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  • Yep, it's almost 6:30am. I could never have a sleeping pattern like that. XD That does sound horrible, the job market isn't exactly good over here either. XD
    Working on another review as well as some other projects, but I've made progress. It's more than half way done at this point. I'm the kind of reviewer who gives an overall rundown of the piece, and I'm using what a term of class has taught me about poetry to be more specific. It should be available before the end of the week.
    Sadly, no, I don't have a 3DS.. But I did get to see the entire walk-through of it, though.

    So many moments going on in DDD!
    Ah, I see.. Aqua's pretty awesome, isn't she?

    I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be out!
    .... You're quoting Ansem Seeker of Darkness before Sora faced him in Destiny Islands. O_O

    But that's true, lol. :D
    That's neat! :D

    Oh, I just finished eating my bbq beef stew.. good stuff right there!! xD

    Let me tell you this: KHI Forums will steal your soul and you never can't leave! Believe me; I tried that for 2 days, but it called me back! O_O
    *takes the other sea-salt ice cream* Thanks! and Yep, I got it memorized! :D

    Yikes, sorry about that. :(

    So, how are you doing?
    Well, hello there and thank you for the friend request!

    I hope to get to know you well. :3
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