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  • I'm doing good, have a small cold. Nope haven't played FFXIII yet but will be getting it soon. ^^
    Lol XD no.. I mean what he wrote makes a lot of sense but wasn't expecting a whole page on AC. But that's okay, I enjoy reading it.
    ^^ nice to meet you Roxana brother.

    What you wrote makes a lot of sense ^^ thanks for the link and info about Ezio trilogy. Yes I agree that it would be really interesting and cool if AC3 were to come out in November 2012 ^^ hmm so Rebecca could be the traitor.. It would make a lot of sense..

    So you used to be on khinsider.. Wow XD I guess it would be a lot different after a really long time.
    I'm okay. Hate my brother Xeon though. He's already out of school and I'm in still in it. Ookie :(
    I'm taking up drums in my band class. And thanks for noticing. I think this one suits me more. Ookie! :3
    Sorry. I just happen to like Family Guy. Besides I started watching it when my parents turned it on one night. Like I said, I'm a complicated girl.
    No, I don't watch show's like that. I'm turning 12 in June and I still watch Disney shows, iCarly, Victorious, and Family Guy. But.....I did miss my mom and dad. I don't know but I think I'm just going through phases that I can't explain.
    I'm just taking a break from them I guess. Besides my parents were gone for a week and they will be back today. So I'll go back to living with them again.
    Yeah studying isn't a lot of fun but I'm sure you can take breaks and find stuff to do for fun ^^
    Okay I guess. I moved in with my older brother for now. I just wanted time away from my annoying mother and jerk of a dad.
    Hi, yeah it has been awhile. So I've been doing ok lately, so how are you doing? Been doing anything fun?
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