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    Is KH III ReMind (Final Mix) a Worthy Successor to KH II Final Mix?

    Gameplay-wise, I feel it is more than a worthy successor to KH2FM. Kingdom Hearts 3 is by far more consistently fun from beginning to end, at least in my opinion. The amount of choice you have in battle, which is a mix of KH2's flashy and KH1's strategy (elemental weaknesses being more important...
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    Myyyyyy Corona

    I've been playing video games and watching Disney Plus. Stardew Valley, Mario Maker, and soon I'll replay all the Kingdom Hearts games I think. I just watched Coco for the first time ever. I'm all stocked up on groceries, and other than that staying safe. Still have work though. McDonald's is...
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    With which Kingdom Hearts game should I start (PS2)

    "Final Mix" is essentially a director's cut of Kingdom Hearts 1, with Japanese text and English voice acting I think? Or the other way around. Regardless, it has extra content the original version didn't have, such as extra bosses and cutscenes. So if you have the ability to get that go ahead...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Confession / The Missing Ark

    Either KH2 (the Nobodies attacking her at Radiant Garden) or Re:coded (Sora's Heartless) would be the only instances she was "defeated" during that time.
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    Myyyyyy Corona

    I was referring to the ratio of deaths to actual completed cases,, which is only 160,000 out of the now 760,000 people that have gotten it. If 160,000 people have been able to go away from it, and 36,000 or so have died, that leaves 500,000 people that have it concurrently, not discharged, not...
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    Fess Up: Who You Thought Would Be In The Real Organization XIII

    I had a fan theory a while back (after DDD revealing the whole 'Nort thing) that Riku Replica took the piece of Xehanort that was in Zexion as his own when Axel had him slain at the end of CoM. Basically, Riku Replica wanted power that could surpass Riku, wanted to be his own person, but still...
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    Myyyyyy Corona

    At this point the death rate is actually higher than the flu, so we definitely should take it seriously. At the current confirmed number, (roughly) for every 5 people that recover from it 1 dies.
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    They're obvious saving the big guns for E3. Even though the E3 showfloor itself won't happen, each company will still be doing online presentations this year as far as I can tell. I'm personally excited for Xenoblade, and Bravely Default II
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    *SPOILERS* The new death scene

    The way I viewed the scene, the Guardians of Light are fighting Xehanort's physical form on the outside, which is moving mostly autonomously. The focal point of Xehanort's struggle is inside of his heart against Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and as a result he just lets the darkness take care of...
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    News ► Bob Iger has stepped down as Disney CEO

    I wouldn't say it's really random. While he has done a lot of good money-wise for the company, there's been a lot of questionable decisions Disney has made lately (the live action remake trend, the general reactions to the Star Wars sequel trilogy, etc.) that don't look the best for him. I...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    I saw the Yozora stuff as an actual breath of fresh air coming to the future of Kingdom Hearts. What is everyone's problem with Versus XIII anyway? Yeah it was never finished, but it looked interesting. Compared to this shoehorned mobile focus, it seems like a genius idea lol.
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    Another KH3 DLC?

    I read that last sentence as Ansem, his final quote "What? It's time to move on boy. There is more to seek, so go forth now and seek it." Such a good, underrated quote, and really fits this game after Re:mind.
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    Why wasn't Apprentice Xehanort a Dark Seeker?

    I was about to say this as well. Apprentice Xehanort split himself into Ansem and Xemnas, and both retained his memories and scientific prowess. In fact, it is stated quite plainly that Xehanort continued his experiments even after becoming a heartless, as the Ansem Reports in KH1 were written...