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  • Oh... Im sorry. Don't be too down about it though! You did a good thing. Btw nice avvy :)
    That's alright, I like the one you showed me. I can't seem to stop watching it either XD it's just so awesome.
    Yeah I do. My mom and dad have been thinking of adding a hot tub soon too. But they have been planning on that idea for years and yet...NOTHING!!!!
    it was okay. All my friends were there, my second oldest brother was hitting on one of my friends who was near the same age as him. Pushed him in the pool for that! XD
    Hi, um nope I don't have any news on the new AC other then the trailer but.. I'm good so thanks for offering.
    Hi Rikku! I'm doing good, how about you? Nope I haven't heard the new Iron song for AC yet. Have you?
    Just so I'm clear on this subject: I think up of a fictional person(assuming you didn't mean that your someone else I know but your under a different username). <--if so, then I'm game; could be fun.
    Sorry that I didn't see this until today; I don't come on here much anymore. Haha, sadly, I won't be of any help if you're trying to learn Kanji xD But if you give me the link to the site and let me know what you're having trouble with, i'll see what I can do. :3
    Now I can say SWEET! Lol XD
    Hey answer this tests please!
    1. scythe or dual blades.
    2. Silver
    3. Dog
    4. Writer
    5. No
    6. yuna
    Thats all!
    Hey In planet there is some thing call "di hidrojen tetra oksid" that will do this things:
    1.Kills a lot of peaple.
    2.Burn trees!
    3.make cansers.
    4.Asidic raines.
    If you wono stop that then open your paint and make a sign! and send me! OK?

    A sign? XD not sure what kind of sign you want me to make.
    Aww. It's fine.. Actually I'm not in college at the moment. Haven't really thought about what I wanted to do yet. But I am done with school though.
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