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  • If you ever get one, my name's the same as here! I won't let you not-friend me!!!

    Honestly. I can't believe I remembered who had the Tooth XD I know for sure Relicanth has the Scale tho! Glad you got it!

    You remembered :D
    Oh man, Steam has some super cheap games. I just bought my very first laptop and I'm totally hooked. As for the LP, of course I'll let you know! I'm gonna shamelessly plug myself EVERYWHERE >:3

    How did you get the Tooth? XD
    I just woke up. Give me a bit to shower and let me know when you can trade: I'm not very prepared but I can still give you stuff since I found my DS! Hopefully it's got enough charge. Don't even ask me where the charger is XD
    I do hope so as well. :D

    I'm sorry. :( I don't know if you have PS4 or not, but you should try Batman: Arkham Knight. It's pretty good, however if you like to follow with the game series I'd start with Arkham Origins then Asylum and City. You can look it up somewhere, I'm sure. Oh, there's rumors of RockSteady Studios making a Superman game.. I will totally buy that, that's for sure.
    It has been a while. I see, I see.. Well, how's your summer going?

    As for me, I'm leaving with my family to Colorado for vacation and also for a car show there as well on Wednesday, so there's alot of preparation going on around here at home. At least I'll be able to bring my tablet since the hotel has free WiFi, so that's something.
    Summer makes people lazy? I'll have to add that to my list of 'viable excuses.' Seems legit.

    So you haven't been able to play much? I paid $90 for 33 games on Steam's summer sale during the end of June, and I plan on starting up my Let's Play channel possibly this Monday/Tuesday? I dunno. I'll have to get over my initial nervousness first and actually give my software a test run XD
    Do you have Steam?

    I'm good. Bit tired, but when isn't anyone tired anymore? I'm even too lazy to pay my bills XD
    The things people give their little girls... XDDDDD Though a Hello Kitty bug zapper would be awesome. I could use one of those.
    *holds your hand*

    I wish I was kidding about the Hello Kitty rifle. I've seen it. Look it up.
    It's kind of like us, only being able to meet once a year...

    I love kawaii stuff, but I wouldn't want a Hello Kitty rifle. XD; Maybe a microwave and a coffee maker...
    Oh yeah, merchandising is a big part of it. That's probably why Frozen was so overhyped. I don't hate it, but...it didn't meet my expectations.

    Should I find the link again, or can we continue our PMs? Oh yeah, did you look up the different styles of Lolita yet? There's three main ones. And the store I bought the dress from is here: shop.baby-aatp.com. The Japanese store is here: http://babyssb.co.jp
    I haven't been excited for a movie in a long time. XD; I'm surprised they never came out with something like that in America, either. It makes you wonder what the plot is going to be like. Then again, there are a lot of animated movie plots that should have been done already, or are overdone.

    Will you chat with me later? I got my Princess Shirring dress from Baby the Stars Shine Bright just now! ^^ I might wear it when we get together. The best part is, they already sold out in a week! I had to console myself for not being able to go to the convention.
    That did make me smile. I love you. ^^ But THAT MUCH money for just a Hello Kitty movie. XD;
    I'll try, too. I'll ease up on the spending for the next five months. But I worked so hard, bought all those outfits...for nothing. And I just went to the cleaners, they're closed, and they usually close at 7. So, $700 each for the two of us, that's a lot.
    Ok, I understand. I know how hard it is for you. I'll do all that I can for the holidays together.
    It's not your fault. I keep on screwing up all the time, and I was just screwed since I thought this up in the first place. When are you moving?
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