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  • That's the spirit! My mother wouldn't want me working part time while I'm in college, so I'm just a full-time student myself. So I think any job is better than none.
    XBlade~ It's been forever! Life is mostly college, college is tiring, but overall I think I'm doing well! Oh, what's your job?
    I hope Lea gets some new clothes, he's been in that coat long enough. Maybe something reminiscent of his BBS clothes, but more grown up now.

    Ooooh. How'd that go?

    Haha, I'm fine for now. My last few days before school. But I'm staying positive because D23 is soon! And how are you?
    Hi, could you PM me please? There's a lot that happened over the past two weeks. Basically, I got injured.
    I...post a lot? unfortunately I'm so inactive lately, it's scary xD that only because of my trip in Examland x w x still not back from it~
    Anyway, hello, fellow KHinsider! I'm DarkGrey Heroine, supporter of Vanitas and infatuated with the European country that is shaped like a boot.A hopeless tsundere, but a tough one!

    I remember my dream rather vividly... It was so bad I woke up crying. But I'm better now. I still feel really out of place being back here at the forums, but I'll do my best to stay this time.

    So, how are you, X?

    If I ever cosplayed, I dunno who I could be. I'd wanna be someone dark or I'd feel like I look weird, so maybe Anthy or Katara...

    I'm currently so-so. It's nice to relax in summer, but school books for next semester were over $600, but I'm getting some drawing done, but I had a nightmare, but I'm finally getting the hang of being more active here on the forums again. A mixed bag of emotions, truly.
    You're fine. We're a bit much I know XD
    I'm trying to pacify GX right now. He and Rudy... they've got a not-so-nice history. And I don't want them to argue. Kitty is a great person but she doesn't take arguing in the box. So ignore those two.
    Sorry if the box is a bit overwhealming XD
    AK and Gx are two of my best internet friends, so we talk about pretty much anything. But feel free to visit anytime you like! You don't even have to use the full site and role-play with anyone. Just chillin in the box is more than acceptable. I'll protect you with my mod voodoo powers~
    Agreed. So have you seen any good movies lately? I'm aiming to see Marvel's Ant-Man soon. It looks like it's going to be good and fun!

    I did read about that.. here's hoping we'll get Toy Story world or characters!
    I'd recommend getting all GOTY editions of the games since it will have all stuff in one package. Many stuff for the price of less money.

    Yes, I did see it! :D Strangely enough, it resembles his clothes from Dream Drop Distance and that's a good match.
    Here: add this temp Friend Code since I cant tranfer just yet: 3883-8199-7946. If this doesnt work I'll run to town and buy myself a new charger XD
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