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  • I think my series might be too complicated to work with then. There are 12 good guys, and they all have to intergrate with each other. Good thing I thought of some plot lines that and added some characters that do that.

    Like...making a residential public school that puts all the main characters in the same place most of the time, except for the two characters who make the most impact on the main-main character. It kind of is like the solar system. You have the center (main person), the inner planets (close people, like mentors, messiahs, and love interests, major rivals), and the outer planets (friends, acquaintances, minor rivals), and the rest of the galaxy (extras, friend of the day). I know I'm going to hear "Sailor Moon ripoff" a lot, but to be honest, it's a deconstruction of the series, saying what it got wrong, or missed.
    You probably plan better than I do. And writers should be flexible anyway. Just take a huge, vague outline of the main events of the series. That's why I made the series take place in four years, one for each season. It's important for a long term series.
    Yeah, we're in the Age of Running Out of Ideas. XD; Everything is repeated in CG. Just because we're in the Age of Computers doesn't mean we have to lose our humanity. Computers are only as good as the people who program them. When the time comes, could you help me with writing it? Like how to not make it cheesy? And when to place certain events? It has a lot of social themes, which died out because of bad writing in the 90's. Like Captain Planet. XD; Actually, my villains use environmentalism as one of their excuses for what they do. "They use too many resources!"
    12 Gems became a lot darker than what I originally thought it would have been. If I went and created it in high school, it would have been more like Steven Universe. But now I want a more consistent concept, themes that make an impact, and art that actually looks like I put an effort in it. I don't have an idea of how to illustrate powers, and from what I learned in art school, it looks bad if you rely too much on computers to do your dirty work. And just between you and me...I think J.G. Quintel is a terrible creator. XD
    Well, I did almost nothing but concept art back in college. And a LOT of my concepts changed over time. It's probably not the same series as it was five years ago, and it's definitely not the same series as it was when I first thought of it. Maybe I really should make a thread about it, asking for help. I hope no one steals my idea, for real this time. And I don't think the pros want plain paper with colored pencils. I did look at a lot of tutorials for creating anime and manga. I also want to create music. I took only a few classes outside of school, and I only have a free instrumental program.

    I'm still available if you want to talk more. I think Burger King's burgers got huge since the last time I went there...last year.
    I have no idea how to start. I don't have a scanner, and I'm bad at perspective drawing. I don't have a lot of expensive tools that professional artists have. I don't know if it should be a webcomic or an otome game. I'm terrible at math, so I have no idea how to program. Ideas about each individual scene run through my head, and they all make my series sound cheesy...
    Well now that I thought about it, I'm getting interested in making an otome game for mobile. And then there's my 12 Gems series, I still need to get started before the year 2020. I think we're going through an age of running out of ideas, and every industry needs better writers.

    I do hope so. Ever since I met you, I started to think about my future...
    Well, it's a suggestion. I know you don't have a lot of money. I mostly had to pay for college out of my own pocket when I was in animation school.

    Thanks... I'll need it. XD; It's a web design class, something career-related, even though it's a beginner course. I hope we're able to keep in touch, even if we have to go to school.
    Or, maybe you will be. ^^ You're probably better at math than I am. XD; And there are some schools that teach courses like that.

    I honestly now hope it's better than my last convention experience. Part of me still wants to be a voice actor. We can always try for another holiday. I may go back to school in winter...for the 'spring' semester.
    Ohhhhh, ok. That makes a lot of sense. I wish I knew more about video games.

    There will be some interesting panels at Anime Midwest. Like about the autistic community and anime, and feminism and fandoms. And the Lolita fashion show, and Korean pop music. And a huge section of video gaming. And I learned that Billy West is going to be there.
    Oh... Well then, maybe it will turn out better than they thought it would? At least I have one thing less to buy.
    It's true. I forget everything... I'll do it after Tuesday, when my checks clear.

    He'd look really hot with shorter hair. Uh...oops.

    Exactly! They really should have Frozen in KH3. And Elsa as a party member.
    I forgot my glasses, and my old drivers license, so I'll just do it another day. I hope I don't get a ticket.

    I don't see Roxas or Ventus getting new outfits. I can't wait to see everyone else though.

    Probably. XD; Or what if Rapunzel's hair was used as a weapon?! XD
    Well they have to be there anyway. XD; And keyblade transformation sounds really cool. Wait, what if Sora can climb Rapunzel's hair? XD
    I like it better than the rest. It kind of looks like Xehanort's outfit. So, is he finally 16 in this game?
    I'll just get both my license and ID so I won't have to go for another five years, and so I can drink and drive again...though not at the same time! XD;

    Not yet, but I will. Is he 16 already?
    Ok. I won't take too long. Actually, I hate going to the DMV. They always take long, and I hate the people who work there and go there.

    That's interesting. Kingdom Hearts is basically a fashion show, even with Donald and Goofy. XD;
    Oh, ok. Actually, I love cheddar and broccoli rice. XD;

    Actually, I have so much to prepare, and getting my license renewed is one of them. I did get quite a bit of birthday money, but it's only to cover the license, dry cleaning, and some groceries. And other food if I'm lucky.
    Hi, are you available later?

    I still need to renew my license. But I'll have my phone with me.
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