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  • I understand that, but it could still always happen. Chances are that it would be hard, but you might find someone that you'd want at your side despite all of that.

    I know. Not sure if I ever said that it had to be a guy.
    It might stem from me being a guy and Irish. I've heard that the Irish tend to have very short tempers and love to fight.

    And I still stand behind what I said before. It's my belief that you might find someone that could help to ease those fears.
    I can't stand the pain of blisters. But that's mostly because I tend to get them on my feet when I walk too much. But of all the pains I've felt, the most enjoyable one would have to be getting punched. It just excites me to the point that I've gotta fight back.
    The taste and everything doesn't bother me. Thanks to what I did while in a relationship, I grew accustomed to the taste of blood. And for a while there I even craved it at times.
    I can sometimes tell when I'm about to have one. For those times, it's like my blood pressure suddenly rises and then I start to bleed. I've come across the ones while I sleep too. They tend to be so bad that they soak all the way down to the mattress.
    Wow. The only time that i get nosebleeds is when my sinuses are acting up. And I mean REALLY acting up.
    I honestly wouldn't know. I just go with speculations. But I do know this much. The summers where I live and the summers in Malaysia are different in that here it's a dry heat. But the temperature is bound to also be lower.
    I hope for the best then.

    I think I would like Japan a lot more myself than. I'm not a bit fan of hot and humid. But going by what I've seen in anime, it's quite possible that they have similar summers. What with the rainy season and all. But I could very easily be mistaken.
    -pouts at the name November- I kinda wish it was another time. I'll be in school at that time and will really miss you. But it's good to see your family.

    Wait. The air is different? As in the air quality? What makes the two different?
    And you can tell that I'm jealous right now. Aww, I wish I could go with you! Anyways, how long will you be gone?
    Oh yea. In the FF Sin RP, when you put down that your chara is in the Book Club, are you talking about the Literature Club? It has me a bit confused.
    Just be happy that I ain't my friend Tim. He could tell you things that would make your head spin about most of the Marvel heroes.

    I tried reading the manga, but I couldn't get into it very much. But at that time, I kinda grew out of the Shounen style.
    I didn't get much into that anime. It was entertaining as a kid, but that's about it.

    I can understand about Thor and Black Widow, but Captain America? That guy's like the original! I mean, he used to fight with Wolverine!
    Wow. I'd be forced to go with the ones translated in English. I don't know a single word of either of those other languages.

    I can name heroes, but that's about it. I know only a little bit about some of their stories. I do know that a good number of them come with the X-men comics.
    I wouldn't mind seeing a movie about her. I don't know much about her to begin with. My knowledge of the comics is very limited.
    Nope. Same thing with Hawkeye. And they didn't do one with Nick Fury either, but he was in a good number of the others so it didn't really matter.
    Neither did I. I happened to see Captain America on a friend's laptop since he downloaded it.
    I've seen Captain America, and he wasn't always my favorite of the Marvel heroes, but that movie was beyond awesome. I mean, it even has Agent Smith from the Matrix!
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