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  • Potatoes and corn are just...everywhere. XD; But I much prefer those to rice. I only want rice in Asian food. It was pretty much the only grain they made me when I was growing up. I really hate cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, and black eyed peas and Lima beans.

    Oh, you're missing out on a lot, then! Ranch dressing also tastes good on pizza, chicken wings, and fries. I hate Thousand Island dressing. I'm kind of sick of Italian dressing, because that was the only one I would put on salad years ago. I'll still eat it because it's not bad. But I love fruit salad with raspberry vinaigrette or poppy seed vinaigrette, and honey mustard is really good with chicken.
    I'm guessing that's your favorite vegetable? ^^ I love carrots with almost anything. I like saut?ed spinach and mushrooms. I also love vegetable soup with or without meat, and minestrone soup. And I like cheddar cheese with ranch and bacon, or Gorgonzola cheese with vinaigrette. You haven't tried those? They have vinaigrette dressing in almost every grocery store now.
    I like broccoli raw with ranch dressing, or steamed with cheese. I love broccoli and cheddar soup. And my favorite dressings are blue cheese, ranch, honey mustard, and raspberry vinaigrette.
    Actually, I'm sick of celery. XD; I only like it with peanut butter or ranch dressing. It usually only tastes good in soup. I love cucumber, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, black olives, and avocado. I hate raw onions and green peppers. I only eat them cooked, or on burgers. Mushrooms on burgers and pizza taste so good. I will also eat kimchi.
    I used to eat carrots all the time. After the month of this convention, I'm going to totally eat like a bunny.

    Well, that's interesting. :O I think my favorite salad is with berries, or bacon. XD; Sandwiches and burgers are better with lettuce and pickles.
    I wish you would. I don't want to overeat again. They have strawberry salads at various places. And they finally have the Asian salad at McDonalds. I actually like light, naturally healthy foods. I never had a problem eating vegetables.
    From a restaurant I haven't eaten at in a while. A chili cheese dog, a Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, a slice of pizza, a ton of fries, and chili and cheese to put on them, and a root beer and a milkshake. Yeah, it's that time of month again. XD; And I don't eat enough regularly, anyway. And it is salad season, so that's also on my list of cravings. I never wanted fresh vegetables so bad! D:
    Ok, I'll wait for you.

    OMG, I'm stuffed! D: I ordered so much food, and I need a salad really bad.
    Yeah, I probably guessed. ^^;

    Wow, that's amazing. Do you think you could PM me or chat soon?
    Sorry I wasn't online. It was raining all week, and there was a flash flood on Monday. So, the Internet was affected by it.

    They did?! :D I have to check it out then!
    Well, I guess it's up to you. It was just a suggestion. ^^

    By the way, if you're planning on seeing me soon, then you need to start budgeting right now. I personally think it's better to wait. I'll probably be available most of the day, and tomorrow, so PM me about it. Oh, and my shoes came in! ^^
    Ok, I'll think of something later. And then I can show off another one of the babies. ^^ I'm really shy, and I don't like to argue, and I don't want to say anything stupid, so that's why I post less.

    Ok. And sorry about not being on the chat earlier again. And, can you PM me tomorrow?

    *Shine rubs my leg and cuddles* *Fennekin and Meow Wow wag their little tails*
    It's a bit of both, actually! I know what Fallout is, but I've never seen any of it nor do I have any intention to understand it XD
    I still like this one, but it's up to you. Do you think I should keep Pichu a little longer? And, it will take me another few years until I can reach Bronze. XD;

    Aw, you think so? ^^ I know you don't have a lot of time now...

    Play nice you two! *brushes Pichu's fur*
    Oh, you can get a new size?

    Well, I think you're really talented and intelligent. You have a lot more going for you than you think you do, and a lot more going for you than I do. Can you chat tomorrow?

    *throws a ball for them to fetch* :3
    You don't have to coordinate colors, but you can still celebrate with a better avatar and signature.

    You know so much more than I do about games, actors, and books, and you make a lot of friends here on this site, and it looks like you're really sociable. Sometimes I think you're out of my league. ^^;

    *picks Pichu up and cuddles her*
    Sorry, I had to meet with my aunt, and go do a lot of other things. But anyway, you're Bronze now! Yay! :D

    *the babies scamper around us, cheering* *Shine rubs your leg, begging for a pet*
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