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  • Nah, not new, just dont post very often:p thanks anyway though, as you guys and this site are one of the best fan communities around! :eek:)
    We are transferring from one host to another, so there's a bit of downtime involved, unfortunately. But no, it has nothing to do with SOPA or anything like that haha.
    I'm doing good.
    That's pretty cool that he got it. Couldn't your brother have just imported it?
    In a way I get what you mean about it all being sci-fic. Tho it's not that bad. (yet I haven't gotten far since I haven't been able to figure out things with all the inventory an eagle vision. So starting it over to see how I missed it).
    Hi Rikku!

    Yup it's been a long time since either of us has heard from the other.
    Have you gotten Assassins creed revelations yet?

    I've been a bit busy lately. How are you doing?
    Hi, sorry I can't stay long to chat. Will be on tomorrow Rikku XD it's good seeing you again. Not having much luck with the server.
    I disappeared a long time ago. So far I've been hanging with my friends and such as that. Now I'm just preparing for my next year of middle school.
    If there's wifi then I'll be on when I'm not busy. it's a college so we'll see
    Well i couldnt say for sure... honestly. Im a junior in highschool this year, im just looking forward to things being done and over with. But, trust me things should get better! Just gotta stay tough and look ahead :D
    Haha yeah it's a part of the avatar collection on the main site. I love this one the best though since I made it :3

    Pain and LuLu ftw
    Hahaha yeah I meant avatar... I've been here for a long time. We used to call them avvys
    Thanks for the new links. I like the brotherhood one too! But I think Revelations is better ;)
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