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  • I would like to pop in and reply that I love that you have Mr. Toad as your avatar picture.

    May the Grace of the Valar Protect You

    The only hobbit in Kingdom Hearts

    I've never had the honor of receiving applause from Orson Welles before! (That's him, right? *would feel REALLY stupid if I made a mistake*) Thank you so much! :) And of course we can be friends! I'm sorry; I must have logged off before you sent me the request, or I would have accepted it sooner!
    Toby is from Human Resources so that means he works for corporate.

    Michael feels that he is also there to limit what they can do and essentially police the fun around The Office. Since he is from corporate he is also essentially not part of their "family" and shouldn't receive the same respect and friendliness that everyone else receives.
    Whoa, what happened to the old one?

    I checked the WoW thread and saw it was deleted and I was like "Zulkir nooooooo!" but obbviousy things are fine.

    Good day.
    I had requested for it to be Mr. Theart, that didn't happen. :c As for Xion, I'm more neutral than anything; still a part of the Xion CC too. ;D

    I did. And I actually got BBS:FM! :3
    I must say, LOVING your new Mr. Toad And His Wild Ride theme. xD

    So how's life been treating you? :D
    I am not familiar with this account. Are you someone I might know?
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