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  • Yes, King Naruto, we are going to be in a party together in the RP.
    I guess, just missing the name of my party members since he hasn't put up his own template yet.
    Question, are Beast Tamers allowed in your SAO RP, and if so would that be a skill and where would it go under?
    I enjoyed Aincrad as well and I'm on Episode 21 now...I'm starting to really like Asuna as a character for some reason... she's a return to the norm but it was a good time to see a character like her because she's not overly dependent on her allies but she knows when to call on them and protect them herself
    that's the difference between summoners and Evokers. Summoners are the equivalent of pokemon trainers and evokers are summoners in the traditional sense... think the difference between Garnet's summons in FF 9 and Yuna's in FF10... Pokemon summoners seal Pokemon into artifacts or jewelry charms for example so that they can keep them like trainers do... Evokers gain the trust of one of the pokemon of the species and through bonding with them unlocks the most powerful attack in that species' arsenal... and that includes evolutions and devolutions so if an evoker develops a bond with a Shinx that evoker will be able to call upon a Luxray and use Wild charge... or say you develop a bond with a Pichu you'll be able to summon a Raichu and use volt tackle. now here's the big clincher the Legendaries aren't "Catchable" but they are bondable which means if you can gain the trust of a legendary you'll get to call upon it whenever you need it... like say you gain the trust of Ho-oh or Entei... you'll be able to use sacred fire
    awww that's sad well anyways this pokemon Revamp RP is pretty interesting... instead of pokemon trainers we have Pokemon Summoners and Evokers...
    yes very much so I'm working on two big ones right now... working on a pokemon revamp RP and a 3 part epic RP based a similar idea of project x zone
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