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  • You're welcome! ^^ I hope it turns out OK. I'm here for ya if you need me! :) So don't worry. *continues hug*
    Really, it's fine! We're talking now, it's all that matters. :) *hugs tightly* ^^ Are you gonna be all right?
    I don't mind! :) Don't beat yourself up about it.

    Would you like a hug? :) *trying to make you feel better*

    You too? huh. :p
    It's all right.

    Oh, I'm so sorry! ;_; What happened?

    I'm doing good I guess. Battling my slow internet.
    Depends what kind it is. If it's a cone or bowl, I'll lick. If it's a bar, I'll bite. I always assumed the sea-salt ice cream in KH was like a bar (crunchy on the outside, somehow), so, I'd bite it. :p You aren't weird, just like doing things your own way. Plus, I'm sure SOMEONE else does the same. :)

    Bless you! *hands you tissue*

    I was helping my Grandma in her garden, and didn't realize that there was Poison Ivy there. :p
    Sure! ^^ *takes a sea-salt ice cream* Thanks!

    He was short-haired, but what he did have was really soft. He was always super hyper, and luvd to play. xD

    *stops eating* Are you allergic to peanuts? O_O *throws away sandwich* So sorry! ;_;
    *sits down to rest too* Care for something to drink?

    A chihuahua? My bro had one once. :)

    It's Wednesday here in the eastern U.S. Well, I'm gonna be doing a quick clean-up around the house, then probably head out and enjoy the sun for a whle. :) I'm eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich right now. ^^ You?
    xD Ok then. :p

    Well, I'm happy for ya! ^^ xD

    None taken. More specifically I like emerald. What's yours?
    xD *pokes you back*

    Haha! Absolutely! ^^

    Oh, did you finally find a guy? :) Yeah, I hope so! *hugs back*

    I'm not a fan of evergreens either. Which is weird, cuz my fav color is green. :p
    xD All right! *gets back up*

    I know. I don't mind though! ^^

    Not in real life, no. :( It's a long story, but I've...never actually dated. :(

    Awww, that sucks. Most of our trees here turn orange and yellow.
    O: *falls on butt, raises keyblade to protect myself as I try to get back up*

    Oh, nothing much. Suddenly really busy answering VMs! :D

    I know... xD

    Yeah, and the leaves make everything colorful, too. :)
    I think it's cute! :) *pushes back, trying to keep balance*

    It's all right, I'm still doing OK! :)

    xD I know, I'm a terrible flirt. :p Glad your laughing, though! xD

    Winter is kinda cool (though I hate it when it gets REALLY cold). As long as it snows, I'm good. I love Fall too. ^^
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