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  • I'm fine. Brothers are okay. And it's just some random wolf girl I found on the internet really.
    Haha no. I keep notes to myself in the cat. I make them clickable so people can see them too~ Just the cat is Japanese/made with Japanese characters. As I said in the "What's your ethnicity?" thread, I'm Filipino.
    Oh well hopefully you get the chance soon :) kingdom hearts birth by sleep was a lot of fun to play.
    The psp has a camera? O.O I didn't know that! Sounds really cool. Have you played Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep yet?
    We haven't had any closings yet. But my brother has no school on monday though. He gets it off because of Martin Luther King Day.
    No, over here exams don't really start until your in high school or in some middle schools will give some out.
    No, we do have computer tests and stuff like that but I don't recall having an exam yet. Besides that's not until next year I think.
    It was good. I had lots of candy, presents and stuff like that. And New Years was okay too. Just spent it with my grandma and grandpa while my mom and dad went on a date for New Years.
    By the way I did try adding you but for some reason it won't show up.. So will try to figure it out. Also Happy Holidays :)
    So you haven't ended FFX-2 yet? :) alright won't tell you but depending on how much you do there are three endings. Yes I play Assassins Creed. I don't have Brotherhood yet but heard the ending was good. I have played 1 and 2. But not Brotherhood waiting for the holidays to be over to get it.

    So I take it you play Assassins Creed then :)

    Also sadly no I do not have a PSN account. If it wasn't expensive and would work where I live I would have gotten one.
    ^_^ okay. So it's a secret because you haven't played ffx since you were little? I like Rikku a lot too, but I am more of a fan of Yuna. Well I didn't beat FFX yet, and i've had it for quite a few years. But I did beat FFX-2 a year ago :)

    So what ending did you get in FFX-2? I got the good ending.
    Yup :) So your a fan of Rikku. What do you like about FFX-2? Which do you like better FFX or FFX-2?

    Just wondering.
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