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  • ya sure . i will come on and tx u when i am avaliable for that battle i was talking about or not if u REALLY DONT WANT TO :) ( also thanks btw u dont have to if u want to and i just checked my other torchic it has speed boost so can u change it to blaze ? XD lolz thnx )
    ok just let me know if u change ur mind on the offer :) and i think i might want speed boost if u do still wanna do it because i was just asking because someone did a Lv 1 Torchic for my Lv 19 vaporeon in a wonder trade :)
    Also Flanix have u got vaporeon and flareon ? :3 because i am giveing away a few of them for any pokemon u wanna give me i have 15 for each of them lolz and i can get more if i wanted .
    cool ive not rlly put much effert into being a breeder before as much but yea sure we can do a battle some time tomorrow maybe ? its 18:30pm over here right now and bad news just got my ass kicked by a kid in the US and i used every 6 high leveled ones i could use 0_0 .
    actually scratch that its Zapdos , Charizard and Yveltal that r my lv 100's lolz also why dont u like battle ? u wanna do one now ? i am on pokemon while on KHI :3
    Oh cool dark types huh ? :D how does it turn out to be whatever type it is ? im confused on how that happens XD ( completed pokemon y btw have 3 level 100's )
    Awesome! Mine is 0946-3372-5805 :D

    I'd tell you what Pokemon I have in my Friend Safari but I'm not really sure. I think I'm Fire type, though...Somebody told me and I completely forgot. xD
    I dont think I could get into it, I didn't like doing that stuff with the dream eaters in DDD. xD
    You should try it with traded pokemon lol mine gew so fast I had 3 level 80s by the E4.

    I've more or less done everything one can, I'm just turning it on once every day to grind my last two remaining team pokemon that aren't 100 yet.
    xD I love the exp share to much to turn off. I wish we had a place like black tower post game.

    I dont mind. o3o
    No, I just went to Lumoise city after going to that town the friend safari was in and it happened.

    xD I wish I could say the same, I had it finished in a few days.
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