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  • Thank you, a lot. What color do you think Vanitas is? A dark red is what I think.

    EDIT: I found it.
    Well, I don't know how. If you could teach me, that'd me nice. I'd use it for my writing.
    I haven't asked you to be my friend, surprisingly. I need a favor. You know, how you have the font colors in the Larxene and Axel FCs? I need one for my Naminé x Vanitas Fanclub. Can you possibly make one for me?
    It's all right.

    O_O I just saw it, and I have NO idea! Something went wrong with the YouTube video links. Fantastic, now I have to redo them again.
    You just found it somewhere? ;__; that means my tags have been ripped on the internet.
    Anyway, yeah, I made the sig/avy. I still have the .psd with the original files. I'm kind of sad that you say that you found it somewhere else....:(

    but yeah.
    Well...I made it and I don't appreciate people wearing my work without permission :<

    But I'll give you permission...I just hope you credit me somewhere in your signature.
    I am here to humbly ask you to ally your Larxene Fanclub with my namine Hateclub.

    Together, we shall rule a fan website based on a children's video game!
    how do you make your text color gradient(looking at your message in the kairi fc), do you have to manually put in the color tags?
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