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  • Well you gotta think about mostly what you want your character to fight like. Do you want your character to be more focused on actual sword techniques or to be more ki related. Like would you like a samurai that only does ki attacks and has zero sword techniques? Or vice-versa. Do you want your character to be able to employ ki related attacks into sword techniques to augment them or even to be able to create projectile type attacks?
    So true. I swear, I didn't start getting the hang of anything until like august of last year. So, I'm thankful that I'm as far as I am now.
    Well I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, so it's all done by mouse, but I use resources(textures and such), so it's not like it's ALL on my own, but I do take credit in my skill level. ^^;
    It all depends if I am in the creative mood. I usually spend the first ten minutes fiddling around until I get the right direction, and after that, i just go apeshit until I get something that pleases me. :3
    Glad you likey~ =D
    I wasn't sure what to use, but I figured Fran was among the favorite of the main cast of FF12 XD
    Understandable. Best do it at your own pace I guess.

    Awesome? I thought he was staring right into your soul D:
    Nice, I'll look into it later.

    Same deal for me actually lol Just thinking about which anime to follow this season, reading War of the Worlds, and Gin no Saji Manga - Read Gin no Saji Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox (FMA's Himoru Arakawa's new series)
    Glad you're cool with it. Should we keep the equipment they choose from the same, or do you want to add more power tools like jackhammers and nailguns :)DDDDD) to the mix?
    Hi there, co-judge.

    Any ideas for Bonechill and GMC's battle? I'd quite like to use the battle I planned for the last round which never manifested, but if you have any suggestions, I'm up for discussing.
    Weird, I'm seeing several members here that have avatars very similar to yours. Mind sending me a link?

    *noogies* No worries bud. Been good?
    Lmao xD I'll remember that, I've been trying to see if I can properly develop a Neo Angelique RP (without the Mary-Sueish-ness though), or an Avatar (Last Airbender), but not until I get a good idea on what the hell to do. xD
    I felt guilty since I never had time to post in Equilibrium, so when I saw it I couldn't help but take a peek. x3 Still, despite the recycling, it's still your own idea. I tend to do that, at least when I used to make RPs. For now, I'm just joining 'cause I'm not super at running them (yet).
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