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  • Aw, that's too bad. Though it does give me more time to catch up xD
    Well, I haven't seen the rest yet, but lots of good stuff went through some rough patches at first ;) Just gotta keep trying till you find something that works for ya. :p
    "Commas are so arbitrary."
    Some kid said that at the beginning of school last year, and it eventually became a running joke that everyone would tease him about.
    I think it kind of depends. There are cases where you would need it for a sentence to make sense, but sometimes, I just don't hear that pause where a OC would go. Again, it's an annoying technicality. Better to be safe than sorry and just stick it in there. I've never heard of anyone docking points because of an OC's presence...
    Oxford commas... -_- I swear, those little things are some of the most annoying technicalities in English grammar. That "The strippers, Stalin, and JFK" cartoon did bring up a good reason to use it, though.
    By the way, what's your source for grammar rules? I got my knowledge about colons and semicolons off of my SAT grammar class, but it seems like our ideas on how they're used are different.
    Heh, thanks I guess. I'm not that talkative in real life, but I'm a pretty big chatterbox when I find fellow fans of stuff that I like. Given that this place is full of KH fans... well, I'm having a good time.
    I finally got around to at least see your introductory video xD I liked it (especially the gratuitous cat shot xD ) :) I will start catching up later ;)

    Also: how have you been? :)
    Sorry it took me so long to reply! And YAAAA =D
    Ooooo an LP channel. you'll have to link so i can check it out!
    It's going to be awesome, that'll be for sure. I can't remember if I ever saw Dragonheart or not.

    Eventually I might decide to bring it up to life.
    Cool! :D I'm actually looking forward to seeing Marvel's Ant-Man. It's getting some positive results and that's saying something since last year's Guardians of the Galaxy, which is still my favorite movie to date. What about video games?

    I think I did post some odd months ago.
    So you looking forward to any new games or movies?

    Yeah, btw my club is kinda closed yet opened, you know? It's like a bar, so to speak.
    I believe you, lol. I guess I'm not much of a Pokemon fan since I stopped playing them.

    Oh, yeah they are. I guess that's the stuff for role-playing to grow.
    Pokemon, am I right? I still haven't played a new version of it yet.

    Indeed! Actually, I do need to rework it to fit the needs of both Max and CD. Apparently, they didn't like some stuff so I'll have to work more on it.
    I still adore the Budokai series. It shouldn’t have ended.

    I know what you’re talking about. I haven’t worked on my game in a while even though I want to and there aren’t many problems from the last playtest left. But soon I will start it again....

    As if you’d stop buying those things to visit me :3
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