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  • First time I've heard that one. haha
    Many dislike days for story reasons. Though many like it too for other reasons....it's kinda a contradiction.
    Don't be to down. DDD went and basically said "lol oh yeah KH2 was full of lies. Anything can grow a heart eventually". Meaning you'll likely see Roxas back. Though not sure what dues ex machina they'll use.
    You know what you'd pick? That's admission to pervhood. xD Worst yet your pick is younger.
    Sora needed the memories back. Between CoM, Namine, Days, Roxas and Xion Sora's memories was all spread out and out of whack. To get them all back what was scattered had to be put back. Unfortunately for Roxas that included himself.
    Ah but Roxas only became that way because he didnt inherit memories. Since you done admitted you did that means your not like Roxas and thus a perv as well.
    Psssh that'd make you a perv too since the nobody inherits all the memories and personality of the person now a heartless. >:D
    They jiggle. Unless my game is glitching, it's done so once already during KH2. I played it to get the secret ending but the main story is all I'll do on critical. xD
    You should look for scrawny spiky haired ones. I hear they get around and are easily tricked or angered. x'D
    You was here all weekend and didn't once notice all the people making new accounts and posting in every thread possible to win the contest?
    Can't tell if I like all the new life on the site or I'm annoyed by the few of them that just spam. xD
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