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  • Yes, I am into competitive battling! I don't spend time dealing with IVs, but I EV train my Pokemon and I have a team that I regularly used competitively online in Black 2 (and before that too; started EV training in Gen IV). :) I've EV trained boxes and boxes of Pokemon that I've used to battle competitively over the years haha. Are you into competitive battling as well?
    I noticed on Serebii that there weren't too many Dragons either, which kind of stinks. Love the Friend Safari feature though; I'm so glad they put it in the games. Thanks anytime I'd like them, I will let you know! :)
    Yes, those will definitely be useful for trading purposes as well as for training Dragonites! :) I wish I could find a zone like mine haha the only Dragon ones I have found also have Noibat and Gabite. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find one eventually! :) Or I could always trade with one of you guys
    That explains how strong and how fast it ws during battle XD ( and mine was without some training ) Mine : Garchomp Lv 60 ( Male ) HP 215 , Atk : 184 , Def : 138 , Sp.Atk : 123 , Sp.Def : 122 , Speed : 156 , Nature Hardy , Ability Sand Veil , Moves : Dig , Dragon Rush , Crunch And Draco Meteor :3
    i never got to show my strength because of garchomp XD mine is 60 and whats its stats ? i mean attck and hp and stuff .
    ok now u tell me XD i guess we can go with the just our normal high leveled pokemon and yea it will instantly do any pokemon above to level 50 anyway . so might as well get my level 100's in there :3
    no no its ok i dont mind *sigh* i just miss her . anyway what was ur highest level pokemon again ? i will try to level it u to those levels :) just to go easy on ya
    no no its ok i dont mind how long it takes :) u up for a battle ? i am randomly bored also i got my cervix cancer jab today my arm killes D: sxk ( shania ) didn't get hers she said she wasn't having it for some weird reason . its the same cancer my cousin died from and she died about a few weeks back 2-3 weeks :/ i dont want her getting it too *Sigh*
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