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  • Yep, so far just one started in English, but that one is huge. So huge that I am actually planning to separate it into several arc-stories. It has 95.500 words so far and I'm just at the climax of the first arc, lol.
    A link to that story is at the very bottom of my signature.
    I did write something smaller before, but out of those most are German and the few that were in English are of such a bad quality I don't speak about them anymore.

    My written English is certainly better than my spoken one, lol, although with this I admit I got already praised for my use of the Language.
    As to how I came to it, that developed slowly itself as I was always interested in thinking up new plotlines for shows or movies even when I was a kid. When I learned how to write, one or two years later a christmas gift I got was a typewriter (Computers weren't that widely spread already in the early 90's) which got put to extended use.

    You mean as in releasing a true novel or short story in a commercial way? ^__^
    People in general tend to think more negatively than positively in the last few years. That's true as well, many people tend to look weirdly at people who don't act or live conform to their perceived norms of society, that's also where that dreaded "aren't you too old for that kind of things"-statement comes from.

    Exactly my take on the issue as well. As long as you don't overdo it and still fullfill the "more orthodox" things in Real Life there isn't any problem with these kinds of hobbies and pastimes. I'm a bookworm as well, ranging from Manga over western style comics even up to novels.
    I'm sort of a writer too, since I work on one big KH-related FanFic besides reading, playing games and other hobbies.

    Nah, it's all ok. It gives some insight in how you tick, and I see that it isn't really so different from my own outlook on life.
    With me it's half-and-half, as sometimes I can get carried away with my interpretations of things and forget to label them as such. Normally I do tend to avoid heavy debating as well though.
    Indeed, that's why I enjoy looking at theory-threads so much, even more joy comes when a theory actually uses interpretations, points and conclusions I myself came to realize.

    Pff, some people here already announced suspicions that I might be Nomura...rofl. I'm from Germany and cannot speak Japanese at all, except maybe some stock anime phrases like "Anta baka".
    As long as such dedication is positive, I do not see any problems with it, being called a maniac in a field can also be compliment. ;)
    No issue, it's always neat to make new acquaintances and friends. ^__^

    Yea, my knowledge of the series is one of the few feathers I adorn myself with, as when I invest in something I usually go and get deeper into the lore, it isn't just KH alone.
    Talking and having debates is almost like an elixir around here, although I admit that sometimes my posts tend to get rather long...<___<

    Sounds like we have something in common here, yep. Exchanging stuff is something I thrive on...:D
    Hi there.
    It's normally my modus operandi to ask people what motivated them to send me a friend request, so I'll go with that here as well to start things. ;)
    HI Fanix Do you read my fanfic i have it posted now. I Decided to make it a KHinsder exclusive.
    Hi Flanix thanks for the warm welcome. I posted a thread where I'll talk about my ideals for my fanfic in Creative Writing section
    nahh he's got x as well
    the whole world's got x lmao. I think I found someone off the forums though so its ok
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