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  • I'll be getting busy soon, but since pretty much all my homework is on the computer, I often find time(read:get distracted) and join discussion :)
    The last VM I sent you was almost a year ago o_O.

    How have you been?
    Hey Twilight when you get the chance could you update your Axel FC? MegaWallflower and I requested joining so whenever you have some free time. Also be sure to give Mega girl an Axel plushie. She really likes those. Thanks.
    Hey Twilight there were 2 new members that wanted to join the Roxas FC. I don't know how often you check on the FC so I thought i'd point it out.
    Anyone who can engage in dialogue about the KH series and make legimate criticisms and what not with a level of respect, decency, and without resorting to berating others deserves all the respect in my book. I like your comments pertaining to Days, Xion, and the current state of the series. I can never hate it but your opinions do give me to something to ponder about and I'm one of those who unfortunately have to agree interests in the series is waning and probably will stop at KHIII....That is if Nomura pulls another side game ;)
    I would like to ask you something you think NaminexRoxas right?Because if so thats pretty weird speaking there brother and sister.
    BAHAHA. I like how you have all the KH trios in your sig and the axel-roxas-namine trio is w/ namine and not xion. you are my fav.
    Link me to the text colorererizer you use! Nao!

    LOL, I know, right? See, I'd be irritated too if it wasn't for the fact that the Keyblade is pretty much the weapon that EVERYBODY USES NOW. Sure, Donald and Goofy fight without one, and Axel fights without one, but how many other main, main characters don't wield one? Plus, I just think it wouldn't look good if they chose to make SRK the next TAV and Kairi didn't have a Keyblade. Or if they even centered the entire story on the destinies of Sora, Riku, and Kairi...and Kairi was the only one in the group without a Keyblade. Plus, it ends up looking sexist too, if Aqua is the only girl out of MANY males who can wield. Unintentional sexism, probably, but try telling that to feminists who are already on Disney's case about their princess characters.

    And on that note, I do understand the frustration about the Princesses because I really love those characters and I wanted to see more of them. But if Nomura's not going to do anything with them, then I'm satisfied with him turning Kairi into a wielder. And as I keep saying, who says that's the end to her role as a PoH? She could always, you know, use the Keyblade to channel those powers. Nor do I think it was badly explained. If anything SORA getting a Keyblade turned out to be more of a fluke than KAIRI because Sora never underwent the Rite of Succession. Kairi and Riku did, even if Kairi's wasn't intentional. *sigh* KH3, where are you???
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