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  • I'm probably not going. It's getting too late to pick my stuff up, and everything became a disaster. And that artist I really hate has a ton of panels, and there are too many Homestuck panels, and I just can't bear looking at the fans.
    Just go to Amtrak.com and follow the instructions. Look up round trip train prices. Type in the dates, and choose the departure station, and then the arrival station. Sometimes you may not get the dates you want, but I suggest you act now if you want to use your voucher for Valentine's Day. If you need to refund it, they just won't give you anything. Because they're stingy. Oh, and the price of December 25 to December 29 is $106, which isn't that much of a difference.
    Hey, if you reserve your tickets right now from February 12 to February 16, you won't have to pay anything. But from December 26 to January 2 is $118, unless you want to leave earlier.
    :c Aw, sorry to hear that. Hopefully there will be other chances to go to conventions together. I've never been to one myself, though, so I don't know when or where they are.
    I'm mostly just doing nothing all summer. Although I did get to visit Dawn Rebirth for two weeks earlier. It's nice to have a break, college is exhausting.
    Well, I'd have to go to rehab anyway, but...without you, the convention just wouldn't be the same. Actually, it would be the same as the other convention experiences I've been through. I'd just be mocked for my opinion, while everyone else screams theirs. And my first coords aren't ready, so how can I display them? I'm not even sure if other Lolitas will be nice. They weren't so nice the first time I met them. I just wasted so much money...
    I may not even go to the convention. I don't have the right shoes, dry cleaning my dress and skirt is too expensive, and there's construction on the house just across mine, which means a giant port o potty, and it's grossing me out. Everything is going wrong.
    I'm so happy to have you in my life. <3

    And he looks kind of similar, too. But what I like most about the trailer is that it still kept its cartoony style, even though it upgraded.

    I just went to the chat. Or do you feel more like PMing?
    Oh. I guess we're both not having good days.

    Oh, ok. It sounds like it though. And...sorry? ^^;

    I'll message you in just a bit.
    I hope so... The Lacemarket site is down for the worst possible time! D: Well, at least I got to eat at the sushi buffet again. But there's construction just outside my house. Ugh.

    Well, they do have the same voice actor. I'm thinking about innuendo at that teacup statement. XD;

    Oh, you are?
    Well, I can at least try to sell them...but it was so much money! D: And I don't think you know much about this, but the emergency shoes I bought don't coordinate even half as well as the original ones. They're just random flats that I had to look for because of my weird size.

    And I watched the trailer...I can't believe that I thought Eraqus was Aqua. XDDDDD And that teacup ride was so cheesy, I can't help but love it.
    I tried those shoes on...and they're too tight! I can't go to the convention if I can't walk... I'm going to have to make an emergency purchase. Can you chat later?
    Oh, ok.

    That can be hard. I'm by myself mostly. Do you think I should search for another person to help me? Or maybe another person on this site can?
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