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  • NEVER! But no I'm quitting one of them as soon as Spring Break ends because I've learned all I can from it and then I can grind until Union X[Cross] <3 <3 <3
    From the hotel to the dinner to the funerals, no superhero film was meant to pack such an emotional wallop. Logan did, James mangold is a frigging genius.
    I'm going to be quite honest with you-- I never watched much of the Ducktales cartoon-- my life for Ducktales and my namesake come from the excellent NES game. The new preview looked great though
    You're welcome.
    Yea, the thread tends to march forward rather quickly and to be honest I have quite a deja vu with all the talk about "too much negativity" and the "right for criticism".
    We already had the very same problem between 2010 and 2013. It appears history repeats after all.

    To be honest I do agree with those who say that there is something missing in the middle of that scene, the cutaway and change to Aqua falling and Mickey finding her happens too sudden and somewhat snaps the context.
    Terra summoning the Light Chains and restraining Xehanort resulting in the Guardian dropping Aqua and Ven is a possible explanation, but it is obviously not SHOWN in 0.2.
    I won't haha. But it's not that surprising if you spend some time thinking about the hints they drop.

    Most people thought it was one thing but it was completely different.

    Also have FB? I don't log on here too often.
    Yeah, I recommend giving the FFBE Soundtrack a listen! The music is definitely one of the strongest points of the game. FFBE is meant to be reminiscent of the classic FF games, and I'd say it does a very good job.
    (Also, if you ever get stuck on a quest/want to cheese a quest, feel free to shoot a friend request over the game, I have my friend unit info posted in the "Adventures of Welly and Rainikins" thread.)
    yes <3

    I forgot how much I adored this show until I started rewatching. god, this show was so much of my childhood. staying up late, getting freaked out by the weird episodes, loving the really minimalist ones, always feeling upset about jack never making it home

    but it was also a show that you easily under appreciated because it seemed like it was always on.
    It's about a 1% drop rate for a rainbow crystal, if you're rerolling hopefully you'll have better luck. ^^;; (My luck with Ux is pretty awful too, but at least Ux has the premium/new medal guarantee.)
    I too didn't find out about rerolling until after I'd progressed quite far into the game, don't sweat it haha. (Fun fact, I've only ever pulled two rainbow crystals from the summon since I started the game last year, and one of them was a 3* base troll ,:^) )
    Oh, I forgot to mention that the non-colored magicite shards/magicite aren't preferred by any Esper, so feel free to dump them on whoever you want ^^;
    Once you get her (or any Esper) to LV30, you can refight them to unlock their 2* form, which caps at LV40. Siren eventually gets the bench because she doesn't give any particular stat a strong boost compared to other Espers later down the road, though she does lean towards magic/support units.
    Hi Rydgea,
    I posted on your Penny Dreadful thread, and let me just say I really enjoy watching this show. I would also enjoy conversing with you about the lore, theories, and future of the series.

    (also hi i'm back from the dead)

    I'm glad you love it ;w;
    Weeks later:

    Right? ;~; They actually added a chapter to it that apparently involves Mari and Yue, though I'm shaky on the context because I never found translated scans. So, there's that to look forward to? I assume it's to connect the manga more with the anime and movies to further push that "cycle" that the Eva world is probably in.

    At least we get a happy, solid ending with the manga. ONE UNIVERSE HAS HAPPINESS.
    It's not canon, no - but it's a bit like Fang and Vanillle in Final Fantasy XIII. The undertones are certainly there. I believe the creators don't want to confirm or deny any sort of romantic relationships since fans are shipping all sorts of combinations (although Leon x Ada is sort of confirmed). You should google "Sailor Chris". That's an official unlockable costume. There's another one where Chris is basically wearing a leather daddy bondage outfit :p I doubt those are fan service for women (female fans tend to prefer Leon). Found the picture in my avatar by coincidence actually but I liked it so I decided it was time for me to update my avatar :p
    Hi! Sorry for the late reply! It's Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans aka "Nivanfield" :p
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