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  • Me & the beau are rounding the end of S6 on Mad Men, finally got around to marathoning it this past year, and Bob has shown up! He's a cute character, but we are just beside ourselves. Like, what is his purpose on the show!? (Don't answer that.)
    Oh yeah, I remember him! :D (I think I may have seen him in a Disney video recently, too...) But I would love to talk to him! That would be really helpful, thank you ;w;
    Hey there, thanks for adding me on the 3DS. I'll add you back shortly.

    And yes, it's very nice to meet people of all nationalities from all over the world. :D
    Ha, yeah, I've been handling a lot of my friends and messaging through my iPhone as well since the 15th. And this is just the beginning of what I'm sure is going to continue to improve and evolve throughout the next decade. It's gonna be an amazing generation.
    Hey, so I'm in lecture (practice of translation and interpreting) and there's a power cut or something but I'm mooching off the uni's wifi. No Internet at the flat yet, sorry for missing your calls, just bad timing! Uni is good so far, hurt my toes on my fabulous new shoes. :( missing you loads my jellybean xxxxx
    Sure thing jeels. I'll send it in a bit.

    edit; I'll zip it up with an ai file and some PNG's just in case.
    lol at least your almost done. I still have one year to go after this work-term.
    That's cool that you're working with a company like GE, and don't be afraid about starting adult life, I'm sure you'll be fien ;)
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