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  • I have changed my temps class and I have added a couple of sentences to my post to fit.
    Sure thats fine. To tell you the truth, I didn't think of that. I over think things to much I guess.
    I haven't figured anything out yet but I was thinking of a mishap pertaining to his wolf side where something happens, like he loses control for a second and something is revealed or something big that would call for a need for him to switch classes. If you have any ideas shoot them my way. I didn't want to do anything to bad since this is supposed to be a fun RP.
    Actually I was thinking something along the lines of something happening to him that heralds a need to switch from day classes to night classes.
    I was wondering if I could change my character from the day class to the night class.
    Some reluctant teamwork would be a good way to start building our little party of Fragments--and would be fun, I agree.
    In my second post, Tenyas, I had my character's office building be the one that yours sought shelter in. Since Jack's ability is Nullification, I'd imagine that it would have some sort of effect on Zizi's colorful visions, so I think that we could perhaps experiment with that as the RP (or at least the first "Red Night") progresses.
    i've been great!! :D yay! lol well.. as great as i can get while in the military.. xD

    and nice! :D good luck with your artshow! :D and that's always to good to hear about getting better at your writing!! ^^

    and lol, yesh, that rp was indeed full of randomness... >_> which i was to be a source of some of it... xD
    teny? xD is that u? XD omg! IT IS! XD holy moly!!! XD i remember u from that kh rp! XD where i kept bringing in the sugar reports! XD omg.. xD i probably sound like a crack head.. xD

    how have u been? XD i can't believe this place is still here after being away for so long... XD
    You've probably seen him around several times before in the Religion section. Trust me, he's not that hard to miss. lol

    So what's up Teny?
    ah. Well that actually makes a bit more of sense. In any case, I hope your Mother's Day goes somewhat decent. ^^ Talk to ya later.
    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.... you haven't been on MSN in over a week. Is something wrong with your computer or do you have relatives over again? ;-;
    It's a little better that you don't, only because I've bent some of the rules originally applied that I felt not needed for the RP. The biggest and boldest example is changing the setting from Japan to New York; in the series, there was a huge plot reason to have it in Japan, but I'm like '...eff that we goin' to the Big Apple'. :D
    Could you explain your power to me? Just to make sure I understand it. xD
    Indeed, Kazue Kato's(mangaka) has a very appealing art style too imo And A1 Pictures(animation studio) did a good job on transferring it. I was a bit uncomfortable due to some religious references, but I eventually saw it was to make the premise stronger and got over it.

    Good to hear, but whenever I read posts like Nelo Angelo's... I will literally faint.

    Should probably do the same with Soul SIlver lol Thanks.
    You pulled me right in my friend.

    Will make myself a stone of patience then lol

    Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist (too lazy to make my own summary):

    First off, I rolled my eyes as soon as I read it. Didn't sound like anything new at all imo. But as soon as I read/watch the first chapter/episode, I was quite surprised at how amazingly well it was executed. As for how feels like a polymerization, it becomes somewhat evident as you follow it along. Along the rest of various shonen series, the anime may seem to be one of the few that's better than it's manga due some additions(but not filler) and minor changes that look more relevant. If you're interested I'd say watch some of the anime first, if not, reading the manga will make up for killing some patience if you can't wait for the next episode.

    Damn I sure am a talker lol
    Is it worth getting? Mine be Rin Okumura, from Ao no Exorcist (awesome polymerization of FMA, Naruto, Harry Potter, D.Grayman, Soul Eater, etc.)
    Salamant pagi!
    Estimated time of arrival Rey-chan ^^

    And I am happily looking forward to your template ^^
    Ah, well then there is no problem Rey-chan, I was just wondering if there was a possible ETA. It's no problem ^^

    If you need help or have any questions don't hesitate to ask ^^.
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