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  • yes i did i even have the white robe bwahahah! ma psn is e-tra_1. xD happy late new year to you to! why do you always disappear on me!?
    how are you? talk to ol gram!
    i heard Journey was only 2 hours long though.

    ahhh what happened?

    ASWAS!!!!!!!! where have you been!?
    your typing this on an ipod!? o,0

    ahh im sorry it may still be in our convo page somewhere.

    xD nearly everything is better than history books.

    ah now they cant be that bad.

    is it a good game to play? seen a image or two of it. you have the soundtrack? xD

    hello~ how are you today? what did you do?
    =] thank you the devil one is one i actually like myself. xD i dont know about historical but i just felt like starting over with them i only kept my flame one and refound the light one by luck.

    xD i can tell~ you excited for the new one with its colony settings?

    wow you wrote a lot o,0 and ahhh someone deleted your things D:<

    you stalked here and didnt say hello!? xD you actually played it? *o* journey?
    i have two new ones which are here: http://forums.khinsider.com/poetry/167611-devils-never-cry.html and the other one (about snow) is here: http://forums.khinsider.com/poetry/167666-rest.html i got rid of the rest cause i just couldnt get them to where i liked them so out of all the ones i've made only 4 remain. I also made one for a bday on here but it was more humorous than serious.
    xD you still like AC that much?
    o,0 what the hell kind of time is that? waht did you write? i'd ask about stalking but i think it ties into sobbing somewhere, now gaming i can get behind! :D
    they dont lose their crazy they just think they did~
    please i have cousins that have cursed since they could talk, one that stole a bear when he was 4, one that stole our granpa's car for a drive and thats just mild things the older ones are much worse so your's cant be THAT bad xD
    ahhh xD
    i want one to but i already have a 3ds tho i could always trade it in but....knowing my luck they'd make version with something like a 2nd stick built in after i did xD

    -,0 what have you been doing?
    hah thats stupid why should you spend time with them they have each other. i'd told them thats what makes the story worth learning and to figure it out xD but im mean like that~
    ahhhhhh D: well have you seen the story then?
    also: http://forums.khinsider.com/video-games/169627-3ds-xl-your-thoughts.html shiny~

    HI! how are you? o3o what have you done since leaving me to my lonesome self and whatever it is my other inner voices name their selves.
    =] bout time you were here~

    xD if they that bad why hang out with them? pfft make them play it their self.
    D: you dont have a 3ds!? :/ i dunno thats something i'd like to know all these consoles is bullshit.
    :D there you are~
    everywhere but here i see xD

    nothing at all? im alright been playing kh3d is all xD eternal sonata to.
    :D your back your back!!! what sites!? WAS I FORGOTTEN!? i dont have a PSN :[
    nope no tumbler either.

    what have you been up to!? how are you!? TALK TO ME!
    HAPPY -belated- NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \*3*/ your back!

    well honestly my day sucked plus my keyboard isnt working right -_-
    :D least you replied! nope my PS3 cant get on internet :'[

    you had seen that image b4!? o,0
    :D YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!! how you been!? do anything fun!? EAT A COOKIE!?

    lol finally give up on DA? is there really much to do on YT or tumblr?
    Hey! Since you started Namitas, you should check out these comics on deviantart. Someone did a whole series of Vanitas and Namine falling in love. Check it out!:

    SorasPrincesss on deviantART

    That's the author's URL
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