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  • Nah, it's fine! If we didn't have a weird system, it'd be okay but just so you know for future reference xD I'm just happy they finally put dates up!
    Sorry, but we have a posting system that makes threads for us when we write a news article. Antiquity sent us a tip in earlier so I deleted your thread. Next time you find news, please just send it to one of site staff so we can write the article for it
    Ah, I see. Probably she has mistaken you with someone else. I'm really sorry about the confusion!
    Hi there, Rydgea. I heard from Sign that your Friend Safari contains Ninetales. Would you mind if we exchanged Friend Codes?
    It was a nice ending, wasn't it.
    And yeah, of course they had to use the song that played at the end of the first episode, because it's so subtle and clearly not intended to break my heart into little pieces or anything.
    I also died at the Nancy/Shane "I'm very fond of you" recall moment. Straight up cried like a two year old. </3
    Same here haha. I love that they're adding all these additions for the overseas version. The dual audio option is awesome.
    Honestly that's exactly how I feel, but I didn't know if suggesting he should be cut out of the show would be too extreme. He IS our (and Piper's) only real lifeline to the outside world. Aside from her mom, and while I love insufferable maternal characters for the comedic potential...I don't know if I want to spend 20 minutes or more of an episode with her. There is her brother, but he's really aloof, and her girl friend has a baby to deal with. So yeah, I'm ambivalent about the fiance character but he serves a purpose, even if it's primarily to keep us from being stuck with that awful (I know, it's not supposed be pretty, but holy crap it's ugly) prison set all episode every episode.

    I suspect we will see Piper's sentence extended for the beating of the Tiffany. Especially since Healy has it out for her and the show needs a way to possibly keep running for another season past the second. I can see Orange going for 3 and maaaaaybe 4 depending on how it develops.
    Jenji always makes you hate her cliff hangers because they're so darn good. TV WRITERS AAHHH
    Yeah I'll be interested to see where they take season 2. There are lot of directions they could go with it. I have to admit, I'm a bit stumped about what they're going to do with the fiance/ex-fiance plot...it's kind of a dead end in terms of drama because they either get back together, which is kind of like shooting themselves in the foot, or he becomes kind of irrelevant to the show. Knowing Jenji, I'm sort of expecting a total 180 where he suddenly apologizes to Piper for being an emotional headcase, but Piper won't forgive him so he has to win her back somehow. I guess that would be the best way to go about it.
    True, but I hope Jenji is taking to heart some of the detractors' statements since they're valid. She took on a loaded issue when she decided to do drama about prison, particularly at this point in politics when prisoners are going on nationwide hunger strikes to improve their situation. She knows this, and the show is very smart and sensitive on a level almost no other prison show (heck, most television generally) I've seen has been. That's exactly why it shouldn't be hard to fix the things that need fixing.

    Ugh I know, I rushed through it in I think five or six days. I don't know why I figured since it's a Netflix original they could just do the second season NOW and release it NOW like it doesn't have to actually conform to the established rules of filming and time and physics. Haha. God dammit.
    I come back for like a day every other week. :p

    I do! I mean, mostly. I think it's like a guilty pleasure of mine, because even though it gets a number of things wrong on a social level, it's Jenji Kohan, it has queer people of color and the acting is so beautifully excellent I'm OK with being honest about where it drops the ball and still loving it.
    No, I stopped watching after I dont' remember for what reason I stopped watching,. =/

    I only remember SOME episodes (like the one on your sign).
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