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Recent content by Xblade13

  1. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XVI

    XIV had its rocky start, but A Realm Reborn relaunch/2.0 onwards have been absolutely fantastic. I'd consider the current version a success, and proof that Yoshi P knows his stuff. Hence why he is in the producer seat for XVI. They're probably shaping him up to replace the hole Tabatha left as a...
  2. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XVI

    I'm not sure why people would jump straight to assuming XVI will be a live service game? It looks like a single player story-driven Final Fantasy, not an MMO. They aren't going to do another MMO until they finish up the main plot for XIV. Which mostly likely has 2 main expansions left in it. So...
  3. Xblade13

    What about a Kingdom Hearts without Disney??

    They could have Maleficent come into the castle from The Black Cauldron and take it over after the party defeats the Horned King.
  4. Xblade13

    Nomura shares message and new artwork for KH Union X's 5th anniversary

    Kingdom Hearts isn't the only franchise that has done that to me. Red Dead Redemption 2. I hated Arthur for a good portion of the beginning of the game, but by the time it gives you a different character to play as I missed him lol. Though that did have more time for development than Roxas or...
  5. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XVI

    I'd agree with Ballad of Caius on this one. The modern, trendy fantasy story is dark, gritty, edgy. Blood. Death. Sex. Shocking twists. Square is probably looking at that and going "that will spice up Final Fantasy". And I'm playing through the MSQ of FFXIV, so it actually makes a lot of sense...
  6. Xblade13

    Wizard’s Relic

    Usually for me it's the exact opposite. I almost always get the Wizard's Relic just naturally playing through the game, but I end up having to grind Defenders a while to get the shield.
  7. Xblade13

    October Appreciation

    My birthday is this month, and fall is my favorite season. Spooky themes and celebrations commence!
  8. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Ok, I'm properly hopping into this with a new character and playing Conjurer at the moment. Coeurl server, still pretty early in (about level 20ish or so) I've played through the main story before but I haven't done as much as I should have and I needed the refresh before heading into the...
  9. Xblade13

    Worth Pre Ordering

    You could always get the PS4 edition digitally for the theme and the Switch version for physical because of the expanded boxart.
  10. Xblade13

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I always thought the "ice cream" thing Donald mentioned was some weird leftover of when the script probably had a different order of events. Later in the game Donald does take a bite of the sea salt nice cream and doesn't share with Goofy. So maybe at one point that scene took place before...
  11. Xblade13


    No way in hell am I going to be able to afford a PS5 this year. Maybe towards the end of next year? Idk. I'm happy with my PS4 and Switch for now, and by the time I have some money saved up there'll probably be a Slim model or at the very least some more color/special edition varieties to choose...
  12. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Yeah, I figured it would be either next year or the year after. The fact they were able to show us what looked like fairly polished gameplay and story cutscenes meant they were a lot further along than, say, Kingdom Hearts III or Final Fantasy XV were when they were first announced. It's not...
  13. Xblade13

    The original Kingdom Hearts trailer and the ending of KH3

    Ok, so this might be a bit of a long shot, but I think it would be interesting to discuss. I watched the original PS2 trailer for Kingdom Hearts, which I presumed to be the announcement trailer for the game. It was a nice bit of nostalgia, and shows a few things cut from the original game such...
  14. Xblade13

    Singing in kingdom hearts?

    I had an idea for a post-KH3 Kairi game where she tries to renew her self-worth and improve her Princess power by visiting each of the New Seven Hearts. Turns out that the Hearts must be tempered with Light for them to earn the "Princess" title themselves, and to do that they must find their...
  15. Xblade13

    Final Fantasy XVI

    I'm not a big fan of the "older main character" at all if I'm perfectly honest. I prefer how he looks when he's younger by FAR. But for me it isn't the tattoos. I think younger MC looks more unique among FF protagonists, while older MC looks like a cross between the "MC" rep in XIV and Noctis in...