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  • Hey, faemarch! :)

    I just quickly wanted to get your input on whether I should edit in X-exclusive scenes or not? ^^ (obviously talking about the Story of KHUX-thread)

    Of course I'd also specify whenever such a scene is X-exclusive
    Btw, I'm thoroughly enjoying the slice of FFBE I've come into. It really does feel like classic FF, even though my entrance to the series were the ones of the PS1 era. I have played I, III (JP), and IV, granted the latter two were the DS remakes - but STILL! The sprites, the crossovers, the music. It's all sitting with me very well. Reminds me of when I started playing V & VI on emulators in high school. Never finished those, even though I will someday. Anyways, long story short, the game is nice!
    Haha, oh wow, seems like luck plays as much of a factor here then. (Mine is horrible with KHUx pulls.)
    Again, thanks for the help. I started playing today and nabbed Ari. This is kindof addicting! One thing I recoiled from was, I accidentally made a Level 2 Siren with a Magicite Shard. Something in me sent up a smoke signal, like, "What did I just do!?" Looking back, each esper has better materials to level them up with. Ugh, the perfectionist in me. I know you said she's benchable, but I'd still love to see her max'd out as it were.
    Hey, are you free to do the KHUX ENG update tonight? I'm downloading a large file and it'd take me a while to download the images and load up everything for an article. If you're unable to do it, then that's fine.
    Hey, are you able to do the Kingdom Hearts X ENG update tonight? I'm unfortunately unavailable for about 3-4 hours so I wouldn't be able to get to it until late.
    Hey Fae or Cress or i don't know D: haha did you manage to recover your JPUx account? I still haven't figured a way to recover mine... Can you give me a link on where I can request my ID recover? ;-;
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