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  • Hey man, just wanted to drop in real quick and formally apologize for my behaviour the other day on that thread.
    I was having a shitty week and while I am at odds with a couple of things related to this forums (to forums in general, to be more precise), it was wrong of me to lash out on you, Launchpad and the others.
    I remember staying up after New Years to see Imagine Dragons at New Orleans. They didn't play me and my brothers' favorite song, but they played familiar songs I've heard. Last concert I went to was in... 2016? xD
    Yeah, that was 5FDP, I still got the ticket and the t-shirt from it. I wish I was close to the stage, but I was in the far back in the stands (we were at a fair). Yet everyone in the stands were more crazy than those in the pit, really weird. Still can remember the smells of gasoline and cigarette smoke and who knows what in the air. And also Ivan putting a fan's blanket/towel on his head having all the band members sign it and bringing a few kids up on stage giving them Monster Energy. xD
    It was a good night though, lots of fun. I'm glad you had fun at your concert too! My family has been wanting so badly to go to another concert lately, or comic con. We've been wanting to go to alot of places lately but we're trying to pay off my brother's graduation party this Saturday.
    Yeah, I have several ways you can contact me outside of here! I know we had each other on tumblr pero like I rarely use that anymore tho lol. I have email, Twitter, or Snapchat which are also like my primary messaging apps themselves.
    Hi Chuman! I saw what you posted about you leaving b/c you think this place is being toxic. I believe it's sad when that happens, but I also think it's sad when no one does anything about it. Just a little suggestion, but if that's what you believe, what about doing your best to make it positive!
    What is your avatar from? It's the most entertaining avatar I've seen on the forum in awhile. I can't resist looking at it. <3
    It only happens once in a decade that someone willingly asks for me to enslave them under my foreign grace and he basically just came to me with worshipping in mind
    What do you mean that's not what happened
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