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  • Did you close your drawing thread? If you did on accident, I can reopen it. I don't see any reason posted as for why.
    Right now they know that a Persona is a 'power' that all of them may have. I didn't have Pepper explain what it is yet because everyone should understand what their Persona is once it unlocks inside of them. As for what they know of the disappearances, right now all they know is that the other world is responsible in some way. Right now, I suppose you could say everyone is trying to digest everything that has happened so far, as well as getting to know each other more.
    Its alright I transferred cause I couldn't afford the last one. I don't like the new college but I'll manage. Life has been on and off
    I'm sorry to hear that its been forever lol. I'm good I really don't want to go back to college yet tho -,-
    Glad to see you're back. If you have a Skype, you should add me on that. Also, if you remember Piercing Light, you should join his Persona RP and make it better.
    I thought my eyes were playing something on me when I saw you online, but after seeing Kid A's vm I'm sure now they weren't =).
    That was a delight. We miss you Ten-chan <3
    Maybe you will come back some day =]...I really hope so!
    I hope you're doing Great in your life nonetheless
    I was a little surprised to see you online briefly. You sure are missed in the roleplaying section :'(
    I really hope you're enjoying life!
    -Healing Vision
    Hello, how are you doing Tenyas? Its a pleasure to meet you, thanks for accepting my request ^^ I hope we get to talk/message each other :3
    Hey! We haven't talked in awhile. :DDD

    I was wondering if you are still a big fan of Silent Hill? I heard they are making a HD collection which what I know currently comes with SH 2 and 3 for PS3. In case you didn't know. lol. Since I know how you wanted to play them and stuff.
    I let my imagination take me over when it comes to the ages really. lol Not sure sure about Misty's age due to her look in Silver/Gold(which takes place around three years after the original I think) but I personally like to consider her 15(in the original). Though that's just me I guess.

    Totally, especially if you like it. The Suzuki method makes it much more fun and better paced imo

    Also, were you able to check out some of the E3 conference?
    Ugh... summer's just around the corner.*gets fan and sunscreen ready* Suckz I won't be visiting the US this year but oh well...

    Any plans for you?
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