. Or should we chat some other time?
    Ok, I will in a moment. Did you get my last PM?

    Oh, pictures are the main reason why I go to these things. ^^ I promise I'll show you.

    I need to get out of the house soon, but I don't have much of a choice. :(
    My internet messes up whenever I go to this site at this time of day, so I'm trying to re-type everything. I'm organizing the clothes in my room, and washing my Lolita stuff. My hair accessories and jewelry came in. My wrist cuffs even came with extra hair accessories, so I'm glad I ordered them from Storenvy. ^^

    But I found out that the apartment that I wanted is infested with roaches...
    There's an image of some film in the bar above the text box. Click that, past the URL of the video, and it should work on the forums.
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