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Key to the light
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  • Nothing so far yet, but I'll think about it. :) (I like to finish the games with the stuff I find first, and I'm a bit slow in this game, judging by how far everyone else is xD )
    Heya, I just realised that you've added me back on 3DS. Sorry I went ahead and sent a request without you knowing it, it might've been rude of me not to ask for your consent before hand. But thanks a lot! :D
    No problem, thank you for adding me as well! Oh wow awesome, I need to check out your zone then. Good to know that I'm Dragon, thanks for telling me!
    Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better, right? :)
    Thanks Key ^_^ It's okay, if you need any fruits let me know :) Also, if your island ever has a mermaid clock, chair, or couch, also let me know haha (I want all underwater themed sets!).
    Hey Key to the Light, do you mean Animal Crossing? My town's natural fruit is actually peaches so I never needed them >_< So far, I've managed to track down every fruit in the game BUT persimmons, which can only be bought from the store apparently o_O
    Hey, do you have your gates open? My train station doesn't have your town listed...IDK why. Did you add my FC?
    They have the same catch rate as Pokeballs only they have a cool colorful catch animation. Save your game and go toss a few around xD
    Ah, I can't pay for it yet. ( I need a PSP)

    School's been going fine. One of my teachers has an Irish brogue!
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