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  • Ok...I guess one thing at a time works. And December of next year sounds waaaaaaay too early for marriage. If we're going to do that, you should have proposed by now! XD
    It's just a prediction, after all. But it's scary how they guessed your location. But I'm not sure about the financial status of the future...

    I worked so hard, and spent so much money, so I really don't want to let this opportunity go. And there's all the other things I wanted to do over there, like the tea party, and it just wouldn't be the same without you. I don't know, what do you want to do? I probably need to escape this summer anyway. But if I buy the tickets in August, they'll be too expensive. And I don't know how you can get to Columbus anyway, if I go there in August.
    Well, I think you're more hardworking than I am. And you're nice to everyone here. And technically, you're northeast of where I was born. I'm not so sure about the rest. I really don't want to get married in December. And how do they know how many kids we'll have?!

    ...But it also said that July is not a good month for us to get together. It would be better to wait until August. I really don't want to wait. I can't afford plane tickets right now, and I really, really wanted to go to that dance with you, more than anything. I don't know if we'll ever get another opportunity...
    I just downloaded this astrology app, and I asked if we would get married, just out of curiosity. They said I will get married in December 2016, or for a better chance, mid 2017. And they said that my future husband is hardworking, understanding, and sociable, and is in the north east of my birth location. They said we will have two sons, and that our family will have strong financial status. ...Scary. How did they come up with this?!
    They probably should. I mean, they have printers.

    Aw, that's too bad. I guess it will be a while before you can buy new ones. I lost my good shoes while cleaning, and I have to wear my ratty ones. And I still have to buy Lolita shoes... One of the blouses is black, the other is white. I still need another white one. ^^; They're snug around the waist area, but not too tight, since the material is stretchy. The sleeves are poofy, but a bit tight at the opening. It's a bit roomy in the chest area, and there's more shoulder room than I thought there would be. There's ruffles all over the edges, and a round collar. It's supposed to be a surprise, though. ^^;
    Oh, I'll add you later. Do they have scanners at your library?

    Well, my sister's over, and of course my dad never tells me anything about it, so I'm dealing with all that. My blouses came in yesterday, and they look lovely, and they feel pretty good, too. But now I'm still missing shoes...
    Thanks... ^^; *blushes*

    Yeah, I haven't been there in a while. It was so much easier in the beginning. You might want to ask the support team or something. But in order to upload, all you have to do is just click upload, and then select a category. And then you can just type in the box. And you can submit your pieces to others' clubs.
    You actually like my colored pencil drawings? ^^ Aw, you're so sweet. It seems like everyone else does CG.

    And did you already add me?
    Yeah, I figured that I wouldn't make a lot around here... Oh well, I can advertise on Tumblr and sell prints on DA. I'm thinking about greeting cards. People like those.
    Yeah, I haven't done art in a while. But I need to do something to make money. Did you want to reply to my PM?
    I've heard of long distance couples starting their own pages. Maybe we could write stories together. Maybe about the babies? XD; I started an account. It's kagayaki-hime.tumblr.com. I just started it. ^^; But it's going to be my art page. You can have multiple blogs on one account. If you want, I can give you the password so we can start another blog together. My DeviantART page is amaimochi.deviantart.com. If you want to submit writing, you can just do it directly on the site. Or you can copy and paste from Google docs or something.
    Hi, I'm not ignoring you, I miss you like crazy. Anyway, have you thought of joining DeviantART? Or Tumblr? Those might be good places to show your writing. I'm starting a small Tumblr page, for my fan and original art, and fashion. Maybe we can also have a couple's page? :)
    I'll do everything I can for now. I might have to borrow, and look for work. I'm not sure if anyone will buy my pictures, or if I can make enough of them in a short amount of time. It feels wrong to just quit, but what if I have to? Maybe we need to both plan better. I work slow, so they better be good pictures. Will you let others know I'm selling artwork?
    You're such a sweet boyfriend. ^^

    I hope things go better... I did more calculations, and I'm scared about not being able to afford the hotel costs. I really, really don't want to cancel this. I wish it could have been on my birthday...
    I'm sure you'll be fine. Guys look good in suits, anyway. As long as you get in the door. :) I'd like for it to be a picture I can show to my parents.

    Me, too. I barely have enough for the hotel and parking, but I still haven't bought shoes yet. I guess I'll ask if anyone wants Lolita art. And if you're still looking for a job, just smile and be persistent. They like that. And bring a small typed-up resume, saying what you did in high school. I guess you have been busy, because you're moving? Well, it's a good thing your ticket didn't require an address. Oh, and could you email me your confirmation number? ^^;
    Summer in Illinois is so hard to deal with... The site says "formal or semi-formal" wear, so I imagine something that's job appropriate will do? No jeans or street shoes, of course. I'll give you a corsage. ^^
    As long as you are wearing clothes at all, it should be fine. XD; Just remember to shower, and change into clean clothes everyday. You wouldn't believe how many people forget to do this at conventions. -_-; One of your outfits has to be business or formal wear for the dance, as I kept reminding you. Just like a white button shirt and black slacks will do. And it's July. You shouldn't wear a full suit, anyway. XD;
    I got them at the lowest price possible. I might need even better luck affording the things I want and need for the trip. I might take another job, or something. I hope for birthday money.
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