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  • Yeah mewtwo's there, the Z legendary is in the caves near the town before the ice gym.
    False swipe and timer balls sir, trust me~ xD

    The ending is beautiful. That ending was all kinds of great, after 3000yrs the man and his fairy mon work it out. ;A;
    Played the looker cases yet?
    Metang!? Damn the best I got is an ivysaur from another friends place. Get you a mon with false swipe and some timer balls, he'll cave eventually. xD
    I only have the Chesin egg (should be ready soon).
    I'll grab the Froakie egg now and try for a Bulbasaur. When they're ready, I'll trade them with you :)
    All right, I added you to my FC as well Flanix. More Safari zones is nice to have. xD I assume you got my code from the Pok?mon thread, but here it is just in case.

    Yo Flanix, I've added you to my Friends list for the Friend Safari, add me if you want. :) (fc is in my sig)
    Yep, exactly like this. I also tend to make a sort of grid for parallel running plotlines of the different major characters, as not all characters are together in the first parts of the story. For example, while Aerith, Tifa and some other FF characters are fighting some Heartless in the Radiant Garden Town Square, Yuffie and Leon are in the Hollow Bastion Castle and Braig is in Space Paranoids messing things up. All three plots take place at the same time in-universe, but are addressed in different chapters.
    I try to have a fixed schedule for delivering a new chapter to the readers. That schedule being one chapter every two weeks in order to give readers time enough to read and think about the current chapter and to have some room to check the new chapters for some errors. Due to RL getting in the way I cannot hold that schedule every time and a chapter may come out two or three days later than initially scheduled. However, at maximum I'd say there should be a month between chapters, if the gap gets higher that that I would need to declare an official hiatus to keep readers informed.

    While it sounds intriguing, I doubt I will have the time for that. Right now I am even slightly behind writing in my own story (cause the few free time I have got "wasted" playing KH HD 1.5, lol)

    Geez, I always tend to forget that Singapore isn't part of Indonesia but a city state surrounded by it, lol. But yeah, right now Germany's time is GMT+2 because of summer time. Once we go back to normal Central European Time, Germany will be GMT+1 again.
    Alright. My planning comes down only to milestones though, as I know the direction the story should take and what Key events should have. For the time between those, I have left me the freedom to include some more detailed plot points that lead to the key events. I did not wait until I finished the whole story before publishing it though (for that it is too long), but I tend to write four to five chapters ahead of the one that is currently put up on the thread.

    Another upside is that you rarely get into the situation to have a plothole at hand, because in general you already know what should happen when even if you haven't yet fleshed it out. My current story being so big with some parallel running plotlines being the only one I do makes that one easier, as I do not have to worry about finishing other pieces.

    Aren't different time-zones great, lol. If you're in Indonesia that means you should be several hours ahead of me in Germany, I'll think about six hours maybe? Around here it's around 12.15pm right now.
    Yep, that's what happens when you plan out the story beforehand for more than a month and are determined to give as many characters as possible their time to shine, lol. It's practically telling the future of the Kingdom Hearts series starting at the very end of Coded, completely disregarding Dream Drop Distance (as I planned and started the story before it was even out in Japan), although several similarities in terms of themes exist with DDD because my ideas are very similar to some things that eventually happened in DDD.
    My readers like the vast amount of details I put into descriptions, character interaction and battle scenes so far, so I don't feel the need to cut back on something, even if that means the story gets bloated up as a result. As long as there is not too much unneccessary filler, it should be ok.

    I see, that would probably be similar in my case, although pronunciation may be a bit better since English and German are somewhat similar languages. In written form? Nope, don't think so. As long as your fellow citizens can understand you it should be alright...I think.

    Heh, that probably won't work with any of my stories as I use so many characters and locations from other works I would need to pay enourmous sums for copyright stuff, lol.
    While I do have a dozen or more original characters in some of my German pieces, I never wrote anything with completely original elements in all fields as of yet.
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