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Recent content by Xblade13

  1. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Yes but I want to slash things and I don't play Black Mage xD I main White Mage for healer, Warrior for tank, Machinist for ranged, and looks like Reaper for melee. Playing Dragoon now to get gear for it lol (and get used to melee DPS playstyle). None of the casters available have really...
  2. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Definitely maining Reaper lol. My dreams of a properly playable Marluxia have come true, sort of.
  3. Xblade13

    A defense for Ishimoto

    Ishimoto or not, there was no excuse whatsoever for the final boss music of KH3 to be midi and not fully orchestrated like the Ansem/Xemnas/YX battle.
  4. Xblade13

    What's a game that you would consider yourself a pro at (Aside from KH)?

    The Legend of Zelda. I never get stumped that badly by puzzles in the series, and in every game I've collected every heart piece/upgrade that I could. Only thing I haven't done extensively is Breath of the Wild's Korok seeds.
  5. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Most likely. Square hasn't said they aren't.
  6. Xblade13

    What if Kingdom Hearts was partnered with Warner instead of Disney?

    Oh, the Symphony of Sorcery world would be the classic opera Bugs/Elmer episode.
  7. Xblade13

    What if Kingdom Hearts was partnered with Warner instead of Disney?

    Wouldn't it be funny if the Quadratum game ended up being in an "unreality" where it is Warner Bros. instead of Disney? We'd end up with a Mickey vs Bugs keyblade fight for the ages.
  8. Xblade13

    hello ^_^

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here c: As for the poll, I went with the original Kingdom Hearts. I feel like a lot of people point towards 2 being the better game because it's smoother or whatever, but I actually preferred the jankiness of the original. It made the game tougher, and it has charm...
  9. Xblade13

    E3 in june..

    I don't know. We can't rule out the next title being "KH4" either. Remember that the gap between 1 and 2 was only 2 years and had Chain of Memories between. So far we've had Remind and Melody if Memory. I believe 2022 is KH's 20th anniversary? So if they reveal a new game for next year it'll...
  10. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I was sure I saw a few Nier fans on the forums here, so I'm surprised no one is discussing the new FFXIV-Nier crossover raid reaching it's conclusion. Long story short, by the end of the raid it makes a notable connection between the Drakengard games and Nier Automata with the final boss being...
  11. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XVI

    I hope we get more info soon on this game, I person am super excited for it.
  12. Xblade13

    Is chain of memories a bad game?

    I got the Platinum trophy in it, which was a ton of work. And I played both the original GameBoy Advance version and the Remake. I think it's a fine game, and totally unique. The story is concise and actually decently written, Marluxia was a nice change of pace as a villain, Sora getting angrier...
  13. Xblade13

    A Kingdom Hearts MMORPG

    From what I understand Elder Scrolls Online is doing surprisingly well, claiming they have the most active players currently or something. And old-school Runescape as well as both vanilla and classic WoW. FFXIV did have a rough start, but the game is so much fun and one I've been playing a ton...
  14. Xblade13


    Yeah, Sony has been moving towards just doing "too big to fail" games as of late. Axing Days Gone 2, the higher focus on sequels with Horizon and God of War, and there's rumors of an actual remake of the Last of Us??
  15. Xblade13

    Lit ► KHI Book Club - What are you currently reading?

    I recently finished "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars" by Christopher Paolini. While it has a lot of genre trappings and cliches, it also has a well crafted universe, relatable characters, and an interesting ending. It's a sci-fi space opera taking place in a future where faster than light travel...