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  • She's heavenly!

    Oh my god, seriously!? Your childhood being devoid of Samurai Jack makes me mourn for you, but you discovered it now so welcome to the wonderful world of awesome ;A;
    Brought it back for Nostalgia Month. B]

    Officially, I'm keeping them safe and secret until the launch. Along with what I believe to be every card from the closed beta as well as the environment artwork (2 of them I'm still doing quality checks).

    But I won't say no to sharing them privately 8D I'll PM you a small batch sometime tomorrow! (Or if you ever drop by the chatroom in the evening, I can show you there as well) <3
    That's not up to me unfortunately xD

    The original plan was decided by Zephyr, who'd be adding the last minute stragglers to the mural once he gets back from school (which is any minute now). We can wait an hour or two, but revealing such a huge project at an odd hour of the day when there's barely any traffic won't really help up? xD

    Sorry we can't wait so long for you! And sorry for the confusion, but look at it this way: at least you have more time to work on Donald and Goofy and submit them for the Chain of Memories mural instead! :D
    Oh no, it's okay! I think it's really funny when it happens :3
    Thank you for the lovely words <3
    super excited to see asuka in action in november!

    not sure how big of a fan i am of the eye-patch yet, though
    They're set on a randomizer. Each time the page is reloaded another is loaded. I'm at 316 right now because I added the Partner Pins and Fusion Pins from Solo Remix. Still looking for the Four Star Pin and the Player's Pin.
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