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  • Hi, baby. I just found out The Guy Who Shall Not Be Named is going to be there. Ugh.
    Hey there, stranger! :D It's good to hear back from you after so long. What have you been up to these days?
    I know circumstances haven't been the best, but hang in there. I could use some encouragement, too. I hope I don't need to make any more major purchases this month, and I hope I get birthday money. My younger half sister is out of the country, and she got a lot of money for her trip. I guess I'm too old, ugly, lazy, and I can't throw a softball so I don't deserve birthday presents. All that's expected of me is going to the creepy doctor to get cured because I can't take my father's temper thrown at me. I'll just get thrown out of the house this summer, too, so that's why I'm looking for apartment waiting lists.

    *hugs* I love you baby.
    Pretty soon, in two weeks or less. When are you moving? Please find out soon. And could you PM me your new address? And phone number, if you have one.
    How is everything? Are you sure you can still come? I'm looking at other apartments and I hope I get one soon. Email or PM me soon.
    It was for psychiatry. Again. And I'm going to go through with something that may interfere with our visit, starting on Saturday. I have no freedom at all. I should have left than let everyone else listen to him instead of me. Kill me.
    No, the doctor just asked every question that I already filled out on the form. And I still don't think she got my answers. I guess I'm going through dead-end therapy again. And I gotta go through another waitlist in order to get out of here.
    Yeah, I've been saying that. XD; Just tell me when you start work or when you move. I need to know as early as possible if I need to refund your tickets or not.

    I was hoping to get away in November. I really can't take another holiday at home anymore. And then after that, we might have our first Valentine's Day together. ^^
    It's July 3-5. But with your train schedule, you'll have to stay on the 2nd to the 6th.

    Those sound nice. But in August, I'm going to start saving for an apartment, or some way to get away from everyone.
    Could you let me know the week before my birthday? If they have exactly one month before the convention, it might be easier for them. I'll try to make it up on Valentine's Day next year. I love you too. <3
    I'll probably still go. I paid all that money for tickets, and I bought all that Lolita stuff, so I at least have to go to the tea party. Let me know how things work out. Pretty soon, your badge will not be refundable. I'll try to get Eric Stuart's autograph for you.
    You don't have to blame yourself for every little thing. If anything, I don't think I planned well enough. And I spent too much money on outside things! And then there's that dress I bought...that won't be used. But I won't dance with any other man. Even if there is a date auction. XD
    Oh, ok. I might just give them to you if we're together. I don't have mailing supplies at the moment. XD;

    Oh. :( Well, you're still getting a job! That's good news. And you can ask your employer two weeks ahead of time if you want time off. Unless...it's your first paycheck, and you're getting hired around that time... Good thing Amtrak has a forgiving refund policy. And did you see my sushi thread?

    I still wanted to dance with you, though... And it's raining.
    You're probably busy with moving, but I wanted to ask you anyway if you were interested in the Ace Attorney games. I'm thinking about selling them if you're not.
    And I'm trying to do just that. I know it's not your fault, but I feel like I'm the only one who CAN do anything, yet it's not enough. I've never been good enough at anything, anyway... There's also Matsuricon in Columbus, but I don't know any of the guests, and they don't have a complete event list.
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