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  • For whenever/if-ever you see:

    I've grown up considerably, seen and done beautiful & terrible & mundane things, with wonderful & awful people. I've read, written, and been encouraged on the latter. Wishing you the best, as both you want it and need it,

    - pi-chan
    hey elle ma'am it seems like you don't drop in much anymore. if you do and you see this chat me up, we'll catch up!
    uhhhh that's not it i just dk if you would enjoy being here anymore

    the place is like half-dead anyway
    i will def check her stuff out! i read the new diaz book and i liked it and ive recently gotten into lotr. also reread my fav book ever aka the hero with a thousand faces by joseph campbell *u*. also also gotta finish bird by bird tho. as well as 'the remains of the day'
    oh okay sure! i just wasn't positive if it was that one or "THIS THREAD IS THE MAN BOX" lol
    u should post a pic of a fedore w/o any captions if som1 responds to u in the man box thread
    i don't feel like they were that bad?? but i mean yeah i guess i'm biased lol w/e

    no but yeah i should probably go ahead and delete that whole tangent before it turns into another "let's gang up on elle" thread sigh
    u 2!!

    i just wish i could bring myself to contribute something other than unintelligible screaming and death threats to the man box thread but i.. i couldn't possibly
    yeah man ive done some p stupid stuff LIKE CARVE A HASHTAG ON MY ARM OR WALK INTO A BLIZZARD W/O PROPER ATTIRE LIKE WHO DOES THAT but 's okay, it's not as intense as other cases i have encountered b/c it's more of a bad days thing instead of a constant event. i dunno, i'm kinda becoming a man now in terms of the way i attempt to interact with people and my family and responsibilities i take and that's honestly terrifying but also grounding. life is better when you think things through, or try to, and esp. before you speak.
    took care of it sry!! recently hired to help with the big bot problem so i'm still getting used to noticing the other stuff. :c
    thanks for shitting on the man box elle it deserved it and you're a star
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