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  • I watched it, but it aired a few days after everything else and was just a boring little high school show, so I skipped talking about it.
    Well that'd be where you're wrong ; D I dug Bakemonogatari for ages. I got through Nise, it was Monogatari that didn't click as well with me....but I adore his other works. Katanagatari especially.

    So this is quite interesting. The only thing I'm not too interested in is Rosario Vampire, so that's the weak link.
    So a show about girls making a show? Count my interest peaked! Kinda reminds me of Bakuman with it showing how manga is made and all.
    Eh, it's pretty, and there was some interesting world-building, but it's setup as this multi-medium spanning story, so the anime itself really go anywhere.
    I may check it out sometime, haha. My manga backlog is terrible right now. I want to catch up on Assassination Classroom, One-Punch Man, Beelzebub, and Berserk right now and I'm faaaaar from being done with that.
    Ah well. I'll definitely end up watching it if the animation is on par from what I've seen from gifs.
    Damn, it looks good visually. I can watch this one without having seen any of the others previously, right?
    Releasing OSTs in BD/DVD volumes? Oh yeah. Happens all the time. In fact, it's probably more common than traditional soundtrack releases at this point. The difference is that the extra content in each volume is usually announced ahead of time, but that's not the case here.
    Doesn't seem like an OST release has been announced. It's still possible that it will be included in one of the anime's volumes though. Only two of the seven have been released so far.
    Nah, I wish I owned them. It's the only series I've reread without owning the volumes prior. Most of the other series like One Piece or Rurouni Kenshin, I only really reread because I can pull a volume off my shelf and give it a read casually.
    Biscuit Hammer is actually one of the few series I would say is pretty much perfect for me and it is a crime that it hasn't been translated into English yet. Yuuhi and Mikazuki's fight at the end was a perfect end to the series. Noi crying at the end really got to me. As did a lot of things in the series. Ludo. The mouse and mantis knight. Just everything I loved in that series. So much foreshadowing and whatnot, it was a pleasure rereading that series. Think it's the only one other than series I actually own that I have reread start to finish. My favourite knight? Could be the Dog Knight or the Horse Knight...although they all have their own quirks that make them great characters.

    I will check it out!
    I've heard it's actually going to be a remake from a few people. After I finish up the fews shows I'm on I'm giving this series a go, but I may hold off to see if that's true.
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